It seems that people all over are reporting more and more glitches in their electronics – Ipods, Ipads, cell phones, computers, email, etc.etc. etc. The question is why? The bots claimed that there were developing magnetic anomalies all over the world as the magnetic poles begin their shift.

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We do have a magnetic anomaly developing over North America and have reported on it. We have the Atlantic Anomaly as well, and other areas of the world that are showing magnetic instability. Then we have what they called magnetic vortexes, sort of like a tornado, but it is a magnetic tornado, and they will wander around causing all sorts of electrical problems from, auto blackouts, cell phone interruptions and who knows what other effects they would have on your mobile equipment like GPS readers, etc.

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There are several possible causes for this increase in anomalous activity. The most important would be the approach of the Destroyer, for there is no question that the Destroyer is real, and is headed in our direction. The question is not if, but when. As this object, whatever it really is, gets closer we will have more and more troubles in the “gadgetry” area of things. Secondly, and maybe more important, is the Solar activity anomalies because the Destroyer also will have a major impact upon the sun as well. Thirdly, we reported that there has been activity spotted at the black hole in the center of the Milky Way galaxy. While that may seem to be a distant threat, apparently the ancients did not think so, and the Mayans in particular considered the center of the galaxy the giver and taker of all life on Earth.

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In the book, “Earth Under Fire”, Dr. LaViolette goes into great detail about the “Blue Star” of the Hopi legends, and that severe and massive changes in the center of our galaxy give off huge shock waves that radiate outwards. The problem for us here in Earth is that we would not be able to detect this shockwave until it reached us, and by that time of course, it is way too late. The claim is that a BLUE STAR will appear in the heavens and when it does, it is all over. Our “Mega Earth Changes Two” documentary went into this at length. The Lord told us that we were coming up on a time of terrible catastrophe, worse than anything that has ever happened before on Earth. We now know why. Scientists who have studied the “Destroyer” claim that when the destroyer comes through this time, the Earth is on the same side as the destroyer as it makes its first pass around the Sun, making it far worse for us.

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The latest on Israel is not good, no matter how many cease fires there are, Hamas violates each one, and of course Israel is blamed for it. The rising anger against Israel is a fulfillment of prophecy, as all the nations gather against her. Sooner or later this area of the world will explode and when it does, everything changes. How much prophecy has to be fulfilled before people of the world begin to wake up as to what is going on around them? Obama has made it very clear how he feels about Israel and his treatment of Israeli statesmen is inexcusable. The American people, however, will be the ones who have to pay the price for this treatment and ultimate betrayal of Israel.  It is also apparent that most Christians do not understand who Israel is or what lays just ahead.




Tu B’Av is rapidly approaching and I suppose those that are watching all of this are wondering if ANYTHING is going to happen. The odds are NOTHING, but then one never knows – the SIGNS are all there, the day counts are there, but we have been there before. It may well be we are looking at an ARROW that is pointing us to 2017 PASSOVER AS THE CONCLUSION OF THIS AGE AND THE BEGINNING OF THE NEXT. According to some scientists, we actually entered the age of Aquarius on December 21, 2012, the Mayan BEGINNING of the next age.

However, having said that, if there really is a vast difference between the Bride of Christ and the rest of the Church, and IF the star sign of Revelation 12:1 is the sign we are seeing on September 23rd is the correct STAR SIGN – and IF we are to come back 1260 days to April 11th 2014, then the odds are something may well take place, but we do not know what!!

So what if the above concepts ARE TRUE, and NOTHING HAPPENS – what then? We have several options to consider – the first being that the FIRST HALF of Daniel’s 70th week was fulfilled by the Lord Himself and thus there is only the GREAT TRIBULATION LEFT FOR THE WORLD TO FACE. The second option is that the rapture of the Bride will take place at a later date – like Tu B’Av 2015, or 2016, in accordance with the Joseph Factor, the 2-5 year break – a GREAT DELIVERANCE after two years of limited harvest. Or maybe no rapture as so many mock it these days – only a die-off of the “bad Christian seed”, you know those trouble makers who tried to point out their brothers and sisters were not actually following what the Lord had to say about things, those actually born again and those who had entered in at the strait gate.

Time always tells, does it not?



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On our last post, we gave you a link to view the new format of our Global Intel Update. We wanted everyone to see it and hope many of you will OPT IN as the times are quickening the world over. OPT IN by emailing Patti or myself at Events can happen in an hour that change everything on planet Earth. Then we have NEWS OVERLOAD, so much news that we all get sick of it, and want to bury our heads under a pillow to escape all of it. This is the very reason I began the BEST GLOBAL REPORT so many years ago now – to distill the news down, the IMPORTANT NEWS, the news that MEANS SOMETHING to you personally and “executive summary” if you will. The GLOBAL REPORT does exactly that – a Reader’s Digest distillation of the important but usually BURIED NEWS by all mainstream media, but we dig it out if it really means something.


The GLOBAL INTEL UPDATE is based upon the same format, but distilled into small bites and ONLY MAJOR NEWS and a short commentary placed in an interactive 3D digital flip page format. I have been in the news business now for many, many years, and know how to dig out the TRUTH behind all of the news propaganda out there, to dig below the surface to find out what the New World Order boys and girls are really up too, and then bring that back to prophecy to show you where we are at in the fulfillment of things. Here is that link again if you missed it:



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We have a BRAND NEW PROPHETIC INSIDER and it is free to all. You can have it in two formats for free – a 3D Magazine or a straight PDF. If you want the PDF format, email Patti or myself at and we will send you your PDF files. It costs money and time to put these up for FREE so if you are blessed by any of this, please remember us with a donation from time to time.

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We have now entered the time when WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS have entered into a NEW PHASE. Remember Albert Pike and his THREE WORLD WARS, and the first two were fought has he outlined, leading us to believe the THIRD WORLD WAR, which is a war between ISRAEL and the Moslem world, that spreads the world over, topples Christianity, Islam and Judaism, and brings in a whole new concept which is supposed to worship the creation and the Mother Earth.

We may well be watching the front waters of Isaiah 17 and the so-called Armageddon Script, in which wars break out all at the same time, North Korea and South Korea, China and Taiwan, another Balkans conflict, and war in Israel. We are watching the Psalm Two wars going into full swing here. Prophecy must be and will be fulfilled. Hang on to your hats, hunker down and ride out the coming storm if the Lord tarries a bit longer.







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7-31-2014 4-34-12 PMWe have acquired new software that allows us to create digital books with active content.  This allows us to embed audio, video and other files right into the document. While we are still learning all    about this European  software, we wanted to give you a link to the latest GLOBAL INTEL UPDATE. If you would like, OPT IN by emailing me or Patti at and I will place  you on the list to receive these UPDATES as things are moving very rapidly now all over the world. You can opt out at any time! We will be extending this concept of multi-media in one package to  many other areas of our work. The sample below is JUST THE BEGINNING OF WHAT THIS SOFTWARE WILL ACTUALLY DO!!! And YOU will be the beneficiary!!!


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