Few See What Is Happening In America or Have Clues To Their Own Condition

Ferguson is being taken over for a communist/progressive inspired “min-revolution” in the hopes that it will catch fire across America – something that communists always do when they target a country to topple. America is about to fall but it will not fall as most people envision – in point of fact it has already fallen, and the evidence to prove it are in Ferguson and the militarization of all local police and Sheriff departments across America. It is something I warned about almost 30 years ago when I released the documentary, “Iron Mountain, Blue Print For Tyranny”. We brought to the attention to the “un-wanting to know” American public the wishes of the LEAA and how they wanted the police to become the domestic “military” for one reason and one reason only: the subjugation of the American people. It is now here in full view. Enter Obama Ben “CHANGE” and “domestic army”.

Homeland Security is identical to the Soviet KGB, East German Stasi or the Nazi SS. The UN police forces, under State Department document 7277 are to assume full command of all U.S. military forces, with the aim as well of taking control of all local, county, state and federal police. The Americans refused to believe it, and I still get mocked when I write to warn people, but you know what? I crossed over to the other side. I met the Lord and I see through different eyes now. I watch the fake preachers, teachers, evangelists and so-called prophetic scholars’ sweet talk the stupid Christian out of their money and their salvation. I watch the stupid American that is mad upon their idols go down to hell every single day. And then I remember what Jesus said about all of this. “I do not pray for the world…”

I don’t either, nor will I pray for America or her people. I pray only that those that have been obedient to the Lord to enter in at the strait gate and to walk the narrow way unto the revelation of true death before their creator, and who understand, or are just beginning to understand, what Jesus meant when He said you better hunger and thirst for the truth or it will simply pass you by. Ever been so hungry you would almost kill for food? Ever been so thirsty you would almost kill for a drink of water? Do you understand any of this, or are you going to mock it? The truth is not easy to find, but YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO FIND IT IF YOU WANT TO. And you have God on your side as well.

Priorities, priorities, priorities. It’s like real estate; location, location, location. The American people, led by these fakes, many of whom are Satanic angels of light, have destroyed this nation, and themselves along with it. How stupid is that? You weave your own rope to hang yourself with it. Wow!! Talk about stupid, talk about blindness. So now begins the final take-down of the greatest nation the world has even seen.

No one has any excuse. No one. It was all there in the Bible. “I will pick their delusions”, saith the Lord, and boy has He. For the Christians, a fake salvation based upon “believe” or have “faith”. For the world, the coming apex of the strong delusion, the ARRIVAL and that the Bible is a book of mythology, old wives tales and cannot be trusted. For many reading this, they have “religious spirits” that keep them from understanding WHY Jesus told them to enter in. I can tell from the comments and emails that many people have no clue what all of this about. So down we all go. Ferguson is just a revelation of what is soon to  come. The police state is here in full force, and the calls to stop it are far too few and far too late.

God Himself said He would bring “strangers” into our nation, and that at His call, they would ignite a fire in our cities. That’s what the open borders are all about. That is what Ferguson is all about. He would bring us down.
Meanwhile everyone is about their business. Business as usual. Get this done, get that done. Not that it is not necessary, but what is the actual priority in American lives? I can tell you what it is, and it has nothing to do with God the Father, Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost. It has nothing to do with THE WORD, or the WORD OF PROPHECY. It has nothing to do with FINDING TRUTH. It has EVERYTHING TO DO with MAMMON and getting a better home or a better vehicle, or climbing up the ladder in some corporation. What happens when the rug is pulled out?

I watch all of this from the other side. My perspective is radically different. I am on the moon watching the world of humanity destroy itself. Blind. Unable to extricate themselves as the trap is rapidly closing upon them. I weep sometimes, but catch myself. Jesus did not weep for the world. He wept for Jerusalem; His beloved city. He wept for His people. But never for the world, that which He classified as TOTALLY EVIL AND BEYOND REPAIR. If you can’t fix it, if it is beyond repair, you discard it. You throw it out. Hence a NEW WORLD IS COMING, A NEW HEAVEN IS COMING.

