It has been an interesting time for our ministry, and it seems that one cannot even give away real hard truth anymore. While the world of apostates scream that we need a Jeremiah to bring us back to the truth, if Jeremiah were here now the same ones screaming for him would kill him post-haste – and that is the true nature of apostates – they refuse, totally refuse, all real truth and continue, even the face of severe warnings to embrace the lies rather than pick of their cross and die the death required of Jesus Christ.

It is amazing to me how far our ministry has been isolated by the so-called remnant, and it is because of our TRUE salvation message. No one, and I mean NO ONE, has ever come up with an answer that is Scriptural, as to why the multitudes of Christians, many on the front lines doing miracle works, are rejected by Jesus Christ, even when the answer is right under their nose. Cruise the internet and see all of the “how to get saved” portion of many a prophetic or otherwise web sites and it is easy to show why Christ does in fact REJECT THEM OUT OF HAND. They are not part of the Bride of Christ, they only proclaim loudly that they are. They refuse the simple and blunt commands of our Lord to ENTER IN AT THE STRAIT GATE, and to WALK THE NARROW WAY UNTO DEATH, BURIAL, JUDGEMENT AND RESURRECTION.

You can KNOW all the facts about prophecy, about world news, about what is going on, but if you do not KNOW JESUS CHRIST by MEETING HIM IN TRUTH, none of the rest matters, for it is all VANITY, and YOU LOST. I know this message is hated by so-called Christians of all stripes, but it does not change the reality of it. I have been preaching this message for over 25 years, and only a very few have picked up on the real truth of it. I preach the same Gospel that Jesus Christ preached Himself. I have not changed my testimony because it is the hard cold truth. Jesus warned me long ago, as He did Paul TELL THE TRUTH, I’LL WILL HANDLE the consequences.

But now I know why Jeremiah was called the weeping prophet. He knew what the real truth was, and was speaking into the WINDS OF APOSTASY. These people, for all of their proclaimed love of Christ, are apostates, rebellious, and who know not the real Mystery of God. Like Paul, I wait for people to ACKNOWLEDGE THE MYSTERY OF GOD, but I get back almost pure silence. Soon I will be leaving you all. Many a time lately, late at night, as I trudge up to the house from my studio at 11 or 12 PM or after, a voice keeps saying “not much longer”. And when I do leave, via death or rapture of the Bride, I will only weep at all of those “experts” who are full of haughty so-called “knowledge”, who are arrogant and blind, and who have isolated the truth from others, and who will not proclaim the real truth, but who insist on leading their blind followers into the ditch along with them.

The Age of Grace is almost over. The Door is all but shut. Many there will be that will stand without, screaming “open for us, open for us” and will hear the voice of the Lord “I know you not”. Why cannot you hear the real truth? You have ears but cannot hear. You have eyes, but you cannot see. You mock the truth all the while proclaiming you have it all wired down tight. Really?  “Ever learning, but never able to come to a KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH.” Did you get it? Do you understand why Paul asked such an important question, totally rejected even by most of the so-called remnant today. ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF THE MYSTERY OF GOD! Do you understand the simplicity of the Gospel? Are you able to grasp even the most elementary aspects of it while you proclaim your mastery of the Holy Book? “By their fruits”, Jesus said, “you shall know them”. What are their fruits – really? False salvation message by the thousands. Go to their websites and read it for yourself. They have fallen hook, line and sinker for the modern day Christian salvation message which is a lie.

There is not only NO acknowledgment of the MYSTERY OF GOD REVEALED TO HIS TRUE SAINTS, there is a total refusal that it is even necessary, and worse, they proclaim boldly, it is Satanic to its core,!!! And now, I hear more and more, that Paul was an imposter, a liar, a deceiver, that his teachings oppose Jesus Christ. It is the height of ignorance and actual blasphemy to make such a remark as that, because when you MEET THE LORD FACE TO FACE, and you UNDERSTAND the MYSTERY OF THE GODHEAD, then, and only then, will you UNDERSTAND THAT PAUL’S STATEMENTS are identical to the Lords!! He is not an imposter. And soon, many so-called preacher boys, evangelists, prophetic scholars and what-not are going to find out the hard way that what Paul taught, and what I have taught, is TRUE. I have never changed one iota of my testimony, because it is the truth, and the truth, in the end in unassailable.

