“You won’t post this, but we don’t need to BUY things to know the truth. Why do you do this “buy my stuff cause

you do not know” fear stuff. Some of your posting are so good and then you do this. It doesn’t seem right at all.’

Yes, I will post your comment because it speaks volumes on Christian attitude today. What you are really saying here is that I should not be telling people to purchase a product that might actually be of value to them, as “UFO GATEWAY TO HELL” has been to many, many people, including the U.S. Government, because in your eyes it appears to a “sin” to suggest that someone PAY for something.  Even some of the comments on that post said they have been helped by it.

“I purchased UFO Gateway to Hell many years ago and it still is one of my all time favorites. I HIGHLY recommend everyone getting this series so you can better understand all of what’s coming and what to do so that you’re not taken in the ‘snare’ of this strong delusion. In fact, I just scrolled through my DVD’s earlier to find it and I’m about to listen to it again (I think this will be my 5th time). It’s truly an awesome series!

And this one –

 “As you know Stew, it is close to my heart and the “hook” that God used to reel me in to become a true Christian. This is a very powerful documentary and I strongly recommend it to everyone, especially given where we are in the timeline. It will be money well spent!”

I think it is time for a discussion here, and as Joan Rivers would have said “CAN WE TALK?” I have seldom asked anyone for support unless a sister or brother was in trouble and then I would ask for them not for myself. I have attempted to put together many a documentary which is a TEACHING AID, (by the way Jesus aid we should edify one another), many a book or report, hundreds of audio tapes, CD’s, support the several web sites, etc. Do you  think it does not cost money? Do you think I get all of this equipment to put all of this together for FREE? Do you think the power company gives me power for free? Or that I don’t have to eat? Or don’t have to pay the help?  Do you think our time is worthless? Evidently.

Where do Christians get the idea there is a FREE LUNCH? That they are entitled to all of this material to help edify them for FREE? I HAVE A QUESTION HERE I REALLY NEED ANSWERS TO BECAUSE I DON’T GET IT:

1. If you want everything for free, and will not even send a dollar to those you are taking from, then I WANT YOU TO CALL UP YOUR BOSS AT WHERE YOU WORK, AND TELL HIM YOU HAVE DECIDED TO WORK FOR NOTHING FROM NOW ON.


HOWEVER, IF YOU WILL NOT WORK FOR NOTHING, and  you will not do that, then you have no right to ask anyone else to do it either. If you will not do that, is that not being a hypocrite?  How can you, how dare you, ask someone to spend 14-18 hours every day trying to edify the Church 7 days a week, with no vacations whatsoever and  then turn around and say they have no right to charge anything for a product designed to help them understand the deep things of Scripture!  There is something here I do not understand. Please clarify all of this for me.

I think something has gone wrong with the Christians. It is a sickness, a virus of some type. It is a form of arrogance and haughtiness that DEMANDS but will not GIVE. Especially to those TRUE SERVANTS. I really would like to have some comments concerning this, for it apparently something people don’t want to talk about. Is it because they feel guilty about supporting truth-tellers? Are they afraid of the Government? Do they have such an aversion to the REAL TRUTH that they simply cannot bring themselves to support it? If you have such an aversion, you  might want to ask yourself why?

It is becoming obvious to me that a DOUBLE STANDARD is being applied here, and REVERSE GREED. I WANT YOUR STUFF AND WHAT YOU HAVE, BUT DON’T YOU DARE ASK ME FOR ANYTHING IN RETURN. “It’s not Christian to ask for anything…”

If you do not realize that Christian research ministries cannot function unless they either get support via donations, or place a price on their materials, then you live in a vacuum of ignorance. If you think it is unchristian to ask for support or place a price of materials, then you defy Christ Himself.

I do not know of any church anywhere that does not have a budget of some type to pay their bills, and they all rely upon donations to do it. And the vast majority of them are telling lies and deceptions to their flocks. But when it comes to research ministries like I and others have, it appears to be a sin to sell anything or ask for help. Why is that? Does anyone know?

I have always attempted to provide truthful and instructional edifying materials to support this research ministry. Rarely have I ever asked for any support without materials being supplied. However, support is drying up. It may well be the Lord removing all vestiges of truth from America per His prophecy concerning that. If you will not support the REAL TRUTH, then you will be left with NO TRUTH. The modern Christian is so lost, so, so LOST and deceived that they evidently cannot and will not hear the truth at all. “having itching ears, they turn away from the truth and are turned unto fables.”

