Tu B’Av, Robin Willams and How America Hung Itself

I went to the train station last night and stayed awhile until today, a desperado waiting for the train. It was foggy but I could see down the tracks for quite a distance as the lights from the station lit up the tracks with a shine. There was no wind so I thought I would hear the train rumble and whistle as it went through some crossings on the way to the station. I checked my watch as the morning watch was approaching. The first watch was eventless. The second watch was the same. The third watch likewise. The ticket master did not have to work very hard because only a few had gathered to catch the train. We waited to see if we could hear the dull roar and whistle, alerting us to the approach and the gathering together of those watching. Nothing happened. Our hearts began to sink. We so wanted to go home and leave the god forsaken town of desperadoes who did not even know there was a train, let alone getting a ticket to ride.

As daybreak came down there was the shuffling of feet and one by one those waiting left the station, heads down, to hide the tears – saddened that the train must have been delayed once again…one cannot know or understand the yearning to go home after one has had a taste of it, a down payment as it were, an earnest money deposit in their souls and spirits. Oh, to go home, to leave it all behind, to just “check out” of a world gone berserk, with evil rampant, wars and rumors of wars, people everywhere mean-spirited, ugly, tight-fisted, even the so-called remnant. The Earth screaming, the stones crying out with that awful metallic screeching sound, rifts, volcanic and earthquake activity growing, all of it. The truth being trampled underfoot, non-supported, you cannot give it away, no one wants it. No, instead they heap their money upon the fakes, the liars, the popular ones.

“I just cannot give anything today, my superfast computer and potato chips cost so much now. Can’t afford to help, but thanks so much for all the free stuff, keep it coming…” And soon the real truth will not be found, though people will go from East to West, from North to South in search for it, but the Lord says He will take it away, it will not be found, ANYWHERE. Why? Because no one wanted it, so the Lord simply removed it.

Soon the mists of evil will be so strong no one will be able to see any way out of it. Like a spider’s web being woven right under the noses and eyes. Slowly, ever so slowly the black widow spins her deadly web. Like the proverbial frog in the pot, the victims sit, unknowing, uncaring…you might recall that Mrs. Obama wore a black widow dress some time ago, at Obama’s speech in Chicago, telling all of you what this was about as the communist flags flew. No one paid any attention. The noose around the neck of the Americans was being woven. It was being tied to a doorpost. The death angel is coming. He is looking to see who to spare, and who to take out.

It seems that Tu B’Av has come and gone and nothing whatever happened in spite of all of the signs pointing to some event of some type. Yet NOTHING SEEMS TO HAVE HAPPENED. Or did it? Tu B’Av is a day of celebration, a day of love, marriage and good things. It was a day that portrayed the marriage of the Lord to His Bride. But nothing seems to have occurred along any of those lines whatsoever. It is now time to mock, to ridicule, to heap scorn. “See, nothing happened, you are an idiot, forever grasping, forever looking under every rock for a sign, anything to justify your lunatic concepts…”

In my posts I pointed out that perhaps April 11th, 2014 was a signal, an omen of some type, an arrow pointing to the future perhaps, and how Passover is on April 11th, 2017, a year everyone ought to be watching. It was pointed out that the numbers all seemed to match up, from FOUR MONTHS TO THE HARVEST, to 1260 days to 1140 days, a 4-11 in reverse. I pointed out, as others did as well, that April 11th appears to been marked out for some reason in the heavens by two very bright and beautiful comets and it was not a coincidence that they formed a perfect cross in the heavens directly over the head of Satan. We asked what does it all mean? I concluded it must have meant something, and the remark of Christ that in four months cometh the harvest meant something as well, but what?

But something did happen, and the shock wave went around the world. It was sort of like a Susan Boyle or Terri Schiavo situation. A SIGN, a horrible and terrifying sign, an OMEN. As I looked out my window here now, I see something in the blue sky. It is a cloud. It is shaped exactly as a DOVE. I see it and I weep. She is gliding along so beautifully, soaring high in the sky, gliding so effortless. And then she vanishes, a wisp in the wind. Peace to some, terror to others. I get it now. I see it now. It took awhile because I really am slow on the uptake, slow to do anything actually. But now I get it, and I hope you do as well.

Robin Williams was a comic. He was one of the best actually. He made people laugh with his voice, facial expressions, and body movements. He played many a part in movies, like Mrs. Doubtfire, a very sad comedy of American life. He was an expert at making people feel better, to make them laugh and feel good. He died on Tu’B’Av to be exact. He took his own life. He came to the end of his road. The shockwave went around the world. Major media paid a lot of attention to his passing away. So what’s the point?

