“Stewart….I am sure you believe in what you are doing, but we have strayed too far off the written Word as we have it and everyone and their cousin have a sinister tale to spin about UFOs, giants, economic meltdown, etc., that it’s actually getting to be a bit much. I’ll stick with the Bible and the direction from God that says that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. It time to get back to the basic and bring Jesus back into the picture.”

This is not the first time that I have been told this because people do not  understand what I am about with this research ministry. It is not about FEAR, it is about FACTUAL DATA and warnings TO PREPARE which is direct out of the Bible itself:

Prov 6:6-12

6 Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:

7 Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler,

8 Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.

9 How long wilt thou sleep, O sluggard? when wilt thou arise out of thy sleep?

10 Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep:

11 So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth, and thy want as an armed man.


IT seems then that the Lord considers we are to work, prepare for the future and be wise. If Jesus Christ is the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY, and prophecy paints a foreboding portrait of future times, then we ought to prepare as best as we can for those times and the Lord of all has to do the rest. To not do so, to not provide for the family is considered by the Lord as a denial of the faith. So then, the WISE and the PRUDENT take these warnings seriously, and do what they can to PREPARE for them.

1 Tim 5:8

8 But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.


FEAR. If you are AFRAID then your heart is not right before the Lord, because, as you say, the SPIRIT OF THE LORD is only of love and of a sound mind. So I do not preach FEAR, and if it is taken as such, there is a problem in the heart of the receiver of the warnings. It seems to me as well that if you examine the prophets, all of them, they issued very FEARFUL warnings to the Lord’s people to shape up or they would be shipped out so to speak. Those that took the warnings usually survived, those that did not, well, they perished.


It maybe should also be pointed out that FEAR OF THE LORD is the beginning of wisdom. It is and the word does mean FEAR as well as AWE. Reminds me of the USA SHOCK AND AWE treatment in the Iraq war. FEAR WORKS, which is why the IRS uses fear to extract their fraudulent dollars from people. And using fraud to accomplish it as well.

So UFO’s and the arrival, an economic meltdown to introduce the mark, World War Three, strange sights in the heavens, are what the Lord says is coming,  and that means we all have to prepare for them, even if we do not like the idea. If you cannot stand the HEAT of the kitchen, you better go to the living room and sleep on the couch. My answer to all my critics that I peddle fear is below:




Submitted on 2014/02/10 at 11:09 am | In reply to Rudy Wallace.

“Did I use the word FEAR anywhere for any true Christian – only for the unsaved world is there any fear – UFO’s, giants, the arrival, all of it ARE in the Bible, so I report on it, the thinning of the veils as well, of strange sights and FEARFUL sights in the heavens. One can bury their heads in the sand in denial of simple facts, but anyone who has followed my ministry for years knows I do not preach FEAR. The world SHOULD FEAR for what is coming upon the Earth, but the Lord’s people SHOULD NEVER FEAR what is coming, rather to look up and know their redemption draws nigh, if in fact they be saved. You misunderstand what I am all about. Others may comment as well on this, as you are not the first to totally misunderstand where I am coming from.”







  1. Sorry, somehow cut it off, we get past the fear and learn how to cope and prepare. I believe THAT is part of the preparation time, to have it soooo imbedded, that we react with knowledge where fear once was. Kodos Stewart !!


  2. In the beginning of all this when some intensity rose, I was a little afraid myself. Afraid of the things I couldn’t see basically (what are they going to look like, how big), and fear of, will people get rounded up when I am away from my home and family. But as I continue to study, God’s word gets imbedded over and over. When I hear Stewart make mention of things over and over, believe it or not…it IS for our good. We get passe


  3. Stewart…doesn’t the Bible say “my people perish for lack of knowledge”?…..I do believe your just trying to give as much “knowledge” as you can….if we don’t want to know what we are fighting how on earth can we fight? Let me be clear to the one lady that says we should not “fear”….yes, this is true….but I tell you Stewart….you WILL fear if someone’s cutting off your head!! You WILL fear if ten russians are at your door…..you WILL fear if some “being” confronts you suddenly….we need to KNOW what we’re dealing with….I choose not to stick my head in the sand…..and neither do you…..so keep telling, I for one will listen. jr


  4. How can one not think something is up? Seriously? We are called to know and prepare. The job of the watchman is a thankless one and no one knows but Stewart the details of that I’m sure. He does not dwell on it, but instead is all about us. In the trenches every day, for Christ’s name sake and to warn those of us that are listening. Either truth is valued . .. or it is not. A thank you and protective prayers will never be enough. But just like the Little Drummer Boy, I have only that to bring.


