When I was little, and the youngest of three, my middle brother would taunt me with a song he made up, and it went like this:

“I was walking down the road, and I met a little runty,

And I asked what his name was, and he said little Steweee”

Well, I heard that song more times than I can count or want to remember but you know, there are advantages to being the runt of the litter. For one, no one takes you seriously, even though you may be telling some extremely serious truth. No one pays any attention to what you say, because, after all, you are the runt of the litter, and everyone knows that the runts are senile and should actually be done away with. Well, you know that sets one free totally, because you can tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and everyone laughs and points their finger at you – but their blood is not on your head, because you told them.

I had a pilot friend some time ago who had the knack of telling executives off, even the CEO and then laugh in their face – so they always took it as a joke; as jesting, when in fact he meant every word. Well, THE ARE WE THERE YET series is like that – but it ain’t no joke, it is deadly serious. Even if the runt of the litter is telling you…




“Fog is so thick, may have to pull over and stop – dark too, you know how that spiritual darkness settles in over an entire nation, even the whole world? Well part of that spiritual darkness is not knowing who your nation is in prophecy. Like the American people and their Christian leaders cannot fathom who they really are in prophecy. Or what true salvation really is. It’s all part of the great apostasy, of falling away from the real truth of My Word…”

“Yes Papa”

“So when you tell them and point out all of the parameters to them, they will call you all sorts of names, mock you and lie about you because they cannot fathom what you are saying. It’s far easier for them to destroy you and what you tell them than it is for them to admit they have been wrong, or even to look it up for themselves and find the truth that American is indeed Babylon the Great and that New York City is the GREAT CITY BABYLON and that the United Nations is the modern Tower of Babel. A repeat of how it was in the days of Noah, just modern, but the pattern is the same, the concepts are the same, the direction is the same…”

“Yes Papa, but it’s hard sometimes when you are attempting to warn them to try to save them, and they will not listen at all…”

“Well, you told them, so their blood is not on your hands, it’s on theirs…”


“Like I said, watch the signs…”


Congressmen: NSA Spying “Illegal”, Subject to Abuse Like the Star Chamber…

Posted on July 21, 2013 by WashingtonsBlog

Compare NSA Spying to the Inquisition

“McClatchy reports:

[John] Conyers, the [House Intelligence] committee’s top Democrat, noted that the Fourth Amendment protects Americans from unreasonable search and seizure. “You’ve already violated the law as far as I am concerned,” Conyers said [to the NSA executives]”.

Who cares if it is not legal? Since when has the government actually obeyed the letter of the law? Besides, the prophecy against America-Babylon as a LAWLESS NATION and in fact the leading LAWLESS NATION, with a LAWLESS GROUP OF LEADERS is coming to pass exactly as written. Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel, how could have known all of this?

Or this:


American churches begin to focus on security – ‘Sheepdog’ seminar leaders say 440 violently killed on faith-based properties since 1999

You a Christian? You are fair game, not only for people who just don’t happen to like you, but also for town and village leaders, county leaders, state leaders, federal leaders and UN leaders who also don’t like you very much. Part of prophecy for those who don’t believe in such things!!.

Or maybe this:

FAA warns Colorado town that shooting down drones could lead to prosecution

Saturday, July 20, 2013

By Paul Martin

by Tom Sullivan
Sat, 2013-07-20

“On the heels of a Colorado town’s announcement that it was floating the idea of legalized drone hunting, the Federal Aviation Administration has warned that the practice could result in prosecution and fines.”

Well, here is another prophecy coming true in America-Babylon, with that ruler against ruler and authority against authority!! How can you have over 140 parameters that have been or are being fulfilled right under our noses before people catch on as to who we really are? Like our NATIONAL SEAL that has the number 600, 60 and six built right into it? Or the pyramid with the all seeing-eye, just as Daniel told us the leading antichrist nation would have?


Inside Google HQ: What does the future hold for the company whose visionary plans include implanting a chip in our brains?

Just what we need, right? And who programs the chips that they put into our pea-brains? You have three guesses and the first two don’t count!!

And then this:


“For Immediate Release

ContactPaul Murphy, Utah Attorney General’s Office:(801)

Attorney General John Swallow will defend a new state law that prohibits federal land management officers from acting as state and local law enforcement officers.  The United States filed a lawsuit against the state of Utah today attempting to block HB 155, the Federal Law Enforcement Amendments bill, from going into effect.”

