Before we get to the GOD FACTOR part of this, I want to say how much your responses have been appreciated by many out there, that appear for the most part to be going through something that is odd for them, to say the least. BUT WHY? And why now? And why only in the last few weeks? I believe the GOD FACTOR is working to separate the wheat from the chaff, shaking all that can be shaken before the GREAT DAY. Something is coming, and coming rapidly now. He is at the door, wanting His Church to be refined, to be ready to leave, weaning off the last vestiges of our earthly loves, and TO NOT BE LOOKING BACK AS LOTS WIFE DID. Are you ready?




Mary was frustrated because as she got into her car and was putting her seat belt on, she remembered that she had not picked up a return item that she had placed right by the door so she would not forget it. So she got back out of her car, angry at herself, unlocked the door, grabbed the item and got back into her car and drove away. Unknown to Mary was the fact that had she not forgot the return item; she would have been killed driving out of her driveway by a drunk driver. As it was, she noticed the police had pulled over someone not far from her home.


So then why did she forget an item that she put by the door so she would not forget it? It is called the GOD FACTOR, who knew that if Mary drove out of her driveway at the specific moment she had planned on, she would now be dead – and the Lord wanted her to “live another day” as a James Bond movie title suggests. She was over ridden by a simple act of interfering and making Mary forget an item and making sure she would remember it again at the exact times needed to prevent her harm.


Captain James Cargill was getting impatient because of repeated delays by air traffic control. His 747 was fully fueled for the transatlantic flight to London and had 385 passengers on board plus 19 crew members. As he tapped his fingers on the radio panel waiting for clearance, he began to wonder if he would ever get off the ground. At exactly 7:23 PM the clearance came through for “immediate takeoff”, and they began to roll down runway 27. “Contact Departure Control, turn right to 360, cleared to Flight Level 240. Good day…”


Had Captain Cargill taken off at 7:22:11 PM instead of 7:22:45, we would have all read about a mid-air collision over Long Island at 7:41:44 PM ,  a collision that would have killed everyone on board on both aircraft, a total of 627 passengers and all crew members. As it was, a near miss report of only several hundred feet was filed with ATC. Was the delay part of the GOD FACTOR? Apparently, yes, because the Good Book tells us that the exact time of our death is known and APPOINTED before we are even born. No one on either aircraft was slated for their death that day, that hour, that minute or that second. They got to “live another day”.

When I was a professional pilot, I had an incident exactly like that. We took off from Cleveland in what is known as a standard instrument departure also known as a SID back in those days. The weather was foggy and visibility only about ½ mile or so. As we were climbing out we had to make a right turn to pick up a certain heading in our climb out. We were just leaving 7,400 feet when the first officer shouted to me, “look out!” and as I looked up, I saw the wing of an aircraft slide right over the cockpit window. I could see the rivets in the wing as it went by. There was no time to react or do anything at all. Had we made any sharp maneuver, we would have hit the other aircraft as it was that close. It must have missed us by only a few feet at most and because we were in a climbing right turn, it missed the rudder fin as well, but just be a few inches.


I said, “Call ATC and see if they have any traffic up here.” The answers was negative, no traffic, which I knew was not true, and that it was a CYA operation for ATC at that point. There was no panic, no nothing. We sat in silence as we proceeded in the flight. We all knew what could have happened but did not. So had we taken off just only one second earlier , maybe even a half second, I would not be here, and neither would the Lord’s research ministry. THE GOD FACTOR was in full operation. It has been all of my life, just as it has in yours.




John and Grace Johnson and their three children left their driveway to go on a vacation trip at 7:45 AM for an early start. As they pulled out on State Highway 36 their car was totally demolished by an 18 wheeler traveling at over 65 MPH. The entire family was killed instantly.


The driver of the loaded semi was beside himself, and he told officers that the husband, who was driving the car, looked right at him and the truck, as it was approaching the intersection of the highway and the driveway. “He looked right at me, I thought he had seen me, he stopped…” the trucker stated. But the family car simply pulled out right in front of him and he had no time to even react, let alone brake his truck or even swerve to avoid them.


