When we post something concerning the rapture of the Bride and mix it with true salvation doctrine, it becomes increasingly evident that the information is not readily accepted.

The world is walking rapidly into its LAST AND FINAL NIGHTMARE OF THIS AGE, from which it will not awake. America is doomed as Obama rises to power. His FEMA TERMINATION CAMPS ARE READY. Mankind has not changed, his heart is still wicked and evil. Look to history to find what is rapidly coming upon America.

We also know from Scripture that the vast majority of so-called Christians, most likely called  tares, will never repent and do not even know what the term actually means.They do not understand true Biblical repentance because one cannot understand it without being obedient to the commands of Christ to “enter in”.

The Book of Revelation, Chapters Two and Three, also known as the “Seven Letters to the Seven Churches”, all hold a giant clue as to WHO the folks in Matthew Seven that are sent away really are, and also point directly at WHO the tares really are in the parable of the sower.

The concept that true salvation actually requires something from a person is simply tossed aside as some form of “work” or “law keeping” or “legalism” in order for them to bypass the cross of Christ and to not  pick up their own cross.  The Bible says otherwise, for it uses the term “overcometh” in each letter to the Seven Churches. Here is the definition of the term overcometh, and read it carefully, and remember what Paul said to Timothy about FIGHTING THE FIGHT OF FAITH, and LAY HOLD OF ETERNAL LIFE. There is a real and very literal SPIRITUAL FIGHT, A WAR, as the person attempts to free themselves from the prison house of fallen mankind.

OVERCOMETH – Strong’s 3528


This term is used in all seven letters to the seven Churches. It was used to warn us of something, to tell us that indeed SATAN DOES rule over this planet and our spirits, which is why he is called the “prince and power of the air”. That means SPIRIT as well as atmosphere.  You have a mortal enemy that hates you with a passion you cannot fathom could even exist. Well, I hate to tell you this, BUT IT DOES EXIST, and you are the target, and unless you OBEY and DO what Jesus Christ commanded of you, well, you are in deep do-do as the saying goes. If you take the Bible seriously, and actually study this salvation doctrine out without any preconceived notions or bias, you are in for one rude awakening as to what is really going on here!!

Rev 2:7

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.

Rev 2:11

11 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches;

He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death.

Rev 2:17

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches;

To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna,

and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.

Rev 2:26

26 And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:

Rev 3:5

5 He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment;

and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life,

but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.

Rev 3:12-13

12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God,

and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.

13 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.


When I wrote Dark/Light it became apparent to me that the Lord did in fact tell us that if we wanted to be set free by the Son of Man and the Son of God that we had better begin to wake up to the seriousness of our fallen nature and our deep rebellion and our UNKNOWN hatred towards our TRUE creator. It is so far deeper and entrenched than anyone can fathom until you have walked the walk, been in the PIT, and sat there and waited for your redeemer AND THEN have the Lord come to you and show you the real nature of the problem. Jesus did not use terms like “hunger” and “thirst”, and “strive” or “labor” or “strait” and “narrow” for ther fun of it. He was attempting to tell us something.

When I write about this stuff it seems no one wants to really comment about it. Well, maybe that is a good thing, as Martha Stewart would say, because, well, maybe it causes them to examine themselves to see if they really be in the faith or not. We know most are not because they have been propagandized by Billy Graham theology to the point that they cannot and will not recognize the danger they are really in. Hence, when the real truth is told, it is rejected out of hand as being a lie and not worthy of consideration.

The Bible says the wicked will never understand. When we view the word “wicked” we think that could not apply to any of us, for we are not wicked, we are good people full of good deeds and good thoughts. However, I do remember Bob Dylan made a remark in one of his songs that if  “our thought dreams could be seen, they would put our heads in guillotines.” I think he was right.

The Book of Daniel is quite clear as to who the wicked really are, for if you cross compare that with what Jesus said to those He rejected it become clear that these “wicked” people are fallen creatures who rejected the way that Jesus came and offered to them, called “strait and narrow”, which we do not deserve whatsoever.  Grace has been perverted to such an extent that the vast majority of Christians now “frustrate” grace without even knowing it.

That offends people greatly. “What strait and narrow?” they ask, eyes rolling. “Jesus did it all for us, you bring another gospel, you bring another Christ. What cross must we pick up? Jesus did it all for us. What are you speaking of?”

It would not matter if you laid down a thousand verses of Scripture to prove the point, they would simply say you have taken it out of context and it “could not possibly mean that”, and on and on they go, on to be TERMINATED.  Arnold is not the only terminator here. There is another one!!

Nevertheless, I want no one’s blood on my hands, so I have for the last 30 years or so preached the TRUE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST, complete with all of those terms and conditions that He laid out for us to see, IF WE WANTED TO.  The salvation gospel of today has no “negative” things attached to it; it is all uplifting, positive, and all wonderful. No wonder we have MEGA-CHURCHES that pack the tares in by the millions. Having itching ears that are all turned unto fables.

I was invited to one of those mega-churches out in California by a friend and supporter of this ministry a long time ago. I was invited in the back to visit the pastor of this mega-monstrosity Church and visit with him.  He looked very frightened as he shook my hand. He could not get away fast enough. My friend said he had never seen such fear in the man’s eyes.  I walked away and knew why. Satan’s angels of light know who the enemy is of their fake gospel. His spirit KNEW who I was, even though I hardly said anything to him. As I said, he could not get away fast enough and I never saw him again, he excused himself and said he had to attend to other matters . Later I learned we were supposed to have lunch with him and his crew. That never happened, and as Martha Stewart would say, “it was a good thing”.

The AGE OF GRACE is closing very rapidly. We have posted a number of articles concerning the POSSIBILITY that it is closing faster than any of us recognized, but then again, perhaps not. Speculating is a fun thing, and speculations can wrong. But time will tell, as it always does. However, my advice to everyone out there is to become an OVERCOMER while the door of Grace is still open, otherwise it is TERMINATION TIME by BEHEADING and it will not be Arnold who puts your head in the slot, it will be ANTICHRIST and his minions.

Comments welcome and desired.




  1. “Are you aware ALL means EVERY SINGLE THING to include “MORAL EVIL, SIN” etc”

    “You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for you have created all things, and for your pleasure they are and were created.
    REV 4:11”

    My friend posted this on a social networking site. He is calvinist and believes God created sin…..What would you reply to a statement like this? and do you believe either Arminianism or Calvinism are true?


    • I always get caught up in between Calvinism and Arminianism. So much arguing, its not even like they care about Christ but what doctrine is right. What should i do?


    • I follow only the Bible and not what other people teach. Man has a free will, and this pre-destination concept is not based upon God selecting out, but rather, because of his FOREKNOWLEDGE OF WHAT EVERY PERSON WILL DO WITH THEIR FREE WILL CHOICE, i.e. “enter in” or not, that is what determines who is saved and who is not. The Lord says He wants ALL TO COME TO REPENTANCE, and that means THEY CAN but He also knows who will not. It s therefore not HIS CHOICE but theirs. When Christ was sent into the world, it DID in fact, PRE-DESTINATE EVERY SOUL BORN IN THE WORLD because He knew who would and who would not be obedient to his commands to enter in. Does that help?




  2. Stewart, I am currently a little over 500 pages into DarkLight and was telling a friend about it and she brought up Romans 10:9. I dont know if you address that verse further on in the book but I was wondering how that verse fits in with True Salvation Theology so I can understand it myself and explain it to others also if need be. Thank you.


    • The verse in question is this:
      Rom 10:9

      9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

      This certainly does sound very simple does it not? Just confess with your mouth and “believe” in your heart and you shall be saved. However, then how does one explain the multitudes sent away into eternal ruin in Matthew Chapter 7? They confessed with their mouth and they “believed” in their heart as well – but never were saved IN TRUTH. The issue is that which heart are we speaking of here? There is the “conscious” heart of the outer man, and there is the INNER HEART of the HIDDEN MAN. Conversion is done via the OUTER HEART, and REGENERATION is done by God in the INNER HEART. There is a huge difference between the two. The inner heart can only be reached via the strait gate and the narrow way, there is no other way, and what that boils down to is to SEARCH OUT CHRIST WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART, MIND, STRENGTH AND SOUL. Jesus used the terms “ask, seek, knock, strive, labor” and the term “overcometh” if one was successful in finding Him, which He said only a few would, not because they could not, but because they simply could not divorce themselves from the world to accomplish it. Rebirth is when you have Jesus come to you and He shows you what DIVINE LOVE IS. It is an experiential encounter, just as He said and John likewise is very specific about what this encounter is. It is the will of the Father that YOU SEE THE SON and BELIEVE UPON HIM. The key word there is SEE. Does that help?


      • Thank you for the reply Stewart and as much as I have read of DarkLight I do very much understand what you are saying and my personal journey is one thing but concerning Romans 10:9 itself and the fact that so many people rest on this verse alone I am still not satisfied about how to reconcile that verse with walking the narrow way etc. Can you tell me if there is something taken out of context with this verse or if there is a lost/hidden meaning from the original Greek? Thank you.


  3. Ephesians 2:8 KJV
    For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

    Ephesians 2:9 KJV
    Not of works, lest any man should boast.

    This is confirmed by the thief who hung with Jesus and received Him in the afternoon.

    Luke 23:43 KJV
    And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.

    Grace salvation is a simple concept. The pride of man complicates God’s simplicity.


    • What you just posted is totally false, and is shows the utter deception of Billy Grahams gospel. It is GRACE that brought you a STRAIT GATE and a NARROW WAY, and you deserve neither one. It is GRACE that gave you the opportunity to ENTER IN. No where in the Scripture can you show me that OBEDIENCE to the commands of Jesus Christ to ENTER INTO THE STRAIT GATE AND WALK THE NARROW WAY is any form of WORK, legalism or “law keeping”. The thief on the cross IS A PARABLE IN MOTION. In reality it teaches totally the strait gate, narrow way, guilt, meeting the redeemer face to faith and being pardoned, which is what all of this is about. Your gospel here is the same rot that all the modern day preachers bring to the world. Today;s faith is not faith at all, but an armchair faith, I believe therefore it is. TRUE BIBLICAL FAITH is totally different, which is why Jesus Christ warned you that true faith would be replaced by a false faith, a false concept that leads to TOTAL RUIN. If you refuse the commands of the Lord to ENTER IN, then you will be among the multitudes of POOR LOST CHRISTIANS, who stand before the Lord UTTERLY REJECTED in Matthew 7, because they refused to DO THE WILL OF THE FATHER. Look it up, but don’t post this trash here.

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      • I am surprised by your angered response. You misunderstand my post. I quoted scripture. Paul’s gospel, not Mr. Graham’s to be specific. The Matthew 7:14 straight gate and narrow way is true. It is the Word of God as surely as the verses I quoted above. It is the narrow way and gate that leads to Jesus and grace salvation. You are right, I do not deserve my Lord’s grace. None of us deserve it. By use of the word “deserve”, you cite a judicial standard. Grace is beyond justice. Justice is getting what you deserve, mercy is not getting what you deserve, and grace is getting what you do not deserve. So, you are right for the wrong reason. Nevertheless Jesus alone chooses to offer this unmerited favor for belief in His redemptive work on the cross, to all who, by faith, believe. I made no statement inferring a faith and works doctrine of salvation in this age. Quite the contrary ! As to the thief on the cross, to me the verses say that salvation is in Jesus and He alone is worthy to offer it. This example of salvation speaks simplicity. Apparently, whatever happened to the thief on the cross that day, he appears to have walked through the gate in the arms of Jesus. I, too, walked through the gate 42 years ago and live in the presence of my Lord and Savior, Jesus, with whom I walk and serve in spirit and truth. He alone is worthy. If this posts upsets your beliefs, I will exit the conversation, as you had requested.


      • The verses you used gave the total impression of a faith only gospel the very gospel of modern Christianity. Each verse you used implies that, and that alone. These same verses are used daily by today’s preachers. teachers and evangelists, but they never add in all of the other verses that explain what TRUE FAITH really is and how it works. There was nothing there about pick up your cross, die the death, sit in the pit, or any experiential encounter with the Lord and the revelation of DIVINE AGAPE. Therefore, what else could be concluded from the verses you chose to place there – all of which OMIT the real truth of the entire gospel, something by the way that Paul himself mentioned. Satan quotes Scripture and is an expert at it. Quoting scripture is easy – putting it together so you have the complete picture is obviously not, which is why millions upon millions of Christians stand before the Lord rejected, because they thought all of this was simple and easy and they were totally positive they were born again and going to heaven. Has Jesus shown you, by direct revelation, what Divine Agape really is? I sense a “belief” gospel here, but I hope I am wrong. This site is dedicated to the TRUE GOSPEL, not just a belief and faith gospel, and a strait gate and narrow way that kills you, takes you down to the pit of death, that makes you sit in the pit of death waiting for Jesus Christ to come and actually show you the real truth of salvation. I did not see any of that in what you quoted. This is not a site for debate in that sense. The verses you used are Billy Grahams gospel, to the exact letter.

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  4. Copyright 1935 “My Upmost for His Highest” Oswald Chambers page 10 Conversion is not Regeneration. This is one of the neglected factors in our preaching today.


  5. Page 178 Herbert Lockyer. “there is no New Testament doctrine so grossly misunderstood as the new birth” Stewart has been preaching the true gospel of salvation for over 25 years and because most Christians have no desire they are confused. But if you have desire, then God will give you understanding in all things!


  6. Copyright 1964 Herbert Lockyer “All the doctrines of the bible”. Page 177. A person cannot be regenerated without being converted, but he can be converted without being regenerated.


  7. shalom brother Stewert

    I do so enjoy reading your articles.. I excpecially love dufus dingle.. He is soooo funny!!! although most whom I have shared with dont like him.. BUT THEN THEY DONT LIKE THE REAL GOSPEL I dont lose sleep over there opinions.. Only what Yeshua says matters.. I truly understand have been in that pit you speak of.. Saw myself as the wretched wicked and with out any hope at all sinner that I was before Yeshua had mercy on me and set my feet upon a rock.. I wanted to ask you if you might fix the link to the testimony of the young lady who shares how she was born from above..the link has been broken for quite some time..
    thankyou for your labor of love.. I for one am appreciative of your labor..
    Agape love conquers all


  8. Hi,
    I am living in Canada. I really appreciate your Blog. I am always in hurry to get more. God Bless you. One point bother me, I really would like to know why you criticize other servants of the Lord like Billy Graham? The Church (body of Christ) is made of different ministries having different fonctions. From what I know from Billy Grahams, he spread the Gospel and bring many people to Jesus (Yeshua). The ministries are not mandated to convince and make the other ministries to accept there doctrines or point of views. It seems that each ministries is mandated by Christ. If some Ministries missed there mission, Christ will deal with them. Unless they do not spread apostasis, no need to intervain,,,,It is the affair of the Master who is Christ. However, among Christians, I observed a lack of unity and too much are not opened to listen and pay attention to what the others would like to share,… That may explain why the Bride is not ready,… Many miss the opportunity to grow by the contribution of each other,…

    Have a good day,


    • Billy Grahams salvation gospel is utterly false. I do not dispute the fact that the Lord has used him in a great way to spread the gospel, but it is not the TRUE GOSPEL, and that means he is one that both Christ and Peter warned about. Paul was happy that at least they PREACHED CHRIST, but not full story. We had a researcher do some research on several of Billy Grahams sermons and they were filled with hidden New Age concepts. Further he was, maybe still is, a Mason. Masonry is the enemy of Christ. He is leading the world astray, and he is participating in the greatest apostasy from the truth the world has ever seen. He is a false prophet according to the Bible, and we have all been told to watch out for the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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      • Stew,

        It’s a very scaring situation. How many Christian’s dénominations who spread the TRUE GOSPEL are in the list ? Is the BRIDE (CHURCH) ready for the coming months? On my own experience, except the Lightgateblogger, I do not know a single ministrie who have a global and complete comprehension of the scriptures. Is the MESSAHIA will come back for the rapture of only one hundred or one thousand persons ? Well, if the Bride is not ready, I expect that the comets, planets and stars will move slower than now, to give a chance,…
        Hope that a great number of Christians will take the narrow way and have a personnal relationship with YESHUA. Lets pray and fast ,…

        Thanks again,




      • Grahams theology on salvation is false, and he was a leader in it – many preachers back then came out against Grahams theology when he first introduced it as EASY SALVATION, and of course through the years has lead to the great apostasy from the faith – because if you have salvation wrong, you have other things wrong as well. That is why Peter and Christ warned you about this look alike gospel of salvation, that looks right, feels right. and on the surface appears to be correct, but it is not, it is a lie, and as Art has posted here, there is a huge difference between conversion and regeneration. Billy Graham ignores those differences and lead millions of Christians to eternal ruin, and almost all of the preachers, teachers and evangelists of today all bring the same false gospel. This of course leads to the GREAT APOSTASY, which has now been with us for quite sometime. These leaders and their followers are sent away as being “lawless” because the NEW LAW of Christ is “DIVINE AGAPE”. The NEW LAW of Christ cannot be fulfilled by anyone until they are reborn, for rebirth is what gives us divine agape in the first place. These Christians that stand before the Lord are CONVERTED but not REGENERATED Christians.


  9. Amen to all Linda has said. Along with the corrupted spirit we also inherited the lies of our ancestors just as israel did. Truth has been distorted, mixed with error, replaced with lies and deception or else as tradition. Believers who trusted in Aluehim’s Messiah were also taught that the torah of Moshe no longer applied because Messiah had fulfilled the law, but this is not true, Yahusho.said that not one ‘jot or tittle’ would pass from the law until all be fulfilled. The first believers kept all the feasts and appointed times but later the church changed that too. Messiah has fulfilled all the feasts except the fall/autumn feasts of Trumpets and Tabernacles, which will soon be fulfilled when he returns. Isaiah 66 teaches us that Sabbaths, ‘New’ Moons and Tabernacles will still be observed when He comes to reign.

    As Linda pointed out it’s not just once but many times in our walk with Father and Son that we are brought to repentance, as we see the depths and effects of our sins and wickedness against Him on others.

    The prophet micah says in 7:9 CJB
    I will endure ADONAI’s rage,
    because I sinned against Him;
    until He pleads my cause
    and judges in my favour.
    Then He will bring me out to the light,
    and I will see His justice.’

    The prophet Mica says

    The prophet Micah says in the CJB
    I will endure ADONAI’s rage,
    because I sinned against Him;
    until He pleads my cause
    and judges in my favour.
    Then He will bring me out to the light,
    and I will see His justice.’

    Jeremaiah also says…


  10. Stewart, when you say the age of grace is gonna end. does that mean i cannot be saved after it ends? What if i am walking through the narrow way when the age of grace ends?


    • I cannot fathom that the Lord will leave behind anyone who is being obedient to the commands of the Lord, because both His character and LOVE would go against such a concept. That is why, however, I said that one needs to examine themselves and get rid of any “baggage” that is in the way. I do not know exactly who the Tribulation saints really are, that is, are those left behind because they were Christians but refused to do what they were told or if they are “outsiders” who could not be considered “tares” or even part of the “church age”. Once the age of Grace is over and the door is shut, then everything changes from Grace back to Law. It was LAW before Christ and it will LAW after the Bride is gone. that is if the pre or close to tribulation rapture position is correct which I think is. I don’t know if that helps or not.


      • Ive came to a point in my search where i just don’t know where to look. Seems like i have searched and searched and everyday it keeps getting worse and am hungry for truth. I don’t even know where i am in my walk.


  11. Hello Mr. Best,
    I have read and am still reading your articles. I am trying to catch up to the amount of reading I must do. I am not commenting not to comment or because of anything else; it is just a lot of reading in unison with studying the bible. Don’t misunderstand me, I am grateful for what your ministry is giving. If it was not by the Lord bringing me to the ministry you do (with the borderlands tapes, poor lost christian and such), I would not try to seek after the truth. I just want to thank your ministry for the hardwork and dedication. May the Lord Jesus Christ be with the true seekers.


  12. Stewart you always stir my deep thoughts. I am sure that those that read this article, and disagree also have thoughts. To bad that some do not take the thoughts to heart. It is hard to overcome what the churches have taught us since youth. I know this was the hardest thing for me to do. I now can see the passages in the bible for what they really say. May the Lord continue to guide you to save as many that choose to be saved, before it is to late. Bless all you, and Cindy do to save us sinners.


  13. I agree with all that Linda implies…until the saints realize to bring about reality to the lost we have to see just how the enemy uses big events to hypnotize our youth and most times there is even black magic being poured on them….The Almighty spoke all into existence and sound is vibration…we must counter this culture against this type of music(satanic)see: —also O’ just said the Republicans have 3-days to shape up! For The Love of Christ–Pray Always! Buy the way this music festival started today-is 3 days long! ooohwee!


  14. I am a 74 year old woman living in Scotland and understand that the real problem with mankind is the corrupted spirit inherited from our human fathers and we can do nothing about it ourselves. No good works of any kind can change it, only God through His son our Saviour Jesus can do it. The road is narrow and difficult and the average person wants endless blessings without travelling down it. To try and bring understanding to them is hard but we should still try as God gives us the opportunity. To tell the average Christian they must endure to the end is not what they want to hear, endure is a word that implies a struggle with our rotten spirit and until we die God will continue to show us what we must change and is merciful to help us when we truly repent. I really look forward to you blog as it is always informative and gives plenty of things to think deeply about. Thank you.


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