Things are heating up it seems. Not long now before this gets real serious, what with the Fed’s attempting a total power grab over every aspect of life? Seems like the USA is headed for a total INTERNAL INFERNO IMPLOSION. Great for our enemies, for prophecy says that when that happens in America-BABYLON the enemies of America (now world-wide), decide that is the time for us to be taken out, and guess what? They actually do it, and arrogant America is laid low in the dust.

And then this

New name for TSA: totally sinister agency

TSA Expands Searches From Airports to Everywhere

TSA is the new Fascist Gestapo, the new SS under Homeland Security. Only problem is, when you turn your back upon your creator, when you begin to kill your own people, then the Creator takes another look and trouble begins, BIG TIME. It is called THE CURSE. Look it up in Deuteronomy 28. Interesting read, I might add. Just another sign for the last days of America – the rise of the police state. But I keep forgetting, AMERICA IS NOT IN PROPHECY. IN FACT, GOD IS SO BLIND THAT HE CANNOT SEE AT ALL THE GREATEST NATION THE WORLD HAS EVEN SEEN, AND ONLY NATION THAT HAS BEEN PROTECTING ISRAEL ALL OF THESE YEARS. And we might say, the nation that rose up exactly as the prophecies said that Babylon the Great would for the latter days!!! I think all of these parameters and prophecies must just be coincidental, but oddly enough, I don’t see any other nation on Earth that even comes close to fulfilling these prophecies…

And then this:

Days Of Lot Rapidly Unfolds As Queen Of England Joins U.S. Trend, Approves Nation-Wide Gay Marriage

“Britain on Wednesday legalized gay marriage after Queen Elizabeth II gave her royal stamp of approval, clearing the way for the first same-sex weddings next summer.” 

Was a time when the word “gay” meant to be happy. Interesting to watch reversals of language and the rise of Orwellian Doublespeak – sort of the language lawyers use a lot, you know, keeps them employed and you poor – sort of like the medical profession. But then again, this is a major prophetic sign…

And then this from Tom Horn’s website:

One Hell Of A Deal: Pope Francis Offers Reduced Time In Purgatory For Catholics That Follow Him On Twitter

Well, one of the big signs was apostasy run wild. Last time I checked, I found nothing in the Bible about Purgatory. But then again, maybe life here on Earth IS purgatory!!!

Poll: 34% of Americans Say First Amendment Too Extreme

Thursday, July 18, 2013

By Paul Martin

“44% also favor the government forcing journalists to give up their news sources.

Kit Daniels
July 18, 2013

A recent national poll shows that 34% of Americans believe the First Amendment “goes too far in the rights it guarantees.”

The Newseum Institute’s First Amendment Center, based at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, conducted the national survey of 1,006 American adults in May.”

You know, I think that Obama, Homeland Security, the FBI, NSA and CIA all agree this to be true. Not only true, but why wait for Congress to do something, let’s just restrict those rights right now, because, as you can see, many Americans agree!!!


And then this from Natural News:

Now, a new book by Trevor Aaronson lays bare the disturbingly high level of fabrication of “terrorism cases” by the government’s top domestic law enforcement agency. His tome, appropriately titled, The Terrorist Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terror, provides ample details into the FBI’s seedy, shady business of self-justification as the country’s top anti-terrorism force. Per

In the dozen years since the 9/11 attacks, we’ve watched as a classified new legal regime for government surveillance has been hashed out, local police forces have become heavily armed military-type units and a whole new layer of bureaucracy has hatched to provide us with an abundance of “homeland security.”

Just 1 percent of FBI terrorist cases are real plots

In an interview with AlterNet Radio, when asked if the FBI’s anti-terror operations were saving American lives, as the bureau itself has crowed, he essentially said it depends on how you define a legitimate anti-terrorism operation.

“I’d say that the majority of the foiled attacks that they cite are really only foiled attacks because the FBI made the attack possible, and most of the people who are caught in these so-called foiled attacks are caught through sting operations that use either an undercover FBI agent or informant posing as some sort of Al-Qaeda operative,” Anderson said.”

So it appears that out own government cooks up all of these “terror plots”, then goes out and entraps some poor soul to do it, gives him/her the equipment needed, then sets the “attack” up on a certain date, and then arrests the “perpetrators”. How can you lose with such an operation? But of course, you know, the FBI is keeping us poor insecure Americans totally safe, except for of course 9-11 and the Boston thing which now appears was engineered as well.  

The Welfare States of America: Government food aid recipients now outnumber full-time private sector workers

Friday, July 19, 2013

By Paul Martin

by: Ethan A. Huff
Friday, July 19, 2013

“For the first time in history, the number of people in the United States receiving assistance from the federal government to pay for food has exceeded the number of full-time, private sector workers, according to new data released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Based on the latest available figures, the overall number of food welfare recipients today exceeds the number of regular working folks by nearly four million, and the gap is continuing to widen.”

But of course you know, because Obama and his minions have told you so, and over and over, that the economy is growing, more and more people are working, and America is totally recovering. Is something wrong with their statements?

Are we there yet?

Congressman: Benghazi Survivors Forced to Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements

10:33 AM, Jul 18, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER

“Congressman Frank Wolf, a Republican from Virginia, said today on the House floor that survivors of the Benghazi terror attack have been forced to sign non-disclosure agreements:

“On Tuesday I raised the question of why none of the Benghazi survivors, whether State Department, CIA, or private security contract employees have testified publicly before Congress,” said Wolf.”

I wonder why that is? Do you suppose that something ELSE was going on over there that we, the American taxpayers are not supposed to know about? Could it be? Is it possible?

And then this:

USDA Grants $149,074 to Study Food Shopping Patterns with GPS

July 18, 2013 – 10:50 AM

By Eric Scheiner

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  This Jan. 29, 2012 photo, shows signage promoting breakfast is at a Wendy’s restaurant in Culver City, Calif. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

“( – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has awarded a $149,074 grant to study food shopping patterns that may form the basis of future shopping “interventions.”

The USDA award went to the University of Kentucky in April for the study titled, “Adolescent and Parent Food Activity Patterns as Drivers of Food Choice and Behaviors.”

So now where you shop and what you buy goes into the vacuum cleaner of the NSA. Round and round it goes, and where it stops nobody knows – unless you have studied your Bible, then you know, and well, then you know to much and are an “enemy of the state”.

Last but by no means least:

Tu B’av is a little known Feast Day that is the last Jewish feast of the year 2013 – tomorrow, 7-22-2013 at the full moon.

Tu B’av is formally known as the day of love. Tu B’av is an ancient holiday with deep roots. The holiday was celebrated in ancient times as a matchmaking holiday. Like the Hebrew language, Tu B’av underwent a period of under celebration in which the holiday was virtually unnoticed and never practiced. However, the holiday has been revamped and reinterated into the Jewish culture since the establishment of Israel as a state.

Tu B’av is celebrated on the 14th or 15th day of av. Initially, Tu B’av was more than a romantic holiday. It was celebrated to mark reconciliation for the 10 sins of spies. In ancient Judaism, Tu B’av was a joyous time of year and was celebrated with women dancing in vineyards to proclaim restoration in God and forgiveness for sins. Also, Tu B’av also marks the end of the planting season for grapes, trees and crops.

Tu B’av is similar to Valentine’s Day in the sense that young couples are encouraged to seek mates. According to the Talmud, the central text in Judaism, women are encouraged to wear borrowed white clothes on Tu B’av in order to disguise wealth that can be seen in fancy or dramatic clothing. A man is encouraged to choose a mate not because of her beauty alone. The Talmud states that physical beauty is empty yet a God fearing woman is to be praised.

Not only is the Tu B’av a day of love but it is also a celebration of historical events including the end of the desert generation, the permission of intermarriage among the tribes of Israel, the restoration of the Tribe of Benjamin, and the end of Jeroboam’s blockage against Jerusalem. Moreover, Tu B’av also marks the end of the Jewish holidays. Tisha B’av highlights three weeks of sorrow. Tu B’av occurs one week after Tisha B’av. Tu B’av is the last holiday on the Jewish calendar and is a metaphorical transition from sadness to joy.


The last time I read up on that sort of thing, I remember the Lord saying something about being bidden to a wedding, you know, a sort of love day, you know, the lowest room, the pit and there wait until the Lord came to you and said “friend, come up higher”. A TIME OF AUTHENTIC REBIRTH, A TIME OF RECONCILIATION, a time for forgiveness of sins. Wonder if this feast day has anything to do with the rapture of the true Bride of Christ? This year? Next Year? 2015? 2016?

“Like I said Son, you’ll know when we get there”.

“OK Papa, just wondering, that all.” 

Comments anyone?