Babylon is crying, alas, alas, woe be unto us, for we have sinned against the Lord, and we are all undone, there is nothing but chaos and ruin, no matter where we look, our borders are overrun, our money is worthless, our crops have failed, our cities are cesspools of sin, our children have been stolen from us, our leaders are all traitors, who have sold us out, and our babies are born defectives! We have murdered the unborn, their blood cries against us, life for a life! The ground is soaked with the blood and cries of the innocent. Woe be unto us!

Our huge corporations are all bankrupt and have closed their doors. The rich men bailed out, went to their underground cities built off the blood, sweat and tears of the laborers. They will all die there, crushed by the massive earthquakes that will sweep the world. There is no work and there is little food. There is only cold harsh policy, and there is no love anywhere. Love has failed, what is love anyway? I forget. Each has turned to his/her own way. Our elderly walk the streets in utter distress, and stark fear is in their eyes and their speech is shaky. Alas, alas Babylon, what has gone wrong within thee?

We all long to visit grandma on Thanksgiving, but she is gone now. Thanksgiving is also gone now, you know the rich men thought to change all the times and laws. They outlawed finally all of our national holidays, took away all the Bibles, had huge burnings and forced the people to watch them all be burned. Alas, the government became so evil, they had no fear of the Creator, they mocked Him with all of their strength, they became insane and evil spirits were in all of them…there no reprieve for us, no reprieve, because we have been running against the spirit wind, and now we have to pay the piper and we have only our lives to pay him with…they come for us day and night now…

We are cursed in all of our doings, in our goings out and our comings in, woe be unto us, what has happened? There is no relief, there is no escape, all the doors are shut up to us and we are being turned into a hell upon Earth. Woe unto us, for we have been undone! The enemies have gathered around us, have infiltrated us, they rise up against us and what is left of our own military turned against us, and put millions into death camps – even our mother England is ashamed of us for what we have allowed to be done here, woe be unto us, everyone said it could not happen here, but it did

We have been robbed of everything, they have taken everything from us, the rich men, our rulers all conspired against us, and now they reign supreme and we are undone, woe be unto us. They rule over us with a rod of Iron, we are nothing to them, they kill us day and night.

It seemed like yesterday, but it was long ago, that liberty and goodness were the queen of our lives, and I remember that she said to us, and how she swore it would never end, the secrets that she shared with us, we moved mountains, we did, we were a light to the nations of the world, but we let it go somehow, we let it go, we all let it go, and now, desolation and ruin, why did we do that?

It was a slow progression, no one really noticed. Corruption was everywhere, in government, in business, everywhere. No one seemed to notice. But it was there, like a cancer growing silently, no one recognized what it was, what was coming. It is here now. Alas, Mighty Babylon, thine end has now come upon you, the rivers of great evil have overrun thee..

Were we running against the Spirit Wind? Did we not realize that if we ran against it, it would leave us desolate? Were we that blind? I remember how we talked through the nights with our children about freedom, about love, about the things of the Lord God, but somehow we lost our way… can’t see any way back now, all is lost, woe unto us. There is only the fog of evil spirits all around us, laughing at us, mocking us as they bring us down…

The skies are dark now, the storms are coming, the final end of one of the greatest nation and people the world ever saw, the clouds are now reaching into the heavens, the sound of distant judgment is now being heard, do you hear it? Can you hear it? Can you kiss your children now and tell them you are sorry? That it is too late now to fix any of it? Can you hold them tight and try to quench the fear in their eyes as they now know something is oh so very wrong and it cannot be fixed.

Does anyone out there realize we have crossed the line of no turning back? There was a line in the sand that should not be crossed but we did, our leaders did, and we did not stop them, we did not rise up against them, try them for treason and hang them all. We did nothing, we said nothing. The Creator cannot now stop the judgment. It must fall upon al of us now. That He warned us over so many years but we insisted in running against the Spirit Wind. Can you run against the wind and win the race? Everyone evidently thought so, but then it turned into a gale force and then…. Ever try to stand against a 300 mile per hour wind?

Our cries to the God of Heaven now go totally unanswered, the heavens have become brass, our children are dying by the millions, there is no hope for them now. The hospitals will no longer accept them, and disease is everywhere, people are falling like flies. The chaos is everywhere, gangs wander the streets, robbing, raping and destroying everything. Fires are everywhere in our once beautiful cities, they are now turned into ruins. What has happened to us, why is this happening to us?

