It has always been amazing to me how when you post something about the possibility of a coming earthquake in California, you get thousands of people coming to visit. When you post something on TRUE salvation, SUCH AS THE “PARABLE” I posted yesterday, almost no one comes to visit and almost no one comments! Why is that?


This has been true over the years and actually shows us why God is going to destroy the United States and the vast majority of Christians as well. Their priorities are so messed up that it seems that their only interest is THIS WORLD, and what is coming to THIS WORLD. While MANY are claiming to be of Christ they are actually ANTICHRIST in their spirits and attitudes.


Most of the Christian sites put up lots of WORLD news – but not anything on true salvation, the key word being “true”. ITS ALL NEWS OF THIS WORLD, AND WHAT THIS WORLD IS DOING, and their salvation gospel is nothing but FAITH AND BELIEF, NOT ONE WORD ABOUT WHAT JESUS ACTUALLY SAID CONCERNING THE “WAY” OF SALVATION – and that means Jesus Christ was telling the entire truth when He said ONLY A FEW ever find the real truth, and the others may preach a good song and dance, they have no clue as to actual reality behind their existence.


As we go deeper and deeper into the cold dark Satanic night, perhaps a few will wake up – but now I understand why the truth is so hated even by so-called Christians. These folks actually hate the TRUE GOD with a passion and don’t even know it!!


America has chosen DEATH. The people of America have already sold their children into satanic slavery along with themselves  even if they do not know it and they have no clue what is really going on all around them – but then again neither do the rich men and their minions, who are all dupes in a major scam run from higher intelligences – the princes and powers of the ether realms – and thus when Jesus said “They know not what they do”, he meant every word, THEY DID NOT, STILL DON’T and unless they repent now, or put their heads on the block for termination, they never will.


How sad that people are so totally oblivious to what is happening to them and why, when all they would have to do is open the Good Book and read only and exactly what it says and obey the commands of the Lord to “enter in”. But they refuse. What a price to pay for willful ignorance, especially for all those preachers, teachers, evangelists out there, along with the so-called “experts” in Bible prophecy who cannot even identify America, while the prophecies against her are coming true with 100% accuracy right under their noses. Paraphrasing somewhat:


“Drove my Chevy to the Levi and the Levi was dry,

And the good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye…

Saying this will BE THE DAY that WE DIE…”

That song was all about BABYLON AMERICA and its termination. Few noticed.

Maybe some people out there will take notice – but then again, maybe they won’t, until they all get to THIS IS THE DAY THAT WE DIE. It’s coming real soon.