Evidently the so-called Defense Department document on nanobots  is a “hoax”.  As I said in the main article I posted,  it could be easily disinformation or misinformation. But we have heard of the “nanobots” technology now for a long time, and although this document may well be hoax, the concept behind it IS NOT. The chemtrail operations have a much more sinister agenda in their operation than is being reported.  When you combine together all of the items going on with the stated agenda of a mass culling of the human race (such as suggested in the Georgia Guide stones), and then you compare this with open papers by the elite concerning this “culling”, then you can bet that this “nano” technology will be used in one way or another in their operations.

Many times we have run into so-called “fakes” that really are true – they are leaked, then debunked, when in fact they were true. This is how it works. Let’s say a scientific team finds giant bones – real big bones, say 45 feet tall – and pictures are taken of it. Because the NSA/CIA and other intel agencies are deep into the occult in one way or another, and HATE THE BIBLE, they themselves may leak one of the pictures actually taken of the “dig” and then they will have some university come forward and say it was all a fake, it was “photo-shopped” and debunk all of it.  This process works very well and so it is used.

When we did a documentary on the reality of the “Report From Iron Mountain”, it caused a big stir and a huge attempt was made to totally debunk it. I knew it was true for two simple reasons  –  it was all coming true, and secondly, Bible prophecy said it was true. The elite were scrambling to cover up the truthfulness of Iron Mountain. The so-called “Protocols” is always called a fake document, but is it? If it is such a fake, then why is everything in there being done? BECAUSE IT IS NOT A FAKE, ITS NOT A HOAX. IT IS VERY REAL. Same goes for “Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars”. It’s true because that is exactly what is happening.

So while the documents may be a FAKE, the concept behind the documents is NOT. Insofar as being infected, I don’t doubt that because of all of the reports of people coming down with some form of “sickness” after being outside after a major chemtrail operation. It has happened right here. No one really knows the advanced operation going on in these “black operations”. I can tell you this, they are much further ahead than you could ever imagine.

Bottom line, the only protection anyone has is to be UNDER THE BLOOD OF CHRIST IN TRUTH. The key words here is IN TRUTH. So in one sense it does not matter if the document is true or not – the elite’s attitude and their technology for these “nano particles” has been here for some time, and it would be very easy to first “infect” and then “trigger” a huge epidemic. We already know some of these so-called “epidemics”  are caused by man-made viruses. These elite people will not stop until God Himself stops them.