April 17, 2013

Obama Warned Is “True Target” Of Boston Massacre

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

“A shocking Federal Security Forces (FSB) report on the 15 April deadly Boston Marathon Bombing says that this horrific terror event “most likely” has as its “main target” United States President Barack Obama, whom Russian intelligence experts warn could be targeted for assassination as early as tomorrow.

According to this report, and as one of the largest manhunts in American history is currently underway seeking the agents behind this terror attack, the main perpetrators who perpetrated this massacre are showing “all of the hallmarks” of being linked to a centuries old cabal that has caused many other such mass death events and assassinations of top political leaders in the US.

Important to note, this report says, are that events such as the Boston Marathon Bombing should always be “rigorously examined” for the telltale signs this “cabal of death” leaves behind foretelling of its happening, especially in fictional accounting and numerology.

As an example, this report says, was the 17 March airing of a popular American adult cartoon show named Family Guy wherein the main character detonated by cell phone 2 bombs in the Boston area, and in the same episode drove to the finish line of the Boston Marathon dismembering the bodies of runners who lay bloodied and limbless in a horrible scene recreated in real life less than a month later on 15 April.

One of the most famous examples of these types of “fictional pre-warnings” was the 4 March 2001 airing of the Lone Gunman television pilot wherein the World Trade Center buildings in New York City were targeted by remote controlled passenger jets, a fictional event that become all to real 6 months later on 11 September 2001

The numerological aspect relating to this Family Guy “predictive warning,” this report continues, lies in it being the 15th episode of this programme during its 11th season…which coincides with this attack occurring on the 15th, which is exactly 11 years since the Boston Marathon was run on the 15th of the month.

Also to be noted, this report says, is the “blood symbology” of the Boston Marathon route being 26.2 miles from start to finish, which, coincidentally, matches the death toll of the 14 December 2012 Sandy Hook Massacre where 26 innocent victims were gunned down. 

Not being understood by many Westerners, this report says, is this “cabal of deaths” association with ancient satanic rites; the one having the most meaning to this latest massacre being the 19 April-1 May “Blood Sacrifice To The Beast” which typically requires a “fire sacrifice” to occur on, or near the 19th of April.

As a “minor sabbath” of the satanic calendar for the 13-week Spring Equinox time period, this report continues, this 19 April-1 May time frame contains some of the most horrific and deadly events in all of American history and includes:

1.) The failed Bay of Pigs invasion on 17 April 1961;

2.) The Virginia Tech University Massacre on 16 April 2007;

3.) The US government massacre of the Branch Dividians at their Waco Texas complex on 19 April 1993;

4.) The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing in Oklahoma City on 18 April 1995;

5.) The explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico on 20 April 2010;

6.) The Columbine High School Massacre on 20 April 1999;

and which now the Boston Marathon Massacre now joins.

One of the worst “Blood Sacrifice To The Beast” events to occur in modern times, this report notes, happened on 19 April 1943, when after trapping the last Jewish Resistance Fighters in a storm drain in Warsaw, and holding them for several days, Nazi Storm Troopers began to pour fire into each end of the storm drain, using flame-throwers. They continued pouring the fire into the drain until all fighters were dead.

This “blood sacrifice” brought about by a fiery conflagration…exactly 50 years later, to the day, the US government incinerated 83 men, women and children using similar tactics during what is now known as the Waco Siege.

Russian intelligence analysts further note in this report that with the highly sophisticated bombs being used in the Boston Marathon Massacre, and their being timed to create “maximum carnage,” this attack may be a precursor to the “main attack” they say could target President Obama during his visit to the Boston area tomorrow, and which the first attacks may have been designed for as the US President has always, since taking office, gone to massacre sites to comfort the victims.

The “main clue” to Obama being the “target,” this report says, was the bomb explosion at the John F. Kennedy Library located in Boston, and owned by the US National Archives, which American authorities are attempting to downplay, but which Paul Yazbeck, a JFK Library employee, said was “definitely an explosion” and occurred near simultaneously with the first Boston Marathon explosion, and which is “always” a “cabal of death” warning sign of an imminent assassination attempt.

With the liberal US online magazine Salon saying today “Let’s hope Boston Marathon bomber is a white American,” and Boston officials reporting that the bombing was most likely carried out by a “domestic terrorist,” this report further notes that this terror attack cannot be ruled out as a “false flag” operation either, especially when seen in the light of many witnesses reporting that a “bomb drill” was in progress during the attack, but which police officials have since denied.

To how the United States would react should an attempt be made on Obama, and should this attack be conclusively linked to American “right wing” terrorists, this report concludes, the backlash could be “very grim” as both the Federal Government, and those citizens opposing it, are both “armed to the teeth” and are merely awaiting the “spark” that will very likely engulf that nation in a civil war.”

Very interesting points that everyone needs to digest and know about – seems that the ricin envelopes are part of a much broader plan of “let the chaos begin”. This is the same group that John F. Kennedy warned all of us about many years ago. We already know the Homeland Security (SS) thinks 80% of Americans are enemies of the state. Not long now – Omega Code timeline appears to be coming into very sharp focus. Remember the TWO HOURS OF DARKNESS just before the dawn, and how Christ split up Daniels 70th week into TWO ONE HOUR PARTS.



  1. And let’s not forget about the bloody sacrifice that every working American suffers as a result of the rich men of the world every April 15th… TAX DAY! Now how is it that they just happen to pick April 15th for the deadline? Coincidence? I doubt it….


  2. Let the games begin! Thanks Stewart…this is good stuff…ok…let’s all just “watch and wait”! Blessings, jr


  3. That’s why I said ‘tick tock’ in another report when the 11th had come and gone because I knew thre DAY (19th) was just a few days away


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