So now what? The time is almost over, the warnings went unheeded and mocked, and when the door is shut, which is coming soon, what will you do? My suggestion is that people get their heads out of the sand and search after the real truth of the matter. Those that will, have a reward that is beyond anything they can imagine. Obedience to the primary commands of Jesus Christ to SEARCH HIM OUT, AND TO FIND HIM is true worship. The rest of it Jesus answers bluntly: “With their lips they honor me, but their hearts are far from me.” It says it all. Your so-called worship is fake, it means nothing, it is all VANITY, and you LOST.

Now I myself am a poor excuse for a Christian. I never said otherwise. I have no idea why the Lord would have come to me in the manner He did. I am not even religious, for I KNOW that Jesus did not bring another religion, but rather was a destroyer of religions, controls and power mad clergy. He brought with Him a GIFT OF DIVINE AGAPE, A LOVE EXCHANGE, YOUR SO-CALLED LOVE  FOR HIS TRUE LOVE. He came with a NEW TESTAMENT, and a way to enter in.

I find it odd that one cannot even give way the real truth today, not in Earth Changes, Not in real prophecy, not in world news and where it is heading. Indeed GROSS DARKNESS COVERS THE PEOPLE.

We are here folks, and I pray you will be in heaven one day, but I fear most will not be. Those that the world rejects, those that it mocks, those whom the human family claims are outcasts, whores and criminals, and those that “bring another Gospel and another Christ” – well, they may well see heaven while the so-called “experts” in the Bible will see hell instead. Odd how everything is reversed in these last of the last days. Be warned. I did as asked. I told the hard unvarnished and real nasty truth. I don’t really mind the mud thrown in my face, or being isolated by the so-called on-line pastors, preachers and teaches out there. I marvel at it, and I weep for them. I know what is coming upon them. I know what is going to come upon this world. It has begun and it cannot be stopped. So be it. As Paul said, I have run the race, and there is a crown laid up for me, the crown of eternal life. I do not deserve it. In my flesh I am wicked and evil. The depth of depravity of the human being will only be truly known by the those that have come to the light of DIVINE AGAPE and been judged guilty. I have been through my GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT. I deserve fully hellfire forever. Were it not for the love of Christ, for His mercy, for His compassion for the lost, not one soul would be saved. Do not mock Him that speaks to you from heaven. Obey Him, walk the walk;  stop the talk. Pick up your cross, enter in, and die that most mysterious death and sit in the pit of hell waiting for Him that bade you to the wedding. He will come. To those already in the pit, have patience. Rest in His promises. He will come to you in due time, and He will say unto you, “Friend, come up higher”, just as He did to Erin a few weeks ago. And then, you will KNOW, you will EXPERIENCE the real truth, you will be rescued for all time from the PIT WITH NO LOBE IN IT. And then joy unspeakable as the Lord pours out the EARNEST. Only the few know it, the rest mock it.

It is all true. The Bible is true from beginning to end, and only a fool will say, “There is no God”. And Jesus Christ is THE WORD, and the WORD BECAME FLESH and dwelt among us.  Mock it all you want. The truth is there for anyone who wants it bad enough to drop the things of this world, and go on a journey unlike any journey ever taken. It is called the NARROW WAY. Stop the talk, walk the walk unto eternal life OR DIE IN YOUR SINS – YOUR CHOICE.

And so I weep for this world. Yes, I laugh and make light of serious things, but if I didn’t I would not make it. I would die in total sorrow. I go to the shopping malls, or down the highways and I weep. I watch a movie and I weep. I watch TV and I weep. I know why Jeremiah was called the weeping prophet. He knew what was about to come upon his people. He knew the truth, and when you know the truth, and you know, not because you believe something, or have faith in something, but when you KNOW, because the Lord Himself has shown you, then it is very hard to keep a stiff upper lip. America is doomed, and the people within her with few exceptions are doomed. Having ears they will not hear. Having eyes, they will not see. Even so, come Lord Jesus…



  1. Its so cool to see others on the way also in these comments i have never come across anyone else before. My hope is that we all make it to the end soon ! Stewart thank you for all your work there are some of us that appreciate it , i love my weekly borderlands.