I really do need comments from you out there, because I cannot continue this much longer. All of our materials are IN FACT TIMELESS, as they are based upon the truth of Scripture, which is ALWAYS TIMELESS.  “UFO – GATEWAY TO HELL” IS TIMELESS!! However,  I am moving more into the secular world for the last of the last souls that live in the “byways and highways”. It is what it is,  but that comment seems to sum up the attitude within the Church and a large part of the so-called “remnant”.  I don’t have all the answers but neither does anyone else.

Actually Jesus said you do have to BUY SOMETHING in order to know the truth, even though it was FREE it was going to cost you EVERYTHING YOU HAD. He was telling you the truth. Seems to me He said turn your back and do not serve Mammon, make up your mind. If you will not serve Mammon, that is a REAL BIG COST TO YOU. It seems lile a paradox, that it will cost you everything, but it is still free. There are over 470 people who this blog, very few ever say anything. NOW IS THE TIME. ITS NOW OR ITS NEVER.

He also said a TRUE servant is worthy of HIS HIRE. Not the modern-day Christian however, for they will not support a TRUE servant at all.

Please comment on this and tell me where I have gone astray…




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  1. Hi Stewart: I just read your rant and signed on to answer, just like you asked, and you are so wrong, well maybe, as, I haven’t read any other of your stuff to know for sure, but If you are charging for teaching the word, or for teaching about Yah, you will pay and pay dearly, you say a person is worth his hire, well yea, if he is a plumber, or a carpernter, but Yahshua surly wasen’t speaking of teaching the tora, Imigan if he charged while serving as a rabi, I am sure he charged to build a chair, that is how he ate. EVERY so called christian pastor that takes money for teaching the word will be held accountable, and that is according to the word, if a person is truly called to teach he needs to get a job and pay the bills to do so, for that is why he was called, so if that is what you are doing, well, I feel sorry for you. And if you think I am just talken, you are dead wrong, I have been teaching, helping people seak the truth and prepair for 30 years, and have NEVER charged a dime, on the contrary, I have paid the costs from my daily job, which was given and blessed to my wilest needs, for if you were truly “called” to serve him he will provide.



    • Rich—you are so wrong about Stewart Best. I’ve been a Christian for 37 years and GOD sent this man to me 19 years ago. I am 62 years old and live in Arkansas. I have been to WI twice to see Stewart, his wife Cindy and their daughter Susie. This man is 74 years old, not a pastor, nor minister, nor evangelist, Thank God! YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE SLAMMED SO BAD, YOU’LL BE SORRY YOU EVER GOT INTO A CONVERSATION WITH HIM.

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  2. I received your comment on a comment today Stew, and have no problem saying, I agree wholeheartedly with you. The scripture clearly teaches the labourer is worthy of his hire (to be paid for his work), and that you don’t muzzle the ox who helps plow etc.It should be obvious if some ministry is going to continue to bless and nurture as they share the truth, that they have financial needs to be met in order to do so.

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  3. Hi Stewart,

    Well put and spoken! You have not gone astray at all. I have read the comments below and they have hit on all the points I would make – and then some. Keep up the great work!

    God bless you and Cindy,

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  4. Hello Stewart,

    Several years ago I attempted to have a stripping and refinishing business. I cannot tell you how many people bawked at the prices I charged. They had no idea how much it cost to dispose of the waste material generated by stripping furniture. The waste is actually incinerated and back then if cost me 600 dollars a barrel to dispose of the it. Not to mention all the other costs involved with running a small business.

    What I guess I am trying to say is that there must be some kind of spirit of greed, that people are not willing to pay a decent price for good service or good products. I think too, that with small business owners it is a real problem. People think that just because you have a business of your own that somehow you are rich and greedy. Therefore they actually believe that you are charging too much for your product. I lost my butt on my business because people just would not pay me what I had to charge to make a living-much less getting rich! God forbid that you and Cindy should be able to make a living helping people and saving souls!

    People can spend money on other things without even batting an eye. If it comes to taking a vacation, or buying a new car, these same people have no problem going into debt. The list goes on and on looking at how Americans spend their money and even spend money on things they cannot afford.

    We are out here Stewart, that believe in your ministry. I wish that more of those 400 some people would come forward to show their support. But, know that God knows where your heart is and all the things you have done. All the sacrifices you have made, will never be forgotten. Hang in there. My prayers are with you.