The GOD FACTOR must have been involved here, because the entire family was appointed to be killed at that exact moment in time. The GOD FACTOR must have blinded the eyes of the husband, and even though he looked at the approaching truck, he did not see it. He was blinded and saw nothing. The road was clear of all traffic and so he pulled out of the driveway only to be instantly killed.


How many times have you personally looked left and right, and saw nothing, only to pull out and find someone whizzing by you? Where did they come from? There was nothing there when you looked – or was there? And how many times have these small insignificant things happened in your life as you look back? And how many times was a satanic plot to kill you thwarted by the GOD FACTOR at the very last instant of time? We might all want to reflect upon it.


My daughter was driving on a rainy and foggy night on a twisting and turning road, and also going far too fast for the conditions. A deer popped up in front of her and she swerved to avoid it. The car left the road, became airborne and turned backwards and slammed into a large tree. The police were baffled because they could see the tire marks in the soft ground as she left the road, and then there were no more marks – but there was no reason at all for the car to become airborne or be turned around as it sailed through the air. It is a though angels had come, lifted the car up, turned it around and when it hit the tree, the trunk took all of the impact forces. Had she hit the tree head on, she would not be here, the police said. She would have been killed instantly. THE GOD FACTOR WAS AT WORK.


And of course, the same GOD FACTOR is at work on nations and their leaders plans as well. Take Vice President Richard Chaney, for example. He wanted so badly to take out or punish Iran. He plotted and planned and each time, something would happen to totally frustrate the attack operation. It was not time yet. Later, possibly, but not then. It was not of the Lord’s time clock for those events. Everything at its appointed time. As I said before, no one can beat the time clock of the God Factor. No one.


As a dear Christian sister has said a number of times “we are not in control”. Indeed, we only think we are, and in truth, we are to a DEGREE. You see, the GOD FACTOR already knows everything you are going to do with your free will. Because of total foreknowledge the Lord can then arrange things in your life to the benefit of HIS PLAN FOR YOU, not yours.


Have you ever wondered why a certain person, for example, pops up in your life at a time when that person becomes of extreme importance to you? Maybe to help you through a time of trouble or to help you understand something you cannot quite grasp? Or is placed there for the love story of all love stories? Or to say something that triggers something in your mind? Perhaps a warm “hello, how are you today?” to a passing stranger that was thinking of suicide that very moment and you stopped it.


Do we realize in truth, any of this as we wonder through each hour of each day? Do we realize at all what it might mean if we picked up our phone to call a friend at just the right time for the right choice to be made? Or to e-mail someone with a “how are you, miss you!” message. Do you know what the effect is? THE GOD FACTOR knows. We may all think we are in control but are we? Why do we suddenly do something that we were not thinking of doing? Or why does someone pop into our mind and we call them? Or why does our mind center on certain things at certain times, either for a good cry or a good laugh?

So what are to take away from all of this? Don’t sweat ANYTHING, but take all things to the Lord and LET HIM handle that which we cannot possibly handle. Laugh at the delays, the mistakes, the insults we all get, and the apparent difficulties we all go through. There is a saying that I often use: “THE SHADOW KNOWS”. If someone asks me a question I really cannot answer,  I will oft times answer “Only the Shadow knows”. It seems as if the GOD FACTOR does in fact operate in the shadows, unseen, often unrecognized for what He does or does not do depending upon some master plan out there we are totally ignorant of. But the fact is, if we will step back and watch the world and the events of the world, there IS a master plan for humanity, and we are given bits and pieces of it through prophecy. What is true for the world is ALSO TRUE FOR YOU – SO DON’T SWEAT IT, RELAX IN IT.


So then, if all of this is true, and it appears it is, then why do we worry about all of this and all of that? Are we not told in the Bible not to worry, not to fret? Worry can become such a burden it chokes everything in one’s life. Worry is really disobedience to the Lord of Hosts. It means that we really do not trust Him as we ought. Apostasy bring punishment, and punishments can be so severe we would be shocked if it were shown to us. So the lesson in all of this appears to be THE LORD IS IN TOTAL CONTROL, even if we do not realize it or want to believe it.


