I have received a report out of Mexico from a Christian researcher that is most interesting in view of the strange activity going on concerning fireballs, comets, etc.

As I have said in previous posts, the universe we live in is only part of a multiverse. Science has all but proven there are other dimensions, something the Bible has always taught, but we have no idea of the actual mechanics involved in their construction. There have been, over the years, many reports of “portals” that open up and creatures of some sort emerge from them and vanish into the night.

Because we are confined to our physical time-space continuum and our minds are constructed to operate in it, and because we are a fallen race, much of our minds have been cut off from what lies “beyond”, then it stands to reason that when we are visited from this mysterious “beyond” we could not really comprehend what we were seeing. Because it is beyond us, then we might also place a very wrong interpretation on what we were seeing, and if too strange for us, we would simply not “believe it” and write it off as hallucinations of some type. Or, “those people who claim they saw that are crazy”, as if often the case. It is called DENIAL. It is called “staying in your comfort zone”. 


The Book of Enoch speaks of the FALLEN ANGELS that came down to Earth and mated with early women and produced a race of literal giants. When these giants were killed by the Lord through His agents, EVIL SPIRITS came out of them and they literally INFEST THE PLANET.  The Lord allowed them to stay to OPPRESS AND DESTROY MAN. Here is what Enoch says concerning them:


Enoch 15:8

“Now the giants, who have been born of SPIRIT and of FLESH, shall call upon earth evil spirits, and on earth shall their habitation. EVIL SPIRITS shall proceed from their flesh, because they were created from above; from the holy Watchers was their beginning and primary foundation. EVIL SPIRITS shall they be upon earth, and the spirits of the wicked shall they be called. The habitation of the spirits of heaven shall be in heaven; but UPON EARTH shall be the habitation of terrestrial spirits, who are born in the earth. (Read Corinthians 15:40).



“The spirits of the giants shall be LIKE CLOUDS, which shall OPPRESS, CORRUPT, FALL, CONTEND AND BRUISE UPON EARTH.”



“They shall cause lamentation. No food shall they eat; and they shall be thirsty; THEY SHALL BE CONCEALED, AND THOSE SPIRITS shall rise up against the sons of men, AND against women; FOR THEY SHALL COME FORTH (FROM THEM) DURING THE DAYS OF SLAUGHTER AND DESTRUCTION. (Read Luke 4:33,36; Matthews 8:28-34)”


Now notice that DEMONS are of a different type of entity than FALLEN ANGELS. The demons, according to Enoch and the Bible are INVISIBLE ENTITIES, extremely intelligent, AND THEY are the ones that enter into and out of men and woman. They are very dangerous and their job is, in the final analysis, is to take men and women to hell and ruin. They enter into someone, cause “thoughts” to enter them that the victim thinks are their own thoughts, and they can drive a person to violence, madness and suicide if not dealt with. They can cause all sort of strange “paranormal activity” as well. These are the “invisible entities” that Jesus dealt with in His time here.


Fallen angels, however are totally different entities, and they not only can be VISIBLE, they are SHAPE-SHIFTERS, and can take on any shape they want – or, in the alternative, make you SEE what they want you to see. In other words, mankind is at the bottom rung of the ladder in these things, and what you are about to read concerns mostly FALLEN ANGELS. Not to say that demons do not work in concert with Fallen Angels, because it is obvious they do.

The point being that if these entities can shape shift as is being reported, then it is very difficult for us to understand what we are looking at – for we might be watching a UFO thinking it is some “craft” of some type, when in fact it is a FALLEN ONE taking the shape of a UFO. Insofar as I can find out, much of the UFO activity is in fact FALLEN ANGEL ACTIVITY, playing the same games they did way back in Genesis.


Now “No-Eyes”, a Native American Shaman woman, who is amazingly accurate in her prophecies against the United States, said that these “entities” would eventually stop playing their games and openly declare themselves. In other words, they would “DISCLOSE THEMSELVES”. They would take off the veil and openly ARRIVE. That will be the APEX OF THE STRONG DELUSION the long awaited ARRIVAL of the elite.

So then, if these beings are in fact shape shifters, then they could take on any shape they want, and any size they want to accomplish their goal of deception upon whomever they wanted. Think about that one for a while.

