Attempting to stay ahead of all this is almost impossible, but I wanted to try to keep you abreast of everything that is going across this planet and especially the USA, The Mighty Babylon that thinks it is invincible.  

First you may remember Augusto Perez’s vision of a major event in the Norway Sea, and usually you do have some precursor events before you have the major event, but not always. Notice how close this major quake is to the area foreseen in the vision. Is this a precursor event?

M 5.2 – REYKJANES RIDGE – 2013-10-01 19:41:31 UTC



And Iceland quakes: Whole country – earthquakes during the last 48 hours
(Preliminary results)




If we have a major Pacific earthquake event, this could then easily trigger a whole series of seismic events all over the planet, and with Augusto’s vision, that may be the trigger that causes this Norway activity to “go down”. Any major impact of an asteroid in the Pacific or the Atlantic could also trigger such events, and it is now being reported that we are under a “cosmic attack”, most likely ISON and the DESTROYER’S space debris. However, some are blaming this on Lyncids meteor showers – however, the majority of these large fireball sightings have occurred long before these “showers”.

 “One explanation of the increase in sighting is mentioned on the American Meteor Society website in the article ‘Meteor Activity Outlook for September 28 – October 4, 2013’ which explains, “The September-October Lyncids (SOL) are only well seen on 3 nights centered on September 29th.”


  Here is the latest:

BREAKING: Meteor Sightings in the 1000′s across the U.S. are reported to American Meteor Society


Meteor Shower
(Image: nightsky.jpl.nasa.gov)

By Avalon
September 30, 2013

Reports of meteor sightings are coming into the American Meteor Society by the thousands. According to one of the latest reports posted at the American Meteor Society website, “Its been a busy week for the AMS as we are bombarded by fireball reports from all different parts of the country. The latest event took place over Alabama and Georgia last night September 28th 7:30 PM local time. Over 250 witnesses from Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama and Georgia have reported the event so far. Below is a heat map of the witnesses who saw the event. Click the image below for the event detail page and witness reports…

…Exactly why these meteors are coming into the atmosphere at this time is unknown. NASA and NOAA have yet to publish any reports on this phenomenon…”


The government shutdown of course shut down NASA and other very important areas of inbounds and earthquake/volcanic activity, and then we have critical “failures” and “shut downs” of important feeds:


NASA’s Deep Impact Has Epic Fail On It’s Way To View ISON

Also, the Rovers on Mars & craft orbiting Mars were slated to get a “birds-eye view” of ISON starting yesterday.. WHERE are all those pictures on the net ???????



And this from James McCanney:

“October 01, 2013 … COMET ISON ALERT … NASA hiding Mars data confirmed … the Carey Lisse (of Goddard Space Flight Center) headed NASA team is hiding data from the mars observer instruments including the Hubble that certainly is viewing all the the myriad of electrical interactions between comet ISON and the planet mars that i have seen ... these same scientists have been instrumental in hiding data on luminosity of comets since they accidentally discovered my predicted x-rays in comets … more soon … jim mccanney (be sure to get my new eBook COMETS for a full understanding of what is going on … see the secure web ordering page for details)”

“September 30, 2013 … COMET ISON ALERT … comet ISON today developed a sunward spike as i predicted it would and is seriously connecting electrically with the planet Mars … (see posting below about it turning green) … however it is clear that the appointed NASA special team of scientists is hiding data from the over 60 satellites and telescopes it is using to observe ISON … the fix is on and people every day are waking up to my work … and predictions … i will be posting more in the hours to come so keep posted … we are receiving good data and are going to post … but remember the other attempts to post real data … as the security blanket protectors of NASA hacked my page and introduced many false youtube videos … they are going all out to blacken my work and name … more to come … jim mccanney”

“September 29, 2013 … COMET ISON ALERT … comet ISON recently turned GREEN showing it is connecting electrically with Mars as i predicted … this started on the 24th … standard science claims this is due to UV light from the sun … more fairy tale science … if that is the case there is UV light all over the solar system … why do some comets not show green at all and others are very green … they never explain such dichotomies (they do not have to since in the controlled press no one else gets to insert even a comment) … i predicted this brightening as the comet connects electrically with mars … heading for a close bypass on october 1st … more as this develops … jim mccanney (and note the internet nut cases will be creating all kinds of WOO WOO scare stories using this as a basis … many of which are controlled by the disinfo crew and many trying to mis-use my name and work … the disinfo engine is in full swing to keep the public dumb about the electrical nature of comets … why ??? because if the public knew they would ask why we cannot connect to outer space to power our society with energy from the electrical solar system that surrounds us … read my books especially THE DIAMOND PRINCIPLE for details )”


Then we have more news of the Ohio fireball:


Meteor Explodes Over Ohio, Kills Two 2013

05:11  ADG UK  7 comments



“The skies over Ohio lit up late Friday night when a meteor exploded over Columbus.


Several witnesses say the event was so bright that it lit up the night sky and cast shadows on the ground, according to the American Meteor Society website.


Also, loud booms were heard with the explosion and a visible contrail was seen swirling in the sky right after the meteor blew up.


The event was captured in northeast Ohio on a NASA all-sky camera in Hiram, Ohio, at 11:33 p.m. 


Spaceweather.com reported the meteor hit the atmosphere at 114,000 m.p.h. and was visible in 14 states.”



Update: As of the morning of September 28, 2013, a home outside of Peebles, Ohio, in the Locust Grove area of Adams County burned to the ground last night, the two residents of the home, an elderly couple, Jane and Lyle Lambert, died as a result of smoke inhalation. 


The fire is believed to have been caused from the meteor, or pieces of the meteor, that hit the home. The state fire marshal is investigating the fire.



Please notice the numbers given – 11:33 and 114,000 – is this another 4-11 code in reverse? Visible in 14 states – the number 14 means DELIVERANCE and SALVATION. Are we being given a message here when you couple this with ISON’s movement through the constellations? No one knows.


Anyhow, that’s the latest – if anyone sees or hears anything, or finds more news, please forward it to us – enigma@truinsight.com – Thanks






Just received another update on incoming objects and some more input from others:


“The Gov’t Ruling Elite are Fleeing to their Underground Cities”
John DiNardo

    CLUE #1

Just as President Eisenhower waited until his farewell speech to
evade the ruling elite’s rifle crosshairs, and only then warned the
people of the elite’s creeping tyranny,
so too, the outgoing Director of
Homeland Security issued this chilling shocking warning in her farewell
speech, reported by ABC-News:
“A massive and “serious” cyber attack on the U.S. homeland is coming,
   and a natural disaster — the likes of which the nation has never seen —
   is also likely on its way. So prepare, and bring “a large bottle of Advil,”
Janet Napolitano told her yet-to-be-named replacement in a farewell
address Tuesday morning.”

    CLUE #2

Astrophysicist James McCanney revealed that his contacts among military
officers and professional astronomers have leaked to him that:
“a mini-solar system [comets swirling around a gravitational baby star]
is moving into our Solar System.”
and that,
  “You are on your own. Be prepared! . . . . This horde of incoming comets
and asteroids now threatens Earth.”

    CLUE #3

Only a fool would not realize that they are merely concealing the space
radar from the eyes of public scientists, so as to preempt asteroid threat
warnings that would panic the public.
It is well known that they merely
pretended that the Hubble Telescope had failed, and that they lied about
the Infrared Astronomical Satellite having failed, just as they lied in
stating that the radio transmissions from the Pioneer 10 space probe had
  This space fence shutdown strongly implies that they expect major
celestial bullets hurtling toward Earth. But let’s not prepare. We wouldn’t
want to disturb the economic house of cards.


(Interesting comment here because that is what Gordon Michael Scallion said – that the government would not say anything because it might destroy the economic system before the elite wanted it to – remember they horde their gold and silver for the “last days” – SCB)

    CLUE #4


“I received an automated email from Dr. Michelle Tuttle of the U.S.
Geological Survey; you know, the nation’s earthquake warning experts.
She wrote:

Due to the Government shutdown, my job has been terminated.
I no longer have email access, either.”


Thank you, shadow government. Now, not only have you kept us
blindfolded as to incoming asteroids, you have also ordered a black-out
of vital earthquake reports, now, at this critical juncture in Earth’s
ongoing trauma when earthquake frequency and intensity is beginning
to soar.

   CLUE #5

The former governor of Minnesota, a man of the people, has gotten into
the secret underground city of the treacherous ruling elite, and has filmed
the elite’s private army, who herein state:

  “We will do whatever it takes to shut out desperate Coloradoans from
seeking shelter here below; we will shoot to kill them, if necessary.”

Please click on the FULL Screen icon at the lower right corner.

    CLUE #6

Comet ISON’s debris is filmed striking Earth in many places:


And then this:

“Have seen several small meteors flying thru our skies, all moving west to east.

Sent from my iPhone”..


So then we got this comment on the blog, and it makes total sense – first San Francisco and then Norway as Augusto Perez said in his vision, evidently this message is from Norway:

“The problem in Norway will follow the California earthquake. The day after the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami a strange type of wave called a seiche wave came into the fjords of Norway and was visible to the local population. Somehow earthquakes in the Pacific cause seiche waves in Norway. http://www.livescience.com/38960-japan-earthquake-norway-seiche-wave.html

I can imagine a 9.7 causing one to be massive and killing Norwegians.”

So slowly all of this is coming together – and it makes little difference if all of this is Illuminati or direct from the Lord – but the numbers beginning to show up indicate that THE LORD HIMSELF is involved here, for example, the meteor in Ohio struck at exactly 11:33. Now if you know the numbers and how the LORD uses them, you know what that means!! For those who do not, 11 is the number of ruin and destruction, a process of disintegration, and 33 is the number of PROMISE.


To close, I once in a while get a wonderful letter that lets me know all of this effort is worth it:


“…I pray always the Lord’s hand be upon you to guide me in the way to go – I am very thankful the Lord directed me back to you. I know it sounds crazy but when I fell roller skating (I was with Lexi teaching her how), and broke 2 bones in my arm – I came to – I blacked out – the first thing that came to my mind was I remember being at your house and you said the Lord will do whatever is necessary to get someone’s attention – that day was the first time in all those years I had you in my mind, then I started to think about the things you had once taught and spoke about when I was at your house. I broke my arm in 2009 and I have been seeking and begging the Lord to open my eyes so I can see and understand. I know He has waited for me all these years, I will wait for Him!”

How supernatural it is, like the above incident, and that a young lady that sits in a church knowing something is very wrong and the Lord tells her to seek out Stewart Best because he knows the way. We have had any number of these events – all supporting only what the Lord has so plainly stated in His Word. All I have ever asked from anyone is to SEEK OUT THE LORD WITH ALL OF THEIR HEART, MIND AND STRENGTH, and that you are to believe the Bible, not me.  He will not leave you behind, He will not ever see you destroyed. He has openly declared that He wants none to perish, but that ALL come to repentance. When you are shown the LOVE OF GOD, which is so far above any human comprehension, then you know why He will do everything in His power to BRING YOU IN. Let Him do it.

It reminds me of a man who died and went to heaven and was told by Jesus that his time was not yet – to return and finish out what DARK/LIGHT, (which he had been researching), was teaching him, that it was CORRECT, and the WAY was correct, and that our OMEGA CODE documentary was “close” to correct in the timeline for Israel ,meaning that the 2017 END DATE was close, so we do not know if SOONER or LATER, but I suspect, for the Church anyway, SOONER, and not later.  Dark/Light is free and can be found at http://www.thelightgate.com – scroll down towards the bottom of the home page and you will find a link for it. Prove it wrong. Do not believe a word of it. Check it out against the Bible and a concordance.

The narrow way is a lonely road to travel, both into the pit and judgment, but you are not ever alone in it. You are actually being carried by God the Father and Jesus all the way in. It may seem you are all alone, and it will bring many a tear before it is over. But do not ever give up as you search out the truth of the Lord, and do not turn back, but set your face as flint and continue on. YOU WILL FIND JESUS, and when that event occurs IN TRUTH, you will find THE REAL JOY OF THE LORD and you will know what I was speaking about. DO NOT REFUSE THE ONE WHO SPEAKS TO YOU FROM HEAVEN. Do not frustrate the Lord’s grace and good will by refusing the strait gate and narrow way.

Do not believe the false preachers, teachers and evangelists out there – they are very deceived and deceiving others. That makes them liars and hell awaits them. Jesus did not speak of a STRAIT GATE and a NARROW WAY for nothing. He meant every word of it. Search Him out and you WILL FIND HIM. As He Himself said, SEEK, ASK, KNOCK, STRIVE AND LABOR FOR THE TRUTH. Do NOT believe anything I say, believe what THE LORD SAYS. Yes, the time is ever so short, but He will not leave you. NEVER EVER WILL HE LEAVE YOU!

And this just in on a possible California Quake, but the location of it is not stated, only that this is a MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE, and that it will happen VERY, VERY SOON. That was issued September 8th, 2013. If you add the numbers of the date this prophecy was given, 9+8+2+1+3 = 23. The number 23 is the number of DEATH in the Bible. If the quake should be the California quake on October 3, 2013, that is 1+3+2+1+3 = 10. The number 10 in the Bible means TESTIMONY, LAW AND RESPONSIBILITY. Interesting is it not? Time will tell, it always does!

“There is a Mighty Prophet sent to this generation, a true biblical prophet after the manner of Deuteronomy 13 and Deuteronomy 18, by the name of Dr. David Owuor. He has prophesied a major U.S. earthquake that will soon strike the U.S. His accuracy is 100%and well worth the time to investigate for oneself at http://www.repentandpreparetheway.org

I published an article about this earthquake and what it means for the U.S. church here at http://www.highwayofholiness.us


Love you all, you are the only fellowship I have except for a few who visit.  Love your comments. Take care, and don’t take any wooden nickels!!







As I reported on my last blog, there appears to be some INBOUND OBJECT or multiple objects that may have a whole lot to do with ISON and the DESTROYER. Just to remind everyone, here is an e-mail I received today from John:

 “Leaks are coming out all over the place . . . Professional astronomers and
military types are reporting that `a mini-solar system is moving into our
Solar System.’ ”

“JD: This means that a massive gravitational/magnetic dwarf star has
captured many thousands of space bodies in deep space, and this baby sun
is being gravitationally pulled into our Solar System by our own adult Sun’s
superior gravitational force field. As this celestial beehive cruises in, above
Earth’s orbital path, Earth will gravitationally suck in many of the celestial
bees (meteors and smaller bolide [bullet-like] boulders, etc.] swarming
within a radius of many millions of miles around their parent mini-sun,
this incoming dwarf star, which NASA has, for decades, called “Planet X.”

THE WASHINGTON POST frontpage: NASA Discovers the Long-Sought “Planet X”

In their 1983 WASHINGTON POST report, they tried to conceal the identity
of this dwarf star, captured within the outer bounds of our Sun’s
gravitational force field. They claimed, “We Don’t Know What It Is!”
However, earlier that same year, they emphatically declared that they knew
exactly what it was that they were launching their Infrared Astronomical
Satellite to find: They announced that they were seeking “Planet X.”
  NASA, we are not stupid. We know that earlier you announced your space
search for “Planet X,” even though you later feigned ignorance when you
found precisely what you had announced you were seeking.
THE NEW YORK TIMES: “Clues Get Warm in the Search for PLANET X”


I find it interesting that ISON began in Cancer and went through the BEEHIVE, and now we have a BEEHIVE of objects that are striking our planet. For every spiritual aspect of this, there appears to also be a physical astronomical aspect as well.


As I reported earlier, more and more fireballs, and large ones are being reported all over the world, at a rate much faster than usual. NOW WE ARE ALSO GETTING MORE impact events, even if small right now. Now we have a very convenient government shutdown and one result was this from a scientist:

“Due to the government shutdown, I will not have access to e-mail.  I will reply when we are allowed back to work.”

U.S. Geological Survey

 That seems to indicate that not a lot of information will be forthcoming now from many areas of the government. As church lady would say “How convenient…”

I am not saying all of this is related or connected, only that it could be. It seems to me that governments the world over have been preparing for something for many years now, and wanted everything basically completed by the end of 2012 if not sooner, and now we have Homeland Security busy as a bee attempting to get all things in place by TODAY for the most part on the East and West Coast. Then of course we have the “bots” “Global Coastal Event”.  If the U.S Government knows that an INBOUND is coming, why not shut down the government and get ready to go to the underground facilities they built with YOUR MONEY.