But what about the far less fortunate? What about the tired, the poor, the sick, the homeless? The Bible tells us that the LOVE OF MANY GROWS COLD as we near the time of the end, and the evil men and woman will wax worse and worse. But that does not prevent you and I from lending a hand, perhaps money, perhaps time or both, perhaps in clothing or food, now does it? Jesus said the poor and the sick would always be among us, that their deck of cards was stacked against them for reasons unknown to us. And it can happen to us as well at any time, for only the GOD FACTOR knows the future.


So then, reach out and do what you can while you can, STOP YOUR WORRY, LET GOD HANDLE IT, because the NIGHT SOON COMETH WHEN NO MAN CAN WORK. After all, maybe it is a truth that only the Shadow knows.

And then this:




Not too long back I had a dream and I found myself walking up our hill in Vermont where I grew up as a young lad. It had snowed and there was about 4-5 inches of fresh light fluffy snow on the road as I walked up the last hill. I remember how vivid it was, and how the snow drifted around my feet with every step. I was going home to see my brothers and my mom and dad. I was full of hope as I turned onto the driveway that led to our house.

As I approached the house, I noticed there were no lights on, and there appeared to be no activity at all. As I entered the house I found that no one was there. It was dark and silent. I looked around and called for them, but no one answered. I looked in each room, hoping against hope. There was no one there at all – they had all vanished somehow in the long corridors of time.

My heart sank and I soon realized that the past was gone forever, and could never be recalled. No more Thanksgivings; no more Christmas, no more laughter, no more fights with my brothers, no more anything, for it had all vanished in the fog of times gone by.

I awoke, feeling sad and sorry. But the message from the Lord was very clear – there is no going back, when you put your hand to the plow, you must stare straight ahead, you must NOT EVER LOOK BACK, you must set your face as flint, and continue on, not flinching. DO NOT LOOK BACK on what might have been or what was. It is gone now, and we must learn to say goodbye to it or it will bring us down.

How do you think Jesus must have felt when He knew His time was up and He was to leave all His loved ones behind? Not only that, but He knew He was going to be CUT OFF from His Father whom He knew and loved with a love we cannot fathom?

But then again…could I have one more peak, Lord? Just one more?  And so we get out our pictures and we reminisce about this picture or that picture of the long misty past of yesteryear. Time is the great killer of all. No one escapes. Can I have one more peak, Lord? Just one?

But what are memories? Are they just dreams now? Waking dreams? How is it that one small word, a smell, an object can trigger a cascade of memories like it was yesterday? So we dream but we call it reminiscing – an attempt to recapture something lost in the mists of our memory. “Can I be in your dream if I let you into mine?” asked Bob Dylan. It was a good question, really, one that has no answer at all.

So then…

I was at my desk looking over some Bible verses one day and I felt something happening that I had not experienced before. I was soon rising rapidly into the air, my home and land vanishing into the clouds above. I turned and looked at there was Jesus calling us home. “It is time to go now” He said, arms outstretched. “It is time to go…”

And then we began to rise above the Earth slowly at first, ever so slowly the curvature of the Earth came into view, and then half of the planet, and as we gained speed, all of it. It was such a beautiful sight to see, a blue dot in the darkness of space, with the stars shining brightly all around it. Soon the Earth was gone as we traveled faster and faster through space and then a tunnel formed and the next thing I saw was the beautiful sight of a great light ahead and many angels traveling to and fro in the course of their business. The City was beautiful, there are no words to describe it. It was all true, all of it. More real than life on Earth. Far more real. More real than any dreams I had ever had.

They said in the newspapers that my body was found slumped over my desk with my head on an open Bible. Cause of death was unknown. They found other bodies as well, all over the Earth, and they all died at the exact same time. I wonder what everyone must have thought about that…