As I watch the world implode into rank criminal activity on all sides, I have to marvel at the short sightedness of law enforcement, the military, the civilian government and the totally blind humans racing like lemmings over the cliffs of eternal loss and ruin.

If law enforcement, like the police and sheriff departments think that can get away with severe oppression, and that all the general public is their mortal enemy, then it will not take long for the general public to decide that the oppressor police are enemy number one, and that means the time is coming when all police officers will have a “payback” poster on their back. Sooner or later some incident will occur and a spark will be lit and the police brutality they have routinely been handing out will be bestowed upon them four times over. And not just them, it will be their families as well. And it will not just be the idiots who wear badges, but the good police officers as well. The general public will not differentiate between the two. They never have if recorded history is accurate.

There is always a payback, and when that time arises, then the “practice targets” of the cops using old ladies and ancient gentlemen, young wives holding their babies  and others will be reversed, and the civilians will be using “practice targets” that have police pictured on them. There is ALWAYS A PAYBACK. It may come sooner or later, but there is always a PAYBACK. They have no clue as to how severe that payback is going to be. If it does not come from the public, it will come from a higher source, much higher.

Now in the case of the American military, the payback is going to be severe as well. More severe than any of them could ever imagine. So severe they will wish they had never been born. So severe and so eternal that it actually would have been better they had never been born. How so? Study your Bible, you know, that ancient book of mythology that has no relevance for today’s great and holy civilization. That book of old wives tales and stupid suggestions on how one should conduct their lives. Why study anything so stupid as that? Well, one reason might be because the prophecies contained therein are coming true with 100% accuracy 100% of the time – and they tell everyone in America what soon awaits – and the Oklahoma tragedy was nothing compared to what is actually coming upon the American people.

And in the case of our government leaders, who have grown fat and corrupt by stealing our money and feeding themselves, well, the same goes for them as well.

And the sad thing is, the general public is included as well. What is coming upon America will be so severe and so evil and across the board that the world, according to prophecy, will be stunned into total silence. The leaders of America plotted great evil against their own people. They conspired to sell out the American people into a hideous and evil New World Order. They conspired to murder in cold blood millions of Americans who they knew would not go along with it. They secretly built huge FEMA camps and denied all of it.

And major media, you know, those that make and love lies, well, they are included as well because they are complicit. And the rich men of the Earth, well, no matter where they go, under the sea, to the moon, to Mars, into their underground caves, well, no matter, the Lord will go get them. As the Bible says, these idiots we call “leaders” did not consider their latter end. They did not think anyone was watching them in their backrooms as they conspired to do one thing and told the people the opposite, with lie after lie after lie. But there was someone watching them. I know, because I was taken to Washington in a vision and saw it with my own eyes. And I saw these leaders whose tables are filled with vomit strut about, thinking they had it made. “No one sees us”.

Then the Creator spoke to me and He told me “IT IS OVER. IT IS DONE. NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO THEY WILL NOT ESCAPE”. In other words, America, way back then, had already crossed the line and was weighed in the balance and found wanting. It was just like the handwriting on the wall in ancient Babylon, only now it was Babylon’s daughter, called Babylon the Great. It is over. It is done. “We would have healed Babylon but she would not be healed.”

So since that time, I have watched all of this come to pass, exactly as written. I am watching American die from the filth and rot within, not only the leaders, but the people as well. They have all lost their moral compass, their ethics, and as Bob Dylan said “they have no direction home”. American cannot repent because it does not know the meaning of the word. The leaders of Babylon are basically insane, and cannot even fathom what they care doing, or that it is wrong. Indeed, they have no direction home.

The American Christian cannot repent either, for they do not have the slightest idea of what true Biblical repentance actually is. Satan infiltrated the Church, destroyed true salvation, and substituted a fake salvation. How can you repent when you don’t really know what it means? I hear, “I repent, I will get right with God.” Really? Are you aware that true Biblical repentance has nothing to do with worldly repentance or worldly sorrow, of things done here in this life, like repenting from theft, adultery or other worldly things we all too often get into? Not that you should not repent of this type of stuff, for the Lord commanded that we be holy. But true Biblical repentance can only be wrought by God Himself upon the obedient believers who do as commanded, who walk the narrow way unto death and judgment, and it involves a LOVE CHANGE, not a behavior change!! All of that is now totally denied by modern Christian theology, which by the way, is a pack of lies.

So there you have it – there is no repentance coming, only destruction and eternal ruin. Not my opinion either, for it is right there in that worthless book today called the Holy Bible. You might want to study it one day, and open your heart to what it really says, not what you think it says. Instead of trying to impress everyone with your so-called “knowledge” you might rather go to the cross of Christ IN TRUTH, and find out what all of it really means, for the Holy Ghost will most assuredly tell you if you really want to know. And remember this: NEVER ASK FOR THE TRUTH UNLESS YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW.