Just a special notice, cannot, of course, confirm, but is another sign of how close we may be and remember Operation Blackjack – it could come any time. Let’s hope this is all hype to keep people scared.


David Chase Taylor
June 30, 2013

SWITZERLAND, Zürich — As nuclear terror whistle blower David Chase Taylor’s case against the Obama administration for premeditated nuclear terrorism works its way up the court system of Switzerland, a new nuclear terror plot to hijack TV stations worldwide a detonate a nuclear bomb on “Live TV” has been identified.

Due in part to the escalating exposure of Taylor’s case as well as the unprecedented awakening of humanity worldwide, the rabid Zionist establishment, who was caught red-handed attempting to conduct a nuclear holocaust at Super Bowl  XLV in Dallas, Texas, on February 6th, 2011, are apparently pulling out all the stops and going for broke in a desperate move to distract the world from their wicked acts of terrorism and usury.

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Based on breaking news and events depicted herein, it now appears that the Zionists have authorized the Chinese government to execute a controlled “surprise” attack against the United States and Japan starting in July of 2013. This unprovoked attack will likely kick-off with a series of escalating Chinese terror attacks against western U.S. cities (i.e., Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco, California) followed by a full-scale invasion of key U.S. military bases in the Pacific theater (i.e., Okinawa, Japan, Iwo Jima, Japan, and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii).

Once America and the world are collectively glued to their respective television sets, TV channels worldwide will be simultaneously held hostage in an unprecedented act of cyber-hijacking as the Chinese attack culminates with “Live TV” nuclear detonation in an American city with a recognizable skyline (i.e., Seattle—Space Needle, San Francisco—Golden Gate Bridgeor St. Louis, MissouriGateway Arch).

Depending on how the world reacts to the first ever “Live” nuclear attack, a second nuclear detonation will likely target another city in the United States or Europe, quite possibly Paris, France. In order for a nuclear attack to be the most psychologically terrorizing, a well-known landmark (e.g., the Twin Towers on 9/11) must be destroyed in the attack to serve as a life-long reminder of that horrific day.

The Chinese surprise-attack depicted herein is slated to be eerily reminiscent of the December 7, 1941, Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and will undoubtedly spark a nuclear war between the United States and China which recent reports such as, “Chinese “Kamikaze” Done Attack On Pearl Harbor Hawaii Imminent” and “Red Dawn Scenario: Chinese Attack On America Imminent” have attempted to thwart.

Make no mistake about it—China is fully under Zionist control and do ONLY do as they are told. Remember, American factories and military technology did not just “accidentally” make its way to China; the transfer of power from the U.S. to China has been a long standing program headed by the likes of Henry Kissinger. By starting World War III, the U.S. government can reinstated the military draft, open FEMA concentration camps nationwide, invoke martial law and initiate the global bio-terror pandemic planned for 2013. Ultimately, it’s a win, win, win, for the Zionists for they get to kill off their political opposition (U.S. military, patriots, gun owners, conservatives, etc.), get rich off war contracts, and their crimes against humanity will once again be hidden in the wake of terrifying nuclear attacks.

July 4th Attack
Although a Chinese attack on America could come at any time, a “Live TV” cyber-hijack and nuclear detonation will most likely occur on July 4th, 2013, America’s 237th birthday. Prior to a high-profile nuclear detonation on the 4th of July, the American public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. Hollywood movie propaganda is a slick way of showing that yes, it can happen. On March 22nd, 2013, a propaganda film entitled “Olympus Has Fallen” (2013) was released (see trailer) in which Washington D.C., America’s capital, was brutally attacked by an ex-North Korean terrorist on the day after the 4th of July. The movie was clear to depict classic Independence Daysymbology such as red, white and blue banners, balloons and ribbons. Coincidentally, on May 2nd, 2013, it was reported that the alleged Boston Bombers had initially planned a July 4th attack, giving further credence to the notion that this date has been chosen for terror by the intelligence community. A couple months later on June 28th, 2013, ABC News ran a headline which stated “Feds Worry About July 4 Fireworks Bombs”, the key words being “July 4” and “Bombs”.  According to the report, the FBI has vocalized paramount concern for July 4th, 2013, because masses of revelers are expected to pack city centers and other locations which could be an “an opportunity to perpetuate a mass casualty attack”. Coincidentally, Zionist operative Adam Kokesh, who allegedly works for Obama’s “Revolution Czar”, will be holding an armed protest in Washington D.C. on July 4th, 2013. Should a nuke be detonated on “Live TV”, a bloody riot in America’s capital will likely ensue and spread like a pandemic throughout the United States.

