If you saw the movie “The Core” and “2012”, then you saw how the core of our Earth is involved in many changes on the surface, like volcanic and earthquake activity. In 2012 it was discovered that SOLAR ENERGY was being pumped into the earth core, and via some means, this energy was being transmuted into physical matter, thus expanding the core, which in turn puts all sorts of pressures upon the crust, and that in turn causes SINK HOLES, RIFTS, EARTHQUAKES and VOLCANIC ACTIVITY, AND MOUNTAIN INSTABILITY along with major Methane out gassing that has been going on for some time now:

“Emergency” Arctic Mission Discovers Millions Of Tons Of Powerful Greenhouse Gas Methane Bubbling From Arctic Ocean

And this:

“Fountains’ of methane 1,000m across erupt from Arctic ice a greenhouse gas 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide · ‘Methane fields on a scale not seen before’ – researcher · More than 100 fountains, but could be ‘thousands’ · Could cause rapid climate change…”

And this:

“Methane Gas Hydrates – Vast Energy Resource or Ecological Disaster Awaiting? By Professor Chris Rhodes | Wed, 01 February 2012 23:17 | 0

“A vast and untapped resource of fuel? A contributor to global climate change? A submarine hazard and potential trigger of tsunami’s? A cause of catastrophic species extinction?…”

“Something is happening here, but what it is ain’t exactly clear.”


A few scientists not tied to governmental or university contracts are more apt to tell you that the Earth was about 1/3 smaller than it is today, and that during the days of Peleg the earth literally EXPANDED and split to continents into what we know today. That of course most likely means that the gravitational forces on Earth were also much less, and that in turn means that there really were huge GIANTS that roamed the Earth in those long ago days. The atmosphere was rich in oxygen; the gravity was far less, allowing for much larger creatures of all types. So when people mock and scoff at Genesis Six, it is because they do not realize that the world we live in now was radically different from what was once before. What was, shall be again.


So are we going to witness another major crustal expansion? The following except is from Mitch Battros, who appears to be a New Ager in basic belief structure:


According to Mitch Battros – Earth Changes Media, “One of the best known prophecies/predictions of our Mayan elders is the message of a changing paradigm of our era. In the words of the Maya, it is said that we are now in a time of ‘change and conflict’. The change is coming from the ‘outside’ in the way of weather, natural phenomena, celestial disturbance (sun flares) and manmade self-inflicted trauma.The conflict comes from the ‘inside’ in the way of personal challenge, grief, bewilderment, depression, anxiety, and fear. It is said we are ‘at the cross roads’. A time of choosing a new path, deciding on a new self and community direction, venturing into the unknown, finding our true identity of being. Others will choose to stay on the same road, stay with the familiar, and place great effort to maintain ‘predictability’.”


“A recent study published in the New Scientist, indicates a direct connection between the Sun’s solar storms and human biological effect.The conduit which facilitates the charged particles from the Sun to human disturbance is the very same conduit which steers Earth’s weather through the Magnetic Field on Earth, and also through the magnetic fields around humans.The recent geomagnetic storms are causing earth changing events in the way of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wind storms.” – by Heather Carlini February 2011

And this BECAUSE of the Sun’s activity:

“Some of the world’s smartest geophysicists aren’t sleeping well anymore. Perhaps their dreams are filled with nightmares—if so, it wouldn’t be surprising since what they thought they knew about volcanoes wasn’t quite right. But now they know the truth—the terrifying reality—supervolcanoes are activating and can destroy America at any time. Maybe in 100 years…or maybe as early as next week…”

This just in from Yellowstone:


“Yellowstone Supervolcano Alert: The Most Dangerous Volcano In America Is Roaring To Life

By Michael Snyder, on October 2nd, 2013


Right now, the ground underneath Yellowstone National Park is rising at a record rate.  In fact, it is rising at the rate of about three inches per year.  The reason why this is such a concern is because underneath the park sits the Yellowstone supervolcano – the largest volcano in North America.  Scientists tell us that it is inevitable that it will erupt again one day, and when it does the devastation will be almost unimaginable.  A full-blown eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano would dump a 10 foot deep layer of volcanic ash up to 1,000 miles away, and it would render much of the United States uninhabitable.  When most Americans think of Yellowstone, they tend to conjure up images of Yogi Bear and “Old Faithful”, but the truth is that sleeping underneath Yellowstone is a volcanic beast that could destroy our nation in a single day and now that beast is starting to wake up.”


