Operation Blackjack – Could it happen?

Many of you have heard of Operation Blackjack, or maybe not, a comic book issued in 2009 with a story of how the Illuminati would bring down England and America through the use of nuclear weapons being used in six cities in North America on June 20-23nd, 2013 or 2014 or 2015, the year not being displayed.

It begins with England’s MI5 issuing a major terrorist threat is in the offering. It could be nuclear, biological or chemical no one knows. The bomb in England goes off in London June 22nd no year given.

In North America, on the 22nd of June, SIX bombs go off in the following cities:


Canada – Toronto

USA – New York City, Washington, Portland, Los Angeles

Mexico – Mexico City

An immediate notification for all to “shelter in place” goes to all citizens who have survived. Martial law is initiated throughout North America. Maybe that is why apps are being sent out so Obama can give his orders directly to people on their cell phones.Remember “shelter in place” was the order under martial law in Boston after the marathon. It was MARTIAL LAW but under another name.

What is interesting in the aftermath, domestic terrorists, namely a Christian doomsday cult linking up with terrorists in Syria Iran and China are the perpetrators. America launches a war against Syria and Iran and this is interesting in view of Isaiah 17 and prophecies in Daniel.

Also you might want to remember we have “missing nukes” or a “broken arrow” event in the B-52 flights out of North Dakota back under Bush and Cheney. No reports ever surfaced saying they had been “found”, so who knows where they might be or what they are intending to do with them, but we have three guesses and first two don’t count.

Interesting in that the Illuminati elite view this chaos as being much better than they had thought, and that it was wonderful thing for all of their plans for the New World Order. Also remember that the CFR motto is ‘EVERYWHERE”, which brings to mind Total Information Awareness, Prism, Central Core and whatever other names for sweeping up all records on everyone. Do not forget the Masonry motto “Order Out Of Chaos”. It may be closer than we think.

The comic book then claims that a brand new president is installed, and that the government has moved to Denver, and we know that is to be the new capital for the NWO.  This is interesting in view of a Christian who was given a vision that Hillary Clinton was sworn in as the new president IN DENVER because Washington had been destroyed (A woman rides the Beast may be more than symbolic, it may also be literal).

It also says that THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION goes into full force and effect, and that we are placed under a brand new flag. At that time, the military begins to realize that all of this was pre-planned but it is too late to stop any of it.  Of course the military is already displaying the American flag BACKWARDS on their uniforms, a huge clue as to what is coming.

It then says that a biometric card is required for everything, most likely the MARK OF THE BEAST system, and you cannot live without it, as it is required for EVERYTHING. People will protest and the chaos begins.

Protests begin to form in the cities, and people demand their country back, only to be met with severe governmental reprisals as the forces fire upon and kill protestors. Chaos reigns as the country disintegrates and imploded from within. Huge fires are set in the cities, and the cities burn.

Now the Bible says that fires do erupt in our cities, but it also says at that time we are under attack from enemies “roundabout”.  

Will this happen in the next few days, or 2014 or 2015? No one knows, but don’t be surprised if something of this nature does occur, because Obama is in deep trouble and may well pull something of this nature off – or then again, HE MAY BE THE TARGET, as Lindsey Williams claims the “elite” as not happy with him at all.





Things are heating up as the US enters the fray, setting the hooks into the jaws of Putin and bringing Gog down upon the mountains of Israel and up over the poles to neutralize the United States, as any good General would want to do in Ezekiel 38 and 39.

The taking of Damascus is mentioned  in two places in the Bible, Isaiah 17, and then Jeremiah 49. Both are stationed or positioned in an ominous location within Scripture. The location of chapters, the verses within them and sequence is more important than many people realize. For example in Isaiah 17, we find the taking of Damascus because of the children of Israel.  Isaiah 18 seems to be speaking of a nation OVER THE SEAS that is destroyed not soon after the Damascus destruction.  I believe that Isaiah 18 is speaking directly to the United States, for the descriptive language is the same as that given to BABYLON THE GREAT, which we already know is the United States, and the Great City is New York City with its UN tower of Babel.  America is of course the DAUGHTER OF ANCIENT BABYLON, that is, like mother like daughter.  The daughter is known as the latter day BABYLON THE GREAT.

Now when we go over to Jeremiah Chapter 49, we find there that Damascus is destroyed, and then in Jeremiah 50 and 51, we find the taking of Babylon the Great. It seems odd to me that in both cases that the positioning is identical – and MYSTERY BABYLON takes it on the chin so to speak after Damascus becomes a ruinous heap. Accidental? Nothing in the Bible is by accident.  It is a “verily, verily, I say unto you” type of positioning. In other the words, the SEQUENCE is identical, and that must mean something to us.