Hollywood Foreshadowing
As witnessed prior to the 9/11 Attacks, 2011 Super Bowl Nuke Plot (4:12 in video) and the recent Boston Bombings, Hollywood foreshadowing aka predictive programming has become standard operating procedure; the “Live TV” cyber-hijack and nuclear attack is no different. On November 25th, 2012, the hit terror series entitled “Homeland”, aired an episode entitled “Two Hats” (S2E21), which just happened to feature a storyline in which terrorist leader “Abu Nazir” was plotting a terror attack on the U.S.  and planned to film the terror attack on “Live TV” and broadcast it globally. Roughly 7 months later on June 27th, 2013, the hit television show starring Charlie Sheen entitled “Anger Management“, aired an episode entitled “Charlie And The Hot Nerd” (S2E36), in which Charlie’s TV is hijacked by his girlfriend’s x-boyfriend who was an alleged “hacker for the CIA. In short, the x-boyfriend hacks Charlie’s computer, appliances and television and is shown talking to Charlie from inside Charlie’s own TV, eerily similar to the photo depicted right. Watch Anger Management episode here.

Asian/Pacific Surprise “Attack” Propaganda
Prior to a high-profile Asian based Pacific coast attack on the United States, the public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. Hollywood movie propaganda is a slick way of showing that yes, it can happen. “Red Dawn”(2012) is a film (see trailer) in which the United States is the victim of a red-dawn surprise attack by military aircraft from North Korea. “Battleship”(2012) is another film (see trailer) in which the U.S. Navy and the State of Hawaii are the victims of a surprise attack, by transformer-like machines. “Olympus Has Fallen” (2013) is a film (see trailer) in which Washington D.C., America’s capital, is ambushed in a surprise attack by an ex-North Korean terrorist with military aircraft, suicide bombers and cyber-warfare. On July 12th, 2013, the film “Pacific Rim” (2013) (see trailer) will be released which features a story line in which the U.S. is attacked by monster-like machines from deep under the Pacific Ocean. According to trailer, their first three attacks target San Francisco, California, Manila, Philippines, and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. If and when this Hollywood terror programming will manifest in reality is unknown, but it is definitely in the cards.

“Live TV” Nuclear Detonation
Due to the 30-60 second nature of a nuclear explosion, venues such as the NFL Super Bowl, FIFA World Cup, NBA Finals, MLB World Seriesand the Olympic Gamesare optimal targets for nuclear terror mainly due to the potentially hundreds of millions watching on “Live TV”. However, since the nuclear attack on Super Bowl XLV was ultimately foiled, a new plot to terrorize humanity with “Live TV” nuclear attack had to be orchestrated. For those who think a Chinese nuclear attack on the U.S. is laughable, consider this: On September 30th, 2012, it was reported that the White House was attacked by hackers allegedly linked to China’s government. The unprecedented cyber-terror attack targeted the U.S. government’s most sensitive computer networks, ultimately breaching a system used by the White House Military Office for nuclear commands. Interestingly, only 9 months later on June 27th, 2013, the U.S. and Japan held war games off the coast of California imitating a Chinese Invasion.

Cyber-Related Nuclear Terror
Prior to a high-profile “Live TV” cyber-hijack and subsequent nuclear detonation, the public must be psychologically prepared to accept that this is in fact possible. Zionist media and Hollywood movie propaganda is a slick way of showing that yes, it can happen.Based purely on research conducted to date, the marriage between cyber-terror and nuclear terror was first made on February 19th, 2013, when a CNN headline entitled “Former CIA Official: Cyber War ‘More Sinister Than Nuclear Age’” first paired the terms “cyber” and “nuclear” together in the same sentence. Roughly a month later on March 22nd, 2013, the propaganda film entitled “Olympus Has Fallen” (2013) was released (see trailer) in which Washington D.C., America’s capital is attacked by an ex-North Korean terrorist who wants to hack the White House computer network and detonate American nuclear warheads while in their respective missile silos. Exactly a month later on April 22nd, 2013, the Wall Street Journal ran a headline entitled “China: Cyberattacks Are Like Nuclear Bombs”, ultimately linking the words “China”, Cyberattacks” and “Nuclear Bombs” in the same sentence. Roughly two months later on June 28th, 2013, another propaganda film entitled  “White House Down” (2013), was released (see trailer) in which Washington D.C., America’s capital, was attacked by hackers attempting to breach the U.S. Department of Defense’s computers to access the “Nuclear Football”, the briefcase used by the President of the United States to initiate nuclear war.


And then this:

Special Report from Sister Ciara

“During the past two months I’ve watched in absolute awe and amazement the events which have seen a 30-year-old American high-school dropout consciously declare a personal war against the entire United States Federal Government that to this very day continues to shock the entire world, and so much so that even Russian President Putin is now in fear of what this man may reveal next.

This most unlikely of hero’s is named Edward Snowden, whose skills and computer expertise allowed his rise through the both the US Central Intelligence and National Security Agencies to his final job at the American mega-intelligence defense firm of Booz Allen, a position he acknowledged he took in order to gain access to Americas most closely guarded secrets.

As to why this seemingly normal man would deliberately place himself in open conflict with the most dreaded and feared nation on earth was explained this past weekend by the intrepid and fearless London Guardian Newspaper reporter Glen Greenwald, who explained [see video HERE] that Snowden’s motives were simple…He no longer wanted to live in the world being created by the United States that believed in its rights to destroy forever and completely the privacy and freedoms of all humanity.

By declaring his war against the United States Government, Snowden, also, freely acknowledges his life, for all intents and purposes, is over, and even though he knows his final fate may very well be spent in a dark prison hole never to again see the light of day, at best, or at worst be killed for actions, he declared it was his duty as a citizen of the United States to defend his nations Constitution against those who are destroying it, no matter how powerful his enemies would be, or what personal cost to him it would cost.

Now contrary to what you may think, Snowden’s life is not only in danger because of the secrets he is revealing, but rather the fear he has instilled in Americas power-elite that such a lowly person of courage has risen against them.  And as history has long proven, revolutions always start with one ordinary person’s act of courage, which becomes contagious, then infectious, and finally explodes to overturn all that previously existed.

One such person was named Tarek al-Tayeb Mohamed Bouazizi, a 27-year-old Tunisian man who on 17 December 2010 set himself on fire in protest to the humiliation he suffered by hands of his nations elite class.  The fire stared by Bouazizi continues to burn to this very day, called the Arab Spring, and has brought down, so far, at least 5 governments, and, as many fear, could likely be the final spark needed to set off World War III.

Snowden’s actions, likewise, are threatening to ignite an already smoldering American public who just this week are faced with the astounding paradox of a 40-year-old California man named Jeff Olson who faces 13 years in jail for scribbling anti-bank messages on sidewalks in chalk (and the US Judge has ordered that he can’t use his First Amendment Rights as a defense), while at the exact same time former Goldman Sachs banker and Governor of New Jersey, and staunch Obama regime backer Jon Corzine has learned he will not face prosecution for stealing over $1 billion of his customers money.

After all, asserts the Obama regimes Attorney General Eric Holder, whereas ordinary US citizens, like Olsen, are faced with the harshest of punishments for even the smallest sign of disobedience to the state, elites like Corzine are simply “to big to prosecute or jail.”

Now into this volatile mix comes Snowden, whose revelations have shown the truth of what we have been telling all who cared to listen for over a decade…Your government is watching you every day in every way for the sole purpose of criminalizing your very existence, and should you even dare to show any type of courage against them you’ll be destroyed.

At the very top of this page, in fact, are two top-secret documents released by Snowden showing the truth that not only is everything you do is being captured and stored by the US government, but that the very top-brand Internet companies (Microsoft, Facebook, Google, etc.) are helping them do it!

And not just to everything you do on the Internet either is no longer private, but a new document released by Snowden now reveals that the NSA is capturing over 1 billion cell phone calls a day so they can store them and listen to them too.

But the worst of what Snowden has yet to reveal is what has caused former US President George W. Bush to rush to Tanzania to meet with Obama and for Putin to say today that Snowden may stay in Russia, if he wants to, but only if he stops activities aimed against the United States.  “There is one condition if he wants to remain here: he must stop his work aimed at damaging our American partners. As odd as it may sound from me,” Putin told a media conference in Moscow.

However, as “odd” as Putin’s statement may be to others, for those of us who have seen what Snowden has to tell there are no words to describe the terror his revelations have the potential to unleash upon the entire world.

The truth about the events of 11 September 2001 and who was behind it?  Snowden’s got it.  The truth about the many assassinations of prominent researchers and scientists investigating viruses?  Snowden’s got it. The truth about what are called chemtrials? Snowden’s got it. The truth about crop circles and the “power” behind their making? Snowden’s got it.

And, perhaps, the most important: The truth behind the 9 December 2009 Norway Spiral and how that event ties in with the Norwegians now buying Bibles in record numbers and the information released by the Sorcha Faal in her seminal 2010 book titled “Battle Begins For Throne of This World: The Return of the Einherjar Warriors”.

Now as you can fully understand, while at the same time the information we have we want you to know too, when even Putin is frightened enough to say Snowden must stop his work to stop damaging “our American partners,” our fears are not only justifiable, but sanely prudent.

But, were going to do it anyway…but to do so we need your help, and NOW!

Unlike other reporting and news organizations, we are uniquely suited to disseminate information that would otherwise be deemed to dangerous or unlawful to release to the public.  After all, who really listens to conspiracy theorists?

In knowing what we’re doing, however, the attacks against us, especially our infrastructure, have already begun, and to continue we need to be a lot stronger than we are now.  Unfortunately though, as we are reader supported that means we need you to help us.

So, and simply, help us help you so that this most critical of information can get out into the world.  And believe me when I say….there isn’t a lot of time left!”