    • Hang on with your eternal aspirations, Jeremy, and resume to “Seek the LORD while He may be found; call upon Him while He is near;” (Isaiah 55:6)
      It’s possible Christ will be far away while He wages the great battle of the end. Some warn, “Salvation is but a heart beat away.”
      Albert, www


  2. It is true throughout the centuries. The false fear the true. The false abuse and speak evil of the true. The false try to silence the true. The false try to isolate and make the true irrelevant. The false follow the broad, the true see past the broad, looking for their far away , but very near heavenly city.

    “And this gospel may everyone testify unto, and to the order of it,
    that it is not of man, nor by man,
    neither is it received but by the revelation of Jesus Christ, sent down from heaven,
    which all the believers, that have part in the first resurrection,
    live, walk, and keep in the order of this gospel;
    and so have power to admonish, exhort, reprove, and rebuke, with all authority,

    such as talk of Christ, and do not walk in him;
    such as profess him, and do not possess him;
    such as live not in the religion that was set up above sixteen hundred years since;
    such as profess Christ the way, and walk not in the way, the truth, and the life;
    all such talkers, and not walkers, are dishonorers of God,
    and cause his holy name to be blasphemed among such as make no profession.

    And therefore, all Friends that know that you are alive to God, by Jesus Christ,
    and know your translation from death to Christ the life,
    and from darkness to Christ the light;
    so that you may all come now to be help mates in your restoration by Christ Jesus,
    into the image of God, and his righteousness and holiness
    So blessed are they, and you, that come to have part in the first resurrection,
    that on you the second death may have no power;
    and such as do, they know a dying to sin here, and putting off the body of sin and death,
    and a crucifying the old man, with his affections and lusts;
    and a putting him off, and to be dead from the rudiments of the world:
    and so those who ‘die with Christ, shall live with him;’
    and those who are risen with Christ,
    can never touch, taste, nor handle the doctrines, commandments,
    and dead rudiments of men of the world.
    But let such put on the new man,
    which (after the image of God) is created in righteousness and holiness; ”

    George Fox
    the 10th month, 1675″


    • For Carol Harris-Goble:
      I have no clue of your sadness. I fell from grace in 1963. He rescued me in 2004. There is no man worse than I, and I’m better blessed than most.
      Marana tha!
      Albert, weary weeping watchman


      • for Albert, The widerness walk is so very lonely as well as you may know. Thankyou for your encouragment, as I know what you mean to have fallen from grace. My daughter Erin told me to listen to a song by “FRAY” called “Be Still” on youtube listen to that song as it is such a help to me. Thank you, Carol


  3. Satan is really good at that, but he is a liar and a murderer from the beginning. The hard part is refusing to listen to him. The Holy Spirit who is guiding you into all truth is greater than he who is in the world. Have no fear, you are not a Judas, and your soul has not been sold. What a liar Satan is!!!


    • I have asked the LORD several times if He wished me to be like Jeremiah–a compassionate, carping gad fly. So far, the prayer has not yet been answered. I wait for God.
      Albert, www


    • Stewart, Thankyou for being my teacher, thankyou for being a companion (Hope) to me. I will walk the narrow way until The Lord Jesus Christ comes to me and washes me in His pure Blood, I will wait @ the foot of the cross, @ The feet of Christ The Lord. I know he will come! He would not have brought me back to you or gave me John Bunyans archives. Bunyans writings and your ministry is what gives me hope. Bunyan says what you say in his writings “The Strait Gate” Thank you Stewart, Thank you!


  4. I hear you Stewart. My heart weeps too for the lost multitudes and i can but continue to pray for them. God is greater than our hearts and he is not yet finished with them. He will meet them face to Face… Then…we shall see. A world wide Warning is coming soon that has to awaken all to their choice. Then Hell itself upon the world for a season. Be encouraged…Soon God will “Reign on Earth as in Heaven.”


  5. As I read this , I can’t help but cry. My soul is in such agony as I wait for The Lord to come to me. It is so very lonely but I know you and Erin know what I mean. I Thank God for you telling the truth. The battle rages in my soul when I hear the whispers telling me I am JUDAS, I am ESAU, and I sold my soul long ago for walking away from your ministry some 20 years ago and for what I said. I remember to stand on his promise that He will come. I know the time is short. Thank you Stewart and Cindy


  6. Stewart, thankyou for sharing the cry of your heart. I so relate to what you have said. May YHVH bless you and keep you, as you are His faithful servant


  7. Thank you for the message Stew. It is always timely for those who need it. The Lord is not slack in His promises. Blessing

    Barbara E


  8. You make me cry Stew. It fills me with such sadness as it does each time I think of all your efforts being ignored, rejected, or attacked! But what more can you do? The world is doomed like you said and it hates the truth. Sitting in the pit waiting for my Savior to come is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Being cut off from God is almost unbearable on a daily basis, so having your encouragement and that of my other dear friend in the Lord has helped me stay strong, and I thank you both. Being reminded of God’s promises when you think you have been completely foresaken helps to keep one’s eyes on the Prize.

