Getting into the fields is not going to be easy for many farmers, who now have to rethink what, where and how they are going to plant, if at all. We have over 16 inches of snow right here and another 5 or so on the way according to forecast AND may have more next week?

This amount of snow will take a while to melt, and will keep the ground cold. Let alone make the fields wet, and they must dry out to get the larger tractors and equipment in the fields to plant. This means next week at the earliest, or May 6-10th, very late up here to plant and get a harvest before we have an early frost. Stealth Famine is not so stealthy anymore. I want to show you a short clip from Cliff High concerning the food issue for 2013 – not that their dating is usually correct, but the CONCEPT and the TRENDS are almost always accurate:


Food supply [risks] will become very visible from early in January 2013 through to mid May.

From mid May onward, while the concern is still with [food supplies] and [food costs], the latter no longer dominates. There is a very clear shift in the language forecasting a different focus for the concerns about the [food supply]. Whereas through nearly all of the first half of the year, the [food costs] sets are more than twice the total emotional numeric sum of the [food supply (at risk)] sets; over the course of the second half of the

year, the [food supply (at risk)] set has risen to be the dominating point of emotional focus for the populace. Stated another way for clarity, of the two concerns, [costs], and [availability] of food, the costs will dominate through May, but afterward the [availability] is the primary concern.

The first visible [concerns] of [drought] in the planetary bread basket(s)] will be replaced over the first half of 2013 with [needs] that are described as [desperate]. Much of the [needs] language is supported by sets that describe [hunts], and [scavenging] in great detail. The growth of these sets alone is supportive of the idea of a bifurcated year in which a [shattering (of the existent paradigm)] takes place. through April and May, the language shows a definitive shift from [complaining] about [costs], to [complaining about lack (of items)].

Over the first half of 2013, the language will begin strongly with [costs] of [foods] seen as a [driving political], and [dominating emotional concern] for much of the populace off the planet. As the [costs] are forecast to [escalate] both [rapidly], and [with sporadic jumps (as specific events manifest)], the language within the mainstream media will increasingly diverge from language around the same subjects within the alternative media.

This is an example of the bifurcation of the social body, as it is driven by media

sources, manifesting a clear line of separation within the [body politic (social order)] of the planet. The idea that presents itself from the compl es of our situation is that a [line of demarcation], or a [visible pulling away] will be taking place over these first four months of 2013 which will allow, for those who have the will and knowledge to perceive, a very clear view of the [separation of camps] among humans. The idea here

is that the dwindling numbers of the sheeple are confronted with a [leaving] in which a significant portion of the populace begins to act as though they [no longer accept ‘authority’ (*from minions of tptb)]. Another way of looking at this effect is that the [awake and aware] populace has grown to such an extent that it now forms a [clearly visible (large and growing) significant minority] of the populace.”

Here are some pictures of our area right here, unprecedented snowfall – more on the way – and this is just the beginning of wild and crazy weather as we move into the tribulation period. All previous records smashed to the ground – and this could happen in June, July or August as well – all it takes is a few large volcanic eruptions to bring it about. Talk about flooding – beware the mighty Mississippi as all of this water goes downstream. Take awhile, and hopefully there would be a slow melt, but if that happens, NO OR VERY LITTLE CROPS.






  1. Sobering! Here in northern New Mexico we have more of a drought problem, but probably our farmers will do better than in the Midwest. The big threat will be forest fire, which can preoccupy most of the firefighters if the fire threatens towns in the forested areas such as ours. Thanks for giving us Cliff HIgh’s news.


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