Do you see? Satan has his little diabolical substitute for a new heaven and a new Earth. It is called the NEW WORLD ORDER. It is mankind’s last desperate attempt to throw Christ off His rightful throne and give it to Satan. It is a clear as day what is going on. It is so simple that few see it. America is in the center of this attempt to destroy every last concept of a Father, A Son and a Holy Ghost. Lucifer is rising. He has a nice smile. He lies all the time. He appears to be totally incompetent, but is not. He has a mission. DESTROY BABYLON. BRING HER DOWN.

That is why America is called BABYLON THE GREAT the mighty Babylon; gateway to the gods. Hence America’s interest in the Tower of Babel and the largest embassy in the world built by the Euphrates river. The occult leaders of America are looking for something. It actually is a STAR GATE, also known as a dimensional gate. They fully intend to storm heaven, or bring heaven down to Earth. They are waiting for the arrival. The arrival of the gods will fix it all. They have all the answers. They are our space buddies. They want to play marbles with us. Only problem is they play marbles for keeps. We lose, they win, because they know it is totally futile attempt to fix something so broke it cannot be repaired. So if you cannot repair it, simply DESTROY IT. Do you get the drift here?

It is the same thing with salvation. You cannot fix that which is so broke it cannot be repaired. That which is flesh is flesh, and it cannot be repaired. You cannot take something so rotten and make it fresh. You cannot repair who you are. You cannot fix it, it is beyond all hope. Try as you might to be good, to be loving, to be this or be that, it does no good, you are beyond broke and beyond repair. You are fallen. You are classified as evil and an enemy. Do you get it?

If something is so broke it cannot be fixed, then why are you all attempting to fix it? You see, ALL RELIGIONS, including fake Christianity are an attempt to repair that which cannot be repaired. It is all whitewash, totally futile, totally worthless. Only when a human soul begins to realize who and what they are before their creator does recognition come of the real truth. BROKE BEYOND REPAIR. Nothing to do but discard it. Jesus said “These things I say unto you are Spirit, the flesh profits nothing…” The flesh profits nothing whatever because it is broke. That means you are a broke life form. Some sort of vile bacterial infection. Ugly stuff, say what? These are hard sayings, who can abide by them? Only the few that open their ears and open their hearts. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and because there is no fear of the Lord in America these days, there is no wisdom.

So why are you all rushing around trying to fix that which cannot be fixed? You have no justification, no value, no worth. Hard sayings, but true sayings. We are nothing. All of us are big nothings. The nations of the world are NOTHING. The entire Earth is a big NOTHING. DO YOU GET IT?

The answer to all of this is so simple. If you cannot fix that which is totally broke, then quit trying. Quit trying to improve that which cannot be improved. RELAX. SLOW DOWN. SLOW DOWN. Shift gears. Recognize and accept your condition. It is what it is. NOT FIXABLE. OK then, if you cannot fix it, what can you do? Quit trying to fix it and go into FULL SEARCH MODE. SEARCH OUT SOMETHING. Jesus said to SEEK, ASK, KNOCK, STRIVE AND LABOR. In other words, you are to FIND SOMETHING. You are to quit trying to improve yourself, but rather, search out something. You cannot fix that which is so broke it cannot be fixed.This is not say that one should not be honest, just and such.

Ever lose your wallet or purse? Car keys? Important papers? Remember how desperate you were to find that lost item? How you searched high and low and could not find it? Did you say to yourself, “I swear to much, I have a potty mouth, I gotta quit that” or “I smoke too much”, or whatever your thing is? The answer is simple, NO. It was no because you were totally concentrating upon the LOST ITEM. There was no attempt to fix anything. So it is with salvation. You are to FIND SOMETHING.

