Got A Problem? Call the office at 777-888-555 or 777-911 Cell Phone


Mankind has a problem, but does not appear to realize it. He could dial up God the Father and check to see if Jesus is around, but often He is out of the office because of all the chaos happening on Earth at the moment – nevertheless, if one were to place an emergency call – Jesus has His cell-phone with him at all times to answer such calls of distress. But why would anyone call if they do not even realize first of all that they are in distress, and secondly do not believe there is anyone on the other end of the line?

Are we so use to this distress that we dismiss all of it? People all over the world are having problems with their sleep. It seems that people cannot understand why they cannot sleep. So they blame it on pressures at work, in marriage problems, cell tower radiation exposure, the list is endless. But is also appears that the lack of being able to sleep is also endless. Why? Time to call God the Father, you can find HIs number in the Good Book. You just have to know where to look.

“Hello?… Hello? is anyone there?” Surely the world must realize that SOMETHING is amiss, at least it would appear that way, right? I mean here we have Persia being formed once again in the Middle East, and then Israel is being surrounded by people who hate her, then we have Russia involved now in Iraq because Obama did not move to help, we have Syria bubbling over, we have economic problems the world over, we have earth changes going on, we have strange sounds and sights beginning to appear in the heavens, and almost everyone you talk too seems to realize something is wrong, but has no idea what it is.

It is spiritual, beyond the mind, and it lays embedded deep within human DNA with the memory banks of DNA science has just discovered. So all human DNA has a memory of at least two major catastrophes that all but wiped out the human race. In that sense, maybe our DNA also has an inkling that another one is about to occur – worse than anything that ever went before. This then also explains why Jesus Christ made the comment concerning our DNA, but it was a covert remark, not detected for what it really meant. “Every hair upon your head is numbered”. Is this DNA memory what the New Age is calling “Global Consciousness”?

Interesting that DNA recently proved that remark of Jesus Christ was totally true, something Jesus would have known as the creator of DNA in the first place!! This DNA memory is not conscious. It is beyond the mind, but there, laying hidden deep within, but causes mankind to become restless and uneasy – knowing something is coming, but unable to say what or even why. “The nations were angry” but angry about what? Why now? The seas of mankind are becoming increasingly wild, with the waves roaring. Time for all of us to “Analyze This” Time to call Jesus on His cell phone. “Something is up, can you tell me what it is?”

It seems that people everywhere are “angry”. There is a spirit of anger surfacing, coming out in many different ways. But why? Is it just the “pressure” of everyday living? The pressures of work? Or is it much deeper than that? If you ask people why they are unsettled, nervous or uneasy, they cannot answer you. In one breath they are in deep denial that anything is wrong now or coming, yet in the next breath they certainly DO KNOW that something is coming, something very big, foreboding.

The human race is beginning to act like rats on a sinking ship – it is instinct, some deep knowledge something is wrong, that a big change is in the air. Of course we have Obama and his “change”, but this change goes way beyond Obama, antichrist, financial collapse or anything of this world. This “change” that everyone is now beginning to sense is far bigger than the world. It is a cosmic change. We are approaching a NEW HEAVEN and a NEW EARTH. And no one can stop it. Time to call 777-888-555, which by the way I just did, really I just did, and the operator came on the line and said “this number has been disconnected”. Well of course the Native Americans have known that the number has been disconnected for some time – I think they blame it on materialism or something like that.

Mankind is a spirit creature trapped in the human body. This spirit man is connected in some way to the DNA memories and this makes the spirit man restless, and that in turn makes the mental state of a person restless as well. Judgment is coming. First to die, then the judgment. Everyone knows that judgment is coming, even if they don’t know it. It is the spirit man that knows it. Time to call 555-911 and settle the issue between you and your Creator while you still have time, for you have prescious little time left actually. I know that, but I cannot tell you how or why I know it.  He may be very busy, but He will answer ANYONE who calls.

So you see, even our connection to God the Father has been disconnected. Mankind is adrift in a sea of raging waves, and is, in truth, shipwreaked. I wonder if the phone to 888-911 has been disconnected also.  Maybe so for the the many, after all, it is a personal line and only used for dire emergencies, you know, like salvation after a long and lonely walk. “I cannot take it anymore!!” is the scream and you know what? Jesus will answer you, just not on your time schedule. Odd how that works, really. Sometimes the line is busy – but if it is, it is because you have to much static in your brain. Time to clear it all out, time to focus, time to drill down to the real issues between you and your God.

So when you turn on your TV set and see all the chaos going on all over the world? Well, just dial up 777-888-555 and when the operator comes on the line and says that 777 has been disconnected, you reply, “well maybe for you honey, but not for me…”