Strange sights in the heavens – another major sign?

What exactly is Ison? Is it a comet with companions or something else entirely? I mean, really something else entirely?

Let’s take a look at some pictures that have surfaced concerning Ison, and remember this is called the Hanukkah and Christmas Comet, and is coming by us with interesting timing to say the least:


You can now see a “bulge” just below the main, or leading comet head, thus we know that Ison may have already broken up – but will it be a big dud or is something else going on? It appears that Ison has THREE main parts to it, which is a very interesting number in view of the fact it is called the Christmas Comet, that is, THE FATHER, THE SON, and the HOLY GHOST!! Is this comet now telling mankind to get ready, for the TRINITY is real and that a RETURN OF THE “I, THE SON” IS CLOSE AT HAND?




This “companion” concept for Ison has been confirmed:

UPDATE: COMET LOVEJOY HAS A COMPANION: “Comet Lovejoy has a friend!” reports Karl Battams. This is not surprising. SOHO’s Kreutz-group comets are very ‘clumpy,’ for want of a better word. We frequently see them arrive in pairs or sometimes trios, and the big bright ones in particular will often have a little companion comet.””


And then of course we have heard about the DESTROYER and that some pictures are emerging concerning the SECOND SUN and its attendant  planetary system – sort of like a wedding party or something. Here are some screen captures of purported sightings of this second Sun, and they appear to be authentic, but I have gone outside with welder’s glass and can only see one great  “ball o’ fire” and no “balls of fire” just yet – but the Bible says we will see it, and the Book of Kolbrin says we will see it as well!!! Below is a screen capture that clearly shows a very bright object peaking out from behind the Sun, a screen capture from a new presentation at yousa. com. Check this out:


TWO SUNS? Are these TWO SUNS going to be introduced to us by Ison? Is Ison a companion comet that is slowly breaking up? Time will tell us more as we journey into the fall.

And remember that TWO suns IS VERY IMPORTANT to the occult forces that run this planet for now. The movie “2010 The Year We Make Contact” was a new age presentation that the SECOND SUN (Jupiter turned into a star), brought PEACE to the planet. Remember this:


So are we there yet? It appears we are real, real close to all sorts of STRANGE SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS. All converging upon 2014-2017. Coincidence? You decide.