It is an OMEN. It happened on the SUPER MOON, the brightest, biggest and closest of the super moon TRIAD. The SECOND moon of this TRIAD. The Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost. The Servant Candle SUPER MOON. The arrow pointing? Change you laughter into tears, change your smiles into cries of desperation, for the world is now entering into the darkest hours of all human history. You see, a comic was cut short. Do you see? No more laughter coming. No more jokes coming. No more jovial times coming. It will be CUT OFF. America has hung itself, for she would not repent, and just as Robin Williams she must die soon. Do you see? There have been THREE SHOCKWAVES of personages in recent times.

Susan Boyle sang the swan song of the entire human race, “I had a dream”. This was the first shockwave that went around the entire world, as no one could believe that this frumpy plump woman could sing with such an angelic voice that brought millions to tears as they listened. She was anointed by the Lord as she sang that song to the entire world on an April 11th.

Terri Schiavo was murdered in cold blood by the United States Government with the approval of the American people. “I will repay”, saith the Lord. She, likewise, was known by the entire world as they looked upon America to see what would happen. She was helpless, as helpless as the babies in the womb slaughtered by uncaring and heartless doctors, posing as healers when they are flat-out cold-blooded murderers. She was murdered with no mercy, under the LAW. It sent a SHOCKWAVE OVER THE WORLD. What has happened to the American people? The blood of the innocents flows upon the home of the “free” and the land of the “brave”. Terri was the second in a TRIAD OF SHOCKWAVES. DEATH. The last time I checked, it is Jesus Christ Himself that opens the SEAL JUDGMENTS. They bring DEATH and CORRECTION.

And then the THIRD SHOCKWAVE of this TRIAD; Robin Williams. Known the world over, his death was a shock to everyone, as expressed on major media as even now more and more people are voicing their shock at his passing. I wept when I first heard the news, could not believe it. But the weeping came from the deep things of the Spirit. It meant something. I was unsure what. Now I know. THE DOVE IN THE SKY, PEACE FOR SOME, TERROR FOR OTHERS. It was the last warning to America, to Israel, to the world. We are here. We either have or are about to enter into the darkness of antichrist and the rise of LUCIFER.

Oh, I know I will be mocked. I am use to it now, as I am to not being supported except by a very, very few. There is no free lunch, but everyone wants everything for free. It is not that these dear folks do not know there is no free lunch, but rather they just don’t have any real love for the hard sayings of Lord and do not want to hear it at all. Why, I will never understand. It would seem to me that if one claims to be looking for the truth that they would understand that the REAL truth pricks, stings, gives one unpleasant feelings, and makes one WANT to turn away. My advice is, that when these emotions come to the fore, you are dealing with REAL TRUTH, because it OFFENDS AND HURTS, AND MAKES ONE ANGRY. Who wants to support anyone who does that to us?

If one says they stand upon the Word of God, then why don’t they read it? Something strange happened the other day. I put my DVD documentary “Red Elk, Through The Fire” on sale for $16.95. His prophecies are all coming true, but of course, he is a native American, so what could he know? NOT ONE TAKER. NOT ONE. NONE, ZERO. No one cares anymore. They say they do, but it is obvious they don’t. The indifference is astounding. Indifference leads to death. It could have all been avoided. Hell can be avoided, but the vast majority of Christians are going there. The Bible says so in no uncertain terms.


“There you go again…grasping at anything with your fear porn. What a lunatic!!”

And so it goes. However, in the distance, I think I hear the low rumble of a train. And a very faint whistle floated by me in the wind…




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  1. Dear Mr S Best I am not from America, Jesus blessed me on Tu B’ Av, I ask Him if He is not coming to fetch me on that day then He must sent me a red rose. He indeed sent me a red Rose with vers 1John 2:1 on its stem. Indeed I am greatful for your articles, greatful for people like you that is still here in this dark world, makes me feel not too alone. Thanks Gerda


  2. Wow well said. Anna, I read your post. I would like to buy video for you if I can. Email me at luqkie@yahoo.com or give Stewart your info to send video. I will call and buy 2 copies. One for me and they will hold your copy until you contact one of us. Thanks


  3. Mr. Stewart: One of the reasons none has noted to you, and which I honestly believe is a MUST KNOW AND OBEY situation whereby possibly many will be saved in these days that are surely those very close to the latter days before the Second Coming of Messiah, is that you noted in your well written BLOG, you noted the PASSOVER for 2017 is only April 11th!