  5. Far be it for me to judge anyone’s relationship with The Lord. I’m but a lowly sinner who is so greatful Jesus died for me and paid for my way back home. However, let’s level the playing field a bit.
    I started listening to Stewart on shortwave about 15 years ago. He was a beacon of light then and still is today. Shouting to the people ” there’s more to The Lord” ” find Him search him out”. “He’s waiting for you in the Low room”
    Stewart was a great comfort to me when I was in the low room and had no idea what The Lord was doing to me. Confirming the narrow way was the only way. Thank you for all of your work Stu. You are a hero of the truth and a frontline soldier of our Lord.
    How many of us are frontline soldiers of The Lord like Stu? Is our friend who bravely speaks about no fear a frontline soldier? Willing to speak the truth unto death? To make yourself known to the enemy? To withstand the attacks both spiritual and physical? Ie. laser attack, demonic attack.
    Now that the playing field is level we can proceed. I think Mr Best has had first hand experience In dealing with pure evil. So he has a pretty good idea what’s coming.
    Privates can read the survivor’s hand book as well as the Generals. But they would be wise to listen to the Generals. There’s a reason there Generals.

    Thanks. Stewart



  6. Jesus said “Fear not”. This he said to more people than anything else He spoke of in the Bible. Fear is a sin because it means that one has stopped relying on the Lord and has started to rely on themselves or someone else for their own safety & security. Stewart is no fear monger, but he has taught us the fear the power of the Lord, and to make sure that we make ourselves worthy to stand before the Son of Man, again, at the time of our judgement and rewards for the deeds we have done and for the deeds we have not done. Yes we live in fearful times, but this man sounds like he is trying to make Stewart resposible for them. That is called “transference” in the world of psychology. Maybe this person should make a list of his own fears and and ask himself why he has them?… As for me, I stay focused on His coming for us, soon I hope, and what kind of a party in Heaven there will be on that day!!! C’mon people get excited about this!! I can hardly wait to die or be raptured either one…it makes very little difference to me now that I know where my Eternal Place in the Heavens will be! As Paul wrote “To be absent from the body. is to be present with the Lord”! Now what could be more promising than that? If you have met the Jesus I have met, and seen where He lives, then you should hardly be able to contain yourselves upon seeing Him again and living in His world and His demension and not this one!Thank you Stewart and Cindy, You are the most remarkable people I have ever come across in my life, outside of Jesus, the “only” Son of God, of course. And 40 days later when there came the Sealing of the Holy Spirit. “a JOY unspeakable”!!! is the absolute and most correct way to describe it. That’s the way it has been for me. And oh do I know about Evil too. I have over come Satan and my anti-christ self sitting on the throne of my inner heart. I have looked into the eyes of the Dragon and even seen through them, only to find my true self sitting on the other side…This road is the roadway the Lord has led me down; not to do anyting about it, but just to know about it, and only make a move, if ever the time comes that He tells me to. I continue to pray for you, Cindy and your ministry on a daily basis. Love, LC


    • LC, I pray MY days comes soon. I can’t imagine the beauty and awesomeness I will behold, but I sure do DESIRE it painfully. Thank u for your words.


  7. Matthew 10:28 KJV
    [28] And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

    God Bless! From, Brother John


  8. Stewart,
    Seems to me Jesus is about the truth and not hiding it. I believe Stewart and Cindy’s calling about exposing the truth has confirmed many things the Lord has shown me. In all these years I have never felt like the Stewarts and others were hyping fear, just good common sense prudence and connected the dots for a better understanding of the mysteries ( the word mystery is a good Word study ). It seems as though most of the “church” is naive, which may be fine for the little ones but most of our leadership can see only what churchianity has taught them. The end of the matter is not Jesus. The end of the matter is not going to heaven.
    The culmination is close at hand and many simple minded believers are going to die prematurely because they think they are going to fly away and they don’t have to be concerned about anything else, constantly feeding on milk when God desires we grow up into Him. Sorry to say folks, it isn’t going to happen on the other side, it’s supposed to happen here so that He can manifest himself in fullness like he did with His first son. Your tribulations and “ The ” tribulation is about one main thing for His body, growing up.
    Colossians 1: 27
    To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.


  9. Stewart, thank you for your faithful service to the body of Christ. I for one feel no fear for the things that must soon come to pass. Death where is thy sting? The Word tells us to save yourself from the wrath to come. To be accounted worthy to escape these things. We are to pull others out of the fire introducing them to reality which is that we are all in Satan’s kingdom.The vast majority of people have rejected Jesus as savior and Lord of their life. These people are in trouble and I will warn them as God leads me. For those who think that the preaching of imminent judgement is spreading fear, you simply don’t know what time period your living in. If you think the watchman are going too far,then I challenge you to read this past Saturday’s L.A. Daily News. In it you will find an article about a man over seven feet tall engaging in baby porn. A giant raping a baby and looking for customers on the internet. Satan’s minions are manifesting and it’s discussing. I use to wonder how someone’s soul could vexed daily by what they saw, I wonder no more. Even so come Lord Jesus!


  10. Hi Stewart, I like truth. You never know where it might take you. Most of the time it takes you a way man knows not. Man likes to be in charge and in control when actually we are not in control of anything, we just think we are. The Man above controls everything. Some of us are uncomfortable with that. You never know when your day is up.


  11. As usual Stewart you are right on. Good thing you have learned to defend yourself. I don’t even talk to people about this stuff anymore. People just think I am nuts. Remember that God will mock those who fear. Being prepared is not fear. Understanding the bible and what it says about ALL topics is what I have learned from Stewart. I have learned so much over the years, I can’t possibly repay Stewart for it all.


