Babylon is crying, alas, alas, woe be unto us, for we have sinned against the Lord, and we are all undone, there is nothing but chaos and ruin, no matter where we look, our borders are overrun, our money is worthless, our crops have failed, our cities are cesspools of sin, our children have been stolen from us, our leaders are all traitors, who have sold us out, and our babies are born defectives! We have murdered the unborn, their blood cries against us, life for a life! The ground is soaked with the blood and cries of the innocent. Woe be unto us!

Our huge corporations are all bankrupt and have closed their doors. The rich men bailed out, went to their underground cities built off the blood, sweat and tears of the laborers. They will all die there, crushed by the massive earthquakes that will sweep the world. There is no work and there is little food. There is only cold harsh policy, and there is no love anywhere. Love has failed, what is love anyway? I forget. Each has turned to his/her own way. Our elderly walk the streets in utter distress, and stark fear is in their eyes and their speech is shaky. Alas, alas Babylon, what has gone wrong within thee?

We all long to visit grandma on Thanksgiving, but she is gone now. Thanksgiving is also gone now, you know the rich men thought to change all the times and laws. They outlawed finally all of our national holidays, took away all the Bibles, had huge burnings and forced the people to watch them all be burned. Alas, the government became so evil, they had no fear of the Creator, they mocked Him with all of their strength, they became insane and evil spirits were in all of them…there no reprieve for us, no reprieve, because we have been running against the spirit wind, and now we have to pay the piper and we have only our lives to pay him with…they come for us day and night now…

We are cursed in all of our doings, in our goings out and our comings in, woe be unto us, what has happened? There is no relief, there is no escape, all the doors are shut up to us and we are being turned into a hell upon Earth. Woe unto us, for we have been undone! The enemies have gathered around us, have infiltrated us, they rise up against us and what is left of our own military turned against us, and put millions into death camps – even our mother England is ashamed of us for what we have allowed to be done here, woe be unto us, everyone said it could not happen here, but it did

We have been robbed of everything, they have taken everything from us, the rich men, our rulers all conspired against us, and now they reign supreme and we are undone, woe be unto us. They rule over us with a rod of Iron, we are nothing to them, they kill us day and night.

It seemed like yesterday, but it was long ago, that liberty and goodness were the queen of our lives, and I remember that she said to us, and how she swore it would never end, the secrets that she shared with us, we moved mountains, we did, we were a light to the nations of the world, but we let it go somehow, we let it go, we all let it go, and now, desolation and ruin, why did we do that?

It was a slow progression, no one really noticed. Corruption was everywhere, in government, in business, everywhere. No one seemed to notice. But it was there, like a cancer growing silently, no one recognized what it was, what was coming. It is here now. Alas, Mighty Babylon, thine end has now come upon you, the rivers of great evil have overrun thee..

Were we running against the Spirit Wind? Did we not realize that if we ran against it, it would leave us desolate? Were we that blind? I remember how we talked through the nights with our children about freedom, about love, about the things of the Lord God, but somehow we lost our way… can’t see any way back now, all is lost, woe unto us. There is only the fog of evil spirits all around us, laughing at us, mocking us as they bring us down…

The skies are dark now, the storms are coming, the final end of one of the greatest nation and people the world ever saw, the clouds are now reaching into the heavens, the sound of distant judgment is now being heard, do you hear it? Can you hear it? Can you kiss your children now and tell them you are sorry? That it is too late now to fix any of it? Can you hold them tight and try to quench the fear in their eyes as they now know something is oh so very wrong and it cannot be fixed.

Does anyone out there realize we have crossed the line of no turning back? There was a line in the sand that should not be crossed but we did, our leaders did, and we did not stop them, we did not rise up against them, try them for treason and hang them all. We did nothing, we said nothing. The Creator cannot now stop the judgment. It must fall upon al of us now. That He warned us over so many years but we insisted in running against the Spirit Wind. Can you run against the wind and win the race? Everyone evidently thought so, but then it turned into a gale force and then…. Ever try to stand against a 300 mile per hour wind?

Our cries to the God of Heaven now go totally unanswered, the heavens have become brass, our children are dying by the millions, there is no hope for them now. The hospitals will no longer accept them, and disease is everywhere, people are falling like flies. The chaos is everywhere, gangs wander the streets, robbing, raping and destroying everything. Fires are everywhere in our once beautiful cities, they are now turned into ruins. What has happened to us, why is this happening to us?

There was a sound in the Spirit Wind. It was saying, “it is all over. Thine end has come. I warned you, but you would not listen, you insisted on running against the Spirit Wind”.

Do you hear it now? Is it getting louder now so do you yet recognize where you are in this? Do you care? How loud does it have to get before it dawns upon you how serious your troubles really are? And yet, I have a job I must go to. I have a report I have to turn in. I have… it never ends, the excuses we heap against the Spirit Wind, you have so little time now…do you hear me? Do you hear at all my cry unto you? Do you hear the Spirit crying unto Spirit? And the Spirit and the Bride say come, anyone who is athirst, let him come and drink of the waters of true life? Please come, I beg of thee, through many a tear, please come now, before you cannot.

Woe be unto us, for yes we have run against the Spirit Wind and now…