We Are In A Quiet War But We Have Silent Weapons

As the world headlines scream out “Prophecies Fulfilled” the masses of people are oblivious to what is going on – the wail of the train whistle approaching splits the night, the midnight hour is close at hand.

There is no moon tonight, it hid itself behind the shadows of despair cast by Earth. There is a silent cry that rebounds off the caverns of deep space – rebounding and rebounding as the echoes of it begin to fade away…

The angels of the Lord cry silently for those souls not yet made aware of their real destination. Oh the hearts of most of the Earth bound tell them that heaven awaits. “I have been basically a good person” their hearts tell them. “God will surely bring me into his loving arms. I have done good, I have gone to church, I have donated, I have done my duty…”

It is a good rationale, but that is all it is. Surely they must know that if good deeds could get them into heaven Jesus died in vain…Redemption would be unnecessary…but perhaps they do not even think that far – or maybe not at all…

It seems that the further we go, the more the thinking becomes not rational, but just the opposite. The justifications for all of us for what we do become more and more bizarre – but as Paul said, “The things I would do I do not, and the things I would not do, that do I” – but by this method does the Lord tell you in no uncertain terms that you are a renegade, a desperado, an outlaw whose flesh is so vile it cannot be made whole, never will be made whole, and therefore must be, and will be totally discarded when the manifestation of the Sons of God is come upon us…

If knowing that this is all true because the Good Book tells us it is, then why do we fight and think and imagine ourselves as “good” when there is no such thing within. As the Good Book also says all is vanity and you lose.  There is no good thing in the flesh or the carnal mind. It does not exist. It is not there, anymore than the Divine Love of Christ is within the unregenerate. It is vacant of it.

Grace solves the problem. It is Grace that brought Christ to this Earth. It is grace that brought us a strait gate and a narrow way. It is grace and grace alone that made Jesus die on that cross so you might live. Those that refuse to search out and find Christ as commanded by the Lord Himself have in fact frustrated grace. They are the many. See that you be not one of them…

So that is why Paul said that those who are in Christ IN TRUTH, have been set free of the law. The law was designed to show us that we are all truly desperadoes with wicked and evil hearts that are set against God, because we HATE GOD in actual truth in the carnal flesh. The flesh, according to the Good Book, is corrupted beyond repair. IT cannot and will not follow the WHOLE LAW no matter how much we attempt to. And if we violate any part of the Law, we have violated ALL OF IT, and are condemned to ruin.

Now then, that being the case, the Law, which brought us sure death with no escape, had to be replaced with a New Covenant, a covenant of Grace and Divine Love. A Covenant sealed in the Blood Of Christ, our redeemer, who took upon Himself all or our desperado tricks of the trade, that He called sins. By this method, by dumping ourselves into Christ at true regeneration, all the baggage, all the burdens that each of us carry is lifted from us, as our Master Redeemer called to us, silently, through the ages, “come unto me, you who are heavy laden…” It is a silent cry made unto the souls of all mankind, “come unto me, come unto me…”

And if one would, come to that cross in the end, as I did, one will literally feel this huge burden being removed from us as we come to that old wooden cross called Calvary. It is as though someone takes this invisible knapsack we all carry, and it all falls away…you will feel it lifted from you in a most literal sense. There is nothing like having your lifetime of sins removed and to be set free, and set free forever, as Jesus said “When the Son of Man sets you free, you are free indeed…”

My dear brothers and sisters, how I love thee in Christ. Do not fear Him that loves you, but rather embrace Him in your heart of hearts, and let all of it go as you wail in the night, across the abyss of the spirit. He is hearing it you know. He does hear your prayers, if they be of the right kind. He does so want to unleash your knapsack of sins and let it fall to the ground and free you forever…

“But”, you protest, “I do pray and I get no answers. It is as though heaven is shut off…” Heaven hears it all, and I know how the silence can be deafening at times. Always remember that Jesus really is there, even if you think He is not listening. He is, but we are mere mortals, and His ways are not our ways, but He does hear us… Do not stop crying out across the abyss of the spirit.

Will ye come unto Him? The Spirit and the Bide say come, and let He who is athirst come…

Why will you fight me? Why will ye struggle against me? The Lord asks. Why will ye not employ your silent weapon of admission of what is really going on? Why do you not let go and let Christ heal your broken heart? He is right there beside you, even if you cannot see Him. He is there, carrying you, encouraging you, saying, “If I be for you, who can be against you?”