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  5. Hi Stewart, and all.
    I read through the comments …and was thinking about a man, very strong in faith in the promises of God for providence …[and much more for His children].
    I do agree; the worker is worth his/her wage. The problem is the way one takes to get to it.
    We humans, driven by fear and worry about our “work for the Lord” take actions in our own hands at times. But is that necessary? I don`t believe it is.
    The man, I wrote about to begin of my reply, was George Mueller.
    He was the “father” of many, many orphans. At times, he had to care for as much as 1800 children.
    How did he do it? He brought all his needs before God in prayer, only to God the Father. He asked NO ONE and told No ONE about the needs…even so, he had no food in the kitchen for the next meal.
    But after prayer and applications to his Father in heaven….food came in and the meal was only a half hour late then usually 🙂

    Why is it not done these days this way too? Instead people worry and worry and approach the fellow man in a sometimes not so gentle way for help,nstead going also in the “clothed” and talk it through with the provider of all things, God.
    If the work is from God, it is HIS responsibility to keep it going, not ours. We do only what we can do.
    Did not a Pharisee said something likewise already about Jesus and His Kingdom?
    If HE is coming from God, including His Kingdom, it will continue, if not, it will vanish in time.

    So, if our work is from God, HE will find the ways to keep it going, putting it on peoples heart`s Him self to support His cause.

    There is another man which operate an orphanage in Romania, Michael Boldea.
    He told God clip and clear in this sense ; God this is Yours, care for it. I am just the co-ordinator.
    If you do not care [financially], I lock the door and walk away.
    He is in God`s work longer then 25 years already.

    Please try to change your practise from the passed and present into trusting only God to provide in the future, leave it up to Him to put it in peoples heart to give……you might be surprised?


    • Michael Boldea is one of my favorite brothers in the Body of Mosiach.. However he does advertise the orphanage and those who are not afraid to release the funds are more than happy to help these fatherless babies.. I Believe that quite often Yahweh does speak to certain ones who are financially blessed to give to certain works. BUT THEY DO NOT ALWAYS OBEY. AND THEN ABBA HAS TO GO TO SOME ONE ELSE WHO WILL OBEY.. we can not demand that all have the faith of George Mueller. We are all at different levels of growth in our walk with Abba Father.. some are strong in one area and some are strong in other areas..anyway that is my thought on this issue.. WHAT EVER WE DO LET THE MOTIVE BE LOVE..


    • Gaby, no one of sense will argue that YHWH is capable of meeting needs should He choose by send ravens with the provision (Elijah), manna from heaven (Israelites),multiplying loaves and fishes (Yeshua) etc. What I think you missed was the context of Stew’s comment. He was addressing reasons why people don’t give (as womanofvalor commented) – ie they aren’t listening!
      Each person has to search their heart / soul, seeking God’s illumination, leading, guidance, and will, as to how they are to live – and He doesn’t have ONE model for everyone.
      Take Paul, he supported himself by tent making – omagawd! he charged for making tents! (facetiousness intended). If Paul had produced tapes, CDs, and DVDs, and charged for them what would these people have said about him??
      Too often people use your type of justification to portray a brother or sister, as less spiritual, lesser in faith, or can even wittingly or unwittingly be manifesting pride / arrogance / superiority. I am not saying you are Gaby, but consider what I said, was Paul less trusting, less faith-full, less spiritual, or whatever, for making and selling tents?
      What if with all his learning, and education he had been a professor at a university and ministered in his spare time?
      Stew was also addressing the mentality , prevalent on the internet, that whatever they want, should be free. That’s why they download apps, games, movies, etc from online sites, but then when or if they get a virus, or some malware can’t figure out that if it’s being offered for free by hackers, there’s a catch.

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  6. A Labourer is worthy of his hire… You have labored to bring the truth to those who would hear, to those whom the Lord have given ears to hear. And if the gospel be hid it is hid to them that are lost.
    As Mike and others have pointed out, the worldly christians are living according to the ways of the world. And yet even worse for they do believe they are special and entitled to all the good things that this world has to offer. They are so busy living it up and claiming the so called gifts of this world, that the statement of the Lord that they have their reward is resounding in my ears! That is all they have is their reward here on earth but not in that world to come.

    Please keep on providing the few of us with the great insight that The Lord has given you by His grace. We are few and though we are quiet, we are listening. May God continue to bless your ministry and consequently bless us that are called to justification and glory in Jesus Christ.


