The New World Order Department Of Truth

Greetings from your friendly and benevolent Big Brother. Our New Authorized NSA Bible is found at the link below. It is the only authorized version for the citizens of America. Do not be found with any unauthorized versions. Apply for your license to view this Bible at your local Fusion Center. Total Information Awareness is operating 24/7/365 for your protection. Thank you for being a good citizen.


Department Of Truth


5 thoughts on “The New World Order Department Of Truth

  1. The way it appears Stewart is that most of the sheep in this country just LET it happen. NOW…they’re complaining about the militarized police?? What about two years ago?? Thank you for being one of the few…I’m also one of the few….but I don’t mind telling you its been a very difficult walk…also just a little “chuckle”…I work for a school system and they’ve decided that they can’t use the words “no” “none” “not”…..etc. You can’t say “no trespassing” “no parking” no drugs….its has to be politically correct now and should sound “-get this NOT OFFENSIVE”!…they don’t want to offffffeeennnnndddd anyone….I’ve died and gone to political correct hell…..good day!! jr

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  2. It just never stops. The world is on fire. Christians are being slaughtered across the globe. The stage is getting set for martial law in Ferguson Mo.. Ebola is being manufactured to kill millions. And yet the American people sleep, or turn on the boob tube to watch a ball game. It was just a matter of time when we would be told what we could read, and what was legal to have. The government has already ban many books, and destroyed America’s true history. Our children do not even know the true history of America. The professors, and teachers in the education system teach our children to hate America. And to think this is just the beginning of what is to come.

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  3. nice revamp of quote from “Sounds of Silence” tho in the original this would also fit “and the people bowed and prayed to the neon gods they’d made”


  4. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry, just like some of the headlines we see. It’s getting kind of hard telling my kids all this surveillance isn’t right, it isn’t normal- when we can’t go down a street without being watched..because that’s how they are growing up now. There was a day when my son built a camera out of blocks over his block town..makes me nauseous. Just reacting to what he sees everyday. I was told when I started my job that if we thought we could pick our nose and no one would see, we were wrong, because they could see everything. I always pray that our Lord’s word is written in my heart-that can never be taken away. Thanks Stewart and team for keeping us all awake.

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