“Are we there yet?”

“Shut up, I’ll tell you when we are there, so be quiet, you’ve only asked that 1000 times already…”


“Because I said so, that’s why…”

In other words, we really got no answer, just an “I’ll tell you when we get there” sort of vague and nondescript answer. Maybe there is a reason for it we don’t fully understand. Maybe the future, although known, is fluid, can be stretched. Maybe it’s based upon events happening, rather than exactly when?

“Watch the signs on the side of the road, you’ll know when we are close, OK?”

“Because I said so…” Remember that reply from Mom and Dad?? Ok, so let’s watch the signs, but then, but WHAT SIGNS? Like the creation of the New World Order? Like the technology for the Mark of the Beast? Like maybe the formation of the nation of Israel? Like the birth and rise of America-Babylon? Like the rise of Russia to the north of Israel? And don’t forget the rise of China and the Kings of the East. And that knowledge shall increase by leaps and bounds and people will travel over the whole earth. And don’t forget the comets, you know, those heavenly messengers that have already told us the time is close. Like, you know, Comet LoveJoy, that kissed the Sun and survived? Kiss the Son and you will survive says Psalm Two. You might want to look up the word kiss and see what it really means.

“You mean like that Jesus?”

Like maybe smaller things? Little tell-tale signs? Like the totally unknown Susan Boyle in Britain’s Got Talent? You know, she sang the swan song for the human race that billions of people around the world heard? Or like Terri Schiavo being murdered by our government with no compassion under the law? You mean like maybe she was us, and as we murdered her, the Lord might decide UNDER THE LAW to do the same without compassion and without mercy?After all, mighty Babylon does fall you know.


Or like Israel saying in three major newspapers that America-Babylon betrayed her in 2007? Like Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize when he is a man of war?  Or the court’s ruling the 10 commandments out of the schools? Like Roe vs. Wade 40 years ago, with 40 being the time of testing? Or the obvious and rising war against the Christians. And while we are at it, we could add in the WAR on Christmas, for, after all, it does have a “sort of” Christian theme to it – even if remote. You know, little things mean a lot. They add up.

“Now you are getting it! Now you are beginning to see it…” OK, Lord, what else? The reply was short, to the point: “Study it out for yourself, study to show yourself approved, then you will know what the signs are. When they all come together, you are close, at the door.

So if we add in all of those little things with all of those BIG THINGS, like the Damascus operations, maybe we really are “ALMOST THERE”. But we should not forget that the Lord gives visions and signs and prophecies to others as well, not just Christians or Jews, but everyone – pouring out all of that as we approach the end of time and the destruction of world civilization. One such person is known as the Boar prophet who gave stunning prophecies long ago, and like No-Eyes, they are all coming true.  And that brings us to something people need to know if they do not – Nelson Mandela is near death, and that SIGN along with the war drums of the Middle East that say “ALMOST, ALMOST, ALMOST”.  From Christian Forums:

Boer Prophet (1900’s) of South Africa – Prophecy Coming True!?

Undoubtedly this guy had the gift of prophecy and his prophecies came true. Take it or leave it.…ion=share-this

Prophecies from 1899 until his death in 1926:
* The outcome of the Boer War.
* The Great ‘Flu epidemic of 1918.
* England’s loss of all her colonies.
* Independence for Ireland.
* The atomic disaster at Chernobyl on April 26 1986.
* Lady Di’s death The divorce and tragic death of “a beautiful English Lady in a car accident who would be mourned by the whole world.”
* England will be struck by seven terrible plagues when World War 3 is at hand.
* Civil war in Bosnia.
* Dr HF Verwoerd, former Prime Minister, will die at the hand of a close friend.
* The release of Nelson Mandela by ex-President FW de Klerk.
* The Necklace Murders by blacks against blacks
* South Africa will be governed by a black government.
* Japan will be destroyed by earthquakes.
* Ethnical violence in Russia and Europe
* Racial violence will explode worldwide at the turn of the century and start World War III, in which Germany and America will fight side by side.
* Laser weapons?: It is a chilling experience to read about his predictions in 1920 of this coming Third and Final War at the beginning of the 21st century when the armies of the world will use what he called “terrible electrical rays that sow death and destruction from above and below, and soak the earth in blood”.”

“The World (especially England, France and USA

America and England will become bankrupt and full of debts.

England will be totally annihilated, even their ground will burn away as a Russian-led invasion will invade Europe through Turkey and use terrible weapons.

The invasion will be stopped in France by German-American forces. Mr. van Rensburg actually made a remark that Germany will receive new ‘ground-breaking’ technology from America that they (the Germans) will use to defeat the Russian invasion; the USA will be unable to respond in a timely manner because of a severe attack on their troops, ground and finances.

Mr. van Rensburg also indicated that the trouble for South Africa will be much shorter lived when compared to other countries also less troublesome, as the Lord will send His power and blessing causing South Africa to be a safe-haven for Christians from all over the world.”


And then this:


RE: the Boer prophet, ‘SEER’ van Rensburg

There seems to be some confusion regarding the death of a black man and his lying in state on Church Square. Prior to this event, he tells his friend, Boy Mussmann in 1916:

“A time will come when I will be very much in the news again. During that time I see we are still fighting amongst each other, then suddenly it will be over and we will have a black government. Then the last, but most intense struggle will begin for the Afrikaner…”

And on the morning of the 8th September 1925 he told his daughter, Anna, that he sees a black being released from prison in the distant future, visit Russia, and on his return the country will be thrown into chaos under his rule. (This could be either Mandela or Mbeki). However, it is only after the violent death of a black leader and a massive strike cripples the country that real trouble starts.

The black leader will lie in state on Church Square in Pretoria, while people will flock there in their thousands to ‘pay their last respects.’ Nicolaas said: “The body of the king (black leader) is placed in a glass coffin and he lies in state on Church Square, Pretoria, for seven days. Mourners come from all over the world to pay homage to this king. Nobody worked for seven days, for people moved past the coffin day and night, fell on it and wept bitterly and could not be consoled for seven days.

On the eighth day he is buried in Heroes’ Acre (A special place in the old cemetary in Pretoria reserved for statesmen). Nicolaas (Seer) says: “I see a coffin being lowered into a grave. Fires emerge but one great fire emerges in front. Naked people appear.”

This tells of violence and civil war erupting with the burial and the Boer nation will also stand naked, stripped of everything and experience dreadful oppression…”

Is it true? Will it come to pass as he claimed it would? Much already has, but if Mandela does die, a lot of articles are now coming out of South Africa that the whites are scared to death of a huge “killing field” that begins right after the 7 days are over. This in turn triggers what appears to be the end days – days of war, famine and ruin.


And here is another “little thing” that might become huge:


Washington rejects restriction on honeybee-killing garden pesticide despite evidence of its deadliness.

Seems that Washington is going totally insane. Not that we did not know that, but the senility is growing to a total comatose collapse. But then, that was also in Bible prophecy. So it does seem that the END DAYS are closing in all around us and so very few are prepared for it. ARE WE THERE YET?

And here is another little thing:

Bipartisan proposal to keep student loan rates low faces uncertain prospects as Reid objects

Now it is interesting to me that we can give TRILLIONS to the bankers but our own children can go whistle Dixie. Our future, that is, if we had one. “We would have healed Babylon but she would not be healed.” But it goes to show just how corrupt, greedy and evil this system has become, and what our so-called leaders really do think, something of course the non-existent “Protocols” of the Elders of Sion (Mystery), said they would use to destroy Capitalism and bring in the COMPUTERIZED DIGITAL MARK OF THE BEAST. So then we have another sign, do we not? The total and utter destruction of the American economy and the middle class! The war on capitalism is full speed ahead. We just passed that sign back a ways, but does anyone recognize it?