It’s all connected. The Sun, the Destroyer, Ison all of it. The point of this is that scientists are all saying the Sun is behaving in a very strange way, weird, not normal, unprecedented behavior, etc. The fact is the Sun has been pumping a lot of energy into the Earth’s core of late, and if what happened then happens again, well, it could get very interesting. I have maintained for some time that the Earth’s crust really is EXPANDING, and that is why we are having methane gas releases, rifts, sink holes, earthquakes and all of this volcanic activity and it is going to get FAR WORSE. Why? Because of the DESTROYER! In spite of all of those who are in total denial, there really is a DESTROYER, and it really is INBOUND. The Bible says so and so does the Book of the Kolbrin, and I believe the Book of Enoch implies it.

The fact is, I believe that what is happening in the cosmos is going to affect human DNA in such a way that it will be impossible for people to stand against the STRONG DELUSION, for it will change our consciousness, and may well bring with it a massive apparent “step up the evolutionary ladder” to “godhood status. There are signs that this is already going on – and it will only get worse. The only protection anyone has is to be held securely by Jesus Christ, who knows who are His and who are not.  

Let’s take a look at the Book of The Kolbrin to see what it has to say concerning the RETURN OF THE DESTROYER and what and how affect mankind:



Crt:3:2 – ”At the time of the great destruction of Earth, God caused a dragon from out of heaven to come and encompass her about. The dragon was frightful to behold; it lashed with its tail, it breathed out fire and hot coals, and a GREAT CATASTROPHE was inflicted upon mankind…the passage caused GREAT THUNDERINGS and LIGHTNINGS to rend the thick darkened sky, all heaven and Earth being made hot. The seas were loosened from their cradles and rose up, pouring across the land. There was an awful shrilling trumpeting, which overpowered even the howling of the unleashed winds.”

CRT:4:5 – ..God caused A SIGN to appear in the heavens, so that men should KNOW the Earth would be afflicted, AND THE SIGN WAS A STRANGE STAR.


CRT:4:6 – The STAR GREW AND WAXED TO A GREAT BRIGHTNESS AND WAS AWESOME TO BEHOLD. It put forth HORNS AND SANG, being unlike any other ever seen…






CRT 4:8 – Such was the likeness and manifestation of God in those days. Awesome was His countenance; TERRIBLE HIS VOICE OF WRATH; the Sun and moon hid themselves in fear and there was a heavy darkness over the face of the Earth.

CRT:4:9 – God passed through the spaces of the heavens above WITH A MIGHTY ROAR AND LOUD TRUMPETING. ..The land was rent asunder and swept clean by a mighty DELUGE OF WATERS. A HOLE OPENED UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LAND; THE WATERS ENTERED, AND IT SANK BENEATH THE SEAS…”


CRT:4:10 – The mountains of the East and West were split apart and stood up in the midst of the waters which raged about. The Northland tilted and turned over on its side.


CRT 4:14 – Men were distracted and in despair. THEY REJECTED THE UNSEEN GOD behind all things for something, which they had seen and known by its manifestation.


Now as one reads the description of THE DAY OF THE LORD IN THE BIBLE, it is identical to what we just read; IDENTICAL. So before we dismiss these strange sounds people are hearing all over the world as just some physical manifestation we do not know about – we might do well to consider that we are beginning to hear the ROAR OF THE CREATOR, who has a controversy with WORLD CIVILIZATION. It is on time; it is in complete accord with our OMEGA CODE FILM and others who have searched the matter out. IT says in the Bible that even the rocks will cry out – and the Earth is one big rock!!!


The Kolbrin goes on to tell us more about what we can expect:


MAN:3:6 – The people will scatter in MADNESS. They will hear THE TRUMPET AND BATTLECRY OF THE DESTROYER and will seek refuge within the dens of the Earth.”


Remember how, in the Book of Revelation, that mankind goes into the dens and mountains?


MAN:3:9 – Then men will be ill at ease in their hearts; they will seek they know not what, and uncertainty and doubt will trouble them. THEY WILL POSSESS GREAT RICHES BUT BE POOR IN SPIRIT. Then will the heavens TREMBLE and the EARTH MOVE; men will quake in fear, and while terror walks among them; the HERALDS OF DOOM WILL APPEAR.




In other words, the OMENS of the approach of the Destroyer will not be recognized except by the wise. THE SIGNS are all around us right now. They are growing with every passing day.