We do not know the time delay between the destruction of Damascus and the invasion of Gog into Israel. It could be days, weeks, months or several years. But we are seeing the hooks being set into the jaws of the Russian “confederation” via treaties that Putin has made with his neighbors, and we have been watching the Russians arm her confederates for years. The so-called “break-up” of the Soviet Empire was for Western consumption only, and a trick, a slight of hand, and it as worked because no one really believes Bible prophecy even if they say they do. All of this leads to WWIII and the rise of the REAL New World Order. In other words, out of the ashes of our present civilization will rise the NEW WORLD, the GOLDEN AGE, an age where, as the occult says “the ASCENDED MASTERS, THE BEINGS OF LIGHT, WILL WALK WITH MANKIND AGAIN, AND TALK TO MANKIND. I believe we can find the ARRIVAL in Isaiah 17 and the “strange plants” which appears to be confirmed with the arrival of the “aliens” STRONG DELUSION. These are they who “arrive” with “proof” that the Bible has been totally misinterpreted all of these years, and that Jesus Christ was simply an “avatar” but never a redeemer, for man has no need for redemption. They are of course, the fallen angels. “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be”. Go back and visit Genesis Six.

Ezekiel tells us that when that Russian confederation moves down upon the mountains of Israel  that they think an evil thought to go to those that are at rest and who have neither bars nor gates, and that have grown fat with all of their goodies. They also dwell “carelessly”, and identical phrase used against America-Babylon. This is the attack upon Babylon, just as Jeremiah tells us.

What is also very interesting in that recent articles have said that the Russians are rapidly improving their missile telemetry systems so that they will have dead center accuracy for each target selected.  Jeremiah says that these missiles are so accurate that each one hits its target exactly, as “arrows of a mighty expert man”, so to speak.

We have raised the issue of exactly what is SUDDEN DESTRUCTION of the Bible?  If in fact this “sudden destruction is the taking of Damascus, then it would imply that Damascus IS THE FIRST domino to fall in a long sequence of events.

If this is true, then that means that the sequence will be Damascus, The Gog-Magog invasion, the taking of America Babylon and then the entire end-time scenario will unfold with great rapidity. There is no question at all to those watching that all of the pieces of end-time prophecy are now in place and combining rapidly.

I found in the research for making of the documentary “Omega Code” that 2017 is a KEY YEAR not only Israel but for the entire world. 2017 sticks out like a sore thumb for world civilization as we have known it, and that means that things in America are going to change rapidly in order to fulfill the last remaining prophecies against her. Those prophecies are the full turn into a POLICE STATE, the rounding up of God’s people in the non-existent  FEMA DEATH AND TORTURE CAMPS, and her continued betrayal of Israel. They include continuation of our leaders not being able to accomplish anything of value in Washington, authority against authority, great violence in the land, confusion of all types,  and the continued robbing of the wealth of the American people by the international bankers.

It also  means we will be seeing more and more earth changes, solar anomalies, severe weather, huge crop loses and famine, volcanic activity on a scale never seen before, land inundations, sea level changes, a magnetic pole shift and most likely  a crustal shift as God brings an end to man’s probation upon planet Earth.  It may well bring with it the splitting of the United States up the Mississippi River bed via the New Madrid fault zone.

There is an escape hatch, but few will take it. His name is Jesus Christ. The method of salvation is clearly outlined in the Bible and our previous series on salvation that most mocked.  It is odd to me that people just cannot, for whatever reason, come to terms with the method that Jesus Christ clearly stated if one wants to be in truth SAVED. Instead, they have opted for the very deceived Christian leaders of today, who have taken the seats of honor with the Christian Church and spewing forth their false salvation doctrines; and they  will find out all to soon that they will be kicked off those seats of honor and be taken to the lowest room, the pit of death and ruin, as outlined in Matthew 7 and elsewhere.

The time is short to be saved via the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY. There is a dispensational change coming very soon. If one compares the differences found in Scripture, there is a clear line of demarcation coming, in which the concepts of the strait gate and narrow way are eliminated and beheading takes it place.  Millions of Americans who lived under the age of Grace, which brought us the strait gate and narrow way will be in dire trouble because they refused the commands of the Lord and opted for believe and faith only with no obedience or understanding of what the Lord commanded them to do.

“Why do you call me Lord, Lord and not do what I say” should be ringing in all of our ears.

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