And then again, we cannot help our children but we can pour billions of aid to the Moslem Brotherhood that wants to destroy us, and our children. And of course prophecy says they will. ARE WE THERE YET? Almost. Yet in a little while, the vision may tarry, but it will come. It will not tarry much longer. You see, the American people are the real enemy here, no one else. Here is another “little proof” that you might want to know all about:

Why is this story being censored?

UK stops all smart meter installations

News censored in the US

“From YouTube commentary:

This video series shows the Commons Select Committee enquiry into the UK Smart Meter roll-out held on Tuesday 23rd April 2013. Witnesses appearing to give evidence to the Committee in the first session include Dr Elizabeth Evans and Mike Mitcham from Stop Smart Meters! (UK), alongside Dr Jill Meara, representing Public Health England, and Dr John Swanson, from the Biological Effects Policy Advisory Group for the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

The representatives from Stop Smart Meters! (UK) share their concerns about adverse health effects from wireless smart meters due to the pulsed microwave radiation that is emitted 24/7 by these meters, up to 190,000 pulses a day – acute effects (insomnia, headaches, nausea, anxiety and depression, fatigue and memory/concentration problems) and chronic effects (including increased risk of cancer, infertility, dementia, immune system dysfunction, damage to fetuses); environmental damage from wireless smart meters – RF radiation affecting bees, plants, trees, birds etc and the inherent energy-inefficiency of wireless technology: cybersecurity problems – leaving homes and communities vulnerable to hacking of their smart meters; privacy issues – concerning the masses of real-time data on energy usage collected by the utility company which gives a detailed picture of family life inside a home with a smart meter, who will have access to that data, and how that data will be used; and the specter of higher bills resulting from smart meters – as has been the experience in Canada where 80% of Smart Meter users complain of higher bills within a year of installation, often more that 50% higher.”

And of course over in Russia the use of microwaves is banned because it changes your food’s molecular structure over to something the body cannot really recognize as food, but it’s OK here. Like Fluoride. It’s a toxic poison, but it’s OK in your drinking water and toothpaste. But don’t swallow your tooth paste cause if you do, well, you gotta call the poison control center and get your stomach pumped. Why? And let’s not forget Monsanto and GM foods! Great for you, didn’t you know? And here is another little item you might want to look into:


80% of Pre-Packaged Foods in America Are Banned in Other Countries

By | Shine Food – Mon, Jun 24, 2013 9:51 AM EDT

Why? Mommy? Why Daddy? “Shut up, eat your food”. But is it really food? And then this:


Record 23,116,441 households on food stamps

“The number of American households on food stamps reached a new record high in March, according to new data released by the Agriculture Department.”

But what kind of food? Good question. Just because you are paranoid does not mean they are not after you. Of course, if you eat all of this and you get sick, then the medical profession can give you all sorts of drugs to keep you going. That way they get rich, you get poor and tired, too tired to raise a fuss and protests too much. So you die broke.

It really does seem like the HOPI prophecies are also coming true, also pointing to “ARE WE THERE YET?”  Especially the concepts of GM foods and how all of this will backfire and cause great harm:


Species Alteration: Is GMO Rewiring our DNA?

byChristina Sarich
June 25th, 2013

“New studies in cell research are bringing up some alarming new questions concerning GMOs, and one of them in particular makes liver failure or cancer seem like child’s play compared to the garish possibilities that arise when we start to look at how genetically modified foods likely affect our DNA.”

Maybe that’s why the Lord said we should strive to become Born Again, so He would protect us and our DNA from all of this alteration. Just a thought.

So then, more little signs you might want to chew on, also just for thought:

TPP: Secret Negotiations Underway To Control The Worlds Food Supply

Why would they want to do that? Would it have anything to do with the Georgia Guide Stones and population reduction and absolute control over everything? Would the UN really want to do that? Or the rich men?