What was, will be again.  “No-Eyes”, whose prophecies against America are coming true will incredible accuracy said this about the strange noises people are hearing all over the world:

“Summer, many places no have tears (earth rifts) happen. Many places no have Earth rumble, ever. That gonna change. Big noises gonna come from Earth Mother – deep down inside. They gonna be coming MANY MORE TIMES IN NEW PLACES WHERE NO TEARS EVER BE BEFORE.”

All the signs are pointing to Cycle 24 being the solar cycle that terminates world civilization, and the most likely cause will be the approach of the Destroyer and the resultant Solar activity it brings with it.  Between now and 2017 we should see continued signs of very odd solar behavior, from being ultra-quiet to giving off huge CME’s because of the DESTROYER’S approach with its mini-solar system, which has already been photographed. All of this means vast changes in our climate and weather, to the point that special reports for the nation’s leaders have been prepared now for some time.   Here is an example given to President Bush, if I recall correctly:

“An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and Its Implications For United States National Security”


“There is substantial evidence to indicate that significant global warming will occur during the 21st century. Because changes have been gradual so far, and are projected to be similarly gradual in the future, the effects of global warming have the potential to be manageable for most nations. Recent research, however, suggests that there is a possibility that this gradual global warming could lead to a relatively ABRUPT SLOWING of the oceans thermohaline conveyor, which could lead to harsher winter weather conditions, sharply reduced soil moisture, and more intense winds in certain regions that currently provide a significant fraction of the world’s food production. With inadequate preparation, the result could be a significant drop in human carrying capacity of the Earth’s environment.”


Of course we now know that the GRADUAL changes were wishful thinking. Written only 7 years ago, no one would have guessed just how rapid these changes could develop. What they warned about has now come to pass:


“The research suggests that once temperature rises above some threshold, adverse weather conditions could develop relatively abruptly, with persistent changes in the atmospheric circulation causing drops in some regions of 5-10 degrees Fahrenheit in a single decade.”


We now know this to be true IN LESS THAN A DECADE as some of the rogue scientists had suggested. We also know now that the planet is COOLING, NOT WARMING UP! However, we know that MAGMA IS RISING ALL OVER THE WORLD, and thus the HEATING OF THE PLANET is being done FROM BELOW, not from the atmosphere itself. Volcanic activity under Iceland, Greenland, the Antarctic and elsewhere is going to transform this planet much more rapidly than we can imagine. There is no question that this really is a NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE, not just for the United States, but for all nations in the world. And there is nothing anyone can do about it. The report continues:


“The report explores how such an ABRUPT CLIMATE CHANGE SCENARIO could potentially de-stabilize the geo-political environment, leading to skirmishes, battles and even war due to resource constraints such as:


1. Food shortages due to decreases to net global agricultural production.

2. Decreased availability and quantity of fresh water in key regions due to shifted precipitation patterns, causing more frequent floods and droughts.

3. Disrupted success to energy supplies due to extensive sea ice and storminess.


As global and local carrying capacities are reduced, tensions could mount around the world, leading to two fundamental strategies: defensive and offensive. Nations with the resources to do so may build virtual fortresses around their countries, preserving resources for themselves. Less fortunate nations, especially those with ancient enmities with their neighbors, may initiate on struggles for access food, clean water or energy. Unlikely alliances could be formed as defense priorities shift and the goal is resources for survival rather than religion, ideology, or national honor.”


It is a long report, but the essence is here. The problem is that none of these reports involves what is really happening to the human race and why. The aspect of a CREATOR with an AGENDA is ignored. This one single aspect, the most important of all, is totally removed from the equation. We know from Revelation that mankind will not repent of their evils. Man will not, even to the death, acknowledge that Jesus Christ is that creator. He will, however, AFTER HE DIES, bow the knee and acknowledge Jesus.

The state of Planet Earth could be called UNSTABLE and growing more and more so every passing day. Mankind is bothered, uneasy, being stirred up by demonic forces to war. He has forgotten his way. He NO LONGER BELIEVES IN A CREATOR. Science has all but declared there is no God. GOD IS DEAD. God took a vacation, got into an accident and perished. Man is all that there is. As we have read, it happened long ago. Mankind forgets, becomes his own God, and goes into perdition.

Gordon Michael Scallion said in his Earth Changes magazine, MEGA EARTH CHANGES were on the way, and they are NOW HERE. One could argue what it all means, but to our way of thinking it means exactly what the Bible says it does: GOD IS HITTING THE DELETE BUTTON ON MANKIND AND OUR EVIL WORLD CIVILIZATION.


