You gotta see this!!! The reviews are exciting for us!!!

7-31-2014 4-34-12 PMWe have acquired new software that allows us to create digital books with active content.  This allows us to embed audio, video and other files right into the document. While we are still learning all    about this European  software, we wanted to give you a link to the latest GLOBAL INTEL UPDATE. If you would like, OPT IN by emailing me or Patti at and I will place  you on the list to receive these UPDATES as things are moving very rapidly now all over the world. You can opt out at any time! We will be extending this concept of multi-media in one package to  many other areas of our work. The sample below is JUST THE BEGINNING OF WHAT THIS SOFTWARE WILL ACTUALLY DO!!! And YOU will be the beneficiary!!!


Because world events are now moving at such a rapid pace, we do advise everyone to take advantage of these Global Intel Updates and Emergency bulletins.

Here are some of the reviews we have been getting:

“Very Cool – I liked how it switches pages like a book – but the content is amazing and you don’t go on and on and on like some sites so the reader doesn’t lose interest in the topics. The topics are very interesting – Russia / middle east etc. to the magnesium for woman..(I’ll check to see if that is in my vitamins!)” –

” Stewart, I like this . . .can’t wait to start reading. Thanks.” –

“Fantastic, Congratulation, good work…”

I like very much,…”


“Stewart, This is great. Nice magazine.”
“Thanks, Stewart & Cindy…
The magazine is bright, a delight to the eye and easy read.
Pop-up page select – very slick…
This is a homerun. (You take such good care of us!)”

“Love your new Update  It’s fantastic!  Sign me up please.”

So if you don;t want to miss these INTEL UPDTAES – OPT IN by emailing Patti or myself at – or call Cindy at 1-800-257-2672 and we will make sure you are added to to the list!!!!



3 thoughts on “You gotta see this!!! The reviews are exciting for us!!!

  1. What can I say that hasn’t been said. The new format is wonderful. I really like the page turning part. I really admire how you just keep coming up with new ideas. I am looking forward to seeing what else you are up to.


  2. Hello Stewart, Long time reader here. I enjoy this new format since I can read it easily on my Kindle fire and the links work as well. A very good reading experience! Thanks for the upgrades!


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