Now then, they could look like STARS, SHOOTING STARS, COMETS, or anything else, and they could do it via the powers granted them by the Lord to accomplish HIS WILL upon Earth. In other words, they are part of the STRONG DELUSION. Now for a real mind bender – would it be possible that we could have an advanced “infestation” of “fallen angels” now arriving and not even know it, because they arrived looking like something else? If that is the case, we are indeed very close to Daniel’s 70th week and the delusion that it brings.

“CRN®-CR NEWS- Ensenada, Mexico, October 2nd, 2013)— What you are about to learn is part of an in-depth  ongoing investigation into the supernatural forces, advanced aircraft  and sightingsthat have been reported in the state of Baja California, Mexico.

We are currently interviewing more witnesses that have had incredible experiences including abductions, sightings of real living breathing giant people that have been seen going underground and other intraterrestrial entities that apparently live under Baja California and are believed to be part of portal to another world that lies below the US-Mexico border between Mexicali and Barstow.


We have already documented cases of massive triangular craft exactly the same as the Belgian triangle flap from the early 90s. In fact, the sound, when compared in one of the videos we have from a triangle that appeared over Ensenada in 2010, is exactly the same as many other of these TRB3s that have been sighted, filmed and reported by multiple residents along the different cities and towns along the Baja coast.


In one case, we have even found a complete set of petrified giant footprints along the Baja coastline that have been documented as well. We gathered testimony from people that have seen creatures not of this world. Some have reported portals into other worlds in remote places that we have visited where nymphs and ‘wisps’ have been seen. In one case, a man related the finding of giant skeletons that were buried under the desert.

We are currently producing a video documentary into these matters.”

Sighting of Fallen Angel in Ensenada Mexico

The following interview was conducted by Alexander Backman from Conciencia Radio® on October 1st 2013. It was not planned in any way. The Holy Spirit led us to the witness only 10 minutes after recording the preliminary report. We accidentally ran into her at her job in a local supermarket. She was just as surprised to see us after having had dinner with her and her parents two days prior.


Alejandra M and her mother Aurora has dinner with us last Sunday, September 29th and related to us an experience that we decided to document in full due to its importance.

Bear in mind that Alejandra M and her family have had many sightings near the city dam of Ensenada, which is near to their home.


Four years ago they recounted and incredible sighting at about 11 pm where a multifaceted and morphing, bright yellow and orange, flower-shaped flying craft of at least 20 meters (60 feet) flew and hovered over a nearby church.

Another Sighting 2 months ago

Just two months ago, another sighting, this time in an odd thick fog that blanketed the entire city, Alejandra and her mother Aurora saw another amazing thing in the air.

In July 2013, Ensenada experienced an eerie event that no one in the media dare report: a huge and unique cloud that covered the entire city starting at about 5pm for at least 5 straight days and well into the night. This cloud is almost like a mist formation but not fog in itself, just one unified cloud at a very low altitude over the entire city. I believe that this could have been the week when Alejandra witnessed the following. This is her testimony of the sighting.


Alejandra M: In fact, what we forgot to mention to you is something that happened precisely two months ago.


My family and I were at my grandmother’s house where we meet. We left. My aunt drove us home because we did not have a car. It was one of those days where it was really cloudy.  That’s when, I don’t know why Alex but I got this sensation similar to the one we got with the other experiences. And I looked up and it was all cloudy and like a lamp, like those lanterns, a reddish color like that…


Alexander Backman: Like amber?


AM: Yes. Like amber. And it was like floating. And I was like ‘uncle, aunt, mom!’ I went crazy and all, and I told them, right? And that’s when they started seeing it, my uncle.

We were talking about God at the time. Always when the sightings happen when we are talking about Jesus. Always.


Well, there we are seeing the thing. The sky was completely white because of the fog (mist). But that thing was really clear. And we turned back and we continued seeing it and suddenly it began to become smaller and smaller until it disappeared. That’s it.

Appearance, Landing and Transformation of ‘fireballs’ and ‘stars’ are Fallen Angels says biblical expert Steve Quayle

After hearing Steve Quayle express his conclusion on the Sep 30th radio appearance he had with Augusto Perez on the Hagmann and Hagmann Radio show on what these fireballs falling on the earth in such high numbers recently and what these phenomena represent; these lights coming down from the sky in a non-angular vertical direction, changing shape at will, to then land and disappear or go back up and disappear into the sky, I am convinced that we are dealing with a non-human intelligence far more advanced than we have been led to believe. An intelligence that can morph and reshape itself into whatever form it desires but that it decides to finally show its true colors once it lands.