    The strait gate and the narrow way are real. All you need to do is be obedient to the commands of Jesus Christ and you will experientially know it’s true for yourself. It’s not a joke and your eternal destination depends on it. The only part of the walk that I have not experienced yet is the revelation of Jesus Christ, but I am assured by God’s word that it will happen when He decides the time is right.


    • Snowflake:
      I felt Jeremiah’s sadness when he thought he would die in that stinking pit. All of a sudden a neutered black man brought the prophet the light of his redemption. I know Christ was in a similar depression while in the garden before His crucifixion. There are countless companion verses in both testament.
      AWL, www


  9. Thank You Stewart for these straight forward words. This message bares the truth of the hour and the sorrows of the true ones who love the Lord. The world has removed long suffering from the fruit of the Spirit in today’s modern Bible translations. But without it we cannot appreciate the love of our God and his beloved son, Jesus Christ. I am hearing from friends the message of get ready, get ready as you too have heard the message concerning the urgency of the hour. Time is running out for doing business as usual with God, the Ark doors are getting ready to close. We must pray for ourselves as well as others to not be left behind at the call. Blessings to you and family.


  10. You like John the Baptist can say “I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, Make straight the way of the Lord.” I am so thankful for your voice and praise God that He is using you to speak to the “few” the TRUTH of His Word. Christians for the most part are blinded to the paganism that their belief system is rooted in idolatry and false doctrines.I am praying that our redeemer will encourage you, and keep you utill that day we see Him face to face.


  11. Someone was here today and was watching Doofud (held their attention mootthanver had in regard to talking about whats coming – so Doofud if you’re out there know that you do have a positive effect but I mementionedo that person about the DVD of yours Stewart (Prophet) where you with long hair and beard dressed in sackcloth (well it looked like sackcloth) and holding a staff gave a real good impersonation Jeremiah


    • “I am going to give that person a copy of this as well as a few other people”

      I and others would appreciate your help to circulate the message for the world. Of course the warning is about 2500 years ago.
      Albert, www
      PS: We would love to tutor you to learn cogent writing and grammar. It’s possible you might be a cyber bomber paid by the rogue regime.


    If you understand and admire Jeremiah, as I do, read chapter 5:
    30) A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land;
    31) a. The prophets prophesy falsely,
    b. and the priests bear rule by their means;
    c. and my people love [to have it] so:
    d. and what will ye do in the end thereof?

    Skip to Revelation 10:
    9) And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take [it], and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey.
    11) And I took the little book out of the angel’s hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter.

    Can you see how these two scriptures are related? If you comprehend it, you must speak boldly to those who preach heresy, whose leaders are of thousands of denominations–or should I say: ‘demoninations’.

    Albert, worried waiting watchman


  13. Stuart,   Great article.  I have a question.  I went threw an experience similar and the Lord took away many of my desires. ie smoking etc.. After many years i have slipped and drink.  I feel lost sometimes.  Any suggestions on what to do.?  Thanks, Jeff

    “We ship to all 50 states”

    J and J Forklifts 2535 W. 10th St Greeley, CO. 80634 (970)-576-5333



    • Look at it this way – drinking destroys the body, slowly a bit at a time. It destroys the mind, a bit at a time. All of that, like smoking to much, etc are just Satan’s way of attacking, bringing you down, whispering “not for you, look at you, what a mess, Jesus didn’t ever save you, it was all a lie”. Go back, go back and take another look at your salvation certificate, and throw that into the face of the accuser, who accuses us all before the Throne of God day and night. It’s is not easy, but put the brakes on and ask the Lord to help you to stop.


  14. I am presently walking on the the straight and narrow road, and have not yet entered into the Kingdom of God. Since it seems the time is short I pray every day that my salvation will be reality soon. Give my greetings to Cindy.

    Doreen Canada


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