Then and only then can you begin to discern why Jesus said we must STRIVE to enter in at the strait gate and walk a very strange narrow way unto death. We are not to fix anything, WE ARE to search for something. Big difference between fixing something than looking for something. It is not an attempt to improve ourselves. It has nothing to do with improving yourself. You are what you are. Relax in it. Quiet the spirit. This is not at all about your mind, your flesh, your carnal understanding. It is, rather a search for truth, and that is all it is. It is about you coming to a recognition of something. You are in truth DEAD before your creator. I mean you are really, truly DEAD.

Planet Earth is the planet of the living dead. They are quite alive to THIS WORLD, very DEAD to the Lord’s home, called the Father’s House, or Heaven. Do you get it? You are DEAD TO GOD; VERY, REALLY DEAD. I want to ask you how you think you are going to get UNDEAD? Do you have the power to override a decree from the Creator that you be found instantly UNDEAD? How does a dead creature become alive again? I have not seen that happen before in nature or in the world of humankind. Once dead, we have our services, tell lies about how nice they all were, feel guilty about how we treated them in life, and wonder about all of this. But still are all still dead. But wait…

There was this guy who was born into the human race that claimed He had the answers to all of this. His answers and statements and actions and miracles startled all those people back then. They marveled at his so-called “satanic abilities” to make things happen, including bringing dead people back to life, and not as Zombies, but rather fully functioning human beings!! Wow!! What a trip that must have been!! “No such thing”, they all said. “Impossible”, they claimed. “Must be a trick of some sort, all done by the power of Satan or one or two of his cohorts”!!

Well now, can you imagine how the kings and rulers of this world must have been thinking (and still do, by the way), if this guy can raise the dead, and perform all of these anomalies of nature, why he might turn upon us, and then what would we do? Well of course, take this living person and make him dead. That’s the answer!! Kill him and he won’t be anymore. “Good riddance to bad rubbish”. That’s the ticket, make it legal, make it look justified, set him up, kill him and then it will be all over. So they did. It worked too, for a few days. But then something happened. This dead guy, who claimed to know all sorts of very weird things comes back to life.

So was this some trick, some sleight of hand operation? Maybe a DARPA advanced technology sort of thing? Maybe they never REALLY killed him, almost all say today. It was just a trick, and there really was not any such person anyhow in history, it was all just made up. No such person ever was – and so it goes. But the testimony is there. It was recorded even by historians. But what does it all mean? Well, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ was a parable in motion. It was designed to show stupid humans something about their condition and that they could NOT do anything about it. As Bill Clinton would say, it all depends on what the definition of IS, is. You see? Maybe we should say, it depends upon the definition of what DEAD is?


If there were any repairs to be made, they had to be made by the Creator Himself. So the Creator pondered this for a split second or so, how to do it? How to explain, or sum up this radical concept? Well, that’s easy. Bring a WAY that shows the stupid human what the real truth of what his condition really is. SHOW HIM in a very experiential manner via a way he knows not. In other words, we will make a ‘WAY” that will reveal to him/her that slowly reveals who they really are in their innermost parts. You know, take that which they think is all white and show them how black it really is, show them the destitution of the human heart. Give them A WAY, that if they will “enter into it”, and drop all the foolishness and vanity of this life, and actually, and truthfully ENTER INTO THIS “WAY” that we can bring them down, destroy the arrogant and haughty heart, bring them down to nothing, bring them down to reveal they are DEAD, DEAD, DEAD before Me.

That’s the ticket!! Show them via this “way”. If they won’t enter in, they will never find the real truth, and die lost. We know only a few will enter in, but if they won’t they are not fit for the next run of things, the next heaven, the next Earth. Only the fit survive.
Now of course the Creator knew that a whole bunch of liars and fakes would emerge from all of this effort, forge a whole new religion, and create a monster from it all. But that’s OK, because the Creator is only looking for certain types of people, you know, those that have the courage to think for themselves, inquire within, and do due diligence to search out the real truths. The rest? TOO BAD, SO SAD.

