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Well, it can be said that it SEEMED that April 11th, 2014 came and went and nothing happened, and nary a sign of a PEACE ACCORD to signal the start of it – or that a correct interpretation of it starting or not? In our last blogs, we have pointed out that it is obvious the Lord marked out APRIL 11TH, of SOME YEAR as the beginning of an intense period of growing problems to the world, and most likely, for the United States as well.
There are many interpretations concerning this 70th week – for example, it is already over and done with, Jesus Christ fulfilled all of it long ago. In other words, the prophecy pertains to Jesus Christ and not to antichrist. It also has nothing to do with any peace accord at all. The second concept is that ½ of Daniel’s 70th week has already been fulfilled, again by Jesus Christ and that only the second half od Daniel’s 70th week remains – thus nothing much will happen until 2017 or so.


Then we have the concept of course that the 70th week of Daniel still does remain, and that it does in fact pertain to antichrist and some sort of peace accord with many that is enforced or confirmed by antichrist. It was usually felt that this would mark the BEGINNING of the 70th week. In other words, we could say it would be obvious that Daniel’s 70th week had begun, because it was MARKED by this peace accord being CONFIRMED.  But what does the Bible actually tell us?



Dan 9:26-27

26 And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.
27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.


Now, many linguists will tell you that verse 27 refers to the PRINCE THAT SHALL COME, that is the antichrist, the strong delusions Prince, and does not refer to Jesus Christ the Messiah. In other words it was Titus, the Roman prince that destroyed the city and the sanctuary. In other words, in the future, another ROMAN PRINCE COME FORTH. Many people do not realize that America-Babylon was built upon Roman and Greek concepts, and could be considered as the REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRE, and not the EC. That is another study in of itself, but suffice it to say – America-Babylon produces LUCIFER, and most think Lucifer and antichrist are on and the same. The office of Lucifer is presently held by Barack Obama as he is the leader of America, because Isaiah call Lucifer the King of Babylon.
The issue here does that verse say anywhere that this confirmation of the covenant, which is a SEVEN YEAR COVENANT, BEGINS DANIEL’S 70TH WEEK? No, it does not, it simply says that some accord that is SEVEN YEARS IN LENGTH, and we are simply reading in that it must START Daniel’s 70th week. But in actual fact this accord could be ENFORCED OR “CONFIRMED” anywhere within the first half of Daniel’s 70th week. Therefore there may NO MARKER to announce the actual start of Daniel’s 70th week.
In other words it simply says that antichrist will confirm an ALREADY IN EXISTENCE ACCORD, and it is simply called “the covenant”. That is why many believe this is a direct reference to the God of Israel and the Abrahamic and Davidic covenants –but it does not say that, and most likely if that is the case, it refers to Messiah, and that would be the covenant that He has made with “many” to return and receive them unto Himself.
The point being that this verse 27 does not all that this covenant BEGINS Daniel’s 70th week, that is something most people have assumed to be true, but it may well not be. Much of Scripture is written in CODE, such as the parables are actual codes, for underneath the reading lies another layer of truth and so on .
Jesus told us that His return was going to be a SURPRISE to everyone, even to those watching. He said He would return on a day that even HIs own people would THINK NOT. That means a surprise, a time when no one would suspect, even if you were watching. In other words, almost a COVERT ARRIVAL, but it had some signs to warn us all it was close, even at the doors.
April 11th is a marked sign in the heavens – a three day warning as it were to the first of the Blood Red Moon tetrads on Passover, April 15th, 2014. The April 11th date also had a 3 day warning with the alignment of the Sun, Earth and Mars on April 8th. The question then is this – is the April 11th sign marked by the two comets A WARNING SIGN OF IMPENDING DOOM, as THE MARKER for ENTERING Daniel’s 70th week?
We have every reason to believe that the STAR SIGN on the last day of the Feast of Trumpets, September 23rd 2017 was a A MARKER AS WELL, because coming this way the 1260 days we arrive at April 11th, 2014, and that cannot be a “coincidence”. Did we actually enter into this period of Daniel’s 70th week on April 11th in a covert, hidden manner? Is it possible that April 11th, 2014 was a heavenly MARKER FOR A TRANSITION PERIOD into sever UNREST and FALSE FLAG EVENTS, and possible the ears of Isaiah 17 and Daniel 8, setting the stage for Ezekiel 38/39?



Here is an interesting article concerning APRIL and many of the events that seem to happen in April that might mean the April 11th was THE START OF A COUNTDOWN to big time trouble for the world at large. Here are some excerpts from “Koenig’s Eye View from the White House.”