New Iran president thanks ‘messiah’ for victory

Anticipates coming prophet to conquer for Islam, kill all infidels.

The rise of the Islamic Messiah. Could this be another sign? Why now? ARE WE THERE YET?

And this from Raiders news update:

US Congress Demands Progress On Advanced Biometric ID System
In May, a Government Accountability Office report found the pilot program, aimed at providing biometric identification for security clearance at port facilities, had significant difficulties, including flawed planning and ineffective data collection capabilities. GAO recommended against using the program as a model for any future biometric efforts. Panel members pointed out that they had implemented programs that had been effective for their agencies, or else had been whipsawed by advancing technology. Colleen Manaher, executive director of planning, program analysis and evaluation at Customs and Border Protection, pointed to her agency’s Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection (SENTRI) cards; the bi-lateral NEXUS Canadian/U.S. cross-border biometric card, the Global Entry expedited traveler card and other examples of her agency’s biometric efforts.”

Well so much for privacy and on to positive ID and the Mark. Is it possible, even if remote, that Psalm Two is actually telling the truth? Or that Daniel was NOT smoking pot by the great river Euphrates or eating hallucinogenic mushrooms? Or that Jeremiah and Isaiah actually did hear from the Lord? Is it possible? Of course, if we were to admit that, we would have to admit other sections of the Holy Book, and that might open up a can of worms the world does not want to see opened?

But perhaps it is all going to be opened even if we don’t like it, for example, the prophecies of Jeremiah concerning America AND RULER AGAINST RULER:

Colorado secede? Counties weigh exit plan to form state of ‘North Colorado’

Colorado secede? It sounds implausible, but the idea of counties withdrawing from one state to form a new one isn’t impossible. But some big hurdles – like the US Constitution – make it very difficult”

So where does it all end? ARE WE THERE YET? ALMOST.

And then we have this one, interesting on the timing of all of this – the signs appear to be getting closer together, like they do when you are entering a town or city.

June 27, 2013

Obama Requests 15,000 Russian Troops For “Upcoming” Disaster

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An unsettling report prepared by the Emergencies Ministry (EMERCOM) circulating in the Kremlin today on the just completed talks between Russia and the United States in Washington D.C. says that the Obama regime has requested at least 15,000 Russian troops trained in disaster relief and “crowd functions” [i.e. riot control] be pre-positioned to respond to FEMA Region III during an unspecified “upcoming” disaster.

According to this report, this unprecedented request was made directly to Minister Vladimir Puchkov by US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Director Janet Napolitano who said these Russian troops would work “directly and jointly” with her Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), part of whose mission is to secure the continuity of the US government in the event of natural disasters or war.

Important to note, this report says, is that FEMA Region III, the area Russian troops are being requested for, includes Washington D.C. and the surrounding States of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia, “strongly suggesting” that the Obama regime has lost confidence in its own military being able to secure its survival should it be called upon to do so….

…According to one Federal Security Services (FSB) bulletin on their continued debriefing of Snowden, and analysis of the information he has provided Russian intelligence officers, his father, Lonnie Snowden, was an officer in the US Coast Guard during the 11 September 2001 attacks on the United States who had “direct knowledge” of the true events that occurred and whom the real perpetrators were…”

So then one might want to ask, ARE WE THERE YET? And the reply keeps coming back, “SOON, ALMOST, CLOSE AT HAND, EVEN AT THE DOORS. Even at the doors.”

“Watch the SIGNS”

“When you see ALL OF THESE THINGS coming to together…”

Crowd Watches as Man Beaten Unconscious Outside Belmont CTA Station

And the love of many grows cold…just another sign…

And finally this:

Obama To Force Chaplains To Perform Gay Marriages

June 27, 2013

David Barton tells Glenn Beck that Obama will use the DOMA ruling to force military chaplains to perform gay weddings and compel Central American governments to legalize same-sex marriage.

Do you think we might be in trouble? Comments please!!! It helps to know this is all worthwhile…