“More FEAR porn~~~!!!

What is it with these ‘Christian-FEAR-spreading people’?

Now Stewart Best is at it again. Are we so afraid, or better said, do we have to be afraid of these things coming upon us and get all up in angst cue to the incertitude of where or when the great Quake will hit? Be it Planet X, the Great Destroyer or whatever… WHY ARE YOU AFRAID?

FEAR is in fact an acronym that means, among many things, FEEDING the ARCHONS… FE+AR.

FEAR in itself triggers an emotional response that is generated by an inverse ignition of the amygdala in the hypo campus region within the brain. This in turn generates an inverse polarity to the DNA injecting it with an opposite energy flux that could be termed as a total absence of love. The DNA helix, in all its beauty, instead of opening up and blossoming like a 72-petaled rose, tightens up generating more FEAR and a total absence of FAITH.

What happens when our DNA opens up and embraces all that is good and beautiful? It generates the correct polarity of absolute love. It synergizes with God Jesus and intertwines quantumly with all His creation allowing us to be partakers and transceivers of this LOVEFLUX. Just as orgasm really occurs in the brain, so does the torrential influx of love when heart-tongue and mind unite in total mindfulness with Jesus’ TRUTH (Matthew 6.22).

FEAR not! said Jesus.

The more FEAR we produce, the more shribbled and shackled our DNA becomes.

What then is the purpose of Jesus dying for SIN and us living in Him if we are not to abide by His words and His words alone? Are we so weak, feeble and feckless?

I exited my driveway yesterday in this 3rd world of a nation, a cesspool really and out of nowhere to cars interested with mine and swerved in front of me. Both had two stickers on their rear windows. One said 100% IN THE FAITH ZONE and the other on said I TRUST IN JESUS.

It is more than obvious that we should not entertain these messages of doom and gloom but live in His frequency. This will take us always to PETRA and living under HIS WING is a Faith and Trust-in-the-Lord issue.

SO please! Stop it with the FEARS system!!! FEARS FEeds the ARchons. And also is part of the Fear-porn Alert Reporting System.

FAITH however is a Zone in itself. A higher dimensionality whereby the Holy Spirit that Jesus grants us is like a multitemporal shield that through our intuitive connection shows us how to navigate beyond the 24-hour barrier that each day has. Add 1 hour and 20 minutes to that and you have a buffer of preordinance and precognition and foreknowledge by Jesus’s angels to protect us and lead us not into harms way.

Alexander Backman


This is the same Alexander Backman that posted a large number of posts regarding a horrific event that was to occur just south of San Diego, an awakening of a possible Super Volcano in that area, if my memory serves me correctly. Many posts and warnings were issued, even that a secret meeting of authorities had taken place. The jest of that was that it could blow at any time. So I guess it depends upon who issues these news items as to whether or not they are “fear based porn”?



– MARCH 13 2014
“(CRN®- MARCH 13-2014)- This is an urgent message by Mexican Journalist Alexander Backman with regard to a Dream-Vision he had in December 2013. In the vision Alexander saw a Nuclear Explosion in Manhattan as he stood at the Terminals in Newark International Airport and 32,000 people are incinerated by the blast. “
And this:

By Alexander Backman

“Sunday December 1st, 2013—I had a dream last night that really shook me up. Maybe the fact that it was so vivid and real, the details! Like in High Definition, I saw it all blow! The explosion was so massive. I was just coming back from a radio interview on Fukushima and was at, of all places, in an airport in a city called Newark.
Note from author: I did not know that Newark had an International Airport at the time. This shows that this is not a dream but a revelation! There are details that I saw in the dream that show things that are going to happen in the future. When? Soon.

I was on the portion outside of one of the terminals. The airport was enormous. I was behind and under one of the Terminal bridges, I could see all the airliners aligned and parked along-side their corresponding terminals. The planes had navy blue tails. While I was trying to focus on the details it happened. It was so overwhelming! An explosion! The biggest I have ever see. Almost as if the entire sky and the ground were engulfed by the fiery inferno. Like a wave of fire. I saw it coming, from where I was standing, from the east. I knew the blast came from the direction behind the terminal because it was around 4pm and the sun was already going down on my side to my right towards the West. For the sun to go down at 4pm, it means it has to be winter, near Christmas time or New Year’s. “

I have been oft attacked by people who know nothing about my research ministry whatsoever, have not followed me for the last 25 years, nor my warnings to never believe what I have to say, but check it for themselves. I notice however that attacks among the so-called “brethren” are on the increase – ripping others down, while building themselves up, when most of them do have important things to give the Body of Christ and need to stop concentrate on their gifts and appreciate the gifts of others.


I have also noticed that most of them will have nothing to with the STRAIT GATE and the NARROW WAY either and none of them will even come close to touching the scriptural truth that the actual revelation of Jesus Christ is what constitutes TRUE rebirth. These attacks will increase but it does not change the truth of the Bible or what Jesus said concerning TRUE SALVATION and what it actually is, OR TRUE PROPHECY, for He is the Spirit of PROPHECY, or His warnings to all of us TO WATCH WORLD EVENTS, EARTH CHANGES and signs in the heavens.
Jesus told us the false prophets would rise up and deceive the very elect if it were possible. They would bring in all sorts of “new” concepts.

In the first place, the messages I give is not FEAR BASED, but rather NEWS BASED. We are commanded by the Lord Himself to watch, and Jesus gave us all the signs we are to watch for. EARTH CHANGES is a major sign we are told to watch for, and as we approach the end of the age these earth changes will begin to accelerate. Thus my posts are reporting the very things we are told to watch for.


Anyone who has followed out ministry knows it is a SIGN BASED WARNING OUT OF LOVE MINISTRY, not to instill fear at all, but rather to warn people that the end in drawing nigh at hand, and to be ready because we may all be part of these massive changes going on around us and to be prepared for them. Is this not the very command of the Lord Himself? So where does Backman, who claims to be a Christian, get off countermanding the very commands of the Lord Himself?
Denials and distortions of the real truth in prophecy will continue unabated, and many preachers, teachers, evangelists and prophetic people are in for some major surprises as we journey into these last and final days of mankind’s probation upon planet Earth.

I felt I had to respond to this because it is misleading many people.