My website has been blocked for all uploading. Still not able to determine who or even why it is being blocked. Will be posting on this blog for all important information until we get another site up and running.  ANY HELP OR SUGGESTIONS to get around all of this would be appreciated.

Latest Solar activity X1.6 flare now Earth directed. Will keep you posted.







  1. Stew, what do you think / say in reply to this :
    I certainly don’t interpret what I read from you in the same way this site does – I wholeheartedly agree that being born again ie spiritual rebirth in repentance to Yeshua, is just the beginning, just as natural birth is supposed to lead to growth and maturation
    why else would we be admonished to not remain babes feeding on milk?
    I think they’re misinterpreting Dark / Light myself


    • Lisa Ruby runs that web site, and she contradicts the Lord at almost every turn – refuses totally to actually face the truth of what was said, has branded me an occultist New Ager out of her total ignorance – she is a billy grahm type “easy salvation”: whereas Jesus Himself taught just the opposite – you don’t have to to ask, seek, knock, strive, labor or be an overcomer if all you have to do is say a simple prayer. She has hated me and the ministry for years and years – and has done great damage to us – I do not believe she is a Christian at all – but is full of hatred for real Christianity and barring a miracle, always will. She shows her total ignorance and rebellion with her diatribes against the real truth. Claims she wroite the book she publishes but have heard otherwise. Anyhow, people like that are beyond help their absolute hatred for the real truth prevents them from ever “entering in”. Her testimony is the same as all the frauds out there that Peter, Christ, Paul, John and the others warned about.


  2. if you’re running windows OS have you tried doing Windows+R (press both keys together) and in the run box type cmd for command when you get the “DOS” type black window type ipconfig /all to see what IPs are accessing or type netstat /? to get a list of commands used for network status


  3. check your ip first see if it has not altered or your website has been compromised by some hackers via the govt these days anything goes with these yahos bleepers murphys law cant and will not explain that unless you know it


  4. If you have uploaded any copyrighted info without giving that person credit they can turn you into IC3, which is a gov org that investigates all internet crimes.

    You could write an email to your host and see if they have any info why they shut you off.

    God bless you sir


  5. One possibility:

    If you are FTP’ing files from your local computer to your web server, check the folder that you are connecting to, and make sure that it has permissions (logon to your web site, and set those permissions on the folder(s) to which you upload. Usually you have to connect with a password – you may try resetting that.


    Thomas Curtner


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