So you see, if you do not KNOW experientially you are dead before your Creator, and then are shown WHY you are dead before Him, how can you truly ask to be made alive? To be REBORN IN THE SPIRIT? You see, your flesh has nothing to do with any of this, it cannot be repaired. All of this is SPIRIT TO SPIRIT, DEEP UNTO DEEP. It is not of this world. It is BEYOND THIS WORLD, WAY BEYOND IT.

One cannot repent unless one knows what they need to repent of. And you cannot know what you must repent of unless you are shown WHY YOU ARE DEAD, and then and only then can you REPENT A GODLY REPENTANCE NOT TO BE REPENTED OF. True Biblical repentance has nothing to do with any earthly good or bad things you may have done. In fact, true Biblical repentance is such a radical concept that only a few ever discover what it is or why it has to be so. The Bible repeatedly tells us all of this is HIDDEN, A MYSTERY, and A SECRET ONLY REVEALED TO THOSE WHO “ENTER IN”. OK, SO WHY WON’T YOU ENTER IN? WHY DO YOU MOCK IT? Just asking, that’s all. You don’t need to answer, you need to ask yourself that question and find the right answer within. You need to do it now, for tine is running out.


You were all given a chance to extricate yourself from Earth. Reality is so far different from most of you even begin to realize. It is not a joke, salvation is the most important issue in all of life, yet it is treated as a “nothing” to most people. People want “news”, not any of this salvation stuff. “Not for me”, they all say. “We want NEWS, NEWS, NEWS!!”
So here is the NEWS:




“The world ended today for many people. It came suddenly and with no warning for many, totally unexpected, and for others, the result of a long illness. They passed away. Loved ones wept. Satan cheered. He won most of them, and only one escaped, because she had found her ransom, her redeemer, she claimed. Everyone said she was very strange, kept to herself, quiet. Studied a lot, they said. Not liked by most, for she rejected the world around her…


12 thoughts on “Few See What Is Happening In America or Have Clues To Their Own Condition

  1. Your writing here is synonymous with OUR LORD stating “Let the dead bury the dead” I don’t know the many but I for one yearn to hold a palm branch in my hand before The Throne. As the rumblings mount the waves begin to roar it becomes apparent that time for musings has done left the building. Being human I still do not do what I should and do what I should not. Remember that from Paul.


  2. This really goes in line with my Bible studies.
    Proverbs 16: 4 The Lord has made all things for Himself, Yes, even the wicked for the day of doom.
    I’ve always wondered about Judas. Was he created for that one purpose?


  3. Awesome post, Stewart!!! I’m so happy you went into detail about us being dead. The way you described it was so clear…far better than I could’ve ever said it. Yes, our flesh is broke beyond all repair. Paul emphasized that in Rom 7:24-25 in that the flesh will continue to serve the law of sin and also in Rom 7:18 when he said that NO GOOD THING dwelleth in our flesh.

    Yet so many in the world go to such amazing lengths to fix the flesh (increase your self-image) and many pastors have followed that path and have strayed from God as a result. It brings to remembrance Pro 14:12 “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” Yes, that way does bring death, but it ‘appears’ like the right thing to do. But that way will never bring glory to God. And then we read in Gal 6:3 “For if a man think himself to be something, when he is NOTHING, he deceiveth himself.” Obviously, many are quite deceived. What Paul wrote goes completely contrary to the way the world thinks, yet it fully confirms what you were saying throughout this article. And those same individuals mock the way of the cross and are quick to hop on board the ‘self-help’ train. Then there’s the question….Why then do they need a Saviour if they can ‘save’ themselves? The answer is that they DON’T need a Saviour…and their WORKS prove they don’t need (nor do they want) a Saviour, nor do they want to hear the message of the cross, which is that we must DIE DAILY (1Cor 15:31; Rom 8:13; Col 3:5). Here we see the WORKERS OF INIQUITY. They’re going to perish, for it is written: “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.” 1Co 1:18

