When the beautiful lady did what the Lord told her to do and address not only the House but also the people of America, it was called “bizarre” and “Crazed House ranter: ‘God made me do it’” headlines!! Also on InfoWars:

Bizarre “Freemason” Rant on House Floor During Debt Ceiling Vote

“You are all sons of the devil,” stenographer shouts as she is dragged away…

Paul Joseph Watson
October 17, 2013

A stenographer staged a bizarre performance on the House floor near the end of the debt ceiling vote last night, ranting about Freemasons before she was quickly dragged away by security guards….

“Praise be God, Lord Jesus Christ,” she added.

Reidy also reportedly said “A House divided cannot stand — you are all sons of the devil!”…

According to Rep. Joaquin Castro, the woman “had a crazed look” on her face. “It was very disturbing for the members of Congress,” he said.


But at least one person had it right: For that one short tiny moment we actually had some sanity and bravery on the House Floor!” joked Daniel McAdams, labeling Reidy “the last sane person on Capitol Hill.”

Have we gone so far in America that we call a TRUTHFUL AND VERY ACCURATE DENUNCIATION OF WHAT WASHINGTON IS that we use such terminology? Is the Holy Spirit CRAZED? Do you know what the word crazed means? It means to become MAD, to become INSANE. The word “Bizarre” means odd, strange, unexpected, out of the norm.” Well to an apostate world, I suppose all of this is – but what will they call the Lord when the destruction really begins? Anyone who knows the Lord also knows that this is EXACTLY how He operates!!


Well, perhaps any mention of or by the TRUE GOD in Washington D.C. to the totally crazed “rulers” would be really bizarre and would appear to them to be CRAZED. Here is what she said, Bless her for her courage – another major sign from the Holy Spirit to America, just as Susan Boyle and Terry were – and it simply all goes by either unnoticed or called “Crazed” and “Bizarre”.

October 17, 2013 | 10:14am

The Holy Spirit made her do it.

The court scribe who went on a crazed rant  about the Constitution, religion and Freemasons after Wednesday’s vote to reopen the government said God spent the shutdown urging her to speak her mind.

“For the past 2 and ½ weeks, the Holy Spirit has been waking me up in the middle of the night and preparing me (through my reluctance and doubt) to deliver a message in the House Chamber,” stenographer Dianne Foster Reidy told Fox News’ Chad Pergram in a statement.

“That is what I did last night.”

Reidy, 48, was hauled from the chamber and taken to the hospitalby Capitol Police after delivering her bizarre diatribe from a microphone near  the speaker’s chair.

(See, if you speak of the TRUE GOD, then you are mentally ill and in dire need of a mental hospital – it shows you how sick and twisted we have become – but this is most likely one of the LAST warnings America will get – scb)


Top of Form

Bottom of Form

“He will not be mocked. He will not be mocked – don’t touch me – he will not be mocked,” Reidy shouted as stunned lawmakers tried to calm her and pull her away from the podium.


The greatest deception here is this is not one nation under God.  It never was…the Constitution would not have been written by the Freemasons. They go against God,”  Reidy said.


“You cannot serve two masters” and “You are all sons of the devil,” stenographer shouts as she is dragged aways!’


Reidy, a married mom of two young daughters who makes $126,050 a year at her House steno gig, is a fan of several Christian-oriented groups, including the evangelical In Touch Ministries, led by TV preacher Charles Stanley, according to her Facebook profile.


(Notice how they tie in “Christian Ministries” to this CRAZED WOMAN. – scb)

Reidy grew up on Long Island – where she registered to vote in 1991 as a member of the Liberal Party, records show.

Her husband – a video company owner and former director of the far-right  Great Commission Ministries International – defended his wife’s public outburst.

My wife is a sweet, level-headed wonderful woman of God,” he told Pergram.

“I am proud of her.”


Everything she said was totally true – Masonry is MYSTERY, and MYSTERY runs BABYLON AMERICA. America has been mocking God for years and years, and what she said to our leaders and now America itself is simple: GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED. HE WILL DESTROY THE UNITED STATES.


America never really was under God, as our founders were, for the most part, Deists and Mystery members. If you read the books written by the Masons, you learn that America had a split personality – a golden cup of the Lord on one side, and Mystery working to destroy her on the other.Yes, it is true that the Lord USED AMERICA to spread the Gospel to the four corners of the Earth – but He also warned us who America a REALLY IS, and I hate to tell you, IT IS NOT CHRISTIAN, IT IS DEMONIC TO THE CORE.

The Statue of Liberty is the goddess of America – given to us by MYSTERY!! Her destiny, they all said, was NOT to serve the TRUE GOD, but the GOD OF THIS WORLD and to usher in a NEW WORLD ORDER. Notice “NEW WORLD”. The last time I checked America was the leader of the NEW WORLD.




11 thoughts on “THE TRUE GOD vs. THE GOD OF THE ELITE

  1. Greetings,
    I know I am late to reply but I just finished reading the blogs today. I cried when I read Dianne’s comments to the government of this land. I could not believe how arrogant these people are. But I should not be surprised. I thank the Lord for us receiving the truth and the messenger sent to America.


  2. Well message delivered.
    The thing is when messages from the Lord God get to be this public, right in the heart of the nation..It speaks to me of the very, very, last chance.
    I keep thinking of the prophets in the old testament when they went before kings and delivered prophecies.
    God action usually followed quite swiftly.
    I’d love to be wrong and corrected on that.


  3. My family already thinks I belong in a mental hospital. I am thinking I may just end up in one.


  4. But one thing I don’t get, if it was to Holy Spirit why was the mic turned off? I think the spirit would have arranged for it to be on.


  5. I want you to know that I open your blog everyday to see if you have written anything new.
    I want to thank you for being courageous in continuing to write your blog I have realised
    that I need to take from the Lord Jesus Christ all the courage that He can give me by the
    power of His Holy Spirit and help me stand when I have to. And your blogs have made me
    aware of how frighteningly courageous I am going to have to be. Thankfully I have the Blood of Jesus protecting me and His Holy Spirit giving me courage. Thanks again.
    I do try to make my family, neighbours, friends aware of the times that we live in and explain how they need the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives, as I surely do, I could not live in this life without the Lord. But they have their religions RC etc etc and are quite happy where they are. They don’t see the dangers or don’t want to. They shrug me off.


  6. This post made me cry for a different reason. What courage and obedience to the Spirit of YHWH Dianne displayed in bringing His Word /Warning right in to the centre of the rebellion, and bless her for revealing the struggles she had to do that. And it was a woman like Esther in the right place at the right time! An inspiration for us all in these times.


  7. I also noticed with sorrow that they took her to the mental ward. I hope she gets to go home quickly and that charges are dropped, if there are any.


  8. Spot on Stewart.

    May God bless that woman for warning those crooks.

    “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.”

    Hopefully there were a few members present who heard her words.


  9. I have listened to several of the recordings to make sure I heard correctly,and what bothers me is that they called her “Holly” many times when they were trying to make her stop and step away from the podium.She was never addressed as Dianne.One other person noted this same discrepancy, but no one has found out the truth on this matter.I think it is important.DO you know anything?Thank you~


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