FBI expertise once again solves major crime in only days, locates the perpetrators and either kills them or captures them. How is it they are able to solve these “terrorist” cases so rapidly, but can’t find those on the 10 most wanted list. Interesting question people might want to ponder. Remember Oklahoma? 9-11?

Is it possible that the reason they can solve these cases so fast is that they already know beforehand something is “going down”? That they already know who the perpetrators are? And if so, how do they know, and who tells them? Or are these “attacks” set up by Government FOR AN AGENDA?  Who then picks out those they can use, and sets them up as the patsies? Is that why THE CRAFT and Seal operatives where all over the place in the Boston attack? And how is it that the first responders where RIGHT THERE with almost no delay, but usually don’t show up that fast?

We know that the Illuminati will stop at nothing to bring in their beloved NEW WORLD ORDER. We also know that the CFR and Bilderberg are deeply involved with the occult, AND ACCORDING TO WELL PLACED AND HIGH SOURCES, THEY ARE INVOLVED IN THESE ATTACKS TO BRING IN THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER. The Bible does not lie, and it forewarned about all of this – and it really does not matter if government is involved or not – God has targeted America for destruction and the reasons are listed quite openly. So expect more of this, and more instant “solving” of more attacks. Just wondering, just asking, that’s all.

Here is another interesting take by Sorcha Faal, aka FSB, David Booth or whoever:

April 19, 2013

Saudis Claim MOSSAD “Hit Squad” Responsible For Boston Massacre

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A new report prepared for President Putin by the Federal Security Service (FSB) on the 15 April Boston Marathon Bombing states that Saudi Arabia has claimed to the United States that an Israeli secret service MOSSAD “hit squad” is responsible for this massacre and is being protected by “certain elements” within the American intelligence community.

According to this report, Saudi Arabia’s General Intelligence Presidency (GIP) [equivalent to US CIA] discovered the existence of this MOSSAD “hit squad” in late December 2012 operating within its borders and the United States and comprising individuals coming from at least 3 different nationalities including Saudi Arabian, Chechen and Yemeni.

Upon the discovery of these MOSSAD agents, this report continues, Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz, Saudi Arabian Minister of Interior, on 14 January met secretly with President Obama in Washington D.C. to advise the US of its existence.

Curiously, this report says, two days after Prince Abdulaziz’s secret meeting with Obama, US Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano, on 16 January, signed an “arrangement” with him bestowing “Trusted Traveler” status on Saudi student visitors, shortcutting normal American security screening procedures for foreign nationals entering the United States.

Russian intelligence analysts contributing to this report note that the US granting of Trusted Traveler status to Saudi Arabia could very well have been designed to trap these MOSSAD agents in complacency in order to track their international travels and destinations.

Unfortunately, this report says, and as we had reported on in our 17 April report “Obama Warned Is “True Target” Of Boston Massacre” these believed to be MOSSAD elements were able to enter the United States through Saudi Arabia to join existing elements in the US, and exactly like the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing terrorists who were able to detonate their FBI-supplied explosives.

Important to note about 1993 World Trade Center Bombing, this report says, was that in the course of the trial it was revealed that the FBI had an informant, a former Egyptian army officer named Emad Salem. Salem claims to have informed the FBI of the plot to bomb the towers as early as 5 February 1992. Salem’s role as informant allowed the FBI to quickly pinpoint the conspirators out of hundreds of possible suspects.

Salem, initially believing that this was to be a sting operation, claimed that the FBI’s original plan was for Salem to supply the conspirators with a harmless powder instead of actual explosive to build their bomb, but that the FBI chose to use him for other purposes instead. He secretly recorded hundreds of hours of telephone conversations with his FBI handlers.

Immediately after the 15 April Boston Marathon Bombing, this report continues, US Navy Seals on the scene captured Saudi national Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi near the Boston marathon finish line with two other Saudis who were tackled after fleeing the scene of one of the bombings.

Prince Saud Al-Faisal, Minister of Foreign Affairs for Saudi Arabia, this report says, immediately flew to the United States after Alharbi’s capture and secretly met with US Secretary of State John Kerry on 16 April, and then met, again secretly, with President Obama the following day.

From these two meetings, this report continues, US intelligence agencies were able to ascertain the “grave threat” they were facing as many Russian security experts have long suspected MOSSAD’s involvement with Israeli controlled Chechnya “hit squads” the Kremlin still believes were responsible for the 24 January 2011 Domodedovo Airport Bombing in Moscow that killed 37 and wounded 173.

New reports coming from the United States are, apparently, confirming the Chechnya connection to the Boston Marathon Bombing naming Chechnya citizens Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, and his unnamed brother[photos 3rd left], as being involved in a massive shootout with American police in the Boston area with one them now dead and the other yet to be captured.

To how fearful US authorities are, FSB analysts in this report say, was evidenced in Boston this past week where the highly secretive group of private military operatives known as “The Craft” were seen taking control of the bombing site. Also, and in what the US alternative news site Natural News says is “quickly becoming the biggest media cover-up in history,” pictures were taken and posted on the Internet of one of “The Crafts” classified communications vehicle.[photo bottom left]

Most curious of all, this report says, is why the United States didn’t apprehend this MOSSAD linked terror cell immediately after the warning they received from the Saudis in January, especially as Russian intelligence officials had previously given to both the CIA and FBI detailed files on all Chechnya peoples residing in America, including the two brothers believed to be responsible for the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Most dangerous to note about these Chechnya terrorists (who operate in cells of 10), the FSB says, is that they don’t fear targeting children, and was horrifically evidenced by the September 2004 Beslan School Hostage Crisis where they massacred 380 people, the majority of them being children.

To if it can be conclusively proved MOSSAD’s, or Israel’s, complicity in the Boston Marathon Bombing as the Saudis claim, FSB analysts in this report say, the consequences could, indeed, be dire; especially due to the fact of the still highly suspicious links between Israel and the 11 September 2001 terror attacks on the US, and as we can read as reported by the Philadelphia Times Herald:

“A memorandum sent to the 9/11 Commission, and Senate and House intelligence committees in September 2004, suggests that young Israelis who canvassed dozens of U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) offices in 2000 and 2001 trying to sell paintings to federal workers, may have been spying not only on the DEA, but also on Arab extremists in the United States – including the Sept. 11 hijackers who were living in Florida and New Jersey

http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1676.htmew Jersey.”

There is no question whatsoever this was a well-planned operation. That takes money and you have to find and pay the ones you are going to use as the “fall guys”, while the real perpetrators get off scott free, and they never ever become the “suspects” in the masses of the people. Needless to say, no one really like Sorcha Faal but as I have said many times, much of what “she” says is later reported in other major media. Anyhow, just interesting.

We just go this in and it makes sense:

Breaking News and Urgent Alert


please check out Lieutenant Potter’s warning against warring factions within American government.  

http://youtu.be/yWUB4MCLsHg also



(the video can also be viewed at http://constitutionambassadors.us along with the latest broadcast of INDEPENDENT THINKER)

At least two separate government agencies were involved in Boston Marathon / one was involved in planning and executing / the other faction attempted to stop the attempt.  The media is obviously owned by the bad guys!  

This information was gleaned by independent and private viewing of videos submitted to alternative news sources which show two different teams of plains clothed government employed people working within the crowds.



  1. Excellent blog Stew. Nice follow up to the last one. So much stuff is coming out now it’s hard to keep up with all of it! I believe Art was correct this morning when he said the caterpillers (sleeper cells) that infiltrated long ago have been given the word to rise up and do mischief in the land!

    All of this means our redemption draweth nigh and our Savior Jesus Christ is at the door.


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