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  7. “Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.” What price can one put on their own Freedom? Stewart, you know I have been a supporter of your ministry for many years. I doubt that many people have purchased as many copies of your videos as I have. You have never lead me astray, nor taken advantage of me in anyway. I just wish I could support you more, and if I get my disability I’ll be able to! We, who are the overcomers and members of the family of God through Christ, know perfectly well how much work and time you have and continue to put into your ministry. I searched for 19 years to find a man like you, who could tell me the truth, and explain in perfecly clear language, based on the Bible, (The Testimony), just what exacly had happened to me some 19 years earlier.
    No wonder I had begun to ask God that if “these people; self-proclamed Christians” were the ones who were going to Heaven, then I didn’t want to go with them and wasn’t there someplace else He could send me? Ha! The jokes on them after all! And that’s no joke, sadly.
    Blessings to both you and Cindy.


  8. Dear brother Stewart

    I have only at this time been able to purchase the omega DVD and I loved it.. I am not working at this time and even then I don’t understand why people excpect everything for free.. I have from the time I first found your blog been very impressed by the work you put into the book darklight. Only someone who truly cares for the souls of the lost would put so much work into sharing the true Gospel..which is as rare as GOLD IN FORT KNOX..I am sorry for these who want to condemn others for wanting some help in the work the do by asking for some help. Any way be encouraged. I have a feeling that if we end up giving the last that we have.. we will never run out of oil as we reap what we have sown.. GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER STEWART..as soon as I get my drivers liscense and find a job I will order your series on UFOS..

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  9. Stewart, well said. And let none of us forget the scripture, “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Gal 6:9. So don’t faint.

    I actually thanked the Lord that this man wrote to you. It gave me some things to think about and learn. You mentioned this is the modern day Christian attitude. I agree. This ‘entitlement’ attitude is epidemic among most Christians today. In fact, it’s downright sickening. I used to work at a media production company. My boss hated it whenever ‘Christians’ would come in for services because nearly every time they wanted (sometimes even arrogantly demanded) that they get some kind of discount. Some even asked (with a haughty kind of expectancy) if they could get his services for free! I think I know why they have this attitude. I think they feel that God is giving them a ‘blessing’ if they get something for free or discounted (as if they think they’re somebody ‘special’ because THEY know Jesus and THEY are a child of God and have tithed). It sounds a lot like the Pharisee in Lk 18:11-12. It’s pretty much like some people we’ve seen who somehow expect a certain kind of ‘preferential treatment’ because they know (or are ‘buddies’ with) somebody who’s popular or famous. However in Rom 11:20 we read “Be not highminded, but fear:”

    But this isn’t the case for most today. And where else in the Scriptures did we see the word highminded? In 2Tim 3:1-8, and those verses perfectly describe the majority of churches today. I’ve heard some pastors say these verses about ‘perilous times’ are referring to the world. WRONG ANSWER! Since when has the world ever had a ‘form of godliness’ as described in verse 5? Who are these pastors kidding?! Seems the Laodicean’s aren’t the only ones who are completely and utterly deceived as to their spiritual condition.

    I think the scriptures do explain why most of God’s people are possessing this kind of greedy, covetous attitude we see today. Since the Lord calls many of His pastors greedy dogs which can never have enough (Isa 56:11), ravening wolves that shed blood and destroy souls for dishonest gain (Eze 22:17; Mt 7:15), who suppose that gain is godliness (1Tim 6:5), who are hirelings and not shepherds (Jn 10:12-13), who feed themselves only and not the flock (Eze 34:2; Jude 1:12), who use covetousness with feigned words to make merchandise of you (2Pet 2:3), and allure through the flesh though much WANTONNESS (2Pet 2:18), should it then be any surprise that their FOLLOWERS would not possess the very SAME SPIRIT(S) as they do?

    According to Psalm 1:1 and 1Cor 15:33, the people that we associate or assemble with makes ALL the difference; however the people who follow these ravening wolves will appear to most as being ministers of righteousness (2Cor 11:15) yet they will have become deceivers just as their teachers have become (Lk 21:8; 2Tim 4:3-4).