    The false prophets and their followers are fulfilling what Isaiah prophesied: “That this is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the LORD: Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits: Get you out of the way, turn aside out of the path, cause the Holy One of Israel to cease from before us (Isa 30:9-11). Yes, they get you OUT OF THE WAY, and ASIDE OUT OF THE PATH, and then they get rid of Jesus by getting rid of everything He said. What the false prophets today have done is they’ve introduced a COUNTERFEIT WAY, TRUTH, and LIFE. In every way Satan and his minions have infiltrated everything Jesus Christ had accomplished and counterfeited everything in such a way that the majority of ‘Christians’ have fallen for the counterfeit. And thus they’ve ‘fallen’ away (2Thes 2:3) from the truth. The only way to discern the real from the counterfeit is to look at their FRUITS, and that comes by diligently seeking Him, studying His Word, and then RIGHTLY dividing the Word of truth. You won’t get that by simply listening to your pastor preach a sermon!

    I remember many years ago when I was in an MLM company. We were told to read certain self-help books. Those books never sat well with me. But everybody had been told that they had to follow what they said in order to become successful. (On a side note), this is the world’s way to get everybody practicing covetousness (wantonness) and ultimately cause one not be thankful or content having only food and clothing (1Tim 6:8; Heb 13:5). Anyway, I discovered something quite interesting. Almost all of those self-help books were written by high level FREEMASONS. Norman Vincent Peale (33rd degree), Robert Schuller (33rd degree) and others. In fact, Robert Schuller’s book titled Self Love is in DIRECT OPPOSITION to everything the Bible teaches us about the flesh. The fact is…We love ourselves far TOO MUCH, not too little. Almost everybody today is obsessed with SAVING THEIR LIFE, and not losing it as Jesus said we’re to do.

    Is not ‘SAVING YOUR LIFE’ self love? Absolutely! So these cunningly wicked men are deceitfully causing many to SOW TO THE FLESH (as do many pastors these days). If you sow to the flesh you’ll reap corruption (Gal 6:8; 2Pet 2:19). In addition, you’ll never be able to come to maturity in Christ nor walk in the power of God, because they’ve ‘clipped your wings’ so to speak. So beware the deceivers…they’re everywhere! “And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.” Mt 24:11

    Thanks again Stewart and keep fighting the good fight of faith!


  4. What is happening in Ferguson could happen anywhere (and has) in America. What more do we need to see where this country is? Not really the point though, right? We need to see who each of us is before the Lord. Dead. “Except a corn of wheat fall unto the ground and die . . .. ”
    Thank you Stewart! Well said.


  5. Hi Stu,
    I love this message. So true. One can see the take down of Babylon occurring before their eyes. Once Ebola gets rolling, things will really disintegrate. I for one am weary and want to go home. ISIS is centered around Euphrates river. I wonder if ISIS will be active here also. Thanks Stu for all of your tireless efforts. I pray for you and your family.


  6. Has anyone here yet realized that the bible was written by Lucifer? Have you realized that the god of this world is Lucifer? Have you realized that this is a horrible trap for the souls of humanity and animals and plants and the earth itself? Did you yet realize that the bible is a PLAN, not prophecy? Lucifer had a plan, which he wrote as the “bible”. He is now implementing the last stages of the “Plan”. Humans are the spawn of evil, but they can choose NOT to be evil. That is the only way out of the trap. Jesus is not a god. He said so himself. He is someone who came in human form to try to help us see the evil and escape from it. Look what Lucifer did to him. Lucifer has the same plans for all of us. Death is your only escape.


  7. BRAVO! A wonderful post and i will share it with some who “dont get it” Maybe it will give them a clue!! God bless you Stewart and thanks again!!! Be well!


  8. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ; Glory-be unto our Heavenly Father! I pray that those reachable through this turn, enter and walk the narrow way to life. We are in agreement that when the death that leads to the new heart occurs, you can then see the simplicity of it all.

    Thank you, Stewart and Cindy for your tireless work!



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