Rand Paul: Obamacare – 122,000 New Diagnostic Codes Your Dr. Will Use To Inform Govt About Your Injuries;

It is now quite clear that Obamacare, despite all the rhetoric to the contrary, is most likely here to stay. One must wonder exactly why our so-called “leaders”, even the House (which can defund ObamaCare at any time it wants but does not), are really up to. But then, one might want to consider that the pathways to tyranny and mass murder by government are becoming more illuminated as the real truth of ObamaCare comes to light.

Why would the Government want to know all about everyone’s medical records easily obtained by the IRS through insurance companies? What could the reason be for such a monstrous data base, and what could it be used for? Of course people should realize that ObamaCare means TOTAL CONTROL OVER WHAT A PERSON EATS, THEIR HEALTH ISSUES, EXERCISE and all of that, by simply stating that “we are paying for it all” and therefore you MUST do what is best, not only for yourself, but the taxpayers as well, because, after all, it is their money and you have an obligation to keep fit and be healthy.

Hitler used such tactics, and even had posters of a man in a wheelchair stating it was his duty to eliminate himself for the good of the Reich. Oh, yes, make no mistake we are going there, and much faster than people realize.

But why all the focus on all of these medical problems that people have? Could it be that not only will we have “death panels” operating, but also death squads as well? You know, rounding up those that are not “fit” for a “quality life” and are a burden and a drain on the economic well being of the state? After all, they are just “useless eaters” and a burden to society, especially in times of economic and food scarcity.  You could easily identify all of them, know exactly where they live, and then go out to get them, put them in those infamous FEMA death and torture camps. It happened in Germany, and it is obvious the United States is using the same agenda that Hitler did. If it works, why change it?

How easy it would be for Homeland Security, operating in conjunction with the IRS to identify and eliminate all those who have serious medical problems, are mentally deficient or perhaps have political views that differ from the views of the New World Order. Ever wonder why doctors now ask questions that have nothing to do with your health? Some of these questions are highly invasive, but have a pattern to them. And like our schools who have the kids “journal” but only the teacher may read them. It is all to gather data on the people. “When they say peace and security”.

Whenever those in power mock “conspiracy theories”, it is because they don’t want to be discovered for what they are planning on doing. The Bible however, written by the Creator, has no fear in identifying those who plot and plan evil behind closed doors. It not only tells us what they plan to do, but how they plan on doing it, and low and behold, THEY ARE. Isn’t it amazing how little faith people place in that GOOD BOOK, or even believe it’s prophecies to worth anything at all. Perhaps that will all change as they are lead into the gas chambers for their own extermination. Or not.