    The other thing I believe this ‘entitlement’ spirit comes from is the lie that Jesus did EVERYTHING for us. Rarely is there any mention today as to the things we need to do for Him. As a result they become vainly puffed up in their fleshly mind (Col 2:18). Also, their Jesus seems to have become some sort of ‘gimme god’ or ‘prosperity genie’. They’ve swallowed the lie that when they’re saved that Jesus gives them ALL THINGS FREE OF CHARGE(!) such as eternal life, being born again, the authority to judge angels, saints, and the world, that ALL(?) their sins are forgiven, that you’re a new creature in Christ, and that you’re going to receive your crown in heaven. Heck, let’s just throw in the heavenly kitchen sink while we’re at it!. And all you have to do to get ALL these things is to say you ‘Believe!’ Hasn’t anybody ever heard the phrase…’If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’? Selling salvation is BIG MONEY today to the false prophets. Have these pastors exercised our hearts with covetous practices (2Pet 2:14)? And exercised robbery through tithing (Eze 22:29). And have they led us astray from the truth (2Pet 3:17; Jer 50:6; 2Pet 2:15; 2Thes 2:3)?

    And then lastly, we have certain men of faith like Stewart, who have been non-stop in speaking the truth in love in order to reach out to as many people as possible…to lead them to the truth…who is Christ Jesus …by first hearing and then teaching us that we need to obey the truth so that we may inherit eternal life (Rom 2:6-7; Jn 10:27-28; 1Tim 6:12; Mt 28:20).

    Stewart, I think Jesus wrote far more ‘fear stuff’ than you’ve ever written. We’re to work out our own salvation with FEAR and TREMBLING (Phil 2:12), and we’re to FEAR Him who can destroy both body and soul in hell (Mt 10:28). Those verses alone have put more fear in me than anything you’ve ever written. Unfortunately, many today have lost their fear of God (Ps 36:1; Rom 3:18).

    So keep on fighting the good fight of faith!

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  10. Dear Stewart,

    I do not think you have gone astray at all, you seem to keep forgetting that it is the Lord who calls those he has chosen to come to the truth and those he has chosen are a FEW in number, a FEW, think about that because when God says a FEW he means a FEW, he saved 8 humans only at the flood, it is not you who have gone astray Stewart, as we come to the end in Gods Plan it gets harder for those who are on the way because it is their faith that is being tested.

    The rest of the world is already too busy (Bound Under Satan’s Yolk) to want the truth and God has chosen their delusions for them but those on the way are fair game still it is what this fight is all about after all and I am sure satan would love to point out to the Lord that his disciple Stewart has doubts and feels he has gone astray, satan loves to point the finger, the story of Job is always uppermost in my mind as we walk on the way, it is how we are on this earth and it gives me strength in my heart when satan tests my faith.

    You have not gone astray nor have you failed, I know things are hard for you financially it seems in the Lords plan that all those on the way are on the poorer side of life but he did say the meek would inherit the earth and nothing makes you meeker than when you have to watch every cent but always he will provide for us, he tells us he will give us what we NEED because he knows what we need before we do.

    You are doing a wonderful job, I am sorry your dvds are not selling but like me those on the way have already have them, (I have them on video myself) it is hard selling the truth to people who don’t want to know the real truth any more, the world is apostate and only the FEW are not.

    WW3 will be starting soon the writing is on the wall for the world to see if they care to look and they do not look and then Babylon will fall.
    I personally believe this will be the last xmas we will have before ww3 starts.

    But who am I, I am that crazy christian who believes in the bible and who at this time is destined for hell because she is not a born again and I am scared but know in my heart that God wouldn’t have shown me all he has shown me through your teaching if he did not have a plan for me, because he only shows those HE has chosen to see the truth.

    In God we Trust


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  11. Mr. Best, Shalom!

    Lamentation 2:14 “Your prophets have seen for you False and foolish visions; And they have not exposed your iniquity so as to restore you from captivity, But they have seen for you false and misleading oracles.”

    I do minister for free, and preach for free, and write for free, mailed thousands of DVD’s for free, and will travel to share the precious end time gospel and global Joel 2:28 revival with any church that is interested, for free. http://www.highwayofholiness.us/2012/10/09/new-free-dvds-for-miracles-of-the-lord-hiv-aids-healed-and-lepers-cleansed/

    We do not need money to minister, only the favor and the annointing of the Holy Spirit. The LORD provides for His work, not for the work and ministry of men.