Yes there is a battle, and it is a battle to the death, do you know that? Do you really understand that Satan is your deadly enemy, and he will not let you go easily? He will fight you every inch of the way, but his chief weapon of warfare is DIVERSIONARY TACTICS.  You must understand the strategy of warfare, for you are in a literal and silent war. It is a deadly war, where multitudes are lost and there are only a few winners. It does not have to be that way…

There are many prongs in the fork that Satan uses to stick in you. But the chief one is DIVERSION. He will employ diversion from your mission of finding Christ by any and all means at his disposal. I have always called it “negative confirmation”. It is most unpleasant. He will employ your husband, your wife, your children, your parents, anyone and everyone to come against you.  He will kill someone close to you, he will use teachers, pastors, the church, a job promotion, a demotion, ANYTHING to keep your focus AWAY from the strait gate and narrow pathway.He will use your loneliness, your grief, your loves, ANYTHING to keep you away from that SEARCH.

He must, because if he does not, he will lose you and Christ will gain you. Do you see? And it is all silent. It is all of the spirit, but it comes out of the mouths of the flesh people you know and care about. He will use your emotions, your loves and your hates. You are in a violent silent war, where to the victor go the spoils. It is a deadly war, and if you knew how deadly, if Jesus would reveal the nature of hell itself, there is no person on Earth that would not do ANYTHING to avoid it and you would stop whatever you are doing, you would withdraw immediately from all the vanity of life and post haste search out the Lord with all of your heart, mind, strength and power.

Do not fool yourself, you cannot serve, YOU CANNOT SERVE, two masters. You cannot serve the world of mammon and God at the same time. You must make a choice, you have to make a choice. That is why Jesus said you must THIRST (BE PARCHED) and to HUNGER (BE STARVING TO DEATH) for righteousness. He was not fooling one bit. It is matter of a huge shift in priorities. That’s really what it is, from things of this world over to the things of the Kingdom.

But in the end of it all, that battle is really against ourselves, and we really are our own worst enemy.

It is this SILENT WAR within the caverns of our minds where this battlefield rages on, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year. It is within us that the desperado weeps and cries, doubts and hopes. Yea, it is here that the fears and the courage are shown as we battle these unseen forces, these princes and powers of the spiritual high places. And it is here that we must employ our SILENT WEAPONS FOR THIS QUIET WAR, OR WE WILL LOSE THE BATTLE.

The weapons were all given to us by the Lord. We must employ them, we must harness their power, their strength, for if we employ these weapons Satan cannot win, and he knows he will lose. That is why he employs diversionary tactics; to keep you occupied with you job, with your worldly and carnal activities, to keep your mind occupied day and night with the cares and pleasures of this world, giving you no time and no quarter for the real battle for the soul and spirit. Do you see?  He wants your mind focused on your problems here, and he will heap them upon you, one after another. He will do things that are awful, to keep you in suspense, he will use office politics, life changes, ANYTHING to keep you thinking of all of the things here. Do you see?

It is when you begin to recognize how Satan works that you can begin to employ your silent weapons against his tactics.  This battle is waged in the mists of the spirit, where things are not always in plain sight, but hiding here and there. It here that we take the sword of FAITH, and the PROMISES OF THE LORD. It is here that we put on the helmet of an assured SALVATION. It is here that we employ all the silent weapons of courage and good cheer as we face this formidable enemy who is more real than this world is. But if we really know in our heart we can win this battle, because THE LORD SAID WE CAN, WE WILL.

But if we doubt, IF WE FEAR, then we become a prisoner. We must employ the silent weapons of FAITH and COURAGE, and the BELIEF IN THE POWER AND PROMISES OF THE LORD.  Then we can FREE OURSELVES AGAIN and continue the fight or all fights and we must KNOW we are OVERCOMERS.

Doubt and the resulting fear is really NOT TRUSTING GOD, NOT TAKING HIS WORD AT FACE VALUE. Satan knows this and he constantly whispers in your ear. Do not listen to him. Cast him out, cast him down. “God says and that is all I need”.

“Yea hath God said?” Satan said to Eve? If you listen carefully, you can still hear his remark to her. It comes in the winds of the spirit, directly to your ear. “Yea, hath God said you can escape me? Yea, hath God said He loves you? Yea, hath God said He will save you? Yea, did God really say…” On and on he goes. “If God loved you, why have you had all of this happen to you? Are you nuts?”