Listen to Steve Quayle’s assessment:

It is also my contention that the so-called UFO and extraterrestrial (ET) enigma is in fact the manifestation of Fallen Angel or ‘Sons of God’ that are falling or appearing on Earth to wage battle against the Lord Jesus Christ´s End Times Army at Har Meggido (Armageddon).


What is certain then, is that the foreshadowing of Luke 10:18 type of events are already happening and it is our responsibility to inform Jesus’s assembly of saints so that they may know ‘the tumultuous times’ we are already living in. Time is short!”


I have known Steve personally for some time now and been on his radio show before. His research into all of this is some of the best on the planet. I think his assessment is correct, and that although we are seeing real meteors and real impacts from space, we are also seeing a SPIRITUAL MANIFESTATION of the fallen ones that is accelerating rapidly. In other words, they mix themselves into these meteor shower events OR APPEAR AS A METEOR EVENT, but these entities appear to be coming straight down. Reminds me of the movie with Tom Cruise and the Martian invasion, as the “entities” came down lightning bolts.

We had an incident right here when I was working on our six-hour documentary called “UFO’s- GATEWAY TO HELL”. It involved a very large flying disc that had come down over our neighbor’s field and just hovered there. Now my wife, who was an artist and also knows lighting better than most said that this UFO, was larger than a Boeing 747.  It was totally round and with “windows”  all lit up and spinning rapidly and it just sat there, maybe 50 – 100 feet off the ground. There was no sound, no wind, and she said the lighting was wrong. We feel it was a holographic projection of some type, or it could have been a fallen angel putting on a show for us. I did not see it, I was in working on the documentary, but my wife and daughter saw it for several minutes. They came to get me, and all I saw was it departing rapidly into the night sky and then vanished.

I was a professional jet pilot for many years and during those years I saw “things” than could not be explained, but because of the attitude of the “higher ups”, none of the crew members I knew would ever make an official report. Much of what we saw was advanced military black-ops type of craft, which are highly advanced and were given to mankind by the fallen angels, but not all.

Now I want to take only part of the interview that Alexander did with the witnesses:


“…But suddenly, it started to shine ever so brighter and brighter when we got distracted.  And there we went again, we said, take out the cellphones, and we couldn’t film it.  Then, when it finally came down, it came down at such a height, I am not kidding you, where the power lines are, not very high at all.

How many meters would that be? Five or six meters (15-18 feet off the ground).


AB: The power lines? Yes, about ten meters (33 feet off the ground) at the most.


AM: Yes, at the most.


Well, it came down like that and suddenly, it turned into something gray. We say it was like that because the night was blue. It was gray and it was a triangle, completely gray, it spun on its axis, and it started coming down, down, down. It even went through the power lines. And it kept coming down, down, but spinning, always spinning.


And then everyone else, stayed behind. My mom and I were the only ones that crossed the street to see where it fell because it was going to land.


Anyway, when it descended and landed; that is, before it completely landed on the ground, it changed into something with wings. Something with wings; completely black.. totally black. Never, we had never seen anything so black like that. It distinguished itself from the night completely…”



Now the Book of Enoch says that the fallen angels took on many and varied shapes so as to deceive man. They claimed they came from different star systems, different constellations. UFO reports of today say the same thing, they have many different shapes and sizes, and they all claim to have come from different places in the Universe. These are the ‘ADVANCED GUARD” of Satan to prepare mankind for the GRAND ARRIVAL. No-Eyes states that these fallen angels will have ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL PROOF WITH THEM about the nature and true history of mankind, and IT WILL DESTROY THE BIBLE’S VERSION OF CREATION.


The STRONG DELUSION is really about the nature of the creation of mankind. It boils down to two concepts: EVOLUTION vs. CREATION. All one has to do is watch the movies and the TV and you know what side they are on, as is all of science: EVOLUTION.


The Bible refutes evolution totally. The Bible teaches BROAD RANGING ADAPTATION, which is not EVOLUTION. Within each species on Earth, within each “family” is DNA, and that DNA has built in “switches” or “instructions” that allow that “family” to ADAPT to different environments until the environment becomes too extreme, and then that species will die off.  What science calls “evolution” is not – it is merely far reaching “adaptation”. The two concepts are wholly different, and adaptation IS TAUGHT in the Bible.


