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Credit Card Breaches – Are They Part Of The Move Towards The Mark Of The Beast?

2011-12-19_2214Home Depot reports a huge breach of security, like Target and others. No one seems to want to ask a simple question. Psalm Two includes the Kings and Rulers of the Earth, Deuteronomy 28 the international banking cartels, and Revelation 18’s Lords of Business, All of them are in cahoots with each other. Then could it be that they are the very ones doing the breaches in order to advance tighter and tighter security? In order to provide the impetus to move the general population into accepting the apex of the Mark? After all, everyone wants to be secure, right?

The Mark of the Beast is the apex of Mammon. Some might say it is a return to the mark of Cain. Cain and his cohorts were the city builders, and cities are all based upon trade. Trade means merchandising, and if I recall, Satan was the great merchandiser, the king of traffic. Remember that on this side of things, Mammon runs everything. In the Kingdom of Heaven, Divine Love runs everything. The Mark system is the ultimate system of Mammon control. Total Information Awareness. Every move tracked, catalogue and used against the individual for total control over that person. There are no secrets here. Everyone is transparent except for the Government, which is totally hidden. Silent weapons for quiet wars, a war waged to obtain total control over the individual without the masses understanding what is happening to them.

The Mark is an economic mark. To function in this world, one must engage in Mammon in one form or another. Money is the grease that makes things move smoothly, that opens doors, that allows one to function. Money buys food, clothing, housing, transportation, goodies and many non-essentials. NO money and you have troubles. The Mark is the final CREDIT CARD SYSTEM, THE APEX OF THE CREDIT/DEBIT CARD. The ultimate in SECURE INDENTIFICATION. The mark not only totally identifies you, but will include all of your personal information from birth onwards. From Kindergarten to graduate school. All neatly packaged. What your thoughts are. Did you behave? Are you socially acceptable? Do you have any antisocial viewpoints? Are you a good slave or a rebellious one? Driving records, Military records, banking and employment records, health records, purchase records. TOTAL INFORMATION AWARENESS. That means total control. You cannot move without BIG BROTHER knowing. “Everywhere”, the motto of the CFR begins to take on its true meaning. It also identifies who they really are. No wonder their logo is a rider on a WHITE HORSE!!

So how do we get there? The clue is in the comments “When they say peace and security”. You cannot have peace unless you can identify and round up all those that might be a threat to the peace. You cannot have security unless you gather up all data on all people, catalog it and then profile the individual. Those that MIGHT cause a problem to the “security” of the New World Order, those who might cause the PEACE to be disturbed must be detained in one form or another. TOTAL INFORMATION AWARENESS leads to what is now forming before our eyes – PRE-CRIME investigations. If you MIGHT commit a crime, you need to be investigated, targeted and placed in detention, because the computer has profiled you as a “concern”, a possible “enemy of the state”. The reasoning sounds good – it is better to stop a crime than to allow it to happen and then catch the culprits later. Why not stop all of it before it happens? Like Tom Cruise in “Minority Report”. Welcome to the New World Order.

So in order to move people to accept tighter and tighter security, we need to have “events” take place, like HACKING THE SYSTEM. You need to breach all “existing” security” to prove it is not acceptable. You must have tighter controls, ever tighter, bit by bit. It can only go to one place – remove all ID solutions now available and implant your total identity systems within the person. THE MARK OF THE BEAST. It would be good to have it in your right hand or forehead. Your lifeblood powers the system.

After all, if this chip, this ink stamp, this whatever it is IN YOU, not ON YOU, but IN YOU, is now a PART OF YOU. It is the apex of all identification systems. It will not only prove who you are, but everything about you. What you do here is make all systems now in use to converge upon one another. Positive ID cards. Drivers license. Social Security number. Credit Card. Debit Card. Checking Account. Savings Account. IRA’s and 401K accounts. Home ownership. Vehicle registration and ownership. Military Records. School records. All of it all brought under one simple thing – THE MARK OF THE BEAST.

So you breach the systems. You do it on purpose. You then step forward and say, “See we have problems here, we cannot have these breaches, your security is faulty. We must tighten down all the requirements. We must have another system, a foolproof system. One that cannot be hacked. All plastic must be replaced, it all too easy to steal a person’s identity. All ID systems must be replaced, we must be sure who everyone really is. All of this must be brought together under one roof, a tight security system that NO ONE could ever break into. By consolidation of everything, by placing all of this under government security systems, and by positive identification of EVERYONE we can provide all the security needed. We will weed out all of those who MIGHT have a “criminal mind”. By this method we will protect everyone. It will be the utopia of all utopias, with everyone in total compliance at all times.

A utopia with no cash. Totally cashless. Total ID. All digital, all under control. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars is all too real. They called for every man, woman and child to be marked from birth onwards. So is Mammon a form of religion? Is the worship of money, of bowing down to it, a form of religion? A form of WORSHIP OF THE GOD OF THIS WORLD? Is this Mammon system of this world the religion of antichrist? Of traffic? Of merchandising? Are these hack jobs being done by Mystery to bring about the MARK? They would not anything like that, would they?

You decide, and all comments on this subject are welcome.