In one of our last posts, we took a look at what Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars had to say about the plan of the rich men of the Earth to bring in a totally cashless, digital web based economic system. They outlined exactly what the NSA vacuum cleaner operations are really for, and how every shred of data is to be gathered, analyzed and then a PROFILE is made of everyone from that data to be used to “educate, dominate and control or execute”  the masses of the world. 

We then presented an article that came from England about how the government is transitioning over to a totally web based operation for all of their services. What they are doing over there is soon coming here. Tough, if you don’t have a computer, but oh well…

The bottom line is simple – POSITIVE ID ON LINEif you want any services whatsoever. No positive ID, then no service. Either go along to get along, or you are shut out of the system and perish. It is the apex of the system of mammon, and Jesus Christ told you could not serve both, you had to make up your mind. Most Americans have already decided to serve mammon – and they will go along with what is coming in a big, big way when the rubber hits the road and they need some food to eat, or a roof over their head, or some clothing to buy.

OK, so positive ID “on line” leads to POSITIVE ID everywhere – and you can see how the governments the world over are going with this – total and complete ID, leads to the MARK OF THE BEAST, and that controls the  total digital cashless economic system, which leads to total control over every aspect of your life. Satan is the great controller, and he wants total control over every aspect of a person’s life.

Remember what Silent Weapons said:


Eventually every individual element of the structure comes under computer controlthrough a knowledge of personal preferences, such knowledge guaranteed by computer association of consumer preferences (universal product code, UPC; zebra-striped pricing codes on packages) with identified consumers (identified via association with the use of a credit card and later

a permanent “tattooed” body number invisible under normal ambient illumination).



Why? Because THE MARK is actually the most positive way the government has to IDENTIFY YOU. Now in the movie “Demolition Man”, with Stallone and Snipes, if you remember, everyone HAD A MARK. In fact Snipes cut off someone’s hand to get into a facility, because the MARK was in the RIGHT hand. People really need to see how the movies are “conditioning” people to accept all of this. “LAWNMOWER MAN” and “LAWNMOWER MAN II” were all about how the ANTICHRIST WOULD RISE using the WWW SYSTEM of the World Wide Web. That is why www was chosen, so that people would be using 666 all the time and not even know it – remember Jesus said the antichrist system was a system of deception, not recognized for what it really was until it was too late.

Now what is interesting here is the WORLD WIDE WEB, known as www, which is, in reality 666. The same number of the Beast, the same number found in the GREAT SEAL of the United States!! Here is how it is embedded in our national symbol and the Roman numerals used at the base of that pyramid. You can see it on the one dollar bill:

MDC–CLX-XVI = 1776. But it also equals 666 and here is how they hid it:


Look at the Roman Numerals at the base of the pyramid. MDC–CLX-XVI = 1776. The occult uses the three sided pyramid to hide what is really going on, and they hide it well. Remember that the ancient Babylonian system was based upon 6. Our modern system is based upon 10. In other words, the FOUNDATION was a system of 6 and the TOP (modern Babylon, the “daughter” of ancient Babylon), is based upon 10. Therefore 600 ancient Babylonian dollars would be the same as 1000 modern Babylon dollars, etc. So the top of the pyramid, the CAPSTONE reads 1000, 100 and 10 or its equivalent 600, 60 (threescore) and 6. The foundations reads 600, 60 (threescore) and six as well. The Lord leaves nothing the chance, He has seen it all, and appears NOT to be to amused by any of this.

Here is what John said in Revelation:

Rev 13:18

18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.



Now then, “whose the man”? OUR PRESIDENT! He is the representative of the entire nation. At the final end of it, whoever is presiding over the nation in Daniel’s 70th week, “he is the man”. He is THE LITTLE HORN. Now, do you not find it odd that our great seal has the very same numbers in the very same sequence? Both top and bottom? Like perhaps John was NOT smoking pot while on a forced vacation? Just a coincidence, I suppose, like all of the other “coincidences” that we see appearing every day now. Now it should be noted that Daniel also gave us some BIG CLUES about the MARK OF ANTICHRIST as well, and the symbols “MYSTERY BABYLON” would use, which was a pyramid with rays of light coming out from behind it and an “eye” within the pyramid itself.

Dan 7:8

8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things.


Now if you will do a deep word study, you will find out that the word HORN is very interesting, for it means A PEAK OF A MOUNTAIN, RAYS OF LIGHT, and POWER.  If you go to the root word, it means TO SHOOT OUT HORNS (RAYS) OF LIGHT or TO SHINE. It means in essence to shoot out rays of light.


Now the peak of a mountain is a triangle, or a pyramid shape. Now it says that IN THIS HORN was and eye, in reality a singular eye because it is speaking of a singular person: LUCIFER, the shining one. Thus we have, from the Bible, a total and complete picture that points directly to the United States of Babylon’s GREAT SEAL, showing to entire world who she really is: BABYLON THE GREAT.



OK, so what does that have to do with Silent Weapons? EVERYTHING, for all of this is being perpetrated right here in good old (new) Babylon America – including the WEB, with its www or 666. Al Gore said he created the web, remember? Well, he might have actually distorted the truth a bit, but it was created here. Most people are not aware of it, but when you sign on and go anywhere on the web, with the www, you are using a 666. Here is why:


Do you begin to see the WOVEN SPIDERS WEB that Satan is weaving to entrap the human race into this WEB BASED DIGITAL MARK OF THE BEAST SYSTEM? Without the computer, it would not be possible. First we go from cash to credit cards, then we phase out credit cards in favor of debit cards, then we phase out all of that and go to a totally cashless society just as Silent Weapons said. Why? For total CONTROL!! Cash is a private thing, you can use cash to buy and sell and no one even knows about it. NOT SO WITH COMPUTER DIGITAL MONEY, every move is stored and recorded. Here is an interesting article from Israel that really tells it like it is. Read carefully, for this concept is going worldwide:

Will Israel be the World’s First ‘No Cash’ Society?

The government authorized establishment of a committee to examine ways to eliminate cash from the Israeli economy


By David Lev

First Publish: 9/17/2013, 9:38 PM

Israeli currency (illustrative)

Flash 90

“The government on Tuesday authorized establishment of a committee that will examine ways to eliminate cash from the Israeli economy – the better to prevent citizens from cheating on their taxes.The committee will be chaired by Harel Locker, director of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Cash is easily passed from individual to individual, and transactions using cash can take place without the tax man’s supervision. Not so electronic transactions; with modern computers, banks can keep tabs on how much people deposit into their accounts and how much they withdraw, while credit card companies have an up to the second record of how much people spend.

Members of the panel will include top staff from the Israel Police, the Tax Authority, the chairman of the Government Authority on Money Laundering and Terror, the Bank of Israel’s income and payments director, State Attorney’s office officials, and more.

According to many of these officials, cash is bad – because it allows individuals to get out of their tax payment responsibilities.Today, an enterprising tax collector cannot easily compare income and outflow. While he may suspect that a person living beyond his reported means is cheating on his taxes, there is no way to know for sure, without solid evidence. In a cashless economy, all records will be electronic, and checking who makes what and how much they owe in taxes – and collecting it before it gets to their account – will be a much simpler matter, the theory goes.

Officials in the Prime Minister’s Office declared that “around the world, it is recognized that cash is a key element of the illegal economy and money laundering. It allows a wide gap between reported and actual incomes, with the corresponding effect on tax revenues.” By eliminating cash, the PMO said, “it will be possible to expand the tax base, and prevent money laundering.” The committee will study the issue from all its perspectives and make recommendations, the PMO said.”

Now what is interesting here is that ISRAEL, which will in reality FALL UNDER ANTICHRIST and HIS SYSTEM is already gearing up for it. Remember that Israel of today is an Israel that bares no SPIRITUAL FRUIT, and it won’t until they say “Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord”, that is, they finally recognize who Jesus Christ really was and is!!!

Let’s go back to Silent Weapons to see how deceptive this whole thing WAS PLANNED TO BE, so people would fall into the trap:

“Diversion, the Primary Strategy”

“Experience has proven that the simplest method of securing a silent weapon and gaining control of the public is to keep the public undisciplined and ignorant of the basic system principles on the one hand, while keeping them confused, disorganized, and distracted with matters of no real importance on the other hand.


This is achieved by:

1.     disengaging their minds; sabotaging their mental activities; providing a low-quality program of public education in mathematics, logic, systems design and economics; and discouraging technical creativity.


2.     engaging their emotions, increasing their self-indulgence and their indulgence in emotional and physical activities, by:

§  unrelenting emotional affrontations and attacks (mental and emotional rape) by way of constant barrage of sex, violence, and wars in the media – especially the T.V. and the newspapers.

§  giving them what they desire – in excess – “junk food for thought” – and depriving them of what they really need.


3.     rewriting history and law and subjecting the public to the deviant creation, thus being able to shift their thinking from personal needs to highly fabricated outside priorities.

These preclude their interest in and discovery of the silent weapons of social automation technology.

The general rule is that there is a profit in confusion; the more confusion, the more profit. Therefore, the best approach is to create problems and then offer solutions.

Diversion Summary

Media: Keep the adult public attention diverted away from the real social issues, and captivated by matters of no real importance.

Schools: Keep the young public ignorant of real mathematics, real economics, real law, and real history.

Entertainment: Keep the public entertainment below a sixth-grade level.

Work: Keep the public busy, busy, busy, with no time to think; back on the farm with the other animals.


Consent, the Primary Victory


A silent weapon system operates upon data obtained from a docile public by legal (but not always lawful) force. Much information is made available to silent weapon systems programmers through the Internal Revenue Service. (See Studies in the Structure of the American Economy for an I.R.S. source list.)

This information consists of the enforced delivery of well-organized data contained in federal and state tax forms, collected, assembled, and submitted by slave labor provided by taxpayers and employers.

Furthermore, the number of such forms submitted to the I.R.S. is a useful indicator of public consent, an important factor in strategic decision making. Other data sources are given in the Short List of Inputs.

Consent Coefficients – numerical feedback indicating victory status. Psychological basis: When the government is able to collect tax and seize private property without just compensation, it is an indication that the public is ripe for surrender and is consenting to enslavement and legal encroachment.A good and easily quantified indicator of harvest time is the number of public citizens who pay income tax despite an obvious lack of reciprocal or honest service from the government.

So there you have it in a nutshell. The Bible tells you that the IRS is a total fraud and condemns the RICH MEN because of it. They have power now, but the end is close, and DOWN TO HELL THEY ALL GO. Here is what James says about the IRS, the collection arm of the Illuminati fraud system:

James 5:4-6

4 Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth.

5 Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter.

6 Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he doth not resist you.


But their fate is also well stated, not only in the Bible but in the Book of Enoch. They are found out, they are destroyed and they are taken to eternal hell fire, all for a “FISTFUL OF DOLLARS”. Does not sound to wise to me, but then Daniel tells us that the WICKED will NEVER UNDERSTAND, and only the WISE WILL UNDERSTAND. So are you wicked or wise?

Now then, if you are going to have TOTAL ID, the MARK is the only way to accomplish it in reality. So watch for these different biological systems to combine and form an all-inclusive DATA MARK that allows you to operate in the antichrist society. Here are just a few examples of what is going on:

First, from Tom Horns web site:

New Apple iPhone Pushes 666-System Biometrics ‘Into The Mainstream’
The next-generation smartphones Apple announced Tuesday contain a powerful new operating system and come in an array of snappy colours, but the most intriguing aspect for many tech watchers was the introduction of a fingerprint scanner. “It’s a huge leap forward for biometrics in the consumer market,” says Michelle Warren, president of Toronto-based tech analysis firm MW Research & Consulting. “It pushes biometrics into the mainstream.” The new iPhone 5S contains “Touch ID,” which reads the user’s fingerprint in order to unlock the phone. The sensor is situated on the home button at the bottom of the iPhone. Apple’s fingerprint sensor is based on the science of biometrics, which uses distinctive biological characteristics, such as a fingerprint or a retinal pattern, to authenticate a user’s ID.”

New Biometric Scanner Collects You Or Your Family’s Iris ID At A Distance
Claimed to be the first “Iris at a Distance” camera of its kind, the multi-modal biometric system – designed for use in airports, border control, immigration, law enforcement and various smart biometric ID card applications including drivers licenses and national ID – can capture, verify and enrol iris and face at a distance of approximately 1 metre with its auto-zoom and auto-focus features. The IrisAccess iCAM is said to be ideal for enrolment and authentication in any industry that can benefit from a biometric boost in access control or identity document creation. An intuitive and easy to use interface with real-time visual feedback allows for even very occasional users of the technology to successfully implement this contactless biometric solution.”


Biometrics more common now, but what about privacy issues?

Monday, September 16, 2013

“LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Imagine using a scan of your eye to open a door or your fingerprint to buy something. It’s not futuristic, it’s reality. Retinal scans and fingerprint identifications are being rolled out everywhere from gyms to hospitals to, most recently, your iPhone.

These sophisticated biometric security devices work by measuring things that are unique to you, like your fingerprint, your voice, your face, and even your retina.

Last week, Apple announced its new iPhone 5S would use fingerprint scanning to unlock the phone and even to make purchases. But amid the excitement, came serious questions about privacy.”


Say Goodbye to the Password

New technology aims to offer security that is more convenient and more effective


“Here’s the fundamental problem with passwords: They are most effective in protecting a company when they are long, complicated and changed frequently. In other words, when employees are least likely to remember them.

Google Director of Security Engineering Mayank Upadhyay, FIDO Alliance President Michael Barrett and Gartner Research Director Eric Ahlm discuss the end of passwords as we know them.”


And this:


We’ll be uploading our entire MINDS to computers by 2045 and our bodies will be replaced by machines within 90 years, Google expert claims

  • Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google, believes we will be able to upload our entire brains to computers within the next 32 years – an event known as singularity
  • Our ‘fragile’ human body parts will be replaced by machines by the turn of the century
  • And if these predictions comes true, it could make humans immortal



All of this appears to fulfill the prophecies of the “Golem”. I will get into that someday if the Lord allows, for the Israeli prophecy of the Golem appears to be THE COMPUTER AND WORLD WIDE WEB. Reminds me of “Lawnmower Man”. Think how easy it will be the Lord to demolish their entire system, like a solar CME, or EMP attack, or a POLE SHIFT, or perhaps the entire planet will implode into its own SINK HOLE.Wow, that would be something to watch, that is, if you’re on the moon!!

And so it goes – and while all of this is going on, MORE warnings of SOMETHING COMING OUR WAY, and it appears to be something VERY BIG. Will cover that in our next BLOG!! As usual comments welcome and desired, so I don’t start to think I’m writing letters to myself…





  1. I’m reading. Depressing even if one hopes to be with Jesus, to think of the coming suffering and that of those who do not know the Lord. When, as you say, pastors mislead their flocks, why does not God intervene and warn the persons? Of course God did intervene and warned me more than once to get out of Dodge (a church). So I am grateful that he cared that much for me.


    • Mariel, never lose hope. Even though most of the shepherds have failed miserably…having been greatly deceived…the Lord is full of mercy! For those who are searching diligently for the Lord He WILL reward. While the pastors are filling their pockets by making merchandise of their flock primarily by means of tithes and offerings, the Lord has been personally searching out His sheep. According to the Lord His pastors haven’t been doing that. They haven’t been feeding His flock…ONLY themselves, exactly as Ezek 34:8 and Jude 1:12 says.

      No pastor ever sought me, not any from his flock. It was the Holy Spirit who drew me to the Lord. This is what the Lord has been doing during this time period….so rejoice in this…that He has sought you out! He has (personally) called you out of darkness into His marvelous light!

      “Therefore, O ye shepherds, hear the word of the LORD; Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against the shepherds; and I will require my flock at their hand, and cause them to cease from feeding the flock; neither shall the shepherds feed themselves any more; for I will deliver my flock from their mouth, that they may not be meat for them. For thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I, even I, will both search my sheep, and seek them out. As a shepherd seeketh out his flock in the day that he is among his sheep that are scattered; so will I seek out my sheep, and will deliver them out of all places where they have been scattered in the cloudy and dark day.” Ezek 34:9-12

      We’re nearing the dark and cloudy day, and the Lord is seeking those who will follow Him. While the coming suffering will be full of lamentations, always remember to be of good cheer for He has overcome the world. And as for those who do not know God…well, study that verse in 2Thes 1:8 a little more carefully. The false prophets have twisted that one also, probably to lay some heavy guilt trips on their flock. The verse isn’t referring to people who never heard of Jesus. It’s referring to ‘believers’ who profess to know God, but they deny Him in works (Tit 1:16). They DO believe, but their works are evil, and thus they’re called ‘workers of iniquity’. If they truly KNEW Him they would be doing the works of Him who called them….but they do not. Instead they walk in the way of Cain. These are the people Paul warned about for years (through many tears) because these ‘so-called’ believers APPEARED to be followers but were not, and many people just couldn’t comprehend what Paul was saying (Phil 3:18). He called them the ‘enemies of Christ’. These are the tares. These are those who ‘come in His name’ but their works are evil. Check out Pro 30:9, Ps 139:20, Mt 24:6, Mk 13:6, and Lk 21:8. And be sure to keep the faith!


  2. Great article! In regards to the mark of the beast, what I find most amazing is the number of pastors telling their flock that they’ll still be saved even if they take the mark, which totally contradicts Rev 14:9-11. The pastors who are spewing forth these lies are not only damning their own souls to hell, but they’re taking their whole flock with them, thus fulfilling Eze 22:27, Jer 12:10, and Jer 50:6. I pray that nobody reading this reply believes these selfish greedy LYING wolves, who are only seeking to pacify their flock into hearing emotionally ‘feel good’ news rather than speaking the truth. As a result, just that one thing in of itself will lead many to perdition, and fulfill the following verses:

    “The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof? Jer 5:31

    “Thus saith the LORD of hosts, Hearken not unto the words of the prophets that prophesy unto you: they make you vain: they speak a vision of their own heart, and not out of the mouth of the LORD. They say still unto them that despise me, The LORD hath said, Ye shall have peace; and they say unto every one that walketh after the imagination of his own heart, No evil shall come upon you.” Jer 23:16-17

    Yes, the false prophets are telling their flock that NO EVIL SHALL COME UPON YOU. They say, “Brother John and Sister Susan, you and all your children are all going to be raptured! So you have no need to worry. Jesus will protect you all.” He then tells them to be rapture ready…whatever the hell that means?! I bet their pastor doesn’t really have a clue on how to prepare.

    I pray the Lord Jesus fill these wicked men with WORMWOOD in due time, for they DESTROY souls because of their LIES, deceptions, and vain imaginations. And people believe these men……men who are DESTITUTE of the TRUTH, having corrupt minds. Surely none of them will receive their expectation (eternal life and even salvation).

    The scriptures make it perfectly clear that the MAJORITY of those who call themselves ‘Christian’ leaders are deceived….and so are their followers. (Mt 24:11, Mt 24:5)
    EVERY SINGLE TELE-EVANGELIST who speaks on the TV are ALL false prophets, for they ALL adhere to a FALSE COUNTERFEIT gospel that was introduced by 33rd degree Freemason Billy Graham. Can’t anyone even understand the simplest of Bible verses???

    “Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.” Lk 6:26

    Was not Billy Graham on the front cover of Time magazine? Is he not one of (if not the most) liked evangelist/preachers of today? Wake up! Do you think that if Jesus were alive today that HE would be on the front cover of Time magazine?!!!

    I say to all, that Billy Graham is in all likelihood the greatest FALSE PROPHET in modern times, and has destroyed most of what we know today as Christendom with his COUNTERFEIT gospel. I say this, because unless you FIRST know that we’re in a time of massive deception, and that this has originated from the leaders of the church as mentioned in 2 Tim 4:3-4, then you’ll never understand anything else that Jesus and the Apostles had been warning His people about. As Stewart would say, keep drinking your Kool-Aid.

    Look up the word ‘teacher’ from 2 Tim 4:3. It’s referencing all those SEMINARIES, BIBLE COLLEGES, those place where man teaches man the gospel, and NOT by the Holy Spirit!!! Anybody (and I mean anybody) can get ‘head knowledge’ of the Word of God and make a huge business out of it. And MANY have done just that. Only those who learn from the Holy Spirit will be able to teach the TRUTH….and that comes by hearing the Word of God and DOING IT, not by parroting from memory what some Seminarian taught in Bible College.

    Think about it….REALLY think about it….for the place you ultimately find yourself WILL depend upon it. And if you think I’m angry, I bet the Lord is angrier yet…for He’s angry with the wicked EVERY DAY (Ps 7:11). Brethren, please do NOT be deceived.


  3. re the beast. nathan leal of ‘the watchman’s cry’ says that the beast is not human but a system [rev 13;1]….the 7 heads are 7 continents segmented in to 10 regions. in rev 17;9 the 7 heads are 7 mountains on which the woman sits and the woman is the great city babel/new york [rev 17;18] whom the 10 horns hate and destroy in rev 17;16.
    he suggests that rev13;3 is one region /area mortally wounded and healed. verse 14 says the false religious beast which was wounded by the sword and lived suggesting that war causes the mortal head wound. nathan’s prophetic dreams which have been fulfilled almost picture perfect are well worth checking out on his blog.


    • All the “beasts” are made up of people who forge their national systems. Therefore I cannot agree with that. The system itself does however take on a form of its own, but it is still human and run by the nations leaders and the one HUMAN that is the President, King or Ruler, so yes it is human. As to rest of it, we have been saying the same thing for over 25 years, but I am glad to see people are finally catching on as to what is really going on. The 10 regions are the Club of Rome bio regions, and the UN is the central authority. The UN is in the GREAT CITY BABYLON, and is the modern tower of Babel. As it was, so shall it be.


      • thanks stewart. i hope i didn’t quote him inaccurately…..nathan mentioned a leader….i’m going to listen to pt 2 now

        also sorry if i have been hard to understand because i haven’t used question marks, capitals etc, as i currently have a broken arm.

        in my first message with the question asking if the elite who seem to know and be preparing for the grid to go down, how can the plan for everything to be digital work

        just trying to enter debate, not be negative


  4. awesome how you keep up with all this stewart as it is sure being rolled out fast
    a question about the cashless system….if ‘they’ are afraid of a solar flare or such taking out the grid, how can ‘they’ guarantee its success
    i’m looking forward to what you have on the ‘golem’…methinks i have a little book on it somewhere which i’ve not read


  5. ASTOUNDING ARTICLE! I would say that it points also to the Nebuchadnetzar Statue, where Nebuchadnetzar was the KING OF BABYLON in ancient time. Now, why the Bible will tell us about this «vision» if it is not for giving us some great hints about from where the Antichrist will come ? So, we can consider Obama as the King of «Babylon the Great» which is the USA. Now, people have to explain me why Saturn, the Satan’s planet, obey to every moves done by Obama even since he was senator in 2006 ? On every Saturn’s retrograde motions, Obama make a historical move ! And this has never missed one time ! And there is more, people have to tell me why the false prophet Francis and even Benedict XVI have been synchronized with Saturn’s retrograde motions as well. Why is Comet PAnstarrs totally coinciding with the coming of the last pope ? If these are not sign in heaven, someone has to tell me what it is ! And there is far more … I am talking here of the four Horse of the Apocalypse, they are all there, moving in the sky. The White, the Black, the Red and the Pale !

    The black will fulfilled Bible prophecies on the first of March 2014, and I am talking here of a VERY VERY PRECISE ASTRONOMICAL OCCURENCE. Now, is this why they USED A BLACK HORSE A THEIR LOGO TO ANNOUNCE THE G20 MEETING ?? Who knows ?

    Stewart, it is always a great benediction to read you brother, continue the good working …!


  6. No Stewart, you are not writing a letter to yourself. I find what you are blogging very informative..

    It really is not necessary to enter www . One can just enter where you wish to go, and depress enter.


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