Mankind refuses to accept that, even though the evidence is right under their noses. Right now, we are witnessing A DIE-OFF. Soon it will be massive. Science is actually mocked in the Bible, because it is based upon a false foundation. It is not that science cannot unlock many of the secrets of how the Lord built the Universe and how it works, but if your basic premise is wrong, your conclusions will be wrong as well, which is why EVOLUTION comes into the picture as the most important key to the STRONG DELUSION.


The reason is simple: The “space brothers” all came from different planets and different star systems, and because their “environments” were all different, then they all “evolved” differently and thus take on all sorts of appearances. Does this not totally prove “evolution” is correct? And when these FALLEN ONES get here in the “ARRIVAL”, they will have proof that we are THEIR CREATION. They will have ABSOLUTE PROOF OF IT, according to No-Eyes. That means THEY ARE OUR CREATORS. That means that they OWN US. That means, if they can produce DNA proof, they LEGALLY OWN US, and can do with us whatever they want. That means they are “the gods” of “creation”. THE STRONG DELUSION then has reached it apex and evolution is the foundational power behind it.


That is why you are seeing all of these movies, TV series, books, magazines and all of it setting up the human race for its ultimate destruction via this DELUSION. Mankind has already REJECTED the Bible as a book of old wives tales and mythology. They have rejected CREATION. They are now opting for either “evolution” or “intelligent design”. Intelligent design is a TRAP, because it really means we were designed by EXTRATERRESTRIAL ENTITIES, other worldly “intelligences”, the “gods” of the ancients, and soon the “gods of science” when the arrival happens.


Most people and most Christians as well, do not understand what is happening all around them. They are being set up, and set up BIG TIME. They do not ask the most important of all questions: If we were “created” out of early hominids by these “star people”, then WHO CREATED THEM?


“Oh, well, we can’t answer that, they were most likely created by earlier star people on their planets.”


OK, so then who created those earlier star people who created those star people who created us? And so it goes, on and on, with never an answer, and they REFUSE to look at the obvious conclusion of the matter: THERE IS A GOD OF ALL GODS, A LORD OF ALL LORDS, A KING OF ALL KINGS, who created TIME, SPACE, ENERGY, MATTER, LIFE AND SPIRIT just as Isaiah says.


The real God is a being of immense power and intelligence that sits outside His creation and runs it. He is not a part of it, He is OUTSIDE OF TIME AND SPACE, a place we call “eternity”, a place where there is an ABSENCE OF TIME, something we cannot fathom!!


The little “gods” floating around in their UFO’s were also part of this masterful creation in a MULTIVERSE. But on top of it all is JESUS CHRIST, KING OF KINGS, the LORD OF ALL LORDS. He is the ultimate CREATOR. He is THE WORD, and all things that were created, were created by THE WORD. He warned us all of this coming delusion to be sent upon all those who reject CHRIST,  because if we “evolved” then we are where we are supposed to be on the evolutionary scale of time.


That means we have no need of any redeemer. The redemption concept relies totally upon a FALL, and that then requires REDEMPTION. You don’t have to be redeemed unless you have fallen from GRACE!!


2 Thess 2:9-12


9 “Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satanwith all power and signs and lying wonders,


10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.


11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:


12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”



Now to get around some of this, the “channeled” gods have said that some people have evolved “faster” than others, and they are the ones who will be granted the next phase of evolution, and the others must be “killed off” as defective seeds. And it appears that the “fallen ones” will help get rid of them. That is, MASS MURDER of millions, to cleanse the planet for the next phase of evolution, where we and the “space brothers” all merge and become a happy CONFEDERATION. That is what STAR TREK is all about. It is a confederation of planets and the beings have evolved differently and look different. It is all a BIG DECEPTION. It is also the base line of the NEW AGE MOVEMENT, and the New World Order, which begins with MASS MURDER.


You may have noticed that all of these concepts floating around in preparation for the strong delusion and arrival are all ANTI-REDEMPTION. That is the key aspect to all of this. They don’t mind speaking about “a Christ” or “a Messiah”, or a “thousand points of light” or a LIGHT BRINGER (LUCIFER), but they REFUSE any “Christ” who is a REDEEMER. Do you see how this is working?


Their Christ is merely an avatar, an “ascended master” , a “bringer of “light”, a type of “steering” entity that steers mankind into the next quantum leap of their false evolution. They come to “teach mankind”, But NEVER are these beings  REDEEMERS, OR A PAYER OF A RANSOM, or A PURCHASE PRICE WITH SHED BLOOD FOR FALLEN HUMANITY. That is a NO-NO. That concept is hated with a passion by the fallen world of the “space gods” AND FALLEN MANKIND. Not only that, all of this mumbo-jumbo is OF THIS WORLD, of THIS PLANET, and they all call for a NEW WORLD ORDER, A NEW WORLD RELIGION, A NEW WORLD ECONOMIC SYSTEM AND A NEW WORLD POLITICAL SYSTEM. Just as John said, “THEY ARE OF THIS WORLD and the WORLD HEARS THEM”.


Comments welcome and desired, as I said, this is my only “church” and “fellowship” other than a “few” who come to fellowship and help with our movie. Love you guys, take care and don’t take any wooden nickels LIKE THE “THE STAR PEOPLE”!!









  1. Haha what do you think about this heretic? He is the biggest open air preacher of today. The modern Pelagius! He says we have free will and we can be sinless. He says he hasn’t sinned in 6 years and says that if we sin, we are unsaved or we will lose our salvation. And anyone that disagrees with him, he calls them a calvinist. You just need to watch this haha


    • He leaves out everything that pertains to the the real narrow way and converts all of it over to behavior, which is really no different than Billy Grahams theology who also taught on the narrow way as “good behavior”. It has nothing to do with “good behavior” it has everything to do with ASK, SEEK, KNOCK, STRIVE, LABOR, DIE and WAIT IN THE PIT OF DEATH and actually FINDING CHRIST. There is no mention here of a cross, a death, a dying, a judgment, and a pardon from the Lord and resurrection to a new life. It is about SURFACE BEHAVIOR.

      Now I am not faulting that Christians should behave and be Holy. But this man is missing the entire point of what the Narrow Way is, and is simply saying, “well, if they don’t act like I think a Christian should act, then they are not Christians at all, which is totally incorrect and extremely judgmental. IN point of fact God says HE LOOKS AT THE INWARD PARTS, and does not ever judge a book by its cover. This is just another Satanic deception in my opinion, but at least he preaches Christ and does mention a narrow way, even if it is totally incorrect interpretation of what it is.


      • I thought he was saying that your behavior is the fruit that shows you are saved. Thanks for your input though! He does tell some truth at times but mixes up alot of the gospel, which i dont like.


      • Well it is, to a degree, but a Christian can display awful behavior at times and still be an authentic born again Christian. It is called “flesh” and “carnal” behavior, remember the OLD FLESH MAN IS STILL THERE. You cannot tell if a person is born again by their behavior alone. Jesus is clear, when He comes IN TRUTH, and gives you a “new name” no one else knows it but you. Salvation is based upon a repentance not to be repented of, and the inner man is regenerated. Much of all of this talk about good behavior is garbage. I have known people who the world would think were horrible people, but they actually had hearts of gold. Never judge a book by its cover.


      • Do you know any other person that tells it like you do? Can’t find any that tell the real truth.


      • They are out there I guess, but few and far between. A friend of mine said he found one. Most people think I am a total nut case and almost all the Christian prophetic ministries have isolated us because I cannot and will not ascribe to their false salvation doctrines because I know better. I would rather be hated by the world of the “Christians” than be hated of the Lord. I do not seek the honor of men, I seek only after the honor of the Lord. The truth is the truth, and it is clearly stated in the Bible what that truth really is. I am not here, nor was I called to please anyone. I was called for only one reason – to bring people back to the Bible, the lord and WHAT IT REALLY SAYS.


  2. Take my-breathe-OMGOSH: Tropical Storm Watches (light pink) and Hurricane Watches (hot pink) have been posted from southeastern Louisiana into the panhandle of Florida.


  3. Hi Stewart, I have a question on this- I hope I never see anything like this, what these people describe seeing, but if someone is ever faced with witnessing something like this, what do we do?

    And if it wasn’t for these updates, a lot of us like myself would hardly have anyone else to talk to about these things. Seems nobody really likes to talk about the Bible! In truth anyways. So thank you.