The ominous history of the time period around April 19-20 – Bill Koenig

The following is from the “Koenig’s Eye View from the White House” April 5th news report.

Extensive list of major events that have happened on or around April 19-20: World wars, American wars, Israeli wars, births of Hitler and Mohammed, and many others …

Previously, Eric Hadik (http://www.insiidetrack.com) shared with us the significance of the month of April and the incredible amount of events that have happened in that month. These are events that have impacted the United States, Israel and the Jewish people.
Major wars began in the U.S. in this time frame. Major domestic terror events occurred on April 19 numerous times. Mohammed and Hitler were born on the same day — April 20. There have also been major news items about Iran in April from 2006 to 2012.

I have added the dates and other material to Eric’s work to further emphasize this incredible information. This information will help us better watch what is coming the rest of this year and into 2014 with so many significant cycles converging.

The natural year

The sun governs our seasons, which are measured by the solstices and equinoxes. By many accounts, the Natural Year begins with the vernal equinox on March 20/21. This has been true in agrarian (agriculture/ farming-based) societies for thousands of years. It has been true in civilizations that worshipped the Sun (and established their calendars accordingly).
As such, it starts the clock on the ‘opening range’ of each Natural Year. Let me explain …

If one were to begin a calendar on the vernal equinox (start of Spring), the first month of that year would end on April 19/20. It is when the northern half of the earth transitions from seasonal ‘death’ to ‘life.’ In the old days, it was also when ‘kings went off to war.’ (See the biblical account of when David chose not to go off.)

Anyone that suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) could certainly attest to the psychological aspects of longer days and more sunlight when the shroud of depression lifts and the rays of hope come flooding back into their lives.
But, let’s apply this to the markets …

From a trading standpoint, the action in that first 30 days would represent a type of ‘opening range’ that would influence the trading of the rest of the Natural Year. This is similar to how I treat the first week — and month — of the calendar year, the first three trading days of each month and the first day of the week.
Once that opening range (first 30 days) is complete, you have resistance and support for the entire period — both when the market is trading in that range AND once it has broken out of it.

You also have an important gauge of trend for that year (if the market is trading above that range, it is in an uptrend on an intra-year basis, etc.).
Emphasis on the natural year was more significant in W.D. Gann’s time since the commodity futures markets were almost all agricultural.
Mid-April was the time when ‘carry-over crop stocks’ were at their lowest and when planting conditions and expectations for the new ‘year’ — or growing season — were becoming apparent.

But, it is not just trading that is impacted …

This period — from March 20/21 to April 19/20 — marks a very important transition period,linked to various means of measuring time with physical (natural), celestial (astronomy), metaphysical (astrology) and supernatural (Jewish and Christian commemorations) implications.
April 19/20 acts like a deadline for determining what to expect in the coming (natural) year. It is a time to watch each year for signs of ‘change.’

Date of infamy for America — April 19 and the days around it

This ‘natural year opening range’ has diverse — and seemingly contradictory — implications. As just explained, it is a time when much of nature comes back to life.

Paradoxically, it is when man often incites war (and the end of many lives). Nowhere has this remained more constant than in the histories of America and Israel.

I have explained this concept many times before, but it is also the single most requested compilation of analysis from readers. So, I will briefly recap it for the sake of context …

In short, I have termed the date of April 19 (sometimes extending to the days surrounding it) as the ‘date of infamy’ for America.
The following are just a few of the events that have occurred on this date and have impacted/governed America’s destiny … beginning with our independence (and incorporating almost every major, decisive war in our history) …

Start of Revolutionary War — April 19, 1775
Battle of San Jacinto/end of Texas Revolution — April 19-21, 1836
Start of Mexican-American War — April 25, 1846
Start of Civil War — April 12, 1861
Start of Spanish-American War — April 26, 1898
Franklin D. Roosevelt announces U.S. will leave gold standard — April 19, 1933
Bay of Pigs invasion failure — April 17-19, 1961
End of Vietnam War — April 30, 1975

Operation Praying Mantis was on April 18, 1988. Attack by U.S. naval forces in retaliation for the Iranian mining of the Persian Gulf and the subsequent damage to an American warship. This battle was the largest of the five major U.S. surface engagements since the Second World War.


The April 19/20 date has pinpointed many events of great ‘civil unrest’ and/or domestic terrorism in the U.S. They include:
ATF raid on Covenant of the Sword and the Arm of the Lord (CSA) — April 19-21, 1985 (linked to the Oklahoma City bombing a decade later)
Explosion on the USS Iowa (speculated to be an act of sabotage/suicide, but never proven) —

April 19, 1989 – Waco/Branch Davidian raid by FBI/ATF — April 19, 1993
Oklahoma City Bombing — April 19, 1995
Columbine High School massacre — April 20, 1999

Additional events:

Anti-Jewish riots break out in Palestine — April 19, 1936
U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan, U.S.S.R. — April 19, 1985
Benedict XVI, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, becomes the 265th pope — April 19, 2005
The historical date of infamy for Israel and her enemies – April 20/21

This date has also had a dramatic impact on Israel and Jews. In the last 2,000 years, Jews have had many enemies and many antagonists; but three, in particular, stand out:

Birth of Rome/Roman Empire
Nazi Germany/Hitler

What do they have in common? They were all born on April 20/21.
The birth of Rome (by Romulus) is dated as April 21, 753 B.C.
The birth of Mohammad is dated as April 20, 571 A.D.
The birth of Adolph Hitler was April 20, 1889


Israel faced the Great Arab Revolt of April 19, 1936
The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising began April 19, 1943

The ascension of Gamal Abdel Nasser in Egypt on April 18, 1954. Nasser was Israel’s lead antagonist for almost two decades. He was responsible for three wars with Israel from 1956–1970. He was also responsible for the first United Arab Republic — in 1958–1961, a concept that could reach a more cohesive realization in the coming years.

To say the least, this has been a very significant period of time for centuries. “

Now this may answer history, but it does not answer WHY the Lord wrote the date of April 11th, 2014 in such a way as to confirm it from the Feast of Trumpets 2017 with a 1260 day count. The odds of this are astronomical, that is to say it could not be coincidental in any way. That means that 2014 and April through fall are going to be very interesting.
So what about a pre-tribulation rapture? How could we enter into Daniel’s 70th week and have a pre-trib rapture? The next question is this: When does the Lord Jesus Christ start to remove the seal judgments? I have maintained that there is a vast difference between the BRIDE OF CHRIST and the TRIBULATION SAINTS. The Bride has been born again via the strait gate and narrow way has gone down to the pit and has ATONED. The tribulation saints are never said to be BORN AGAIN, and they must be behead to ATONE. The Church age is clearly over BY Chapter Four of Revelation and the things that come hereafter CLEARLY POINTS TO THE CLOSE OF THE AGE OF GRACE and the chance to enter in via the strait gate and narrow way is closed and over. The way of the cross is finished. Now there is no way of the cross, it is via beheading. It moves from the spirit/soul over to physical death via antichrist. The point being that while we have neatly divided up where things should be placed – they might not happen there – The 3.5 years may be a BRACKET time period for things to occur.
As I have pointed out before the rapture of the true church may not be pre-trib as we have all been led to believe. It may well take place slightly into or further into the first half of the tribulation period – at a time then no one knows or considers could be possibilities. Some of the comments I feel are head and locked comments and the truth is we learn as we go and discover new things. But most of all – Jesus told us to WATCH. So while we watch and pour over prophetic scriptures, we learn and say “well, it looked like this, but it was not”. And always remember the parable of the Virgins, that His people would begin to say, as in Peter, “where is the promise of His coming?” and “My Lord delays His coming”. These remarks must be made because people THOUGHT He was going to return at some time or another but NOTHING HAPPENED. This concept has to continue in order for this period of denial and uncertainty grows, that is as the unrest of the truthfulness of the prophetic word begins to grow – and the world at large is mocking all of the “end time” prophecies and calling them absurd.
We are seeing the hatred of Christians growing all over the world, and it may well be hinged upon the “end of days” or “doomsday” prophecies that people simply do not want to hear or deal with. Revelation claims that the scientific community as well as world at large blame everything on Mother Nature basically, and tie that directly to blaspheming nature’s God.
So we wait we watch…


Did the Feds back down? Not on your life, they made a strategic decision to defuse the growing number of armed patriots – and pretended to back down – but they will be back and with a vengeance – so watch April 19th and beyond carefully – and most likely there will be bloodshed, for the Illuminati love bloodshed on their “holy” days whenever that may be.
Ron Paul warned us they WILL BE BACK. The powers that be cannot and will not ever tolerate ANYONE who defies their edicts. The Bundy family has an interesting background, and this whole affair most likely runs far deeper than what we are being told. Intel from within the BLM and Las Vegas police department is warning they will conduct another raid and then the spin machine goes into full motion – they want a revolution, and they are prepared for it – but the one thing they may not be prepared for sniper warfare, the only type of warfare that will eventually win any war.