  12. Well said Stewart! I’ve been accused of being fearful and spreading fear because people don’t understand. The true prophets had to tell exactly what they were given by the Spirit of YHWH, which were words of warning of that which was to come, sometimes years ahead of the fulfillment. The false prophets were the ones saying this will not come upon us. And as you say Stewart, Messiah tells us when we see these things happening, to look up to Him for our deliverance draws nigh. So we are to note, to warn and to look up! The Adversary knows how to wear down the Kingdom people when there is delay of judgments. So unlike the villagers in the fabled story ‘The Boy Who cried Wolf’, we must stay on our guard to watch for our deliverance and not perish. Delays are for testing. We sometimes want to get it over and done with. Esther’s words when she had to be received by the King [which could have been life threatening] before she could plead for her people in perilous times, are for YAH’s people now, when they keep doing that which He wills – ‘if I perish, I perish’.


  13. Being prepared for difficult times ahead is a good thing, and you are right, it is the wicked who should fear, not those who trust in Christ. But there is the other side of the coin with what we constantly think about.

    Php 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.


  14. Being new to this site I had responded to the offer for a free download re the above topics that the person has commented about, but haven’t received anything. I am interested in seeing what you have to say re those things that are prophecied to come, that seems to be causing division – eg totally dismissing everything as conspiracy as one group, and those that jump on every strange phenonema and believe anything and everything. M


    • You have to email me at enigma@truinsight.com to get your copy. Best you read your Bible that says there is a conspiracy and the people involved are named in the Bible and they are the very ones doing what the Bible said they would. The people that subscribe here do not jump onto every strange phenomena or believe everything and anything. The Bible talks about UFO’s Giants, and all of that sort of thing that may seem strange and abnormal, but it is not.

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      • Dear Stewart, I was not meaning to criticise your site, just commenting on how many brainless people have a conspiracy up every sleeve, and these people wouldn’t even know what a bible even looks like. I have been a follower of the Way for a very long time and have watched as more and more of what was thought of as bizarre hard to understand sections of the bible are now unfolding. Actually the bible is spot on with timing etc. And of course it would be, after all it is the Creator’s handbook, as you have said. Societies are crumbling at such a fast rate now, that it is almost like being on a roller coaster. The fires floods and everything else that is happening all over the world, and the reasons for them are described very clearly. It is so important to remember we have been warned “because iniquities abound the love of many will wax cold” – And as we watch our governments implem-enting godless laws, those who are true believers are being more and more marginalized, so it probably is a point of wisdom to keep oneself quietly and discreetly getting on with it. Those who are awake need to really stay close to that ‘love’ that Yeshua is referring to. – and that starts with the ten commandments, As you have so clearly pointed out, the holy spirit leads us. Even spirits must be checked out. The real and holy spirit gives us correct understanding and will never lead us away from obedience to our Saviour. There are people scattered all round the world who have been called to do His will. Stay strong and keep up your work while you can, it is very valuable.


  15. Right on Stewart, I deal with deaf ears all the time, mostly in my family. This guy must be a part of the new Hyper Grace religion that is putting the sheep to sleep.

    Jerry Driver


  16. You can always tell by what they say if they’ve really read the Bible. Or maybe they’ve only read bits and pieces and those are just bits and pieces they haven’t got to yet.


  17. I totally agree with you Stewart. I, too, have been called a “downer”, depressing, fear monger and so on. It is NOT about fear, its about preparation so that when, not if, these things happen we will be aware. Fear means there is no understanding of what is happening. When you know what is to happen and then it begins…all fear turns into wisdom and prayer. There is nothing to fear if we are standing with Him in us and us in Him.

    These same people who say such things will be the same people who will be seeking us out when it all begins. That will be a bit too late. Prepare now and know your enemy so that he cannot sneak up on you and catch you off guard. That is my opinion anyway:) Yah bless all.


  18. Hi Stewart, On your Feb 4th blog I asked a question in the comment section. On the Black Eagle Trust Fund where did you find the video with that info? Thanks


  19. As we enter the tribulation period, which may begin this year? No one will understand what the word FEAR means until NOW! Unless you have been OBEDIENT TO THE KING ! Your FEAR will come upon you as a thief in the night. Farewell…


  20. I agree! We need information about things that are coming. And some of us still fear what is coming even if we have the strength and love of the Lord in our lives. It is a gradual process for some of us to overcome fear, when we have actually experienced big trouble, (and the straight gate?). It is a learning process.


  21. Amen, Stewart. In all the years that I have followed the preaching of Stewart Best, there has never been a time he promoted or pushed FEAR, as stated FEAR is the beginning of wisdom. But, for those who are not secure In Christ there is a reason to fear. Consider this scripture, Heb. 12:25, “See that ye REFUSE NOT him that speaketh. For if they escaped not who REFUSED him that spake on earth, much more shall not WE escape, IF we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven”. Stewart is a chosen servant of God, a watchman who is researching and publishing the warnings of God for those of us who are seeking to know and willing to listen and take heed. Never has Stewart published or declared FEAR to those who are true believers. He does warn what he is given to declare is not for the faint at heart.


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