    The Malachi 4:5 Servant of the LORD is here, the MIGHTY PROPHET OF THE LORD, and there is no time for money, and by the way, He travels globally for free too, and all of his materials are free as well. http://www.repentandpreparetheway.org



    • Thank you for your advice, I take you must consider me a false prophet by the verse you used. Further you imply that something must be wrongf for you do everything for free. I am very curious as to what kind of repentance you teach? Could you describe for me what true Biblical repentance is? And what you would consider revival really is? I would not want to lead anyone astray, but need clarification on these two main points, and also could you tell me what entire rebirth? I.E, could you tell me how one is born again, because I must have missed the mark here somehow. Thank you.

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      • Mr. Best, Great Peace to you in Jesus Mighty Name!

        Christ preached the Kingdom of God and repentance and not the kingdom of man and the things of this world.

        The discernment required to hear the voice of the LORD is provided by the Mighty Holy Spirit. Those born of the Spirit will hear and grow from the Spirit, while those born of flesh can only hear flesh. John 3:6-8

        The acid test is always the same and found explicitly in the Matthew 4 wilderness conversation, Deuteronomy 18-18, Deuteronomy 13, etc. In summary, One Voice will always point you to the Kingdom of God and His righteousness while the other voice will always point you to the kingdom of man. We know the other voice is more prevalent today as witnessed by the worldly articles and concerns about the kingdom of man.

        But the glorious news is that there is another Voice speaking today about the Wedding Supper of the Lamb, and the magnificent Day of Light that is fast approaching. Now we know that the Joel 2:28 revival is the revival that harvests souls for that most blessed day. Joel 2:12-17 before Joel 2:28. And yes, I have seen it with my own eyes, rejoice! HIV/AIDS healed, lepers cleansed, blind receive sight, nations repenting, presidents repenting, and even terrorists/outlaws repenting and entering the Kingdom of God! That is the power of the Blood and Cross we have forgotten in the USA, but the LORD has not left us orphans.



  12. Stewart,

    I have purchased some of your DVDs and your Prophetic Insiders in the past and just recently your UFO special, not because I have to, I want to because this material is very helpful to me and I want to understand Bible Prophecy and this helps me understand how all this will come together. The material I have ordered was professionally done and the cost was affordable for me. I have looked forward to all the Lightgate Blogger posts and really enjoy the new format also. Sometimes we just don’t tell people how much they are appreciated and how much what they do means. Thank you!

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  13. Stewart and Cynthia,


    Upon reading this commentary, I could no longer keep my silence. Like Billy above, I have been in an unemployment situation for three months now. I have still been purchasing the Best Global Report audiotapes, without asking for anything for free (but thanks for the updates in my e-mails. they are fantastic!). I appreciate all of the work, effort, and research put into creating the tape reports and other updates, so I dare not ask for free items. A loyal servant is worthy of his hire. Did not Jesus tell the Laodicean Church (the present day church centered in Babylon-America, exemplified by the secularized suburban mega-churches) to BUY from Him “gold tried in the fire” (Revelation 3:18)? This fellow’s demands for “free stuff” is telling of the spiritual bankruptcy in the American church today. I have kept the UFO video set which I purchased from you many years ago for future reference, and would tell those curious about the truth on that matter to buy your video set.

    By the way, I am one of those who believe that what goes on spiritually has and will manifest itself physically. I believe that California’s “exceptional drought” may be a physical manifestation of this state’s “spiritual drought” reflected by a spirit of rebellion.



    Morgan Hill, California

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  14. I feel for you Stewart, but don’t let this of type negativism, actually ignorance of people, get to you, it is just the way some people are, and often this type claim Christianity?? They are not giving people, they are taking types, and I call them religious hobbyists. They are out there and yes, they would read all your information and have a wonderful collection of material I’m sure – but rarely transference takes place – at least not yet. However, you have done your job and scattered the seed.
    Meantime, your new format is very, very good. I love the way the pages are able to be turned, and also how the page can be made big, saves having to wear glasses.
    You know, we are out there, and often don’t give the feedback we should to encourage your work, but honestly we are about the Lord’s business ourselves and trying to do His work too.
    And just a little aside, an amazing coincidence, I purchased your DVD just yesterday and can’t wait to get it – of course you needed to charge for it – it is like the pearl in the field – and these have to be paid for.

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  15. Hi Stewart,
    I’ve always loved your stuff (prophetic gifting’s and output). Wish I could support you and all the others who work to inform us more, but I haven’t worked in over a year (no benefits). I used to say, “Lot’s of interviews, no job offers”. Lately it’s no interviews even and I’m ashamed to say I’m one of the millions who’ve given up looking. You just resign yourself to it, kind of like giving up voting a decade ago. Just seems like it’s so far gone. “Lord have mercy” , is my most fervent prayer.