    You cannot find the Passover by using a Pope Gregory XIII, 1582 Calendar, Mr. Stewart! There is only one way to find the PASSOVER, and that is by using the Creator’s Lunisolar Calendar, and I can tell you without even looking Mr, Stewart, that date is Aviv 14, the day just before the High Day of Aviv 15, a double Sabbath, i.e. a weekly Sabbath upon which a Yearly Sabbath starts. The blessed Week of Unleavened Bread, begins Aviv/Nisan 15. Can you yet see what I am saying?

    I am telling you that Daniel 7: 25 prophesied that there would be a little horn (king) who will take away and change the times (days & dates), and laws (change commandments). One of the main reasons we are now seeing such problems upon the Earth, is because this has happened many centuries ago, and today’s world, still abides in the falsehoods of this little horn king, having not noticed due to a lack of knowledge of the Sacred Scriptures (Bible) – see Hosea 4: 6 – and you shall see the promise given unto any single or groupings of peoples who shall do what is spoken of in Hosea 4: 6! This is the reason the whole world is spiritually sick, because even those who call themselves Christians, the Majority even of these, have not the knowledge of the Bible Truths, to know why we all feel as if there is no hope! How can we feel there is hope, when our failure to walk in knowledge, has turned our Creator against us? When the Majority of the people walk in the opposite direction, He must by attrition. or a wearing away of the people’s knowledge of how to please their Creator, He must turn them over to the Enemy, for the evil Enemy demands this of Him, as the people choose him, when they no longer have knowledge of the Bible, and walk constantly in their sins.


  4. Stu, sent you an Email about this post (812/20)….add to comments if you wish,,,YBIC…Terry


  5. Stewart we not financially able to purchase this DVD as we have others in the past, but God willing and finances available we still intend to. One of my husband’s jobs is based on if weather permits and these past couple of months, well weather didn’t permit. But, please know we are thankful for your ministry and look forward to purchasing more of your study materials here soon, the Lord willing it is still available. We pray so, before the famine comes because it is soon to come.
    As for sharing with others whether related, in the church or not, some have expressed they don’t need any help and who do I think I am to tell them they are not saved, others responded with “I got the Holy Ghost, I’m spirit-filled and have the gift of tongues”, and that revelation from God was for you, it’s not for all of us. Some have made it crystal clear they will not read or study anything I send them (i.e. http://www.thelightgate.com), because I’ve become secluded, angry, bitter, lonely and too good to socialize with them and other “friends”; and now, I think I need to save poor sinners like them. Sad, I was only attempting to share, however, I understand. Being in places with all manner of things going on, I prefer the quietness of my home. I am not able to do what was once normal in their eyes. I recognize the calm before the storm, so to speak. I have but one soul and I choose not to be ignorant of my responsibility concerning it. TIME IS TOO SHORT!!
    To all servants of the Lord, those who are in Christ and those striving to find Him, be encouraged and continue in His Word, for He is Truth and through Stewart we are provided more Truth. Blessings.

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  6. I am so grateful for all you do. Thank you for being a watchman on the wall. The word of God tells us that many are called but FEW are chosen. Thank you for being in the few column. many blessings to you and Cindy, Dixie Lindblade


  7. Stewart, yesterday mid morning while I was out back doing chores and in response to something I was thinking about, the phrase “Na nu, na nu” came through my mind. It made me laugh (internally). Later when I heard the news, it dawned on me, Why had I thought that? when I hadn’t thought about that phrase for years. Maybe it’s an example of how we’re all somehow connected. Lord have mercy on Robin Williams.


  8. The word of the Most High is enough, don’t need “Red Elk, Through The Fire”, but still appreciate what you post, most of the time.


  9. Stewart, I am not into DVDs. I am a book person. We are on fixed income. That said, I read my Bible and have studied the End Times, the Rapture, Revelation along with Daniel, Ezekiel, and other New Testament passages re: the times in which we live. I, too, am frustrated because nobody wants to hear the truth. One of the leaders in our church told me it “scares” him. I would be “scared” too if I did not understand from my Bible studies what is happening in the world. I am proud to be a watchman on the wall, but the people are not listening to us. God bless you and keep you. Keep on keeping on.


  10. Thank you stewart & Cindy for all that you do for our brothers and sisters in the Lord. You speak bodly to a remnant, and the longer we listen the more that is seen. Our family appreciates your family and we all hope to meet you on the other side with our maker. That said, may the Lord make his face to shine upon you. Until that day…love to you both in Him.


