It seems from comments and my own experiences of late that many Christians are feeling a great wave of sadness and grief for no special reason – it appears to be a combination of a sort of depression, a sort of missing real and true fellowship, and a wave of disappointment that the world will not listen anymore to the truth of things. It involves a deep missing of people you dearly love when they are gone, even if only for a short time. It is not easily explained. It seems to be deeper and much more profound than usual.

I went into this wave a few weeks back, and it is not like me to be so depressed like this, for normally I am just the opposite – and then I began to hear from others who are now feeling this same odd unexplainable sense of sadness and for no special reason – and now I suspect the reason is that somehow we all know this is almost over – we are all sensing something coming, unseen, but known deep in the spirit – and the hugs and the kisses of our loved ones, our Christian brothers and sisters, wives and husbands will be no more – and that the Holy Spirit is doing His final weaning process – getting us ready for what is soon to come upon us – and that means that it must be close at hand.

Perhaps we need to reread the below blog one more time – THE GOD FACTOR. Have you ever had to leave someone you loved? Someone so dear to you that it broke your heart to say goodbye, and knowing it was the last time you would ever see them? Most of us have, and we can identify.

It reminds me of a Willie Nelson hit called “Blue Eyes crying In The Rain” a love story gone bad. Is that what this is really all about? Is the Holy Spirit refining us, getting rid of all of those “earthly” things that we are hanging on to but don’t want to admit it, but He knows it? Or is it because we all know that soon all of us will be saying goodbye and also know that we may never see some of our loved ones ever again as the great separation takes place?

Something is in the wind, and I would love to hear everyone’s comments concerning this – are you feeling this and what is your take on it? Please comment, people to need to hear from you from your heart one way or the other.

Maybe this song says it all: