The best laid plans of mice and men seem to run afoul for one reason or another by “unseen” or “unknowns” that tamper with those plans – and many times totally destroy the “blueprints” so carefully laid out. “We have thought of every contingency”, the planners will say – meaning of course that the plans included back-ups, alternatives, that the hand evidently held aces in case things did not go as planned. This includes war plans, where one single event often decides who wins and who does not.


Kenny Rogers made a hit with his song “The Gambler”, an old man dying on a train who attempted to give advice to his fellow traveler just before he died. He said “You got to know when to hold them, and know when to fold them, you got to know when to walk away and know when to run…”


Most people do not view life as a card game, but they should, because it is. And in truth one in fact does have to know when to hold on, when not to, when to walk away and when to run. If you don’t, then life will deal you a whole group of spades, and none of them aces, if you get the drift.


I was a professional pilot for many years, flying the latest jets as a Captain for most of those years. I was also a flight instructor and safety officer in a number of flight departments. Flying is a card game. You always held aces in your hands, because things can go wrong, and they can go wrong in a big hurry – and when they do, and when the last ace you held has been played, well, that is when the REAL GOD FACTOR KICKS IN. It kicks in big time because there is nowhere to walk away and nowhere to run. You are stuck in an aluminum cocoon that will not protect you if you a hit a rock mountain at 500 MPH. It is then that THE GOD FACTOR is steering the ship for you, and you are not in control (not that you ever really were).


You are, at that point, usually a bug splat somewhere on planet Earth. There is one good thing about it however, you usually will make the evening TV news, that last shot at stardom, even if only for one night and even if for the worst of reasons.


I found out, through years of investigating aircraft accidents that killed thousands of people, that there was usually a trail of wrong decisions and bad choices made either by the pilots, mechanics or the “bosses” of that company. Sometimes as much as 24-48 hours before the crash occurred. Earnest K.  Gann wrote a book called “FATE IS THE HUNTER”, and that book proves beyond all doubt that there REALLY IS A GOD FACTOR. The Bible tells us that your birth, your domains and your death are regulated by God Himself. Do you know what that means? It means when your time is up, REALLY UP, that NOTHING you can do, or anyone else can do, will stop your demise. WE CALL IT FATE. I call it the GOD FACTOR.


Consider then that Planet Earth is nothing but an aluminum cocoon traveling through space at a tremendous speed. Ultimately then, mankind has nowhere to walk away and nowhere to run. He is stuck. And mankind really is STUCK. The masses of the world let corrupt leaders play the card game for them. The elite, while they may think they know everything there is to know about their “end game”, do not. They have played their last ace. They think they have won, and won well. In point of fact they LOST, and they are about to run into the most solid of all rocks – THE GOD FACTOR, and we could also call it “Daniel’s 70th week”.


If you forget the God Factor, or you did not include it in the cards you were given at birth and must play as you walk through life, then you will be amazed and stunned at some events that will come your way – because the Lord of all, the one who is the GREAT OVERSEER, actually can and often does interfere in one’s life walk, even if they don’t know it. The interference is not usually very obvious. It comes about by “circumstances”. We could say “by chance”. It can include people who “drift” into our lives, like two ships passing in the dark of night on a vast ocean we call “life”. It is these “events” in our lives that shape us, sometimes torment us, sometimes defeat us, and we fold up our cards and die at the table, totally defeated. “It is what it is” the saying goes, “get over it, live with it”. The Lord is oh so blunt sometimes, when He tells us to NEVER LOOK BACK, because what was, was, and it is not now. If we look back, we may become sad, overcome with grief and sorrow for we all like to feel sorry for ourselves. You cannot change any of what “was”. Regrets don’t change it. NOTHING CHANGES IT. There was a reason why the Lord told us not  to look back. We are all guilty, so then, if that is a truth, it is what it is – so don’t dwell upon it, because you cannot change it.