There was a sound in the Spirit Wind. It was saying, “it is all over. Thine end has come. I warned you, but you would not listen, you insisted on running against the Spirit Wind”.

Do you hear it now? Is it getting louder now so do you yet recognize where you are in this? Do you care? How loud does it have to get before it dawns upon you how serious your troubles really are? And yet, I have a job I must go to. I have a report I have to turn in. I have… it never ends, the excuses we heap against the Spirit Wind, you have so little time now…do you hear me? Do you hear at all my cry unto you? Do you hear the Spirit crying unto Spirit? And the Spirit and the Bride say come, anyone who is athirst, let him come and drink of the waters of true life? Please come, I beg of thee, through many a tear, please come now, before you cannot.

Woe be unto us, for yes we have run against the Spirit Wind and now…




  1. Thank you Stewart for your continued wake up calls to any that will hear. We as humans are recklessly disobedient and it always seizes to amaze us why our children disobey us. Like you have mentioned in your Borderlands tapes: The blind leading the blind and they all fall into a ditch ( reference to Matthew 15 and Luke 6).
    I am tired of my lackadaisical behavior and praying The Lord still has mercy for my soul. Reading Daniel, Isaiah and John the revelator, I can only pray for that fear and trembling.

    We really are as disobedient as the Israelites in the Old Testament….


    • T:
      Hmm. Which verse in Luke 6 and Matthew 15? Are the four beatitudes in Luke 6:22-23 or 26? Do you like Matthew 15—the parables or the contention with the pharisees:10 -20? I am not familiar of video games.
      Albert, www


      • Matthew 15:14 in KJV: Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.
        Luke 6:39 in KJV: And he spake a parable unto them, Can the blind lead the blind? shall they not both fall into the ditch?
        Im not referring to video games. I just remember in listening to Stewart’s Borderlands tapes/CDs that he referred to this piece of scripture.


      • T:
        What is the value of ears and eyes when eyes are glued to a teeny i-POD monitor and ear buds itching in ears satanic blow. Use your eyes and ears and heed Christ from John 10:
        27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.
        28 I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand.
        29 My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand.
        30 I and the Father are one.”
        Albert, weary wary watchman


  2. the catholic church is 25% of the world population, the oldest, the biggest, they claim to be the only way one can access heaven, yet now they announce that they are “non-judgemental when it comes to anal sex between two consenting adults, that we all worship the same God, same as that religion of peace wor-ships, and that all other religiousoties are now welcome back into this catholic church, before long our kids may be treated, to seeing anal sex in the back pews, as long as it’s consenting adults, as long as they SAY they all wor-ship the same God, as long as their money’s good, by allah, we will take it, and more, more, more, more, and even MORE! For these are the end of days, and this will be the last of the popes, and they will mock us and rob us, and rape our children just as long as we pretend like those ridiculous hats and costumes and robes mean something, except they don’t, they have made fools of us for two-thousand years now, Jesus will come soon to end the charade.


    • The hat that the pope wears is a fish hat, representing the fish people who say they came from Sirius, the Dog Star(Fallen angels) to the Dogon people of Africa and who promise to return again someday just like all these fallen angels do. I find it kind of strange that people from the Dog Strar visit the Dog-on people. The Whore that rides atop Mighty Babylon is clothed in scarlet and purple. Aren’t they the same colors worn by the catholic church? I know I saw that somewhere on youtube with this picture of all the higher ups in the Catholic church wearing these same colors.. Kind of creepy to me…for more explanation of this kind of symbology I highly recomend that everyone should watch the astronomical documentary “Alien Skys” available for free on youtube.


  3. It is only going to escalate. I am wore down as well, but encouraged by the fact that I am not alone. You are there, Stewart, preaching the TRUTH, watching and warning. Also comforted by the comments from the little flock. It is GRACE only that there is a narrow way AND that it has been communicated through you to my puny mind and heart. Part of the purpose of the walk is to make us completely dependent on the Lord. Without Him we can do nothing, right? I will get there.

    Thank you — never seems like enough.


