There is a lot of news about Comet Ison – and some of it downright strange for such a “little dirty snowball” which it is not. Ison is something different – and it may be two things and we will know which of those two things shortly.

1.     It may simply be a harbinger of trouble due to start real soon – rather than some of the trouble itself.

2.     It is the trouble itself, and as it swings by the Sun, could well cast off some major CME activity and destroy the power grids or have other comet fragmentary impacts as it passes by the Earth on the way out.

Personally, I think it may cause some major trouble, and a friend of mine in Canada who has studied the astronomical signs and implications says that we may be in some serious trouble by December late. It does appear very strange that Ison is coinciding with the TWO LARGEST HOLIDAYS in America-Babylon, that is it closest approach to the Sun on Thanksgiving Day, and secondly, it appears over the North Pole as it flies by December 25th –January 6th or so. That is, if its trajectory does not change, which it did, by the way, as it went by Mars.

There have been some scientific articles that are painting Ison as a rather strange comet, very strange. And of course there are those who claim all sorts of things about it. But what is it? Is comet Ison just a little strange ice ball or is it MUCH MORE?\

So as I explore this, I wonder why it is that Ison that passed by Mars by 6.5 million miles, and lit Mars off, ignited it, so to speak – and I have the pictures to prove it. Mars developed a coma, like having northern lights all over the planet extending quite a ways into space. Of course, that means that Ison could NOT BE a dirty little ice ball – not at all. It has to have a huge electromagnetic field of some type, and possibly a very DENSE object with a large gravitational field as well. And it appears highly electrical, something that James McCanney speaks about.

And now they are watching to see if Mercury ignites as well – something that comets never do – until now. And then we have to ask what will happen as it goes around the Sun? Will it survive? Break up into pieces? Crash headlong into the Sun? And what would that do? The occult forces seem to be predicting that TWO MASSIVE CME’s will break forth, and impact us. The signs in the heavens also seem to indicate that Ison WILL SURVIVE,  and head out again – but not before a few chunks might hit Earth. Because we really don’t know what Ison is actually made of, well, we don’t know what those ‘chunks” might do!

Now here is part of an article from Science – and it makes some interesting comments that you don’t hear about any of the comets that have come through our system:


“Comet ISON PHOTO Shows ‘Downright Weird’ Space Rock En Route To Sun”  |  By Joe Rao Posted: 11/01/2013 12:49 pm EDT”

“Looking weird

The highly regarded comet observer John Bortle is just as perplexed by the comet’s recent appearance, commenting that the recent images along with his own visual impression, is “downright weird.” He adds that, “There is a bright, miniature, long-tailed comet situated within a much larger, but very much fainter and diffuse halo of a coma.”

“Those visual people using larger telescope also often remark about the odd way the comet looks, while those using relatively small scopes and big binoculars report seeing a larger, more-or-less faint but uniform cometary mass,” he added. “This comet is currently at a distance from the sun where it should no longer exhibit such a dichotomy of appearance.”

Sort of an odd remark for a little snowball that is “nothing” to be concerned about.

Then I got this e-mail from my Brother in Canada:

1)    “The Nostradamus prophecy about the Bearded Star totally comply with ISON’s characteristics. I will give you evidence that will astound you


2) The ancient text of Zohar announces the return of Jesus as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, when comet ISON travels in our solar system!!!


3) Watch my last video which link is :


You’ll see in this particular video that the recent HYBRID Eclipse of November 3rd, 2013, that was foretold by the Sumerians and that marks the return of ENLIL and ENKI JUST «PRIOR» to the return of the Destroyer (NIBIRU) !


4) I’ll show you astounding Bible prophecies that speak of the return of Enlil and Enki !


5) I’ll show you how Bible gives us ASTRONOMICAL COORDINATES FOR SPECIFIC CELESTIAL OBJECTS. You understand that the orbital and celestial characteristics represent for a comet or a star of planet what a digital footprints represent to a human being ? IT IS ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE TO ANY OF THESE CELESTIALS BODY AND NOT TWO OF THEM HAVE THE SAME. So when Bible gives us up to 10 of 15 different characteristics that belong to a single object (ISON), then we must follow it with very high care.”


