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October 1, 2013

As I reported on my last blog, there appears to be some INBOUND OBJECT or multiple objects that may have a whole lot to do with ISON and the DESTROYER. Just to remind everyone, here is an e-mail I received today from John:

 “Leaks are coming out all over the place . . . Professional astronomers and
military types are reporting that `a mini-solar system is moving into our
Solar System.’ ”

“JD: This means that a massive gravitational/magnetic dwarf star has
captured many thousands of space bodies in deep space, and this baby sun
is being gravitationally pulled into our Solar System by our own adult Sun’s
superior gravitational force field. As this celestial beehive cruises in, above
Earth’s orbital path, Earth will gravitationally suck in many of the celestial
bees (meteors and smaller bolide [bullet-like] boulders, etc.] swarming
within a radius of many millions of miles around their parent mini-sun,
this incoming dwarf star, which NASA has, for decades, called “Planet X.”

THE WASHINGTON POST frontpage: NASA Discovers the Long-Sought “Planet X”

In their 1983 WASHINGTON POST report, they tried to conceal the identity
of this dwarf star, captured within the outer bounds of our Sun’s
gravitational force field. They claimed, “We Don’t Know What It Is!”
However, earlier that same year, they emphatically declared that they knew
exactly what it was that they were launching their Infrared Astronomical
Satellite to find: They announced that they were seeking “Planet X.”
  NASA, we are not stupid. We know that earlier you announced your space
search for “Planet X,” even though you later feigned ignorance when you
found precisely what you had announced you were seeking.
THE NEW YORK TIMES: “Clues Get Warm in the Search for PLANET X”


I find it interesting that ISON began in Cancer and went through the BEEHIVE, and now we have a BEEHIVE of objects that are striking our planet. For every spiritual aspect of this, there appears to also be a physical astronomical aspect as well.


As I reported earlier, more and more fireballs, and large ones are being reported all over the world, at a rate much faster than usual. NOW WE ARE ALSO GETTING MORE impact events, even if small right now. Now we have a very convenient government shutdown and one result was this from a scientist:

“Due to the government shutdown, I will not have access to e-mail.  I will reply when we are allowed back to work.”

U.S. Geological Survey

 That seems to indicate that not a lot of information will be forthcoming now from many areas of the government. As church lady would say “How convenient…”

I am not saying all of this is related or connected, only that it could be. It seems to me that governments the world over have been preparing for something for many years now, and wanted everything basically completed by the end of 2012 if not sooner, and now we have Homeland Security busy as a bee attempting to get all things in place by TODAY for the most part on the East and West Coast. Then of course we have the “bots” “Global Coastal Event”.  If the U.S Government knows that an INBOUND is coming, why not shut down the government and get ready to go to the underground facilities they built with YOUR MONEY.

Now I do not know all of the nefarious plans of the elite, but it is clear there is an agenda here that seems to coincide with INBOUND OBJECTS, THE ARRIVAL OF THEIR “GODS” and the NEW WORLD ORDER. The Bible makes it very clear that though these RICH MEN attempt to build their “nests” in the stars, that is the moon and Mars, and under the sea or in the mountains; that the Lord is going to get them no matter where they hide. The question is, what are they hiding from? The Bible tells us it is the WRATH OF THE LAMB. It also tells us the RICH MEN gather together all of their treasures for THE LAST DAYS. These are gigantic clues that the ELITE KNOW WHEN THE “LAST DAYS” ARE UPON THEM and attempting to do whatever they can to ESCAPE” THE JUDGMENTS OF THE LORD. It is interesting to note that only those who are IN CHRIST are going to escape, and any other attempt is totally futile. 


How is it that apostate and all but atheistic RICH MEN KNOW when the last days have arrived, when the Church seems to be totally asleep to that concept? And if THESE RICH MEN KNOW WHAT IS COMING, then why is there so much doubt even among the so-called “remnant” Christians that we are coming into the time of the end? It is a question we might all want to ponder – because one of the greatest of all signs is the ACTIVITY OF THE RULERS AND AUTHORITIES.

For an example, Congress seems totally unconcerned about being in trillions of dollars of debt and continues to spend unabated, the Fed keeps printing more and more money as though there IS NO TOMORROW! Why? Well, it appears to be that they know they will never pay any of it back, and they KNOW that after the FIRST PASS of the DESTROYER, that everything is going to change. Why?

We have spoken before about the world’s largest embassy is the United States embassy in Iraq, not far from the ancient “TOWER OF BABEL”, where, it is said there was a STARGATE erected to allow portal entrance and exits of the “Gods”. I have said that it appears this will be the place for the ARRIVAL of the STAR GODS, the native Americans “Star Nation People”. It all ties directly into the approach of Planet-X and the arrival of the “gods” as planet-x swings by.

The arrival of the god’s is the apex of the strong delusion and the acceptance of Satan as the Creator. If you watch any TV programs like “Ancient Astronauts” and others like them on History Channel or other places, you will find a massive amount or propaganda spewing forth setting the human race up for this “arrival” and the acceptance of the fact that these “gods’ are our “creators”. The Bible says we will bow down and lick the boots of Satan, as it were, in honor of him. What a deception, what a delusion.  However, Satan knows it will work, because it worked before. Most ancient books you read talk about the Golden Age of the gods and how great it was. The Bible and the Book of Enoch speak of this DECEPTION OF THE FALLEN ONES AND THAT THEY WILL RETURN USING THE SAME DECEPTION. If it works, why change it?

