What we saw in Boston was clearly a staged false flag, designed we now know, to blame it on the “right wing”, and that was exposed, so suddenly it was “foreign folks who were “radicalized” into “Islam”. We watched a total and complete LOCKDOWN OF BOSTON, which is now the new name for MARTIAL LAW. We witnessed SS storm troopers invade home after home, holding totally innocent people at gunpoint as they rummaged through their home and confiscating all firearms they could find. They could have just as easily lead them away to FEMA camps. Would any one even care? Would media tell us that it was for their own safety?

Now all of this is total lawlessness on a massive scale. Fourth Amendment rights were totally violated, in fact under this lock-down, the Constitution was null and void and no one, except the “authorities”, had  any rights whatsoever. This is a police state, and the American people “cheered it on”. Media thinks it is wonderful. America is gone, and they love it. That is until they themselves and their families are rounded up and killed by the very ones they helped bring to power. After all George W. Bush called the Constitution a &^%$#$ piece of paper, and no one said much about that either. So you now know where this is really going, don’t you?

The point being that Boston is only the beginning. Now we have our “leaders” calling for “cameras on every corner” in every city. Next, every village and town, and then EVERY HOME via the “all seeing eye” built into your TV or whatever device they can dream up.  It is all so obvious that the “authorities” want an  ever increasing surveillance state all across America-Babylon. And then came calls for a ban of black powder, and now even standard ammunition re-loaders use is in the works. This was the goal of the false-flag event, and why others will happen in order to move us ever closer to a full country LOCK-DOWN. And now, when they invade your home and take what they want, they call it a “rescue”. This is all Orwellian doublespeak. Remember “when they say peace and security”.

Now you know why the Bible calls America and Obama the LAWLESS ONES. This country is run by a usurper who is lawless at every turn, mocks everything this country a long time ago stood for, gives the finger to the masses and the PEOPLE LOVE TO HAVE IT SO.

So therefore, BOSTON tells us that the American people are cowards, and stand for nothing whatsoever. The media are those that love to make lies and will never enter heaven according to Revelation. The media are nothing more than a front for the CIA and other agencies that are all part of this Luciferian Occult NWO club, albeit that many of them do not know it. The lies, deception, misinformation, disinformation and whatever will continue unabated until the NWO has reached its goals. And you can expect NO resistance from the American people.

TSA pat downs are totally lawless. There is no justification for any of it at all, yet when surveyed, 35% of the people said they would accept BODY CAVITY SEARCHES in order to fly. Can you imagine that any husband would allow his wife to undergo vaginal or anal probes just to fly? Yet they said they would, if it meant they “would be safe”. Have these people utterly lost their minds? Are they insane? Are they able to even connect TWO DOTS together?

We saw a total reflection of that same attitude in the Boston lock-down. Homes invaded, searched, weapons confiscated and not a whimper. The people were forced out of their homes at gunpoint!! There was no resistance at all. Arms in the air, patted down, and not whimper of protest as hundreds of homes were invaded by NAZI SS STORM TROOPERS. As yet, I have heard of no one even considering a MASSIVE CLASS ACTION MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT AGAINST THE “RULERS”. The courts are now so corrupt it would most likely not get far anyway. What is also interesting is that these SS thugs are Americans who live with neighbors and yet they thought nothing of doing this to their own people!!!

So we are all being conditioned to accept a total lock down for any “emergency” real or contrived. We are being told right in our faces that we have no rights whatsoever anytime the “rulers” say so. TSA says that the Constitution and Bill of Rights do not exist at airports, soon to be bus stations, train stations and TSA highway check points. ICE claims, through Homeland Security, that the Constitution does not exist within 100 miles of our borders. In reality, the American people have allowed outright criminals to strip them of everything they have and they clap and cheer it on. Is there any wonder why the Lord holds this country as lawless AND worthless? Is there any protest to this?

We are living now under Obama, who is lawless, and a government that is lawless. We are in the last days, Obama is becoming a dictator, and no one can or will come after him at least not yet. However, all of this is of THIS WORLD. And this world is dying. And EARTH DWELLERS are dying with it. The New World Order is of THIS WORLD. The so-called “aliens” who will arrive soon will be speaking of THIS WORLD, and of NEW WORLD SYSTEMS. Jesus commanded you leave this world, and gave the right and the way to do it. He called it a STRAIT GATE and a NARROW WAY. It actually leads to a dimensional gateway, a pathway to CROSS OVER while still alive and in the flesh. It has nothing to do with faith or belief. It has to do with DOING IT. Anyone who will is saved. Those that will not will be lost. It is that simple. Remember when Jesus said “Why do you call me LORD, LORD, and not do what I say?” I think that might just be some sort of clue, do you think?

Who are those that really belong to Him? Who are those that Jesus Christ counts worthy? Only those that are truly regenerated, those who have been born from above, and those who have stood before the light of Divine Agape and been judged. Only those who have entered the strait gate and walked the narrow way unto the pit of death and there sat until He that bade them came to them and said “come up higher”! Those that came to the END OF THEIR FAITH, who were dead to this world, who loved not their lives unto death. Better study your Bible while you still can.

The Earth is a dying ember. There is no true love here. There is no hope here. There is nothing here. Anyone that hopes for a better “future” here on Earth is in total denial. The sooner people realize that planet Earth is going to burn, and that they are all fallen creatures in dire need of redemption, the better. We are in the final days of mankind’s probation upon this planet. The days of GRACE and REBIRTH are almost over. We are moving rapidly into a new era, an era of LAW, of BEHEADING, of the final end of this age. Those that refused to do as Christ commanded during the age of grace are in serious trouble.

It will be during this that the fake preachers, teachers and evangelists and prophetic scholars will be revealed as to who they really were. Peter told you all about them but few paid attention. They are the popular ones out there. They trample the truth under their feet and rail against the way of the truth. They cause the strait gate and narrow way to be evil spoken of. They insist that all one needs to do is “believe” and “have faith”. It is a lie, pure and simple. No death, no coming to the light, no judgment, no repentance means no heaven, but only eternal hellfire. Not my theology, that is what Jesus Himself said, over and over and over again. You have to be a fool not to see it, and a bigger fool not to do it.

If you do not believe me, look at all of their web sites. Look up what they tell you as to how to be saved. They will say that you need to say this  “sinners prayer” or something like that. The Bible has no such “sinners prayer”. It is not in there. It is a fake, a Satanic trick, slight of hand. They will tell you to just believe and to have faith, that Jesus died for us and He did it all for us.  Well, Jesus DID die for you, but He also told you to pick up your cross and die as well. They claim all we need now is to have faith and believe, and that anything else is “heresy” or “another gospel, another Christ”. They are very deceived people who are taking MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS to hell with them. Then when you have looked up what they tell you, go look up what Christ actually said about it all. They are 180 degrees apart. You see, that is what false prophets do – they REVERSE the real truth, but you won’t see it if you don’t study to show yourself approved, and most will not study.

When Jesus told you to come to Him as a little child, He was telling you something. You better figure out what it is, and real fast!