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May 15, 2013


Israel Tells Russia They Will Wipe Out Syria If Assad Attacks

by NTEB News Desk

Israel has warned Damascus that if President Assad chooses to hit back at Israel for any further Israeli military strikes, Israel will bring down his regime.

An Israeli official confirmed Wednesday night that a dramatic and unprecedented message to this effect had been conveyed to Damascus, Channel 2 news reported.

The report said that Israel’s position to this effect also came up during Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s emergency meeting in Russia on Tuesday with President Vladimir Putin, during which Netanyahu also told Putin of Israel’s profound opposition to Russia’s sale of sophisticated S-300 missile defense batteries to Assad.

The warning came hours after mortar shells hit the Mount Hermon areafor the first time in the two-year Syrian civil war, and as Arabic newspapers reported talk of Hezbollah opening “a new front” against Israel on the Golan Heights.

Syria vowed last week to respond “immediately and harshly” to any further Israeli airstrikes, after Israel carried out two early morning attacks earlier this month on weapons consignments being stored in and around Damascus en route from Iran to Hezbollah in Lebanon. The shipments contained highly sophisticated Fateh-110 missiles.

Confirmation of Israel’s warning to Assad came soon after the New York Times quoted an Israeli official issuing the same threat. The New York Times said Israel was “considering further military strikes on Syria to stop the transfer of advanced weapons to Islamic militants,” and that an unnamed Israeli official had contacted the paper to warn: “Israel is determined to continue to prevent the transfer of advanced weapons to Hezbollah. The transfer of such weapons to Hezbollah will destabilize and endanger the entire region. If Syrian President Assad reacts by attacking Israel, or tries to strike Israel through his terrorist proxies, he will risk forfeiting his regime, for Israel will retaliate.”

“Israel will continue its policy of interdicting attempts to strengthen Hezbollah, but will not intercede in the Syrian civil war as long as Assad desists from direct or indirect attacks against Israel.”

The New York Times report speculated that Israel “could be trying to restrain Syria’s behavior without undertaking further military action, or alerting the international community to another strike. That would ratchet up the tension in an already fraught situation in Syria, where a civil war has been raging for more than two years.”

Channel 2 on Wednesday night showed satellite images of what it said was a surgical strike, reportedly carried out by Israel at Damascus airport to target the Iranian missile consignments. It showed before and after pictures of specific buildings that had been blown up, while neighboring buildings remained intact. Israel has not formally confirmed either of this month’s attacks.

Channel 2 said Netanyahu had made clear to Putin — as he also had in recent conversations with US President Barack Obama and the Chinese leadership — that Israel would hold to its “red lines” as related to Syria, which included preventing the transfer of sophisticated weaponry to Hezbollah and other rogue organizations. source – Times Of Israel

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And Damascus shall become a ruinous heap because of the children of Israel. But notice what happens with this conflict:

Isa 17:12-14

12 Woe to the multitude of many people, which make a noise like the noise of the seas; and to the rushing of nations, that make a rushing like the rushing of mighty waters!

13 The nations shall rush like the rushing of many waters: but God shall rebuke them, and they shall flee far off, and shall be chased as the chaff of the mountains before the wind, and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind.

14 And behold at eveningtide trouble; and before the morning he is not. This is the portion of them that spoil us, and the lot of them that rob us.

It seems that something of a COSMIC NATURE occurs at this time, but we are not told what it is – and it is so powerful that it makes the worlds most advanced  navies scatter and run for home. Makes me think of Doctor Doom and his remote viewing team who said that they look up to the skies and run for cover – the destroyer’s first pass? A space body of some type, like what Red Elk saw? At first, he said, he thought is was the moon, but when he took a closer look he found it wasn’t the moon, but a bit smaller, and it came right by the Earth and smashed the upper stratosphere, creating a huge shock wave that did a lot of damage, and then it turned towards the Sun, collided with it, and that created huge CME’s. Seem like it could happen, as Dr. Doom claimed his team saw a huge space body of some type come between the Earth and the moon.  It also irritated the Sun.

Well, will keep you posted, but this whole thing could ignite anytime – so be ready!!!


  1. May 16, 2013 5:35 pm

    I no longer understand such things as “will peace come first, then doom,” or “war first, then false peace.” I believe God does not want me to try to understand the timing of these things because he has allowed a “sound of many waters”, i.e., much discussion with little result, to occur, including false prophecies of rapture timing. We all await the Lord’s appearing and His rescue of us. Come, Lord Jesus, have mercy on your little children.


  2. May 15, 2013 10:24 pm

    I think that Bible gives us a hint on what will happen in heaven at this time. As we know, all this seem to be the spectrums of the coming Ezekiel and Isaiah prophecies, but all this happen in the same period of time they are going to make peace. The Destroyer will be seem as soon as Israel believe in peace, according to Jeremiah 4. So all these things we follow the peace (Oslo accords) deal or will happen just prior to it, but for sure, all these things happen in the same period of time. This is when the Destroyer will comes, and as these prophecies are at hand, so is the Destroyer.


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