This is why Jesus Christ removes HIS BRIDE from the coming chaos and destruction. The Bible tells us that mankind is as rare as FINE GOLD after it is all over. They simply refused to acknowledge the Creator or His Agenda, and set up their own in place of it. Global civilization’s rebellion is simply terminated and The Lord’s reign begins.


OK, back to the Sun. This is a headline from today:


Alert! Sudden Pressure Spike on Earth–Will This Cause Earthquakes Everywhere Tonight?

This is a solar spike in energy according to the YOU TUBE video. The point is no one will be told the real truth because of economic panic that leads to riots and the disintegration of society, something all governments want to avoid for the simple reason they want to remain in power. Now do not be surprised if NOTHING HAPPENS and do not be surprised if SOMETHING DOES in the next few days, weeks or months. It could go either way, but it IS more likely than not with all of the other evidence coming in that we will see some real earth change events within the next few months.


And this leads us to FALLEN ANGELS and the UFO activity that is increasing all over the globe. Why are they all so interested in what is going on here on Earth? Could it be that they KNOW events here are about to explode on Earth? Could it be that the FALLEN ONES will soon be unleashed upon Earth? That the “Long Walkers” will appear from their dens and caves underground? When you go back a bit, it is interesting to see the take on this UFO activity from Dr. Greer’s latest e-mail:


J. Allen Hyneck

Former Chairman, Department of Astronomy, Northwestern University;

Scientific Consultant, Air Force Project Blue Book (1947-1969)

“Each wave of sightings adds to the accumulation of reports which defy analysis by present methods….An investigative process in depth is necessary here if, after twenty years of confusion, we want some answers.”  “When the long awaited solution to the UFO problem comes, I believe that it will prove to be not merely the next small step in the march of science but a mighty and unexpected quantum leap.”

from an interview in The Chicago Sun Times, August 1966

James E. McDonald, PhD
Senior Physicist, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, University of Arizona

“The type of UFO reports that are most intriguing are close-range sightings of machine like objects of unconventional nature and unconventional performance characteristics, seen at low altitudes, and sometimes even on the ground.  The general public is entirely unaware of the large number of such reports that are coming from credible witnesses….When one starts searching for such case, their number are quite astonishing.”

Hearings before the Committee on Science and Astronautics, US House of Representatives, July 1968

J. Edgar Hoover
FBI Director

“I would do it [study UFOs], but before agreeing to do it, we must insist upon full access to discs recovered.  For instance in the L.A. case, the Army grabbed it and would not let us have it for cursory examination”

Letter to Clyde Tolson, July 15, 1947

Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter

First Director, CIA – 1947-1950

“It is time for the truth to be brought out…Behind the scenes, high ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about the UFOs.  But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense….I urge immediate Congressional action to reduce the dangers from secrecy about Unidentified Flying Objects.”  (Note his concern is not for the dangers from the objects but the dangers from the secrecy.)


Aliens from Space, Major Donald E. Keyhoe, 1975

“January 12, 2012 – WORLD – During the first week of 2012, UFO reports streamed in from around the world as numerous eyewitnesses described and videotaped strange things in the sky. Whether they were balloons, conventional aircraft or misidentified astronomical objects, the new year of UFO sightings is off and running as the worldwide proliferation of digital video cameras and phone cams makes it easier than ever to photograph unusual sights in the sky above us. The Colorado-based Mutual UFO Network, the largest UFO investigative organization in the world, received many reports of UFOs during the first week of the year from eyewitnesses in 36 out of 50 states…”

Well in 2013 it is far worse. The spirit world is also agitated, and in expectancy.  We know from many other documents that the real truth about the so-called “alien visitors” is in fact being kept from the public. The Shaman No-Eyes says the same thing and the Bible agrees with her, but calls it instead THE STRONG DELUSION:


“…peoples gonna see new beings. Beings gonna come more, much more. They come from there”. She pointed to the sky.


“Being gonna show more and more. They no gonna hide, play games. It be time they show they be really here all ‘long.”


Here is where it gets real interesting, and we are actually told about government secrecy and the real nature of these “aliens” who arrive more and more all the time.