There is something going on, and I believe the authorities know all about it – and the Masons as well. They await the “return”. The only problem is, those “entities” are not who they think they are. It is all part of the STRONG DELUSION, and WHILE THAT HAS BEEN AROUND AWHILE, the delusion is gaining speed rapidly.


And now we have two comets going by Mercury – the Messenger – Ison and Encke. Pictures are to be a taken by a space craft called “Messenger”. Wonder what all of this means?




Here is part of that article:


“Nov. 15, 2013:  What are the odds? On Nov. 18th and 19th not one but two comets will fly by the planet Mercury.

“This is a unique coincidence,” says Ron Vervack an astronomer at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab and a member of the science team for NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft, “and a golden opportunity to study two comets passing close to the sun.”

On Nov. 18th Comet Encke will pass within 0.025 AU of Mercury, followed a day later by Comet ISON at 0.24 AU (1 AU is the distance between the sun and Earth, 150 million km).   The MESSENGER spacecraft, which is orbiting Mercury, will turn its sensors toward the passing comets for a point-blank investigation of both.”

So what are the odds? Well, the scientific world knows nothing about the Lord or His Agenda for mankind – so there are no odds at all – it is all by design, a warning as it were. GET READY, as it were. IF the September 23rd, 2017 star sign is in fact the correct one – and all the proofs say it is, then we must come back 1260 days from that date and we arrive at April 11th, 2014. That date of 4-11, with no year attached to it, as you all know, was marked by the Lord in the heavens is a most unique way, a way that could not be taken as “coincidence” to those who know how the Lord works His will in the heavens and upon Earth. To have TWO VERY HIGHLY VISIBLE COMETS CROSS THE HEAD OF SATAN each on a 4-11 is for the Lord to say to us, “VERILY, VERILY I SAY UNTO YOU…” It appears then, that when you couple this with the STAR SIGN on 2017 that April 11, 2014 must be and is a very key date for all of us to watch. As to what it actually means we will all soon find out.


It is a date (4-11) that must be very important to the Lord of Hosts or He would not have done it, especially when these two comets formed a cross over the head of Satan. That is really making a statement, don’t you think?


Now then, if April 11th, 2014 is a key date, and the heavens have marked it well, does that not mean that we should have some “preliminary rumblings” as we approach it? And is it at all possible that the Illuminati could use a large CME that might not do all that damage as an excuse for cutting the grid down to say, only selected areas? Time will tell us it seems, because it always does!!









    • What you have experienced here is a harbinger of what all real Christians will soon experience; They will be busy to eat, drive, walk or read, and as a sudden, they will stop doing all these things in a moment, in a wink of an eye …


  1. Thank you Stewart. To all, be sure to watch the ISON Deciphered video I made on Youtube where I decipher the path of ISON through the Mazzaroth. ISON is indeed fulfilling the Bible in many ways. Link here,

    Blessings to all- Alexander Backman


  2. What are the odds of this comet ISON showing up next to the sun at closest approach on Thanksgiving Day and the prophet Haggai telling us the heavens and Earth will shake violently on Nov.27


  3. Great post. Think about the 3 angels in Revelation 14 beginning with verse 6 as well. I believe this gives the correct chronology of the book of Revelation.


  4. Another thinking article. It takes time to digest all what is being said. Checked out the video from hesthelamb and it was packed with information about God’s plan layed out in the stars from the beginning to the end. Who would understand such things? Only the ones searching and looking for the truth. They may not be smart enough on their own but with the help of other truth seekers are then able to comprehend what God has spelled out in the heavens. Also checked out his G20 summit in St. Petersburg video which was very good. Times are short and things are winding up. Thank-you Stewart.


  5. You r are right on it with the year 2017 and the Omega code, as well as the Chapter 12 connected to a mid-trib major event! And this Algol star makes me remember of the wounded head ! You know, the one that was hurt to death but came back ? I think it is in the «good» Book! We are getting in the Tribulations very rapidly now…it is for very soon!


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