  11. Hi Stewart, I totally understand where you’re coming from. I’ve also been undergoing many spiritual battles as well as many of my friends in the faith, particularly during these past few months. What you mentioned about people not wanting to hear the truth anymore shows how effective the deception has been throughout the modern day church. When most churches today think nothing is wrong with using yoga, psychology, hypnotism, and NLP…well, we have a problem of the worst kind. Just as 2Tim 3:7 states, they’re EVER LEARNING and NEVER able to come to the knowledge of the truth. I believe this is because the false prophets INTENTIONALLY keep the truth from their flock. They only give them good words and fair speeches to deceive the hearts of the simple (Rom 16:18). These men DO NOT serve our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly (Phil 3:19). Paul says they’re proud and know NOTHING (1Tim 6:4). These hirelings ONLY feed themselves (Eze 34:2,10). They’re greedy dogs who can never have enough (Isa 56:11). They’ve oppressed their people (Isa 59:13; Eze 22:7, 29) and through covetousness with feigned (made up) words have made merchandise of them (2Pet 2:3) by convincing them they must tithe (another lie). The ravening wolves in the pulpit are the moneychangers of today. Many PASTORS have destroyed His vineyard (Jer 12:10). They’ve caused His sheep to go astray (Jer 50:6). These pastors fulfill Mt 7:15, Mt 24:11, Mt 24:24; Mk 13:22; Lk 6:26; 2Pet 2:1; and 1Jn 4:1. And the followers of these pastors are those in Mt 24:5; Mk 13:6; and Lk 21:8. Both are deceiving multitudes with their false doctrines. They’re blind leaders of the blind, and both shall fall into a ditch (Mt 15:14). But most people will think that it’s ‘the other guy’ who’s deceived. Oh really? Read Pro 30:12 (Pure in your own eyes?).

    Just think of what would happen if you placed a hireling (not a shepherd) pastor in a church. Most today are hirelings. All of us need to keep in mind that most churches are a 501C3 CORPORATION and they’re a business and they run it as a business. Those churches want PROFITS, not prophets! Wouldn’t those pastors seek to suppress the truth (Rom 1:18) instead of tell it like it’s written so they can make sure they have the most people attending? Would they not seek to tell their flock everything their followers want to hear (2Tim 4:3-4)…and even lie to them (Eze 22:27) for the sake of monetary gain (1Tim 6:5)? Oh, you better believe they would! And most people today wouldn’t recognize a wolf in sheep’s clothing if they were right in front of them because hardly anybody judges anybody by their FRUITS anymore (Mt 7:16). Instead they judge by the outward appearance (Mt 23:27) because the false prophets have lied and convinced them that they’re not to judge anyone. Such hypocrites!

    A while back I heard a phrase…’there is more money in confusion than in clarity’. So true, and the false prophets know full well that more than 99% of their followers won’t even crack open their Bibles before next Sunday comes around. The scriptural illiteracy of today is catastrophic! So hirelings can literally tell them anything and they’ll believe it. They tell them the ‘interpretation’ of those verses, and they’re often twisted for their own self-willed purpose (often to get more money) (2Pet 2:10). Jesus warned us MANY times about these men, but today they are gladly WELCOMED in practically every church in America.

    So when Jesus returns, shall He find faith (Lk 18:8)? Of course not. Heck, there’s practically none to be found NOW! Nearly everyone has been deluded with the lie (2Thes 2:11) that all they have to do to get to heaven is to ‘believe’. Name me ONE, just one profession that you get anywhere by simply believing! Following Jesus is a VOCATION (Eph 4:1). My, and I though welfare was only a government sponsored program, but I see that welfare is FAR WORSE in modern day Christendom. Where are the labourers? Oh, they say ‘we’re just to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ’. No wonder the Lord says His people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hos 4:1). No wonder He calls His children foolish and stupid (Jer 4:22). And who in their right mind could possibly believe that an all powerful Omnipotent God would put a newly saved person in charge of judging angels, the world, and the twelve tribes of Israel? Have we gone mad?

