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Saudi man, 20, questioned at hospital...
Suburban apartment of Saudi student searched...
... Cops carry out 'several large bags'...

Bombs packed with ball bearings; 3 dead, 170+ wounded; 17 in critical...
'25, 30 people have at least one leg missing'...
Martin Richard, 8, among dead...
Elderly runner in viral photo finishes race...
HEROES: Kindness, humanity amid the carnage...
Witnesses recount war zone at marathon... ***WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT***
Runner: 'They must have had some sort of threat called in'...
Axelrod: Obama Thinks Bombings Could Be Related to 'Tax Day'...
Blasts put world's cities on alert...
NYC deploys 1,000 cops to top landmarks...
UK police review London Marathon security...
MINISTER: Will not be 'blown off course'...
Kentucky Derby, Indy 500 to up security...
BARNEY FRANK: 'No tax cut would have helped us deal with this'...
UPDATE: No other bombs found...

So what are we to make of all of this? We knew something was coming – and an “insider” at DHS made a comment that when you see gold and silver dip in price, that meant something was coming, well, we had our BIG DIP – is this it or is something far bigger in the wind?

It was reported that police dogs were at both the start and finish lines, and also loud speakers saying there was a “drill” going on – there always seems to be a “DRILL” going on when these “terrorist attacks” occur – so if you hear of a drill in your area, take cover – they seem to “go live” all to often. So then, who benefits? TSA. Now we have an excuse to have the TSA all over the streets of America and in our towns to keep us all safe, you know, “WHEN THEY SAY PEACE AND SECURITY”, especially when any kind of marathon race, sports events, large gatherings such school proms, etc. By the way, that same insider warned that TSA was going to come to fore, much like Germany's SS.

"We are the TSA, and we are here to help you be safe and secure. Not to worry, we have you covered, but of course, you must give up all your bill of rights for us to accomplish all of this.”

Eyewitness: Authorities “Must Have Known” About Bombing

Spotters on roof for “drill” before explosions at Boston marathon

Paul Joseph Watson
April 16, 2013

“Despite police refusing to acknowledge that they had any warning of the bombing attack on the Boston Marathon, eyewitness Ali Stevenson says authorities “must have known” of a threat because they announced a drill beforehand and had spotters on the roof at the start of the race.”

Then of course we had a Satanic Holiday yesterday that calls for bloodshed and guess what – we had major bloodshed. This has all the earmarks of an Illuminati operation – and of course gives the excuse for more “security”, and brings in more excuses for “tighter surveillance” on us poor morons. TSA and all of that of course. The primary objective of all of this will become clear down the road – but you can be assured TSA will be brought forward more and more to be our SS security forces.

I got this in an e-mail, and it is very interesting.

“Another blood sacrifice by the Illuminati/NewWorldOrder to their self-
proclaimed god, Lucifer. Today, April 15th, is “The FORDICIDIA,” their
vile feast day when they execute and offer up blood sacrifices, masses
of victims, to Satan. The devil-worshipping global ruling elite, known
as the Illuminati and “The New World Order,” believe that they must
perpetrate mass murder and present their victims to Satan in order to
be reciprocally endowed with Satan’s power in order to perpetrate much
greater wholesale atrocities. We saw their massive blood sacrifice at the
Twin Towers, satanically empowering them to launch multiple bloody
wars, which continue to this day, twelve long years later. So, expect
these demonic ruling elite to execute some colossal atrocity *very soon.*

“Standing before this temple was the Petra Sclerata, the accursed stone.
Each year on April 15th, the feast of Fordicidia was held in this temple,
consecrated to Tellus, the Mother-Earth goddess. It involved sacrificing
a pregnant cow to Tellus. During this important ceremony, the unborn
calf was burned whole. This whole burnt offering was called “The Holocaust.”
Throughout pagan history the major burnings of Jews and Christians have
occurred on or near this date…”

Remember the motto of the Masons. “Order out of chaos”. The word “chaos” is being used all the time concerning the Boston bombing. Are we being told “let the chaos begin!”  by the Illuminated Ones? Then of course we have the CFR and their motto “everywhere”. So in essence, you go to run a marathon and you get your legs blown off or killed. In other words, YOU ARE NOT SAFE NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE OR WHAT YOU ARE DOING. You are not safe “EVERYWHERE”. I think I remember somewhere in the Bible that it says there will come a time of terror just before the end of it all.  Well, does that mean that we will soon have TSA goon squads ‘EVERYWHERE”?

That is if there is such a thing as “last days”, “dispensations”, “rapture” etc. It seems everything is under attack these days by people who ought to know better. There really is no such thing as “last days”, or a “tribulation” and there are no “dispensations”OR “RAPTURES”  in the Lord’s agenda. All the saints are just saints, there are no differences. Interesting that the word “dispensation” means in essence how the Lord deals with the human race at different times. These folks really do need to study to show themselves approved. They omit any and all things that totally disprove their newly found concepts.

