As everyone knows, the RING OF FIRE is heating up, and earth changes are beginning to be felt the world over, from mudslides, landslides, rifts, sink holes, land risings, land inundations, increases in earthquake activity the world over along with more and more volcanic activity. One thing of interest here are the reports of Navy subs and ships that are running into sudden and unknown shallow waters and running aground, something not good for ship’s captain’s record. That is an indication that the ocean floor is now changing and rising AND THE Navy maps are no longer totally accurate. That means the waters of the oceans have to go somewhere also, does it not? Like sloshing ashore and causing huge rogue waves, like some of those now is being reported?

Then of course we also have major electronic glitches being reported in electronic equipment, huge static electricity buildups being reported by folks all over, cell phone and telephone anomalies, TV interference not normal, and changes in the magnetic field of Earth appear to be accelerating. Then of course we have the bots “magnetic tornadoes” that seem to come out of nowhere. The Sun appears to be more and more anomalous, and no one seems to know what is going to happen next – although almost everyone is declaring Cycle 24 a dud – and dismiss any warnings that perhaps the Sun is fooling us – and that the downside of Cycle 24 might be the killer of all global civilization. Could it be?






The Sun appears to be snoozing, going into hibernation causing scientists to warn of a major global cooling, a new Maunder Minimum type operation, a shallow deep freeze. Climate change brings erratic weather. Erratic weather brings poor growing seasons, and that in turn brings fewer crops, and that brings famine and rising prices. Is there may be a method to all of this madness?





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Then we have the ocean current problems that go unreported, but it seems the ocean currents are slowing down and changing, and then we have the jet stream that is so very erratic. Then we have the bots “atmospheric rivers” that weather stations are now reporting. Maybe Mother Nature is going senile, might have a bad cold and sneezes once in a while. But if you read the Good Book carefully, it seems the creator likes to fool people, especially those not watching carefully. It seems like the Lord gets a chuckle from all of this sometimes.
It is no accident that this cycle is called Cycle 24, for the Lord knows all things, just as He knew how the theologians would take His Word and divide it all up into chapters and verses, number it all and low behold, the mathematical continuity is there for all to see – that is the value of total foreknowledge – you can arrange things anyway you want to get the end result you desire. That is why the Lord says He has an agenda, and intends to fulfill it, irrespective of Air Force 2025 owning the future. The only owner of the future is the Lord God, the Creator of it all. Indeed He does not only OWN the future, but told us all what it was going to be through His prophets. No one can change it, He says, for what was uttered shall surely come to pass, notwithstanding the United Nations decrees to the contrary of course.



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It is interesting that the number 24 is a most interesting number, when you compare it to SOLAR CYCLE 24, as though the Lord was giving us some sort of clue to a brain dead humanity – sort of like the two comets crossing over Satan’s head on the same date two years in a row – another clue to baffle the best of minds. Must be fun to tickle the brain cells, watch all of the conflicting concepts, and sit back and laugh.
So what does all of this have to do with Yellowstone? I think personally it has everything to do with it, as our Sun has a tremendous influence upon all things on Earth, like weather, like climate, like earthquakes and volcanic activity, magnetic poles shifting and all sort of little things like that. Then of course, we ought not forget that other little influence of the approaching brown dwarf star of our binary star system. It is mentioned in the Bible you know, so it should not surprise anyone. In point of fact the GREAT RED DRAGON of Revelation has both a spiritual and physical connotation to it – in other words, you will be able to look up in the heavens and see something who might not want to see – that is if you are still alive.





The Book of the Kolbrin also mentions this very odd object in the heavens, and the ancients said it was totally different than any other space object ever seen before, that is, it was not a comet, but something very odd that they called THE DESTROYER. It has many names; some refer to it as Planet-X. It really does not matter what you call it, what matters is what it does – and what it does is cause MASSIVE upheaval and near total destruction. It comes in they say, from the South, so perhaps that is why scientists from around the world go to southern New Zealand and the Antarctic to observe something they don’t want to talk about. Or perhaps that is why they have built a powerful infrared telescope down there – maybe to see something that is not visible to us – YET.



Or maybe it is. Seems odd that certain parts of the skies are blocked out, like perhaps there is something there but someone does not want us to see it. Like Gordon Michael Scallion’s comment in his magazine of Earth Changes. He said the government knows all about it but you don’t need to, because you might panic, not pay your bills, take a break, jump ship, leave the sinking ship called Earth and sink what is left of the financial system. Of course maybe the Elite know all about this approaching object and figured out what difference does it make? They have their ALTERNATIVE THREE concepts all mapped out. So why should they worry?Alternative Three is very real folks, very real! Our opt in folks are going to get a huge price break on our documentary ALTERNATIVE THREE.
Now you might be wondering where all of this leads, but you are asking the wrong person, because I have no clue to where any of this leads – except for several areas of interest:
1. THE DESTROYER has a bridal party with it, that is, it has its own solar system, complete with planets, comets, asteroids, space debris and all of that that sort of thing. So that means that it does not have to come all that close to us as it passes around the Sun and we could still suffer intense damage from the Bridal Party. You know bridal parties have a way of getting out of hand, I know, because I photographed a lot of weddings, and things can get pretty rough at times. Go figure, but I have seen lots of damage from them – so what about this COSMIC BRIDAL PARTY? iT APPEARS THAT ARE AT LEAST 4 OR FIVE PLANETS circling the Dwarf Destroyer.



2. The other item of interest here is the intense magnetic fields and gravity waves coming off this collapsed star that may or may not ignite as it comes closer to our Sun. Gravity fields that strong could cause Isaiah 24 to come to pass, tipping over the planet.