If you have been paying any attention at all, you know that the Ring Of Fire is now waking up – and it is connected to interior volcanic activity as well – and we have been hearing a number of reports concerning Yellowstone, with the authorities attempting to debunk any and all such reports as they come out – but clearly something is going on – and it could be devastating to the United States if we have a major interior volcanic eruption like Yellowstone and this article appeared from that hated and lying Sorcha Faal, but take note – much of this is being confirmed:


April 13, 2014
Volcanic “Red Alert” Issued For Idaho By EMERCOM Scientists
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A warning issued today by the Ministry of the Russian Federal for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM) has advised the World Organization of Volcano Observatories (WOVO) that a “Red Alert” status level for the Borah Peak Mountain in Idaho (North America/United States) may be warranted in the coming weeks due to increased volcanic-seismic activity detected by both ground and satellite observations.

This is the second such warning issued by EMERCOM this year and follows their 24 January prediction that an earthquake and ensuing tsunami are expected to strike off the southwestern coast of Sakhalin Island, to the north of the epicenter of the 2 August 2007 6.2 magnitude earthquake in the town of Nevelsk that had, likewise, been successfully predicted by Russian scientists.

Important to note about EMERCOM predictions is that unlike their Western counterparts, Russian scientists suggest four new techniques for long-range prediction of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which are universal and can be applied to all of the regions of the earth.

This type of forecasting has no psychic aspects to it at all, and is called “phase trajectory technique.” It concerns a simultaneous analysis of periodic and quasi-periodic space rhythms, which involve many factors that have a great effect on these terrible formations, including but not limited to lunar tides and solar cycles.

The “Red Alert” status for Borah Peak Mountain (the largest in Idaho), this report states, means that an eruption is forecast to be imminent with significant emission of ash into the atmosphere likely.

First arousing EMERCOM concerns about Borah Peak Mountain, this report continues, was the 4.8 magnitude earthquake which struck the Yellowstone Caldera (Supervolcano) on 30 March that was the largest trembler to hit this region in nearly 30 years and was preceded by a series of small earthquakes in central Idaho and accompanied by a near simultaneous 3.1 magnitude earthquake occurring near Borah Peak Mountain on the same date.

Prompting the EMERCOM warning about Borah Peak Mountain to WOVO, this report says, was yesterdays (12 April) 4.9 magnitude earthquake in central Idaho near the city of Challis, which on 28 October 1983 suffered a 6.9 magnitude earthquake which killed two children.

Critical to note about Borah Peak Mountain and central Idaho, this report says, is that it is a part of what is called the Internmountain Seismic Belt (ISB) [photo map 3rd left] which extends from Southern California and connects many of the Western United States regions, most particularly the Yellowstone Caldera, and is overdue for a catastrophic volcanic eruption event.

As to how seismically violent this region is, EMERCOM in their report further notes, the 1983 Borah Peak Mountain earthquake ranks as one of the most powerful earthquakes in the 20th century in the lower 48 US States and produced a 21 mile long scarp that was raised at points as much as 14 feet and is still visible today.

Of greatest concern to EMERCOM scientists regarding Borah Peak Mountain volcanic activity, this report says, are the growing number of fracking operations currently being allowed in the ISB regions which are now at the very edge of the Yellowstone Caldera, including its two most seismically active States, Nevada and Idaho.

And we close with this just released article and remember Daniel’s 70th week’s first half will see a tremendous rise in earth changes, wars and rumors of wars, new temple being built, etc…

Hundreds of earthquakes strike central Idaho, rattling nerves

By Laura Zuckerman 11 hours ago
• 4.9-magnitude earthquake rattles central Idaho Associated Press
• Yellowstone National Park rattled by largest earthquake in 34 years Reuters
• Magnitude 6.4 quake strikes near Managua in Nicaragua -USGS Reuters
• Another earthquake rattles southern California following 5.1 quake Reuters
• Series of small earthquakes rock Oklahoma in record seismic activity Reuters

SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) – Hundreds of low-level and medium-sized earthquakes have struck central Idaho since last month, puzzling geologists who wonder whether the ruptures portend a much larger temblor to come or are merely the rumblings of a seismic fault previously thought to be dormant.

The recent earthquake swarm, beginning on March 24 and climaxed by a 4.9 magnitude tremor on Saturday, has produced no reports of injuries or severe damage but has rattled nerves in a region where Idaho’s most powerful known quake, measured at 6.9, killed two children in 1983.

Saturday’s earthquake was the strongest recorded in the state since 2005 and was followed on Monday by a magnitude 4.4 event that struck 10 miles north of the small ranching community of Challis, Idaho, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.”


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