“Are we there yet Papa?”

“Just hang on, it gotten real foggy, you know, gross foggy darkness – but we are close, very close,

Watch for the rest of the signs – we’ll know when we get there…”

“OK Papa, I don’t mean to nag or anything, just wondering, its been a long, long trip, you know…”

“Like I said, Son, watch the signs…”


Like these perhaps?

CIA investing in research aimed at modifying the Earth’s climate for unknown reasons

We really need the government to mess around with our planet, as they screw everything else up in a grand manner – so maybe these are they that “rise up against Me and destroy the Earth”, maybe terraforming for the arrival of their little buddies, you know, those “aliens” from other planets that those dirty Christians call “fallen angels”, or like nanoparticles designed to get into your bloodstream and make you a ZOMBIE when they pull the trigger? Wild conspiracy theories will get you everywhere!!!

And this:

Spread of national DNA databases spawns privacy concerns

But authorities laud gene troves as key to solving crimes

“London— You can ditch your computer and leave your cellphone at home, but you can’t escape your DNA.

It belongs uniquely to you — and, increasingly, to the authorities.

Countries around the world are collecting genetic material from millions of citizens in the name of fighting crime and terrorism — and, according to critics, heading into uncharted ethical terrain.”

Of course we all know that DNA has been collected for years, but when the government actually comes out and claims they own you and your DNA, then you might want to think back to your birth certificate, you know that piece of paper that makes you collateral for the Rich Men, or did you not know that? If you are actually collateral for the Rich Men, then they own you lock, stock and barrel and can do anything to you that they want – it’s the new form of the slave bondage in old Israel, but that was on a voluntary basis, yours is not!!!

Privacy, you don’t have any – they know everything about you – PEACE AND SECURITY you know. One of the MAJOR signs of the last days is this total and complete stripping you and everyone else of their privacy, dignity and humanity – remember the rich men OWN YOU, you are a serf. Just a NUMBER, just a MARK in their ledger.

And this:

By Joe Kloc on July 12, 2013 Email

“According to Thomas Drake, a former National Security Agency senior executive who blew the whistle on the agency’s reckless spending and spying in 2006, a previously unknown NSA surveillance program known as FAIRVIEW aims to “own the Internet.”

Last month, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked a series of PowerPoint slides to the Washington Post and the Guardian revealing that the agency was engaged in a large-scale Internet surveillance program, dubbed PRISM, that collects Americans’ chats, emails, photos, and videos. One of the slides, only later released by the two papers, made reference to a group of additional “upstream” collection programs, including two named FAIRVIEW and BLARNEY, but gave no further details about their function”.

Are we there yet?

Executive Order Accelerates Mandatory HIV Testing For All Citizens


Activist Post

“President Barak Obama posted an executive order yesterday which appears to mandate HIV testing for “all individuals ages 15 to 65 years.”

Mandatory blood testing leads to mandatory vaccinations leads to mass murder while the drug and vaccine cartels get rich off of your suffering AND DYING. It is coming you know, get ready for it. It’s all for your own good and to keep you safe, don’t you know? Quit complaining and get with the program – if you are over 65 it’s your duty to die anyhow.”

And this:

Martial Law Drill Caught On Cam? Man Detained – Foreign Troops Involved?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 9:26

NOW!! Spy-Proof Communications is Here from Before It’s News

(Before It’s News)

“A man was detained after recently filming what appears to me to be a martial law drill. Check the video out yourself. What are these guys preparing for? It sure looks surreal, watching this going on in ‘everyday America’. Why did they detain this guy for merely filming this ‘drill’ on public property? According to the videorapher, there WERE foreign troops involved. What do you think? This is bizarre and certainly provides more proof of the end of Posse Comitatus in America and shows we are slipping more and more every day into a military dictatorship.”

Well, the prophecies against America-Babylon are being fulfilled every day, but then again, according to the vast majority of prophetic experts, America is not, could not be, and never will be Babylon The Great, so how could any of these prophecies apply to America? Same goes for New York City and the United Nations, it could not possibly be THE GREAT CITY BABYLON. Never mind that all of these prophecies are being fulfilled with 100% accuracy, including how America is “changed” into a martial law UN police state!! Amazing the blindness of these so-called “prophetic experts” who deny the Word of God and who also totally disobey the Lord Jesus Christ all the while upholding His name!! Yet another fulfillment of prophecy against America-Babylon!!

This changeover to martial law by another name is now in full swing, and that is why no one pays any attention to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, because they have been suspended without announcement!!!

And then this:

Gov’t Bureau ‘Creating a Google Earth on Every Financial Transaction,’ Senator Warns

July 16, 2013 – 4:18 PM


By Craig Bannister

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“The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is looking to create a “Google Earth” of every financial transaction of every American, Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY) warned today in a Senate speech opposing confirmation of Richard Cordray as CFPB director.”

In the New World Order no one can make a move without the “watchers” knowing all about it. You see, Jesus Christ sets a soul FREE, and they are in fact FREE INDEED if they search for the truth, remain in His doctrine until they find it. Never mind all that search stuff, never mind that Jesus Christ said to search, strive and labor for the meat that leads to ETERNAL LIFE, no, just say a simple prayer and you are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Actually, if you read it, they are written in the BOOK OF DEATH AND RUIN, they just don’t know it yet.

Satan, on the other hand, is a control freak, and wants to control every single aspect of your life, hence, because the leaders of the world and under Satan’s control, well, they are likewise control freaks.

If you are going to have a MARK OF THE BEAST, which is all about buying and selling, that is, all ABOUT THE APEX OF MAMMON, you would have to know and control every aspect of this – and low and behold, that is what the plan is, just as in “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, you know, the apex of the plan of the rich men is to mark every man, woman and child in order to control them. Like this attempt that failed:

School decides future of radio-chipping for students

1 girl already expelled for refusing constant radio monitor

Well, it did not work, but under Martial Law or its equivalent, you would be forced to take it or be killed if you won’t. Seems like things are getting hotter as time as goes by. Of course, most Americans would gladly take it. Most Christians as well, as some of our leading Christian prophetic “experts” have said that if the MARK is only about MONEY, well, not to worry, for it is no different than a credit card, you know, it’s just another advancement in technology, for the real mark is about “worship”. These people are idiots, who deny the Word of God and will pay a terrible price for their denial and disobedience. Buying and selling are economic, not worship. However, if you accept the mark, you are accepting THE SYSTEM, and in fact, are bowing down to it, and that IS a form of worship, so do not accept any form of any mark for to do so is to damn yourself for eternity. Remember when Jesus said you cannot serve God and Mammon? You have to decide to turn your back on this developing system.

Are we there yet?

Driving somewhere? There’s a gov’t record of that.

Associated Press

ANNE FLAHERTY 8 hours ago SocietyPolice

“WASHINGTON (AP) — Chances are, your local or state police departments have photographs of your car in their files, noting where you were driving on a particular day, even if you never did anything wrong.

Using automated scanners, law enforcement agencies across the country have amassed millions of digital records on the location and movement of every vehicle with a license plate, according to a study published Wednesday by the American Civil Liberties Union. Affixed to police cars, bridges or buildings, the scanners capture images of passing or parked vehicles and note their location, uploading that information into police databases. Departments keep the records for weeks or years, sometimes indefinitely.”

And so it goes!!! And then there is this:

Montana Passes Sweeping Anti-Government Spying Bill

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 07/15/2013 20:03 -0400

Submitted by Michael Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

“What is so interesting about Montana’s House Bill 603, which passed overwhelmingly the state Senate by a 96-4 margin, is that it was passed in April, or several months before Edward Snowden’s NSA revelations. Talk about some foresight. Hopefully, we will see many more such bills sweep across the nation, as “change” will have to be done at the local level. The central government in D.C. is hopelessly corrupt and I don’t see that changing. We must just decentralize away from the District of Criminals on our own. From the Atlantic Wire:

Privacy advocates, behold the Montana legislature and House Bill 603, a measure that requires the government to obtain a probable cause warrant before spying on you through your cell phone or laptop. HB 603 was signed into law this past spring, effectively making Montana the first state to have an anti-spy law long before anyone heard of Edward Snowden. To be clear, HB 603 passed the state Senate overwhelmingly by a vote of 96-4 in April and was signed into law on May 6.”

Ruler against ruler, authority against authority. That’s what Jeremiah says about America-Babylon in the last days just before she is attacked by a Russian coalition. Seems that this prophecy is gaining ground every single day.

And then this:

“Our police force has changed in this country.  In the “Not To Distant Past” our police force hired men who were servants of the people.  Men who kept law and order, helped “Old Ladies” across the street, climbed trees to rescue trapped kitty-cats were considered to be an aid to the American People.  They seemed to be a blend of Andy Griffith or Superman coming to the rescue of the “Common Man”.


This no longer seems to be the case today.  More and more the nature and actions of the police departments and the mentality of the some of the police officers, trainers, department heads, rules and regulations have changed.  More and more we encounter policemen who appear to be intentionally cruel.  When you look into their eyes you have the sense that the officer in front of you would rather run little old ladies over and shoot these helpless kitty-cats out of the trees instead of being public servants.  They seem to be void of moral ethics.  Over and over again police officers are seen punching, manhandling and even killing their suspects today and only receive a SLAP ON THE WRIST.


The excuse used to justify their behaviors includes comments like, “Well these are more violent times.”  All though this might seem to be the case, it is no excuse for the rampant police violence against ordinary citizens today or the “Stop And Intimidate” methods they use.


Instead of being public servants they are becoming “Public Enemy #1”

Well, of course this is part of the prophetic “end times” of America according to Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel and Revelation! You cannot have a New World Antichrist Order unless you change the police over to oppressors rather than “protectors”. The New World Order wants to murder billions of people according to the Georgia Guidestones. That does not sound like helping little old ladies across the street now does it? Sounds more like getting rid of these pesky useless eaters…


And then this:

“The Secret of the Iron Mountain Report has remained hidden until recently when astute researchers have spent considerable time examining its true implications in light of what has been recently disclosed by top insiders  about the purposeful spraying of numerous toxins and bio-weapons into the skies under Operation Cloverleaf.”

Of course when I produced “Iron Mountain Blueprint for Tyranny” I was mentally ill and there was no way any of that could be true. Same for Iron Mountain II and III. That was over 20 years ago, and just now people are beginning to “find it?” What is wrong with this picture?

Are we there yet?

Obama’s Signs Executive Action: If a Child ‘Confesses’ to a Pediatrician that Mommy & Daddy Have a Gun in the House, Feds Can Disarm Parents…

June 25, 2013


Oh, yes, the time will come when mother will be against daughter, and son against mother and father, and will RAT THEM OUT to the authorities. Gee, I wonder if this family SPYING GAME is a part of that prophecy? Could not be, after all, this is America!!!! If they can rat them out for guns, what else? You might be asking yourself. Smart question, do indeed give it some consideration.


Monday, July 15, 2013

US Military, Monsanto Targeting GMO Activists and Independent Scientists, New Investigation Alleges

Sayer Ji

“A shocking new investigative report from the largest daily newspaper in Germany alleges that Monsanto, the US Military and the US government have colluded to track and disrupt both anti-GMO activists and independent scientists who study the adverse effects of genetically modified food.”

Sounds like the rise of the Fourth Reich to me, but then I have a conspiratorial mindset, and according to some, see the Illuminati under every rock and shadow place. The New World Order is a fascist order – the marriage of government to corporations. If you have worked for a corporation, then you know you either do as you are told or you are fired. In other words, it is not a republic or a democracy, it is a dictatorship – and the New World Order is a GLOBAL dictatorship with NO FREEDOMS. It is a marriage of THE WORLD RULERS, THE CORPORATE ELITE, THE BANKERS!! It is, in reality, a GLOBAL CORPORATION.

Are we there yet? “Almost”.

New Hi-Tech Police Surveillance: The “StingRay” Cell Phone Spying Device

Sunday, July 14, 2013

By Paul Martin

By Clarence Walker
Global Research
July 14, 2013

“Blocked by a Supreme Court decision from using GPS tracking devices without a warrant, federal investigators and other law enforcement agencies are turning to a new, more powerful and more threatening technology in their bid to spy more freely on those they suspect of drug crimes. That’s leading civil libertarians, electronic privacy advocates, and even some federal judges to raise the alarm about a new surveillance technology whose use has yet to be taken up definitively by the federal courts.”

Control means control does it not? Why should we be surprised about all of this – the Bible told us all about it 2500 years ago!!! Too bad people just don’t read it or study it, or for that matter believe what they read or study.

And this from Tom Horn’s web-site

Beyond Government Officials: Polls Show Growing Number Of Israeli Citizens Also Want (End Times) Third Temple

“Among the numerous Temple Mount organizations that initiated the survey, activists are pleased. The results, they believe, show a strengthening of public perception that the Temple Mount is Judaism’s holiest and most important site. The survey was released ahead of next week’s Tisha B’Av Jewish day of mourning for the destruction of the First and Second Temples. The last few years have seen changing attitudes to the Temple Mount among the national religious and ultra-Orthodox sectors. There are currently dozens of movements working to change the status quo at the holy site. Some are reconstructing ceremonial objects used in the Temple in the past, while others are making practical preparations for its rebuilding, including a renewal of animal sacrifice.”

“Oh, we gotta be getting close Papa”

401k & IRA Confiscation Getting Closer – Don’t Say I Didn’t Try To Warn You

July 13, 2013 By The Doc32 Comments


“Don’t say I didn’t warn you about your 401k’s and IRA’s.  Orrin “Magic Underwear” Hatch has introduced legislation to “create a new public retirement plan in which insurance companies pay benefits through annuity contracts”.
Now it’s the Government’s turn to takeover your retirement funding.
Good luck to you all who keep your money in your IRAs.  Don’t cry that you weren’t warned when it happens in totality.”

Oh those dirty little booger bears, come to steal everything you have!! They will, you know, for you cannot control anyone who is independent of the system. Nimrod knew all about how to do that, and Obama Nimrod Lucifer knows how to as well. HANG ON, ONLY A FEW MORE SIGNS TO GO!!!

The Unspoken Truth: Coup d’etat in America

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Global Research, July 14, 2013

Region: USA

Theme: Police State & Civil Rights

The American people have suffered a coup d’etat, but they are hesitant to acknowledge  it. The regime ruling in Washington today lacks constitutional and legal legitimacy.  Americans are ruled by usurpers who claim that the executive branch is above the law and that the US Constitution is a mere “scrap of paper.”


It has taken this long for people to figure this out?

And then last but not least:

Israel Tests Nuclear Capable Missile While Russia Starts Largest Military Exercise in Post-Soviet Era, Update on Egypt Situation


“Yes Son, it is, not long to go now…”


Isaiah 29:15-16

King James Version (KJV)

15 “Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the Lord, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who seeth us? and who knoweth us?

16 Surely your turning of things upside down shall be esteemed as the potter’s clay: for shall the work say of him that made it, He made me not? or shall the thing framed say of him that framed it, He had no understanding?”

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