“..It be good when people believe ‘cause they gonna see with own eyes. They gonna have to believe. It NOT BE GOOD when peoples gonna question state ‘bout stuff state ALREADY KNOW ‘BOUT FOR A LONG TIME. They gonna be plenty angry at state. They gonna want to know why state hide stuff from people. This gonna make people no trust state…


“Peoples gonna question Church now. How ‘bout what church say ‘bout spirits? How ‘bout what Church say about first man, first woman? Summer, that no stand up now! Peoples gonna be much angry at church too even…”


So there you have it all in a nutshell of what this is really about – the STRONG DELUSION APEX is to totally destroy the Christian faith, the concept of a REDEEMER, and to prove that the Bible was really not true all along.  How are they going to do it? No-Eyes tell you how:


“…Many, many people gonna wake up here. They gonna grab GOLDEN TRUTH. They gonna hold it and change lives even. Many peoples gonna change and BE NEW, DIFFERENT. Aliens gonna TALK, TOUCH, TEACH EVEN. ALIENS GONNA PROVE STUFF. THEY GONNA TRY TO HELP PEOPLES HERE…”


The New Age material is full of this “arrival stuff” and how wonderful it all is. They will not recognize what this really is all about. So the ARRIVAL is being programmed into the minds of mankind as a “good thing”, and not at all one to be feared.


Now with the Sun acting up, and strange events and sighting going on here, we come back to another part of what this is all about: ISRAEL. If you do research into this, you will find the ISRAEL is in the middle of a great SPIRITUAL BATTLE that will culminate in the greatest conflict between God and Satan the Universe has ever seen. You have to remember that when Satan is CAST OUT ONTO THE EARTH that this is HIS LAST STAND for the age. He has no choice but to gather all of his human dupes to wage a final conflict for what he considers to be his turf – planet earth. The storm clouds are gathering. The governments of the world are getting agitated. Things are not going right for the elite, and they must make a power grab real soon or lose it all.

 And last but not least is ObamaCurse:

Obama’s attitude towards the American people is well spelled out in the telephone number Americans are supposed to use for Obama Care, and normally I would not allow this type of language to appear ever on this site – but I am going to make an exception here because it important for people to really understand WHO OBAMA IS and what HE FULLY INTENDS TO DO TO YOU. Obama is fulfilling an ancient Kenya prophecy to the letter. He is here to DESTROY. He is the leader of a Communist, Marxist, Socialist coup, along with Reid, Pelosi and Feinstein and all of the progressives at the helm. Obamacare is not about your health or your healthcare. IT IS ABOUT CONTROL, and ONLY TOTAL CONTROL. Here is the headline from Drudge and it is true:


“Need health care coverage? Just dial 1-800-F**KYO to reach Obamacare’s national hotline…”

You got it right. It was of course designed that way and obviously it has Obama’s approval on it. That is his attitude I believe, for the entire human race. But the people say nothing! He gives them the finger and they think it is a joke. IT IS NOT. He is the most dangerous “entity” we have ever had risen to power here. The Supreme Court will not touch any of the valid and provable things that Obama is not even eligible to be President. Congress does nothing about many of his totally lawless acts. Anyone of importance who criticizes him gets a visit from the government. As Jesus aid, “they know not what they do”, and “they know not where they are going..” to paraphrase Him. Indeed, the arrival of Obama and his second election proves that the hand of the Lord is upon America and Mr. 44. It is all in the Lord’s plan and His agenda. Prophecy shall be fulfilled to the exact letter. The Lord has put him in power as a JUDGMENT against the totally apostate people of America!!  This judgment will now come quickly, and it will be severe. He is the Lord’s MAN OF THE HOUR. Also right on time for his rise to power for the 2014, 4-11 date. Time will tell.


All of this is right on time. We are RIPE for a huge earthquake on the East or West Coast, or in the New Madrid area. We are RIPE for the arrival to come. We are RIPE for a FALSE FLAG EVENT and a total take-over by the most evil of people the world has ever seen. We are RIPE for JUDGMENT, and it surely will come.


Those that go along with all of this will wish they had never been born. Those that have offended the “little ones” in our school systems will also wish they had never seen the light of day. We are HERE folks, make no mistake about it. It does not matter if it is late fall, early winter of 2013, or 2014 or 2015 – it will go by like the twinkling of an eye. Prepare yourselves, for the day is soon coming when the “knock on the door” at 3AM will come to your house.


The authorities are most likely not coming for your guns. They are coming to kill you or to take you to a FEMA extermination camp.  That is the bottom line, and the government can deny it all they want, the Bible says OTHERWISE. Why do you suppose Homeland Security has purchased over 2 billion rounds of ammunition? For target practice? So who are you going to believe? And what are you going to do about it? Stand and fall as freemen, or cower and die a slave to the rich men of the Earth? You will have to decide at what price FREEDOM. And you will also have to decide what you are going to do about Jesus Christ.

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