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  16. I have to say that if it were not for me finding Stewart’s website online a few years back, I would have been lost to this world. I have purchased several video’s, from his site, and have never been disappointed with the information I gained from it. I have never thought that someone’s hard work should be free. Over the past few years I have worked hard to unlearn what I had been brainwashed to believe. Over time I have researched the information and found no fault with Stewart’s teachings. I also listen to his Global Reports weekly, and purchase all of his Prophetic Insiders.
    I praise the Lord Almighty for lifting up Stewart, and his family who work hard daily to bring the light of the truth to those of us that are starving for it. There is no free ride in this world, and as a follower of Jesus, those that think it should be, need to do some soul searching. Only through Jesus are we saved, and it is our responsibility to find him at any cost.
    Thanks, and blessings to Stewart, Cindy, and all those that assist them.

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  17. Paul: 1 Corinthians 9: 7 [Consider this:] What soldier at any time serves at his own expense? Who plants a vineyard and does not eat any of the fruit of it? Who tends a flock and does not partake of the milk of the flock?……..11 If we have sown [the seed of] spiritual good among you, [is it too] much if we reap from your material benefits?

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  18. please do not let the likes of these get you down or stop you. if you do , satan wins. there are those of us out there if we had more money we would help more. you reach many. your heart is good , keep it that way. it takes strength to endure in times like these. there will be es obsticales in your way, you knew that, you knew there would be stones thrown at you, you knew you would have thrones pushed on you, you knew you would be rediculed.. gosh the word told you that.. did you expect any different. all of this is what you should expect and it will get worse..only a few will stay strong and endure. please i pray a hedge of protection around you now. so that you will stray strong for “US”. the few.. did jesus not even leave the flock of many to save the one…keep all of this in mind. you are loved. you are listened to. and you are appreciated. i have spoken to your wife many times. and if i get the $100 will send it in for the two books i so want so much….but until then, know that there are those who so greatful and loyally stick by you and what few crumbs we can get for free we appreciate. and when we get better our selves will help… those few need you to stay strong. for if yu fall. what does that tell us..if it gets you down what does that tell us. if you give up , what does that tell us. we all need to be there for each other. the words says that too. i cant send money, but i can send words of praise and encouragment your way.. hope this helps. you dont know what yu mean to some of us. for those.. you need to stay strong. call any of anytime if you need a good kind word. just to let you know, you are not used and unloved….stay strong my brother in christ. for we wil need you more as time goes on. and you will need us. hope we can be there for each other as these days get darker… may god bless you , your wife and all those who stick thier necks out each day for no more than help the lost to find thier way and to give us strength. hope this message helps , it is all i have to give..

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  19. I think you said exactly what needed to be said about this.

    I don’t know, but one could also question how someone could make such a comment and it come from a sound mind? If not that, it was probably made because of one of the other reasons you mentioned or a combination.

    Whatever the case, surely this comment was in line with the plan of the enemy of TRUTH.

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  20. Stewart, please keep on trying to warn and teach. If it weren’t for your ministry so many would be taken in by the lies and Satan. Please don’t let one or two misguided people stop your wonderful work. There’s so little time, and it’s so important to tell everyone what’s really going on. PLEASE don’t stop……………….. Thank you so much, Patty Dickerson