    Stewart, I believe there’s a weeding out going on now. It’s time for the saints to speak boldly the truth in love. Only a few are actually saints, sheep, wheat, for MANY are called but few are chosen (Mt 22:14). Those who believe His testimony will be saved but the saints will be glorified at His coming (2Thes 1:10). The problem is that many who believe were tricked into FOLLOWING Christ WITHOUT being given any time or thought to COUNT THE COST (Lk 14:28-33). Jesus only told the twelve apostles to ‘follow Him’. Jesus gave everyone else the OPTION to follow Him if they desired to inherit eternal life, and He told them what it would cost. Jesus was fair and honest, but the modern day false prophets are not. The false prophets of today tell everyone to ‘come up and give your LIFE to Jesus now, for TODAY is the day of salvation!’ and thus for PROFIT (TITHES) they deceive the people into TAKING ON HIS NAME (Dt 5:11) without considering the COST of following Him, and if that person ever decides to turn back (since they’ve TAKEN on His name) they’re now legally bound to His covenant. And if anyone that took on His name…at some point later falls away, goes astray, or draws back to their old ways, then they’ve BROKEN HIS COVENANT (Ps 78:10; Isa 24:5, Isa 28:15, Isa 33:8; Jer 11:10, Jer 22:9). And as a result it would’ve been BETTER for them to NOT have known the way of righteousness than to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them (2Pet 2:21). What a nasty trick of the devil!!!…to get someone to agree to something without reading all of what it entails (especially since they purposely leave out all the qualifications and requirements) and replace all that with ‘BELIEVE’ and then they ONLY emphasize the rewards (you’ll get eternal life!!!). But many won’t ever get eternal life but damnation instead (Mt 7:22). This is basic fast talking salesman trickery, and those false prophets have smooth talked their way into hell along with their followers. Most probably think they’re doing the right thing…as those who will shortly seek to kill you (Jn 16:2). But they’ve all decided to follow the broad way, and to walk on easy street, and believed not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness (2Thes 2:12).

    It is nearing time for the judgment of the wicked. The wicked are the tares, the COUNTERFEIT Christians, and there are many. I know what you’re going through Stewart, along with a number of others who’ve chosen to walk the narrow way. Your labour is not in vain and your reward will be great. And I pray that your joy may be full always (Jn 15:11, Jn 16:24; 1Jn 1:4; 2Jn 1:12).

    Many blessings to you and thank you for everything you’ve shared! You’ve inspired me (and I’m sure others) greatly. Keep up the great work!


    • I personally can attest to being told by a pastor, that if he did not preach what they wanted to hear, they would not give (tithe/offering). So, he changed how he preached from provoking spirit led messages to feel good, emotional, life-coaching messages. That took place almost 20 years ago. Between then and now, it’s just gotten worse.

      I have been sent to places of assembly/fellowship, one in particular and I cried the entire service, that is, it was a grieving of my spirit cry which brought me to my needs that I couldn’t stop and the shepherd/apostle told the congregants that they would continue on with service as usual. That same apostle later requested to meet with my husband and I to ask if we would attend his School of For Apostolic Leaders. We declined. Leaders of today have itineraries and agendas they are determined to stick to. Leave God’s plan and purpose elsewhere. For some “in hell will they lift up their eyes”, as well as the congregants who follow them instead of Christ.


  12. my life anymore is one of solitude, homebody, and extremely ill. but this illness and scratching by in life has given me a yearning for HIM. where i am i can not find one in tune as i. maybe i don’t get around enough, but i have searched and the lands people are polluted. I went to columbus ohio with acquaintances and went to several stores etc. a few days back. mostly i could not wait to get home to a spiritually quiet safe place as the world is buzzing and flying no where. it is uncomfortable and turning quite alien to me anymore. the more you pour into HIM the more you desire and need him. I live on mostly nothing, my things or past idols don’t matter much anymore, i haven’t even had a car and drove for 8 years. i just let my license expire. cannot afford to buy one etc. but He provides. what HE thinks i need is what matters. stewart you are a good man , keep serving and look up, ten thousand will fall around us but nothing will come nigh our way. for we are soon approaching the time where mens hearts will fail them in fear as to what is coming upon this planet.
    not a hair of our heads will be harmed, well skin for some heh. love you all brothers and sisters, jerry

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  13. Laughter to tears on the walk and in this country. I find the typical American to be about the worship of mammon; possessing no manners. Angry. Rude. Seared conscience. It is the cut off you describe. “Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;” 1Timothy 4:2.

    One of Robin Williams’ movies was “Awakenings.”

    Thank you Stewart, so beautifully written.


  14. Mr. Stewart, I was not aware of the DVD that was offered. Where can I get more information on buying it?


  15. Stewart, well said! I discerned a “change” spiritually on Monday the 11th. The day took on a more ominous, creepy, evil, foreboding countenance, like another milestone was passed with absolutely no stopping, changing or turning back to even what it was like on the 10th, let alone what once was. Then, later on in the day, we learned of Mr. Williams’ death. Your experience and observation on the lack of interest is what we see, as well. There is no love of/for the Spirit of Truth. In conclusion, let us keep watching and praying that we are accounted worthy to escape what s now coming upon the world and to stand before and with Jesus Christ! Agape blessing upon you and Cindy and yours!


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  16. Hi Mr Stewart,             I would love to get the red elk dvd, but we don’t all have money . I have averaged $10 for the past 8 years for food. It is really hard for me. If I am able I will send help for you. A lady I know in Australia just told me to look for the new 9/11 that is coming .   God bless you   anna


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