Now I do not know all of the nefarious plans of the elite, but it is clear there is an agenda here that seems to coincide with INBOUND OBJECTS, THE ARRIVAL OF THEIR “GODS” and the NEW WORLD ORDER. The Bible makes it very clear that though these RICH MEN attempt to build their “nests” in the stars, that is the moon and Mars, and under the sea or in the mountains; that the Lord is going to get them no matter where they hide. The question is, what are they hiding from? The Bible tells us it is the WRATH OF THE LAMB. It also tells us the RICH MEN gather together all of their treasures for THE LAST DAYS. These are gigantic clues that the ELITE KNOW WHEN THE “LAST DAYS” ARE UPON THEM and attempting to do whatever they can to ESCAPE” THE JUDGMENTS OF THE LORD. It is interesting to note that only those who are IN CHRIST are going to escape, and any other attempt is totally futile. 


How is it that apostate and all but atheistic RICH MEN KNOW when the last days have arrived, when the Church seems to be totally asleep to that concept? And if THESE RICH MEN KNOW WHAT IS COMING, then why is there so much doubt even among the so-called “remnant” Christians that we are coming into the time of the end? It is a question we might all want to ponder – because one of the greatest of all signs is the ACTIVITY OF THE RULERS AND AUTHORITIES.

For an example, Congress seems totally unconcerned about being in trillions of dollars of debt and continues to spend unabated, the Fed keeps printing more and more money as though there IS NO TOMORROW! Why? Well, it appears to be that they know they will never pay any of it back, and they KNOW that after the FIRST PASS of the DESTROYER, that everything is going to change. Why?

We have spoken before about the world’s largest embassy is the United States embassy in Iraq, not far from the ancient “TOWER OF BABEL”, where, it is said there was a STARGATE erected to allow portal entrance and exits of the “Gods”. I have said that it appears this will be the place for the ARRIVAL of the STAR GODS, the native Americans “Star Nation People”. It all ties directly into the approach of Planet-X and the arrival of the “gods” as planet-x swings by.

The arrival of the god’s is the apex of the strong delusion and the acceptance of Satan as the Creator. If you watch any TV programs like “Ancient Astronauts” and others like them on History Channel or other places, you will find a massive amount or propaganda spewing forth setting the human race up for this “arrival” and the acceptance of the fact that these “gods’ are our “creators”. The Bible says we will bow down and lick the boots of Satan, as it were, in honor of him. What a deception, what a delusion.  However, Satan knows it will work, because it worked before. Most ancient books you read talk about the Golden Age of the gods and how great it was. The Bible and the Book of Enoch speak of this DECEPTION OF THE FALLEN ONES AND THAT THEY WILL RETURN USING THE SAME DECEPTION. If it works, why change it?

As to the 9.7 quake just off the coast of San Francisco, we have no further news concerning it. As one person said in an e-mail, it “probably won’t happen” because as the message said, “we hear this stuff all the time and NOTHING HAPPENS”. However, my take is that it WILL HAPPEN, and very well could, on October 3rd or perhaps not on that date, but IT WILL COME TO PASS. I also got a very interesting comment posted on the blog concerning this:


“Hi Stewart, Isn’t it true that Jesus is to return to The Mount of Olives through The Golden Gate, and didn’t the Arabs cover the gate over and put a cemetery in front of the gate? I find it interesting that the earthquake that is being predicted is involving The Golden Gate Bridge, just a thought.”

Yes, Jesus will enter the Temple through the GOLDEN GATE, it is said,  and yes, the Moslem world did place a cemetery there to prevent it. It goes to show you how far and how deep the rebellion of mankind really is, and how weak our attempts are to deny the reality of Jesus Christ and His redemptive work upon the cross. I don’t think people really understand the depths of our rebellion and actual hatred we have for the real truth and the Creator Himself. That is why a strait gate and narrow way are required to escape this planet!!

In any event, it seems that when you combine all of these things together that we are about to enter a time of increasing “birth pangs’ AND wars and rumors of wars, the rise of digital identification, the move towards a cashless society, the technology to embed a chip of some form under the skin that we are here, and that is something the RICH MEN already know. Why don’t we?

It’s great to hear all of your comments, this is the way it should be for many minds and spirits can figure things out and bring more points of view on this most important subject.