I was walking down the streets of a nameless city and it was nighttime and it was raining a slow misty rain…I was looking for something I think but I was not sure what is was…so I came to this place where the homeless people were and I saw this old man sitting there, he must have been 85 or so, clothing was all tattered and torn – so I sat down next to him and asked him what his name was and he said it was Joe.
So I started to talk to him about what his life had been like and what he had done for a living and he said “I was a banker in a small rural town somewhere…” his voice trailed off to nothingness. He sighed a bit, shifted his feet, and he said “I was later a dancer, sort of like Bo Jangles was, had to make a living, always loved to dance, after I got done banking for the farmers…”


“So how did you like banking?” I asked him.


“OK, I guess”, he mumbled – scratched his whiskers. “Till I saw what was happening, getting all the farmers so deeply in debt, and then I saw stuff coming across my desk saying that when they would pull the plug they knew everyone would go broke, and then they could buy them up and consolidate them all and steal it all and make large corporate farms and control all the food – worked too….”


I thought this guy is smart, knows what is happening, so why is he here on the street…


“So why are you on the street?”


“Bad times, is all…. He fell silent, “bad times…”


“Can I buy you dinner?” I asked him. “Let me buy you dinner…

So I got up and grabbed his hands and he slowly rose to his feet – old, old man he was, barely able to walk but we made it to a diner and we talked about life and why things can and do go wrong for lots of folks, and how it does not matter your education or standing you can end up like he was…


So when we were walking back to where he was on the street, talking, I saw out of the corner of my eye a light flash, I turned to look over at him but he was not there. In fact he was not anywhere, just vanished into thin air…I wondered who he was…maybe an angel unaware…
Do you suppose? Is there a lesson anywhere in this?




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9 thoughts on “ANGELS UNAWARE…

  1. I think it was The Chupacabra. Apparently they’re migrating up from Mexico. And given that they’re already kinda homeless, well….

    Anyway hope that helps. Cheers.


    • You may print as many as you would like by copying it from that site. I can’t seem to get it to load from my file and the original is gone. I usually do landscape and architecture so I am not sure where he came from so I am tithing him to the cyber church 🙂


  2. Oops!… It’s after midnight here in Arkansas. I tried calling the mobile number I have for Cindy after hours the other night but got no answer, and then I forgot about it. Can I still get in on the deal?


  3. Wow! That’s a great story. I did have a few instances where I thought there was an Angel Unaware. Maybe the Lord is showing his people a supernatural extension. FYI: There was a milk shortage of organic whole milk in a few supermarkets near me


  4. So beautifully sad. The pace of life in this country has sped up to fever pitch and people just don’t have manners, concern, empathy any more. I see it every day. What has happened? Spiritually bankrupt and stubbornly turning their backs to the Lord and the true gospel. I wonder if that is a factor. I wonder how this angel would be treated by most people in Babylon today. We all need to be reminded . . .. . Thank you Stewart.


  5. Wow! That is a painting that I did several years ago…..probably 6 or 7. Titled it Angels Unawares too! I will try to email you a copy!


    • Email I sent last night:
      It is a painting I did that your blog reminded me of! The point is Heb. 13:2 and that we are the ones blessed when we might think we are blessing a stranger! Notice the other “bums” through the knothole in the fence. They have made their own fire but God’s light shows brighter in the man’s halo escaping from under his tattered hood.
      I would send you the painting but it was sold. Feel free to print yourself one if you like! the actual size was 16″ x 20″ so it should be clear any size you do. A pro put it on the disc I loaded it from to use in art exhibit submission forms.
      Oh, it is taking half an hour to load and I am giving up (it is 4 a.m) but
      It is also on unleavened bread ministries page but I don’t go there anymore

      anyone who likes it is welcome to print it


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