“You won’t post this, but we don’t need to BUY things to know the truth. Why do you do this “buy my stuff cause

you do not know” fear stuff. Some of your posting are so good and then you do this. It doesn’t seem right at all.’

Yes, I will post your comment because it speaks volumes on Christian attitude today. What you are really saying here is that I should not be telling people to purchase a product that might actually be of value to them, as “UFO GATEWAY TO HELL” has been to many, many people, including the U.S. Government, because in your eyes it appears to a “sin” to suggest that someone PAY for something.  Even some of the comments on that post said they have been helped by it.

“I purchased UFO Gateway to Hell many years ago and it still is one of my all time favorites. I HIGHLY recommend everyone getting this series so you can better understand all of what’s coming and what to do so that you’re not taken in the ‘snare’ of this strong delusion. In fact, I just scrolled through my DVD’s earlier to find it and I’m about to listen to it again (I think this will be my 5th time). It’s truly an awesome series!

And this one –

 “As you know Stew, it is close to my heart and the “hook” that God used to reel me in to become a true Christian. This is a very powerful documentary and I strongly recommend it to everyone, especially given where we are in the timeline. It will be money well spent!”

I think it is time for a discussion here, and as Joan Rivers would have said “CAN WE TALK?” I have seldom asked anyone for support unless a sister or brother was in trouble and then I would ask for them not for myself. I have attempted to put together many a documentary which is a TEACHING AID, (by the way Jesus aid we should edify one another), many a book or report, hundreds of audio tapes, CD’s, support the several web sites, etc. Do you  think it does not cost money? Do you think I get all of this equipment to put all of this together for FREE? Do you think the power company gives me power for free? Or that I don’t have to eat? Or don’t have to pay the help?  Do you think our time is worthless? Evidently.

Where do Christians get the idea there is a FREE LUNCH? That they are entitled to all of this material to help edify them for FREE? I HAVE A QUESTION HERE I REALLY NEED ANSWERS TO BECAUSE I DON’T GET IT:

1. If you want everything for free, and will not even send a dollar to those you are taking from, then I WANT YOU TO CALL UP YOUR BOSS AT WHERE YOU WORK, AND TELL HIM YOU HAVE DECIDED TO WORK FOR NOTHING FROM NOW ON.


HOWEVER, IF YOU WILL NOT WORK FOR NOTHING, and  you will not do that, then you have no right to ask anyone else to do it either. If you will not do that, is that not being a hypocrite?  How can you, how dare you, ask someone to spend 14-18 hours every day trying to edify the Church 7 days a week, with no vacations whatsoever and  then turn around and say they have no right to charge anything for a product designed to help them understand the deep things of Scripture!  There is something here I do not understand. Please clarify all of this for me.

I think something has gone wrong with the Christians. It is a sickness, a virus of some type. It is a form of arrogance and haughtiness that DEMANDS but will not GIVE. Especially to those TRUE SERVANTS. I really would like to have some comments concerning this, for it apparently something people don’t want to talk about. Is it because they feel guilty about supporting truth-tellers? Are they afraid of the Government? Do they have such an aversion to the REAL TRUTH that they simply cannot bring themselves to support it? If you have such an aversion, you  might want to ask yourself why?

It is becoming obvious to me that a DOUBLE STANDARD is being applied here, and REVERSE GREED. I WANT YOUR STUFF AND WHAT YOU HAVE, BUT DON’T YOU DARE ASK ME FOR ANYTHING IN RETURN. “It’s not Christian to ask for anything…”

If you do not realize that Christian research ministries cannot function unless they either get support via donations, or place a price on their materials, then you live in a vacuum of ignorance. If you think it is unchristian to ask for support or place a price of materials, then you defy Christ Himself.

I do not know of any church anywhere that does not have a budget of some type to pay their bills, and they all rely upon donations to do it. And the vast majority of them are telling lies and deceptions to their flocks. But when it comes to research ministries like I and others have, it appears to be a sin to sell anything or ask for help. Why is that? Does anyone know?

I have always attempted to provide truthful and instructional edifying materials to support this research ministry. Rarely have I ever asked for any support without materials being supplied. However, support is drying up. It may well be the Lord removing all vestiges of truth from America per His prophecy concerning that. If you will not support the REAL TRUTH, then you will be left with NO TRUTH. The modern Christian is so lost, so, so LOST and deceived that they evidently cannot and will not hear the truth at all. “having itching ears, they turn away from the truth and are turned unto fables.”

I really do need comments from you out there, because I cannot continue this much longer. All of our materials are IN FACT TIMELESS, as they are based upon the truth of Scripture, which is ALWAYS TIMELESS.  “UFO – GATEWAY TO HELL” IS TIMELESS!! However,  I am moving more into the secular world for the last of the last souls that live in the “byways and highways”. It is what it is,  but that comment seems to sum up the attitude within the Church and a large part of the so-called “remnant”.  I don’t have all the answers but neither does anyone else.

Actually Jesus said you do have to BUY SOMETHING in order to know the truth, even though it was FREE it was going to cost you EVERYTHING YOU HAD. He was telling you the truth. Seems to me He said turn your back and do not serve Mammon, make up your mind. If you will not serve Mammon, that is a REAL BIG COST TO YOU. It seems lile a paradox, that it will cost you everything, but it is still free. There are over 470 people who this blog, very few ever say anything. NOW IS THE TIME. ITS NOW OR ITS NEVER.

He also said a TRUE servant is worthy of HIS HIRE. Not the modern-day Christian however, for they will not support a TRUE servant at all.

Please comment on this and tell me where I have gone astray…