Attempting to stay ahead of all this is almost impossible, but I wanted to try to keep you abreast of everything that is going across this planet and especially the USA, The Mighty Babylon that thinks it is invincible.  

First you may remember Augusto Perez’s vision of a major event in the Norway Sea, and usually you do have some precursor events before you have the major event, but not always. Notice how close this major quake is to the area foreseen in the vision. Is this a precursor event?

M 5.2 – REYKJANES RIDGE – 2013-10-01 19:41:31 UTC



And Iceland quakes: Whole country – earthquakes during the last 48 hours
(Preliminary results)




If we have a major Pacific earthquake event, this could then easily trigger a whole series of seismic events all over the planet, and with Augusto’s vision, that may be the trigger that causes this Norway activity to “go down”. Any major impact of an asteroid in the Pacific or the Atlantic could also trigger such events, and it is now being reported that we are under a “cosmic attack”, most likely ISON and the DESTROYER’S space debris. However, some are blaming this on Lyncids meteor showers – however, the majority of these large fireball sightings have occurred long before these “showers”.

 “One explanation of the increase in sighting is mentioned on the American Meteor Society website in the article ‘Meteor Activity Outlook for September 28 – October 4, 2013’ which explains, “The September-October Lyncids (SOL) are only well seen on 3 nights centered on September 29th.”


  Here is the latest:

BREAKING: Meteor Sightings in the 1000′s across the U.S. are reported to American Meteor Society


Meteor Shower
(Image: nightsky.jpl.nasa.gov)

By Avalon
September 30, 2013

Reports of meteor sightings are coming into the American Meteor Society by the thousands. According to one of the latest reports posted at the American Meteor Society website, “Its been a busy week for the AMS as we are bombarded by fireball reports from all different parts of the country. The latest event took place over Alabama and Georgia last night September 28th 7:30 PM local time. Over 250 witnesses from Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama and Georgia have reported the event so far. Below is a heat map of the witnesses who saw the event. Click the image below for the event detail page and witness reports…

…Exactly why these meteors are coming into the atmosphere at this time is unknown. NASA and NOAA have yet to publish any reports on this phenomenon…”


The government shutdown of course shut down NASA and other very important areas of inbounds and earthquake/volcanic activity, and then we have critical “failures” and “shut downs” of important feeds:


NASA’s Deep Impact Has Epic Fail On It’s Way To View ISON

Also, the Rovers on Mars & craft orbiting Mars were slated to get a “birds-eye view” of ISON starting yesterday.. WHERE are all those pictures on the net ???????



And this from James McCanney:

“October 01, 2013 … COMET ISON ALERT … NASA hiding Mars data confirmed … the Carey Lisse (of Goddard Space Flight Center) headed NASA team is hiding data from the mars observer instruments including the Hubble that certainly is viewing all the the myriad of electrical interactions between comet ISON and the planet mars that i have seen ... these same scientists have been instrumental in hiding data on luminosity of comets since they accidentally discovered my predicted x-rays in comets … more soon … jim mccanney (be sure to get my new eBook COMETS for a full understanding of what is going on … see the secure web ordering page for details)”

“September 30, 2013 … COMET ISON ALERT … comet ISON today developed a sunward spike as i predicted it would and is seriously connecting electrically with the planet Mars … (see posting below about it turning green) … however it is clear that the appointed NASA special team of scientists is hiding data from the over 60 satellites and telescopes it is using to observe ISON … the fix is on and people every day are waking up to my work … and predictions … i will be posting more in the hours to come so keep posted … we are receiving good data and are going to post … but remember the other attempts to post real data … as the security blanket protectors of NASA hacked my page and introduced many false youtube videos … they are going all out to blacken my work and name … more to come … jim mccanney”

“September 29, 2013 … COMET ISON ALERT … comet ISON recently turned GREEN showing it is connecting electrically with Mars as i predicted … this started on the 24th … standard science claims this is due to UV light from the sun … more fairy tale science … if that is the case there is UV light all over the solar system … why do some comets not show green at all and others are very green … they never explain such dichotomies (they do not have to since in the controlled press no one else gets to insert even a comment) … i predicted this brightening as the comet connects electrically with mars … heading for a close bypass on october 1st … more as this develops … jim mccanney (and note the internet nut cases will be creating all kinds of WOO WOO scare stories using this as a basis … many of which are controlled by the disinfo crew and many trying to mis-use my name and work … the disinfo engine is in full swing to keep the public dumb about the electrical nature of comets … why ??? because if the public knew they would ask why we cannot connect to outer space to power our society with energy from the electrical solar system that surrounds us … read my books especially THE DIAMOND PRINCIPLE for details )”


Then we have more news of the Ohio fireball:


Meteor Explodes Over Ohio, Kills Two 2013

05:11  ADG UK  7 comments



“The skies over Ohio lit up late Friday night when a meteor exploded over Columbus.


Several witnesses say the event was so bright that it lit up the night sky and cast shadows on the ground, according to the American Meteor Society website.


Also, loud booms were heard with the explosion and a visible contrail was seen swirling in the sky right after the meteor blew up.


The event was captured in northeast Ohio on a NASA all-sky camera in Hiram, Ohio, at 11:33 p.m. 


Spaceweather.com reported the meteor hit the atmosphere at 114,000 m.p.h. and was visible in 14 states.”



Update: As of the morning of September 28, 2013, a home outside of Peebles, Ohio, in the Locust Grove area of Adams County burned to the ground last night, the two residents of the home, an elderly couple, Jane and Lyle Lambert, died as a result of smoke inhalation. 


The fire is believed to have been caused from the meteor, or pieces of the meteor, that hit the home. The state fire marshal is investigating the fire.



Please notice the numbers given – 11:33 and 114,000 – is this another 4-11 code in reverse? Visible in 14 states – the number 14 means DELIVERANCE and SALVATION. Are we being given a message here when you couple this with ISON’s movement through the constellations? No one knows.


Anyhow, that’s the latest – if anyone sees or hears anything, or finds more news, please forward it to us – enigma@truinsight.com – Thanks






  1. Stewart can you please educate me? I see you reference meanings to numbers a lot in your postings. Where do they come from. I’m no scholar but I’ve never noticed any place in the scriptures where God assigned meanings to numbers, so I thought I’d ask. It would help me in my study and discernment…THANKS!


  2. Hi Stewart, I have a friend that lives in Missouri, she told me that there is a “Super Highway” from Mexico to Canada that has a brick wall on the side of it and it is posted For Government use only. She lives not to far from this highway on a farm, does it have anything to do with that 72,00 sq foot fortress in the Ozarks? Do you know anything about this? Thank you for your work to keep us all informed, May The Lord Bless you.


  3. OH, Lord You are our deliverer, fortress, hiding place and Saviour. Only you can save us from the coming destruction.

    Thank you for the update and may the Lord Jesus find us worthy.
    God Bless


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