3. When I was on the Art Bell show Art asked me what would happen during a literal polar shift, you know a crustal shift. I am sure he felt like he was pulling teeth or something to get an answer out of me other than destruction – like total destruction. “By what means?” He would ask, frustrated with me. So I began to explain how the earth surface would begin to move but the atmosphere would not, as it is not attached to the Earth. It would roll back as the crustal surface began to accelerate, causing winds of 800+ miles an hour or even more. Intense cold would descend from the stratosphere, freezing everything it touched with an instant freeze. No one would survive if they were outside the pivot point of the shift. The oceans would leave their beds, rising up to unheard of heights, sloshing over entire land masses, destroying everything in their path. Jeremiah talks all about this, and people really ought to read the Good Book, because it contains all the information you need to know.


4. But first of all, you might want to dust the Good Book off from the accumulated dust of years of neglect. You know, dig down through the inches of dust and discover something of value in the written Word of the Creator. Scientists especially would benefit from this endeavor, but I forgot, they know more than the Creator himself does so why bother? It’s only a book of mythology anyway, right? And they know how to improve on everything the Creator did, right?




5. So the other item here is what does this DESTROYER and His Bridal Party do to our Sun? Now that’s a question you might want to ponder in view of Isaiah’s comment that the Sun goes mini-nova and shines seven times more brightly than it does now and scorches mankind with fire! In other words, it sort of burns up most people – odd that even a Bible code says the same thing. So it is THE SUN and the DESTROYER, both heavenly objects that appear to work together as evil twins to do in the human race and then we start over.



6. So then that brings us around a very long diatribe circle back to Cycle 24. Why 24? As I said, 24 is a very interesting number because of the 24 Elders in Revelation and also it means Godly government and appears to be AFTER the church age is over. Like maybe mankind’s government concepts are no longer going to be around. It would then stand to reason that the number 24 might also represent CYCLE 24 as the final and finishing cycle for the human race. But then again perhaps not…they say only the Shadow knows for sure…



7. So what has all of this got to do with Yellowstone and the other Super Volcanoes that appear to be slowly coming to life? In the movie THE CORE and also 2012 the Sun played a major role in pumping huge quantities of energy into the core of the Earth, causing an expansion of the core and agitating it so that it needed to relieve the pressure buildup. Hence we have had reports of major methane gas releases, odd smells, rifts forming, huge sinkholes developing, mountains shifting, mud and landslides, lands rising out of the oceans while other lands are sinking, more and more large earthquakes and of course more and more volcanic activity. Along with this we are having loud booms and sounds coming from Earth and rebounding off the skies, just as “No-Eyes” said would happen, and it has. Do you suppose all of these loud sounds are Mother Earth screaming to us she has had enough and is about to deliver a NEW AGE? That would be a New Age concept but it makes one wonder, does it not? Hence we come back to the recent and growing activity at Yellowstone, all denied by the authorities of course, who most keep the crowds coming to Yellowstone. “Follow the Yellow Brick road, Alice, it leads to Wonderland, neglecting to add that Wonderland is nothing but ashes and burned ground.



8. I had a dream vision concerning Yellowstone some time back, but I cannot tell anyone it came from the Lord. It was most interesting and it was in the beginning of winter or late spring, don’t know which. There was ice along the shore of Yellowstone lake, and animals were running along it, trying to get away from something. To the south a saw an explosion and a sort of mushroom cloud suddenly came up, then another one and then another one. To the northwest was yet another and then one gigantic blast and that is all I remember for I woke up. Sometime later I saw a depiction of what some scientists said could happen there – like in 2012 when it went off, it was just exactly like that. No date, no time.




Now it is very interesting to me that Stan Deyo at first wrote that Yellowstone was no problem with the activity being reported, and that really there was nothing going on over there other than the usual activity. But he has recently changed his viewpoint and when Stan changes his viewpoint, people really need to take note of it. He is a very careful scientist so when he changes his tune, you might want to check up on the note changes. With that in mind he recently was on Alex Jones and I have that video attached here so you can listen. He did not mention the Idaho activity, but Larry Parks has issued an alert for the growing activity and there really is something going on that could totally destroy the United States.



Here is the link:
There is a tossup as to which section of country is to experience the full fury of the Lord as these changes begin to occur. There is mounting evidence that this country will be split in two, with a huge rift already waiting to open that basically follows the mighty Mississippi all the way down to the gulf. Many visions have been reported stating the Great Lakes will empty into the gulf or spread out to be huge shallow lakes. It is the mid-continent rift combined with the New Madrid rift that could tear the United States into two parts – and that could be the start of it all – or not. California, Oregon and Washington are WAY OVERDUE for quakes so large it will stun the entire world. I am not speaking here of 6.7 or 7.8 but rather 8.9 or 10.5, quakes so huge it will stun the entire scientific community as well as the world at large.



No one knows of course the timing of all of this, but it seems we have had some heavenly signposts that we might want to take note of or should we all go back to sleep and slumber and snore a bit longer? Your choice. It might well be that all of those loud noises people have been hearing all over the world are the collective snores of a comatose and sleeping humanity, do you think?
What I am saying it that all of this is connected to Daniel’s 70th week. It is a period of growing intensity and judgment upon a Christ rejecting world that will begin at the House of the Lord. Christian persecution is growing in America. Obama is a Christian hater, evidenced by his asking an openly gay clergyman to pray at the Easter service, mocking Christ and God directly. He is antichrist to the core, and pro Moslem to the core. It will be very evident in the near future.
The military are all turning against the Lord big time. One wonders how long the Lord will tolerate all of this before His big fist comes crashing down upon this tiny and minuscule nation that is less than nothing to Him. The warnings of this descending fist are everywhere – maybe that is what Google is trying to hide in their heavens map – a big area of blacked out area hiding this gigantic fist slamming down upon us – are you ready or not?