As to the 9.7 quake just off the coast of San Francisco, we have no further news concerning it. As one person said in an e-mail, it “probably won’t happen” because as the message said, “we hear this stuff all the time and NOTHING HAPPENS”. However, my take is that it WILL HAPPEN, and very well could, on October 3rd or perhaps not on that date, but IT WILL COME TO PASS. I also got a very interesting comment posted on the blog concerning this:


“Hi Stewart, Isn’t it true that Jesus is to return to The Mount of Olives through The Golden Gate, and didn’t the Arabs cover the gate over and put a cemetery in front of the gate? I find it interesting that the earthquake that is being predicted is involving The Golden Gate Bridge, just a thought.”

Yes, Jesus will enter the Temple through the GOLDEN GATE, it is said,  and yes, the Moslem world did place a cemetery there to prevent it. It goes to show you how far and how deep the rebellion of mankind really is, and how weak our attempts are to deny the reality of Jesus Christ and His redemptive work upon the cross. I don’t think people really understand the depths of our rebellion and actual hatred we have for the real truth and the Creator Himself. That is why a strait gate and narrow way are required to escape this planet!!

In any event, it seems that when you combine all of these things together that we are about to enter a time of increasing “birth pangs’ AND wars and rumors of wars, the rise of digital identification, the move towards a cashless society, the technology to embed a chip of some form under the skin that we are here, and that is something the RICH MEN already know. Why don’t we?

It’s great to hear all of your comments, this is the way it should be for many minds and spirits can figure things out and bring more points of view on this most important subject.



  1. October 1, 2013 10:52 pm

    Hello again,

    I believe that we know what is going on but just like your character Doofus says We are drinking that denial tea. Its so strong that we let things slide off and not ponder on what the Lord wants: That we all come unto repentance.
    Thank you for the information on the Golden Gate cemetery, I did not know that the Muslims did that. We are so rebellious that we don’t know the half of it.
    Pray that we all pray in accordance to the will of the Lord. There is a lot of activity and all we can do is watch and pray.
    Thank you for the ministry.


  2. October 1, 2013 3:55 pm

    Reblogged this on BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB.


  3. Jeff permalink
    October 1, 2013 2:56 pm

    Thanks as usual. Didnt something (meteor) hit in OH recently?


    • snowflake permalink
      October 1, 2013 3:02 pm

      Yes in Jewett, OH of all places. The numbers are interesting too.


  4. June Ryherd permalink
    October 1, 2013 1:36 pm

    Most people i know refuse to believe that we are in the last of the last days,,the telos of time. Of course they heave heard me, time and time again, warn them of the closeness of the hour and naturally have not seen things happen the way they would expect, so everything that occurred is perfectly normal in their minds and I am a little bit off.
    With so much that is hurling our way of late, I think that it is time that we, the saints of God, should begin lifting up our prayers to God for His Kingdom Come, His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
    In Revelation 8 the seventh seal is opened and an angel with a golden censor having much incense offering it on the golden alter, before the throne along with the prayers of the saints. the incense smoke and prayers ascend up to God then the angel casts the fire from the alter, to the earth. This causes the voices, thundering, lightnings, an earthquake and the 7 angels to prepare to sound. Therefore our prayers initiate the judgements which makes perfect sense to me. God brings things about by the words of men. He gave mankind dominion over the earth and He always has someone proclaim a thing before it happens. It is like our heavenly father, to give his children some of His powers so that we too can share in what He is doing. Like an earthly father letting his 5 year old sit in his lap while he drives the car allowing the child to hold on to the wheel, so the child has the joy of really doing something “big” with his dad.
    Things are not going to happen the way we expect….over and over we see things culminate over time, here a little, there a little, but the results are as if it all happened naturally. We all look for that special event that will cause all those who have been in denial or in out and out rebellion for them to see, that this is it! That is not going to happen…. everything will seem to evolve in such a precise way that it all seems perfectly normal. Even now no one is surprised that we are capable of printing our own food or guns,or whatever we want. Surveys of younger people have said they they are ready to have a chip placed in them for all the benefits and protection they will have. People don’t realize that we are already there! It may take some time since the birth pangs are not identified in scripture as a specific time period. I believe we have been in the birth pangs for a long time now, I believe it is us who are to rise up to pray for His righteous judgement to come. Then again it might not be time yet, since I do not hear the watchmen declaring, it is time. Then again I didn’t need a watchman to tell me, it is time. So that is what I am doing whether it is for me to gain strength before the time is at hand or it is the beginning of the prayers of the saints that could possibly take some time to come into fruition… I just don’t know.
    Thank you Stewart for continuing to get the word out there to the listening few. We really appreciate you!


  5. October 1, 2013 12:44 pm

    O- well- its deep!


  6. October 1, 2013 12:35 pm

    That last comment reminded me there is a cemetery right by the Golden Gate Bridge in the Presidio too.


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