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  21. Stewart you have not gone astray, you have been right on point. It’s interesting that someone has the audacity to suggest or insinuate you are begging or forcing anyone to BUY THE TRUTH via FEAR. According to Isaiah 55, the Lord sends forth a call to come, BUY, and eat; Matt. 13:44, 46 man sells all he has and BUYETH; and Rev. 3:18 “I counsel thee to BUY OF ME…” These teachings that Stewart and his team have labored and provided for us, is not stuff or intended to produce fear, not in the sense mentioned but to enlighten those who are hungry and thirsty for the Truth, which is hard to come by. Whenever Stewart post anything or in the DVDS, CDS and written materials I’ve had the honor of purchasing it has all been supported with scriptures and not Fluff. Not hearsay or his private thoughts, but his own spiritual experience supported by the Word and it has all been for the benefit of leading us to The Truth, which is without AGAPE LOVE you will perish, you are not SAFE IN CHRIST. I personally need everything God has given him to help me extricate myself from this world, this pit and had I not been introduced to Truinsight I would be like many clueless. As for fear, well common sense should tell you that if a fire has not been lit under you by now, that you are in trouble with Almighty God because you are without Agape Love, then FEAR you should have, because scripture says, He is an all consuming fire and He will recompense to every man according to his works, as well as God will afflict those who trouble His righteous ones. IS YOUR NAME WRITTEN IN THE LAMB’S BOOK OF LIFE? For the fear of man cannot be compared to the fear of God who determines where your soul will spend eternity. So, if you choose not to BUY the treasures of the Word via Stewart Best that is your choice, but please spare the rest of us your baseless comments, who do BUY from him, because we need this awakening. Maybe, it’s not for you and you ARE SECURE IN CHRIST, which I believe if you were you would be more careful with your words.
    Personally, I am trying to sell the rest of the STUFF I have so that I can purchase several more DVDS and other materials before God shuts off the Truth valve. I honor the servant/prophet of God and would love to contribute more financially, because it is worth it. Stop making foolish comments and consider it all, Stewart Best is one of few, therefore, pay attention to the warnings. He’s not out to get rich or take our money, but if CHRIST requires us to BUY of Him to obtain THE GIFT OF DIVINE LOVE, why should the materials that Stewart offers be FREE, which are to help us gain understanding of what God instructed and what is to come? Choose!

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  22. Stewart,

    Everyone is not of the same mind. There are alot of us that really want the truth so please keep up the good work. I would say that a large amount of people don’t go to church anymore because they don’t feel they are getting the truth. At least this is true for us and most of the people we know. We are older and this is a much leaner time than it use to be. Hopefully not everyone has this problem right now. It is coming though for everyone sooner that later.

    There are some of us out here that are getting by on a very small social security and it is very hard to make it through till the next pay period. Most of the time it just doesn’t go far enough. It’s not that we don’t think you deserve to be paid, we do. Tom’s last couple of paragraphs say it quite well.

    Thank you for all that you do.

    Nashville, Tn.

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  23. Stewart and Cindy,

    I was about to write a long comment about the detractor, but will keep it short and sweet. Keep up the good work! Soon the luxury of being able to be critical in a foul spirit will be over, and then only the possession and free flow of Agape will be Life and priceless.



  24. Hi Mr Stewart,           I totally agree with you. And I hope God will supply what you need to keep going. I send your emails to others and hope some will help you. And if I ever can, I will.   anna


  25. You are 100% right on! We, too, are struggling to get truth out to anyone that will listen. Not only is there almost no support ($20 in the last year), but we have to endure nasty, hateful, responses. I don’t think the door is going to be open very much longer, unless horrible things start happening, then some may want salvation and knowledge. Something has to happen, because most “Christians” are very much about only themselves. And I don’t think people like that are going to make it into the kingdom. Thank you for all your hard work, Sherry

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  26. I believe it is the human condition, as well as the conditioning of the human race to want everything instantly and want it all for free! It is the state of mankind since the fall and especially in the 21st century.

    I’m not so sure the secular world will be any different, but the fact that it is mostly a Christian audience that reads your blog is a sorry testimony to the faith. I don’t follow many other ministries, but when I do go to their sites or listen to their programs they always ask for support and most all don’t have a clue what the real truth is. They miss the mark on true salvation as well as Biblical prophecy and yet they get plenty of support.

    All of your teachings are indeed timeless. They could be heard or read today or twenty years ago/twenty years in the future and outside of world events you’d never know the difference, because the truth never changes! We may come to new understandings from time to time about certain scriptures but the hard core truths never change and they are invaluable! The day is soon coming when the truth will be trampled in the streets never to be found again. Better get it while you can no matter what the cost!!!

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  27. Hello Stewart,

    The Truth is a “hard saying” for many Christians today because they have already made up their minds, as to what it is that pleases Yahweh. We only need to look at the massive evidence right in frount of us. I’m speaking about the thousands of denominations of so called Christian Churces. How can they all be right? Is there more than one TRUTH?

    What is required (which most experts have not done) is to READ what Yahweh actually in his word, and then be responsible to do it His way and not ours. I believe that this at the core of the problem (as you have mentioned many times). Tragically, the devil is actually winning by deceiving, confusing, and intentionally misdirecting many so called Christians in their non-Biblical thoughts.

    Stewart, please keep on keeping on!. I love the Truth and I believe your ministry is providing a excellent service to the true church. Remember it says “Few there be that find it”


    Tom Gordon
    Wadsworth Ohio


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