    • Patti,
      Keep on trudging.- believe me when I tell you that it’s worth it once you get to the finish line. You will meet Jesus Christ “in person”, He will cut through the veil of reality and manifest Himself to you. It’s like the cartoon suddenly coming alive and seeing and meeting the cartoonist. As one who has been there, done that, and got the complementary pass to Heaven I can tell you there is nothing to be afraid of. It will be the most miraculous event of your life. But even though you are on the road already, carrying your own cross to be crucified upon you have nothing to worry about except the temptation to turn back. I believe you will still have your name written in the Book of Life if you keep going even though you are as tired as I was & don’t make it to the end of the way. And we will meet together on the other side, but that’s no excuse for giving up because it is too hard.When you reach out for Christ, He reaches out for you. Now hurry up and get it done, The sooner you do the sooner you will feel better and be done with it. I didn’t even know I was doing it but the curiosity of the event was what drove me & helped me the most.It kept me from the temptasion to turn back. Remember it takes all of your strenght, all of your mind, all of your heart, etc. not just 99.999%, but 100%, and you can do that, You can finish the work of the cross, and I just know you can do it, along with the guidance of the HOLY SPIRT. It took me close to 19 years before I found some man like Stewart, who had not only had the smae experience but who could explain to me just what my experience was all about. “Don’t give up the ship.” 🙂
      Lindy C. in AR


      • Thank you for speaking about the revelation of Jesus Christ and your experience! We are of a very little flock and need encouragement as we have been waiting for a very long time to have the Divine Love of Christ bestowed to us.


  4. I think we all are weary here. I no longer recognize my country, land that I have loved all my life. It breaks my heart to know the truth behind the wars, my father, grandfather and forefathers fought in. Lies, all lies. And we believed them.


  5. The Modernist Preacher Entering Hell
    by Oscar Eliason, 1960

    He was an ordained minister, but modern in his views.
    He preached his twisted doctrines to people in the pews.
    He would not hurt their feelings, whate’er the cost would be,
    But for their smiles and friendship and compliments sought he.
    His church was filled with wicked souls that should be saved from sin,
    But never once he showed the way or tried a soul to win.
    He preached about the lovely birds that twitter in the trees,
    The babl’ing of the running brooks, the murm’ring of the seas.

    He quoted fancy poetry that tickled list’ning ears
    When sorrow came to some, he tried to laugh away their tears.
    His smooth and slipp’ry sermons made the people slide to hell.
    The harm he did by preaching goes beyond what we can tell.
    He took our Holy Bible, and preached it full of holes,
    The Virgin Birth, said he can’t be believed by honest souls,
    The miracles of Jesus and the resurrection tale
    For educated ones like us, today, cannot avail.
    We’re living in an age, said he, when wisdom rules and reigns,
    When man’s intelligence is great and superstition wanes.

    He said, we’re all God’s children who live upon this earth,
    No message of salvation, no need of second birth.
    His coat was bought with money that he had wrongly gained,
    For through his twisted sermons his wealth he had obtained.
    He was just like the Roman soldiers that watched at Jesus’ grave,
    For money in abundance, to them, the people gave;
    It all was theirs by telling what was a sinful lie –
    A resurrected Savior, they, too, were to deny.

    The day at last had come for the minister to die,
    When to his congregation, he had to say good-bye.
    His form lay cold and lifeless, his ministry was past,
    His tongue with all its poison was hushed and stilled at last.
    His funeral was grand; he was lauded to the skies-
    They preached him into heaven where there are no good-byes.
    Upon the lonely hill, underneath the shady trees,
    His form was laid to rest in the whisp’ring of the breeze.

    A tombstone was erected with words: “He is at rest,
    He’s gone to heaven’s glories to live among the blest.”
    His body now is lifeless, but Ah! His soul lives on,
    He failed to enter in where they thought that he had gone.
    The letters on the tombstone or that sermon some had heard,
    Could not decide his destiny, ’twas not the final word.
    He still had God to deal with, the one who knows the heart;
    While others entered heaven, he heard the word, “Depart.”

    He pauses for a moment upon the brink of hell;
    He stares into a depth where he evermore will dwell.
    He hears the cries and groanings of souls he had misled,
    He recognizes faces among the screaming dead.
    He sees departed deacons which he had highly praised.
    Their fingers pointing at him as they their voices raised:
    “You stood behind the pulpit, and lived in awful sin,
    We took you for a saint, but a liar you have been.”
    Accusing cries! He hears them, “Ah! You have been to blame,
    You led us into darkness when you were seeking fame.”