If you do not want to be totally defeated, and you want to be an OVERCOMER, then you must not only recognize the GOD FACTOR, you must play your cards in such a manner so that they are “pleasing” to the GOD FACTOR, that invisible force that is always there, always watching, always wanting you to succeed, and that silent, invisible FACTOR will often CLOSE DOORS TO YOU and OPEN OTHERS. That is when you have to know when to walk away or run from one endeavor or situation and move to the next.  Or leave it all behind!!

THE GOD FACTOR is the most important factor of all, and it is the ONE FACTOR most people in the world reject totally, especially the Illuminati boys and girls as they are busy baking their cake known as the New World Order. For example, the United States, the first bowling pin that must fall for the New World Order to succeed, is evidently not ready to go along with all of this – at least not yet. Tomorrow maybe, but not today. Try as the elite might, the Lord appears to be throwing rocks into the batter, and the cooks must constantly attempt to pull out all those rocks because anyone knows that a cake with stones in it is simply not edible or desired. When I was very young, I would take rotten vegies and sand and make a cake out of it – but no one wanted to eat it. I often wondered why not?


ObamaCare may or may not be one of the rocks that the Lord threw into the batter. But it could be – and it slows down the plans, frustrates the cooks, who in the end, may of course have to make a new recipe – more flower, more eggs, more sugar, more this and more that. They might call it a “single payer system” or something along those lines. They get angry, as you can see by watching those crooks who are the cooks, mixing their batter on TV. They get frustrated, start pulling their hair out, their faces get red, the veins on their necks grow and thump with each heart beat – all because of the GOD FACTOR.


You see, there is a TIME SCHEDULE for everything under the Sun. The MASTER BUILDER OF THE GAME also built in a time clock. Bobby Dylan made a remarkable remark in one of his songs when he said if you are “not busy being born, you are busy dying”, rephrased it would be “you don’t kill time, time kills you”.


The CFR, the Bilderberg, the major players of the New World Order have forgotten there is a God Factor as they get ready to bake their cake. The batter is almost ready, the oven is on, and then they find another rock or more sand in the mix. They have forgotten that He not only has a TIME CLOCK, but it is a time clock that no one can beat – not even them. Nothing will happen until the Lord of all decides it will happen. And nothing will stop it once that time has arrived. It is usually stated in the Good Book as “a time appointed”. If anyone attempts to BEAT THE CLOCK, then the God Factor emerges from the shadows, throws rocks in the batter, making the cooks clean up their bowls, removing the bits of rock and sand – frustrating them time and again.


It can become so frustrating that people give up, not realizing that the time was not then, not now, and might not ever be – as the HOPI said, you need to “go with the flow” and not worry about the delays, the obstacles in your path. You need to learn to laugh at them, go over them, learn from them, and MOVE ON and attempt to figure out the GOD FACTOR in your life. Why has He done this to me? Well, it could be for a number of reasons – maybe something was holding you back and you did not recognize it. Or it could be there are lessons to be learned – sometimes very hard ones at that. Your salvation is very important to the Lord, and He will bring whatever is necessary for you to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE GOD FACTOR.


As the world speeds up, it is said, you need to slow down. As the world becomes increasingly confusing, you need to stop and smell the roses and consider the God Factor. You need to hold your aces, and not play them just now. You need to slow down, count your blessings, thank the God Factor and RELAX as the world and the elite attempts to make their batter and bake their cake.


Will they ever get their cake baked, you might ask? Well, yes, in a way they will, WHEN THE GOD FACTOR CLOCK SAYS “NOW”, but what is that to you? They did not consider the God Factor or His time clock. If you did, then you are under His wing, so then, let them have the world. Let them bake their cake and eat it too, which they will. Rocks, stones, sand, poison and all. It will choke them to death because the GOD FACTOR is always there. Even when you think it isn’t. As the saying goes, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. But the elite, well, they will try.

Think of the GOD FACTOR as the fat lady. Remember it ain’t over till she sings. Get ready, I hear her warming up.

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