As you journey towards Calvary, Satan whispers. “you are saved already though faith, why are you searching for something? Faith is all there is, there is nothing to find”. Now when that does not work, he shifts tactics, and begins to say, “salvation may be for others, but it is not for you, you will never make it, you don’t have time, you have sinned way to much…” And when that does not work any longer, he shifts his strategy to outside forces, like friends and relatives who really begin to think you have gone off the deep end of things. The original resistance to your new found interest in the Bible from your family and friends did not work, so now he brings out the BIG GUNS to see if that will work. When it does not and you meet the Lord face to face, and you are going outbound from that encounter, Satan is right there saying “That was not real salvation, you are still not saved…” No matter what, He must go before the Throne of God and complain and bring charges against the Lord’s people. Get used to it, it is what it is. Pay no attention to any of it because it is worthless garbage and diversionary garbage at that.

“Indeed GOD DID SAY HE LOVES ME AND WANTS TO SAVE ME, Satan, and indeed I take this moment to SERVE AND BELIEVE THE LORD OF LORDS. You are a liar and a murderer from the beginning, why would I even want to believe you?” Yes, you see, Satan loves to get you focused on your sins. “I drink too much, I smoke too much, I swear way too often, I ….” the list is endless. What does any of that have to do with your salvation? How do you clean up that which is impossible to clean up? How do you wash away the filth and grime of sin of being born this way? Can a leopard change his spots?

The focus is not on what you are, or who you are, you are guilty as sin itself. You are SIN ITSELF. You ARE WHAT YOU ARE, SO FORGET IT. You are guilty as CHARGED, so forget it. You are a sinner vile, so forget it. Pay no heed. It is a diversionary tactic to keep you focused on all of that you cannot fix. So if you cannot fix it, no matter what you might do, is it not a hopeless case, and so why go on trying to fix it?

The issue is not here – the issue is FINDING SOMETHING. The issue is not you, it is you FINDING SOMETHING. It is you SEARCHING OUT AN ANSWER. Seek, Ask, Knock, Strive, Labor for the meat that brings eternal life. So then, if Satan can get you to focus on YOURSELF, he has won. If he can get you to focus on your FEARS and doubts, then he has won. If he can get you to be thinking about all the cares and pleasures of this world, he has won. If he can get you to believe ANYTHING other than what Christ commanded, he has won. So what am I to search for? The answer is stunning in its simplicity. DIVINE LOVE. You see we all know we do not love as we ought, try as we might. We all know that LOVE is the answer. 

The issue is that OUR LOVE TYPE has been damaged at the fall. We love, but we want back. We call it conditional love. I will love you if you will love me back. The Love of Christ loves differently. It loves the old lady Bitch who screwed over everyone she met. You cannot describe it, for there are no words that describe the awesome love of Christ, for it has no bounds, no conditions. That is why the entire human race, no matter how evil they are, can come to the cross. Everyone can. There is no sin to great to make you unacceptable.

When Christ is in the heart, you look at the world totally differently. No words. You understand people better. You see them struggle, you see them defeated. You see the walls they put up to protect themselves from further hurt, usually hurt they bring upon themselves. You love them in spite of themselves. You want to help them but in many cases you cannot, so you grieve, you shed tears. You watch in agony, really as Satan takes them down. One by one. You want to cry to them, here, here, here is the answer. But you cry in silence and in agony.  

Do you see? Satan needs to divert you from the SEARCH. It is all about the SEEKING, THE SEARCH. When you have lost something of great value, you will search high and low to find it. Are you then worried at all about who or what you are? Not at all – you have ONE FOCUS, FINDING THE OBJECT, no matter what it is. So it is with the strait gate and narrow way. It is a SEARCH AND FIND OPERATION. There is nothing else that matters at all. Focus on it. Drop off the rest of it, it cannot be fixed.

Religions of the world are a whitewash operation. They focus on “cleaning up” that which cannot be cleaned up. They do it by “rituals” and “law keeping”. Do this, do that, think this, think that. It will never work because they do not even understand the most elementary aspects of what Christ did for us and the message He brought. Drop it all, come to Christ as He told you. He will fix it all…

In fact He is the only fix to any of this…

Check yourself, am I really in the faith, or do I have one foot in this world and the other in Christ? The answer usually is YES I DO. Remove the foot in this world. It is soon going to vanish away in the fires of what is coming…