    “You preached your deadly doctrine, we thought you knew the way.
    We fed you and we clothed you, we even raised your pay.
    You’ve robbed us of a home where no tear-drops ever flow,
    Where days are always fair and the heav’nly breezes blow.
    Where living streams are flowing, and saints and Angels sing,
    Where every one is happy, and Hallelujahs ring.
    We’re in this place of torment, from which no soul returns;
    We hear the cry of lost ones, we feel the sizzling burns;
    Give us a drop of water, we’re tortured in this flame;
    You failed to preach salvation to us through Jesus’ Name.”

    The preacher turns in horror, he tries to leave the scene,
    He knows the awful future for every soul unclean,
    But there he meets the devil, whom he has served so well,
    He feels the demon powers as they drag him into hell.
    Throughout eternal ages, his groans, too, must be heard-
    He, too, must suffer torment-he failed to heed God’s Word.
    He feels God’s wrath upon him, he hears the hot flames roar,
    His doctrine now is different, he ridicules no more.

    -Oscar C. Eliason, 1902-1985

    Albert, waiting weeping watchman


  6. Stewart thank you for your continued pleadings with the earth dwellers, but alas, I too am branded a heretic and fear monger for trying to get anyone to hear me speak truth. My own church is so full of deceit from the Sr. Pastor down that they are the ones branding me! God showed me a vision during their form of worship yesterday…it was a huge heavy double wooden door with brass enhancements and it slammed shut…the voice of the Lord said “I can hear no more of this noise and I will not bless it nor dwell here BUT I will send protection for my few children in this place that no harm will come to you as you try to sound the alarm.” The feeling was so cold and empty and my son, home for a weeks’ break from college, said he believes the newly appointed worship leader (who came to our church out of no where and was suddenly lifted into this position AND an office job in the church as well by the Sr. Pastor – firing the person who had served so faithfully at both of the jobs to do this) isn’t even human…he calls her a demon. She stares me and my 3 adult children down every week and we feel her trying to exact power over the church. Our church is in chaos because of this and the Sr. and Associate Pastor aren’t even speaking because of it AND THE ELDER BOARD WILL DO NOTHING TO STOP THEM!!!!! All I do day and night is plead with God for protective covering over my 2 autistic adults who live with me, my 18 yr. college freshman away at college and myself to NEVER let us be separated from HIM! I feel like we are living out those days where scripture said “…were those days not shortened even the elect would be deceived…”

    Kim from New York


  7. You are so right Stewart. I watched a movie the other night called “Dirty Wars”, and it exposes the United States as being added onto the list of State Sponsered Terrorism. I am becoming more and more “un-American” as each day goes by. We deserve to be hit, we deserve to go down. We have become the most evil empire the world has ever seen, we are at war now with so many other nations and non of them declared by the congress. They should all be tried, and convicted for their crimes against humanity. Their day will come and The Lord will mock them in their misery and confusion. Their hearts will be filled with fear and they will not know what has become of them because they had no respect for The Almighty God. They have become as the gods like the serpent told Eve in the garden, and now they will reap what they have sown. “Oh come Lord Jesus, and come soon to take your Bride out of this mess for we no longer belong here. We have kept the faith, but no one will any longer listen to us nor heed our warnings. Please come and take us away.” Even my own sister-in-law, who goes to her mass every week said the other night that when she dies that she hopes to go to Heaven, but will probably in up in Hell instead! Why? Why would anyone wish that upon themselves? And she is the one who has called me crazy??? I have told her over and over that she can know that her place in the heavenlys could be assured, but she accused me of living in a diffeernt world than they do. I am cursed and judged by them for my beliefs. Is there no one left who will listen nor seek the Truth any longer? If so then our work is finished here and it’s time for us to go home. We rest assured while they stumble out of control. We will be rewarded while they will be acurssed. They could have had it the other way. They were called, but they have been the ones who have chosen to do otherwise, for The Lord hath not wished for any of them to be lost. Mighty Babylon has fallen, has fallen. Thank you once again for all the work you have done to bring this Gospel to the world. Alas, the world would not – nor will not listen.
    Lindy C.


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