For example, when Jesus came, all things changed. Before Christ there was no such thing as being “born from above”. You will not find it anywhere in the Old Testament.  You will find HINTS of what was coming, very big hints, by the way. But after He came, suddenly one had to be “born from above” or you could not see or  enter heaven. From law to grace. That is a CHANGE in the way God deals with people.  That is, by the very meaning of the word “dispensation”, a “dispensation” change! But those who have never done as Christ commanded them, and have never met Christ one on one (also denied), could never  ever understand this radical change in “dispensations”. And then of course we have Paul, who is now an imposter, liar, antichrist, who some claim was in direct opposition to Christ in theology. And the same goes for Peter. On an on the heresies go, “ever learning but never able to come to knowledge of the truth”.

And then of course in the Book of Revelation we find another massive change on how God deals with the world and his people. During the age of “Grace” as it is known, one had to be born again. However that changes again in Revelation to beheading. There is no “rebirth” during the “tribulation”. There is only beheading. On and on it does go, and one has to ignore a host of Scripture to not notice many differences in how God deals with people. But all of this is now being denied. “We have a new truth now, a new spin on things.”

In spite of all of the denials, there really is an AGE OF GRACE AND REBIRTH, that some call the “Church Age”. That age is now almost over. And that is a fact. These folks can deny it all they want; it does not change the actual facts. It is not “interpretation”. It stated plainly, boldly, and so simply that it cannot be denied IN TRUTH. Once the Church Age is over, everything changes. EVERYTHING. We went from LAW to GRACE and we will go back TO LAW. The transition is already in progress, you have to be blind not to see it. The law keepers are coming out in force. They have no clue nor testimony of ever having been shown the DIVINE LOVE OF CHRIST, which is the ONLY LAW THERE IS NOW. Jesus left us with ONE COMMANDMENT: DIVINE LOVE. There is no other commandment. And when Jesus comes to you and shows you HIS LOVE,  you know WHY there is no other commandment, nor ever could be. That is why Jesus said that “WHEN THE SON OF MAN SETS YOU FREE, YOU ARE FREE INDEED”.  What, is Jesus a liar as well? Heaven forbid.

As for me, I will defend the faith once given to the saints. I also notice that when one goes to all these websites, there is NO true salvation message offered. It contains only the “sinner’s prayer” which cannot even be found in the Bible. It is just made up to fool millions of Christians.  It was all prophesied to happen, and it has. The warnings of Christ, John, Peter, Paul and others are simply ignored. I guess they were all liars and misfits. Even Christ is now antichrist in many circles. Actually if Paul and Peter were imposters and liars, then what other part of the Bible do we just tear up and disregard because it does not fit our “theology’?

And they claim, there is no “last days” as most of all of it went down back in AD 70. That is so easy to refute one wonders where these folks left their brains. At essence here is that the true colors of all of these so-called “Christians” are going to be clearly shown to the true elect. Do not be blown about by all of these winds of doctrine. They are really coming to the fore right now as Satan launches his final attack upon the plain and simple truths of the Bible. Getting back to the world:

We should not forget North Korea, that wild card who could throw a tantrum and do something stupid – but now we know that John Kerry offered the Chinese a cutback on our Asian missile defense shield. So then it is possible that China was behind North Korea all the time just to get that defense shield cut back or removed – not enough details yet on what was offered. So anyhow, have a good day, cheer up, things could get worse – and they will…




  1. Hello and Good Morning everyone!
    I Thank. You for speaking about this information. A few people were asking me about my thoughts on the bombing. And I told them that it is another tactic for Obama to tighten his agenda. One of them commented that isn’t that what all politicians do, nonchalantly. The other. Was crying because it was so close to home. I on the other hand was crying for a different reason praying that I will soon find real peace and security in the Lord. I wish I had your sense of humor but it does say in Scriptures all of this will come to pass. God bless you all


  2. Have you seen this yet?

    I tried to search Fox but they have removed all their stories of eyewitness accounts! You may wish to check this out. Thanks for keeping us posted, Kathy Best King

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  3. Thanks Stew, I was looking forward to what was behind this evident False Flag attack propaganda… Now it is time for the probably already drafted draconian laws to be pushed through Congress… The news this morning were already talking about Conspiracy Theorist as Terrorist Groups… Things are really getting hot and heavy….


  4. Very intresting information. I read last night that simulated drills were going on before the real attack happened. All I can say is sheer evil abounds. The last sentence you wrote about things could be worse, and it will be, sums up the future for America. Thanks for all you do.


  5. Thanks Stewart as always yours is the ONLY voice of reasom when one of these things happens and I was hoping you would get something out real soon as rumors are flying all over cyberspace


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