    • I like to say…. Do not believe every spirit, but try, test, discern, examine, prove them all by the sword of The Lord, Which is the word of God. For we have been given Authority over all the power of the devil, if we only exercise that Authority in Christ! I had the leader of Jehovah witnesses come here a few years ago. In a nut shell…. I discerned he had a twig in his hand, And I unsheathed my shining glittering Sword of The Lord ! Within minutes this Leader departed in a hurry! I was only beginning ! I said why the rush as he fled to his vehicle.


    • You must rebuke any entity of that nature very clearly and do so in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and command it to leave under the Power of Christ and under His blood. They hate the blood of Christ, and they hate His Power. The power does not come from you, it comes from Him THROUGH YOU. There are several cases I know of where a UFO was bothering people and they rebuked it the name of Christ and it vanished instantly, which shows you what side a good share of these UFO incidences are on.


    • Hi Erin…For myself, when I feel unpleasant energies around me, I say in my mind “I’m protected by the blood of Christ” works for me.

      Many people dabble in the occult innocently and wonder why they get “visitors”. Even children’s toys can open up these portholes and windows. People don’t know this stuff…they think everything is good. Even a Barbie doll is a glorified voodoo doll. It’s very deceiving. Remember Close Encounters with all the toys all starting up…that’s a clue about all our “toys”…which are to get our children into idol worship at an early age. Sad, but true.


  4. To be flooded east and west coast by NASA, NOAA, Air Force, and others. To cripple the USA infrastructure and bring down the power grids, and economy so that they can implement martial law.


  5. Since I was a little girl some 50 years ago standing on the beach of the Pacific Ocean, I have supernaturally known the truth of UFO’s: that they are fallen angels, they can turn themselves into anything they want us to see, and their purpose is to take our focus off of God. That you and Augusto Perez are on the exact same thought train lately proves that God is in control getting the message out, and that the time is very short. Thank you for your bold writings and continued warnings! As to your comment about this being your only “church”, I concur. Those who are truly on that straight and narrow road have voted with their feet and left the building. Better to feed yourself than be fed rotten scraps from little gods with big egos who exalt themselves behind pulpits on the day of the sun god. Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost!


  6. Off the subject a little… On NBC nightly news Tuesday night. A reporter was interviewing Obama concerning the gov. Shutdown and said Wall Street has been pretty calm about this, is that the right way for them to look at this? Obama said, no, I think this time it’s different. I think they shoud be concerned.


    • I work on Wall St. They are not calm, NBC got the wrong story. The brokers are all in panic (at least those who are affected by the new regulations of SEF that was supposed to be effective 10/2/13). But since the shutdown, they are scratching their heads. So yeah I guess Obama may be right this time.


  7. Excellent article Stewart. Things seem to be happening so quickly. Decadence is common place, rule of law is a thing of the past and people of faith and repentance are being drowned out by the din of the all inclusive, post modern, situational ethic, amoral, etc.
    After the collapse of the world economy and/or Big WAR, most people will be happy to stand in line to accept relief (bowl of stew) regardless of the source.
    Keep going!


  8. I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. It’s all coming together! Also James Mc Canney audio with John Moore on comet Zion I mean ISON is very intriguing.


  9. One of my friends keeps telling me to get saved…..well i told him i am studying and trying to find Jesus. He told me that studying comes after salvation. Everyday he tells me today is the day of salvation and i can get saved right now this very second if i want to. He is Calvinist or doesn’t use the name calvinist but only the doctrine of John Calvin. I do not know what to say. He says the walk is after salvation and also told me conversion is regeneration.


    • Well ,that is what they all say, but it is not true, LIFE is at the END of the NARROW WAY, not at the beginning, at least that is what Jesus Himself said, so I would rather believe Him and no one else.


  10. Good Evening Everyone,

    You all do not know how much I am thankful that the Lord has given us this outlet that concerns our souls.

    I have been listening to Mr. Best’s old Borderlands tapes and just as this article was available, I was listening to tape #284. Oh wow! I do nor know when this was taped (maybe in 2005) but such accuracy from then to now. It is amazing. I believe you took excerpts from Coast to coast with them interviewing Steve quail and they were discussing fallen angels, the giants, shape shifters and how many people do not think about the Lord in any of it.

    They believe the Bible is not accurate. Its sad but just and the gentleman said on the tape about what the Lord has said We will know the time of the end because it will be like in the days of Noah. Woe unto the human race, wake up and sell the coffee. As the Lord said (paraphrasing) we are not dealing with flesh and blood but principalities in high places.

    May the Lord be with us.


    • Can sure tell you, we have been following Stewart for years and even though he may not realize it, most everything that comes out of his mouth has been spot on. He usually says “not saying it will come to pass, but we’ll just has to wait and see. Funny thing is, I believe most everything he says is inspired by the Holy Spirit, because most of it does come to pass. It is quite amazing, my husband and I have remembered many things Stewart has said back 10-12 yrs ago and have seen them come to pass. I believe his words are truly inspired also. They are given to us also, as the bible is to give us a heads up. I pray, GREAT blessings to you and Cindy. Thank you


    • The guy is an idiot – and does not know what he is talking about. The Book of Enoch was in fact considered to be included, but Revelation won out, and for good reason, for Revelation unlocks Daniel and Daniel unlocks Revelation. Enoch is quoted from in Scripture. These people claim to be experts but don’t seem to understand much at all. Dismiss this sort of garbage and believe Enoch – and a cubit had many different meanings, which he ignores totally, along with the real possibility of a misprint, being extra-biblical.The real number may have been 30 cubits, which translates into 45 feet, which is what many of those creature were.


  11. “Now notice that DEMONS are of a different type of entity than FALLEN ANGELS. The demons, according to Enoch and the Bible are INVISIBLE ENTITIES, extremely intelligent, AND THEY are the ones that enter into and out of men and woman. They are very dangerous and their job is, in the final analysis, is to take men and women to hell and ruin. They enter into someone, cause “thoughts” to enter them that the victim thinks are their own thoughts, and they can drive a person to violence, madness and suicide if not dealt with. They can cause all sort of strange “paranormal activity” as well. These are the “invisible entities” that Jesus dealt with in His time here.”

    “Well, it came down like that and suddenly, it turned into something gray. We say it was like that because the night was blue. It was gray and it was a triangle, completely gray, it spun on its axis, and it started coming down, down, down. It even went through the power lines. And it kept coming down, down, but spinning, always spinning.”

    Not sure how to connect this, it may or may not be of importance…but it is interesting she says that as it was coming down it was spinning and spinning always. Family members I knew (and also myself when I was in my teens ignorant, foolish and blind) that invoked unclean spirits unto ourselves, all explained that when these spirits came it was as a whirlwind, spinning and spinning down on them until they entered; leaving the strong feeling of vertigo. One family member even went to doctors for years after for help with vertigo.


  12. I’ve read before about there being a difference between fallen angels and demons. I’m just not understanding where demons came from, since they were not created that way. We know fallen angels were angels that rebelled against God. What about demons?


  13. Ahhh! So that’s how it all fits together! And thank you for that word ADAPTATION….I could never adequately explain the difference between evolution and ‘evolving’ of creation by Aluehim to other people. Connecting the shape shifting of the fallen angels and the cloud blankets, I was so aware early this morning when I went outside and saw,[ as is normal these days] the chemtrails already in place causing us to be living under a blanket and cut off from seeing and receiving the life giving rays of the sun, that the wicked deeds of men have now so poisoned and polluted all the earth, that now that very poison is being reflected back on us as we deserve. May YAH have mercy on us.


  14. Very well written – appears there is going to be quite a show. A little scary too. I have been wondering if all this hype about Ison from around the web might be part of the strong delusion? Also, why do you think the Book of Enoch was not included in the KJV Bible? Some will reference it and others say to stay away from it because there is a reason it was not included in the books of the Bible?


    • It was almost included, but Revelation won out because God wanted it in there to unlock Daniel. Enoch is quoted from, in the Bible, and while extra-biblical it is very interesting and sheds a lot of light on what was actually going on back in those days. Hope that answers the question.


  15. Hi Stewart, Read your blog and the comment I would like to make is: Since the fallen angels went over to Satan’s side, they now work for Satan. At the fall of man, mankind went over to Satan’s side just like the fallen angels. So Satan is now our father and owns us. The only way for mankind to escape this is to be truly reborn and then God is our Father and we truly work for Him then. So when the fallen angels appear here on earth, they can correctly say that they own us but they never created us. God is our creator and Jesus Christ our redeemer.


    • The word ownership is what THEY WILL SAY. Actually, Jesus Christ is the only OWNER of the human race, as He holds the Keys of Life and Death. But mankind, who has ignored the Bible will, it seems, accept the claims of the FALLEN ONES that they are our creators and therefore “own us”, which of course, a LIE, and a deception.


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