I will first post this short bit from “BEFORE ITS NEWS” – it may or may not be important –

“An asteroid the size of the one that recently buzzed the Ural’s has been discovered moving in the direction of planet Earth and is now considered a potentially hazardous asteroid to the planet. The asteroid is between 15 and 20 meters in size and is only 11,000km away from the Earth. It is supposed to arrive within 24 hours and conspiracy theory forums are abuzz with rumors that the asteroid will strike the planet Earth. Dr. Bill Nye discusses that possibility in the video below in reference to the Ural’s asteroid this recent potentially hazardous asteroid that is headed our way now is similar to. “Eventually, an asteroid is going to hit Earth.” A new video report has also been added directly below.

The report from the observatory Russian

The observation system of dangerous objects around our planet, called ‘Master’, has just detected an asteroid whose diameter is between 15 and 20 meters. It is an object potentially hazardous to our planet as it is only 11,000 kilometers away. This was revealed a few hours ago Lipunov Vladimir, the Lomonosov. According to this, the space rock “is moving in the direction of the Earth ‘. They are not, however, provide additional details, except that its size is similar to the one that fell in the Urals in the month of February.”


Notice the date – around October 1st. Now no one is saying where this asteroid will hit us, or if it will miss us. But let’s just say that it did hit us, say in the Pacific, just offshore or something. Not to say it will, but that IF it did – could it be the thing that creates the 9.7 quake as part of a chain reaction to the hit. Now let’s also suppose that this asteroid was known about but because we cannot do anything about, the authorities have said nothing. Just supposing, that’s all.

Now then, I got this comment from our blog that adds to the mystery – and then a comment from scientist James McCanney concerning ISON and stuff evidently traveling along with Ison.

I have been given visions, and Words, that have come true. As a Christian living in CA., when I heard about this yesterday, I began to PRAY. I live in the East Nay Area. I asked God, for a sign. A specific sign, an earthquake, just a small one within the next 24hours, in my immediate area. At approximately 6:30 this morning, there was a small earthquake in Orinda, CA., my immediate area. So take that for what it may be worth. Either coincidence or an answer to ” Prayer”, and confirmation.”

So then is this POSSIBLE confirmation that the October 3 quake is for real? Now one visionary said that the warning was for 3 week in October, beginning October 3. Everyone seems to agree that it is the West Coast, even the bots and their “global Coastal Event”:

“Global Coastal Event”


“Up thrusting water will flood the coastal areas of the Pacific Ocean, as well as parts of the Atlantic Ocean by June 1, 2013. Again, our data, from the longer term set originating in 2003, has consistently held that a [plate rupture] will ‘participate’ in the global coastal event. It never has provided a ’cause’. The data would indeed support an extra terrestrial energy being the cause of the [plate rupture]. In the Farsight.org study of 2013, both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans are participating in the occurrences that the remote viewers perceived overtaking humanity in this year.”


Now obviously the June date was wrong, but is the event itself wrong? Usually the events themselves are correct, but not the timing of them. And then we have this:


Subject: Fwd: “Comet ISON Debris Hitting Earth Now (NASA Preparing)”&
Date: Sun, September 29, 2013 10:48 am


September 29, 2013 … ALERT … comet ISON recently turned GREEN showing it is connecting electrically with Mars as i predicted … this started on the 24th … standard science claims this is due to UV light from the sun … more fairy tale science … if that is the case there is UV light all over the solar system … why do some comets not show green at all and others are very green … they never explain such dichotomies (they do not have to since in the controlled press no one else gets to insert even a comment) … i predicted this brightening as the comet connects electrically with mars … heading for a close bypass on october 1st … more as this develops…”


And this:


“Huge Fireball Explosion Creates Power Outage in Yucatan, Mexico

Sunday evening, a weird sky phenomenon broke up the monotony of a small Maya Town as a huge object, thought to be a fireball, lit up the skies over the town of Ichmul in southern Yucatan at around 8:30 PM local time.

The falling object was accompanied by a strong thundering noise and a loud blast when it crashed onto the ground. The crash was followed by flashing blue hazes and a power outage. Than flames were observable until approximately 2 AM at the object’s landing site. The sky phenomenon was also observed in Saban, Quintana Roo, San Francisco, and Peto Chikindzonot township.”


There has been a tremendous UPTICK in reported fireballs all over the globe in the last few months. WHY? Are we moving into an area of space debris, or is Ison part of the DESTROYER and the resulting min-solar system with its space debris INBOUND NOW and the authorities know it? Your guess is as good as mind, but something is going on, of that there is no doubt.


And don’t let the quiet Sun fool you – Cycle 24 IS, it appears, the Cycle that will take world civilization down. Interesting how articles about the Sun are using words like weird, unusual, unprecedented, etc. and yet they dare say nothing is going to happen. How do they know that if the behavior of the Sun is so strange that it defies all scientific explanation?


Take care, heads up, and let’s pray NOTHING happens, but it will soon enough!! Love you guys, keep up the comments – interesting one here from Jerome:


“In early 2001, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), named three major scenarios as being among the most serious threats to the nation: (1) a major hurricane hitting New Orleans, (2) a terrorist attack in New York City, and (3) a large earthquake hitting San Francisco.”

There is overwhelming evidence that the first two “scenarios” were orchestrated by the insiders, which shows who will be behind the 3rd one also. An earthquake which destroys the Golden Gate bridge has also appeared in a few major movies as well, which also serves to show future events for those ‘in-the-know’. This is one of the reasons I left California several years ago. These events weren’t just possible scenarios…they’re part of an agenda being carried out. God’s using the evil ones of earth to chastise the world and fulfill his will, before they themselves come to ruin. I do hope we’re all wrong about this…but it can’t be put off forever…”




That’s the whole point- it cannot be put off forever – there comes a time when ALL the prophecies MUST and WILL come to pass. Though it tarry, it will come. But how long is the tarry? Anyhow, just thought you should know about this. Wondering, that’s all…





  1. Hi Stewart, Isn’t it true that Jesus is to return to The Mount of Olives through The Golden Gate, and didn’t the Arabs cover the gate over and put a cemetery in front of the gate? I find it interesting that the earthquake that is being predicted is involving The Golden Gate Bridge, just a thought.


  2. Hi Stewart, don’t know if this is true but isn’t Jesus suppose to enter into the Gate in Jerusalem on the mount of Olives, there is a Gate there a Golden Gate that was covered over by the Arabs and in front of the Gate is a cemetery I found it interesting that this Earthquake that is being predicted will have to do with the Golden Gate Bridge. Just a thought.
    Carol Harris-Goble


  3. so if the government shuts down oct. 1 no more comet ison pictures? nasa employees laid off ect… as the church lady said… how convenient!


  4. In the early hours of last Sunday 29/9, the words ‘May Day’ ‘May Day’ came to me in connection with October 1st. I remembered that is a distress signal for ships, as well as a pagan festival which was adopted as the annual holiday for the workers which spread through the nations. When I researched it, first up came the pagan origins of the celebration, beginning with the Druids and their celebration of the feast of Beltane. The feast day for them was the dividing line of the year which I found interesting. The distress signal ‘May Day’ came in to use through radio telephone as it corresponds to the French pronunciation of ‘m’aider’ meaning ‘help me’. On voice, the ‘XXX’ [urgent] equivalent is the word ‘Pan’ corresponding to the French “panne” meaning ‘mishap’ or ‘accident’. This may or may not mean anything, but there are key words in this that speak of the threshold of where we stand….even as to the pagan origins of the term, because the slaves serving these same ancient gods are very much involved in the unfolding events.


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