It has been an interesting time for our ministry, and it seems that one cannot even give away real hard truth anymore. While the world of apostates scream that we need a Jeremiah to bring us back to the truth, if Jeremiah were here now the same ones screaming for him would kill him post-haste – and that is the true nature of apostates – they refuse, totally refuse, all real truth and continue, even the face of severe warnings to embrace the lies rather than pick of their cross and die the death required of Jesus Christ.

It is amazing to me how far our ministry has been isolated by the so-called remnant, and it is because of our TRUE salvation message. No one, and I mean NO ONE, has ever come up with an answer that is Scriptural, as to why the multitudes of Christians, many on the front lines doing miracle works, are rejected by Jesus Christ, even when the answer is right under their nose. Cruise the internet and see all of the “how to get saved” portion of many a prophetic or otherwise web sites and it is easy to show why Christ does in fact REJECT THEM OUT OF HAND. They are not part of the Bride of Christ, they only proclaim loudly that they are. They refuse the simple and blunt commands of our Lord to ENTER IN AT THE STRAIT GATE, and to WALK THE NARROW WAY UNTO DEATH, BURIAL, JUDGEMENT AND RESURRECTION.

You can KNOW all the facts about prophecy, about world news, about what is going on, but if you do not KNOW JESUS CHRIST by MEETING HIM IN TRUTH, none of the rest matters, for it is all VANITY, and YOU LOST. I know this message is hated by so-called Christians of all stripes, but it does not change the reality of it. I have been preaching this message for over 25 years, and only a very few have picked up on the real truth of it. I preach the same Gospel that Jesus Christ preached Himself. I have not changed my testimony because it is the hard cold truth. Jesus warned me long ago, as He did Paul TELL THE TRUTH, I’LL WILL HANDLE the consequences.

But now I know why Jeremiah was called the weeping prophet. He knew what the real truth was, and was speaking into the WINDS OF APOSTASY. These people, for all of their proclaimed love of Christ, are apostates, rebellious, and who know not the real Mystery of God. Like Paul, I wait for people to ACKNOWLEDGE THE MYSTERY OF GOD, but I get back almost pure silence. Soon I will be leaving you all. Many a time lately, late at night, as I trudge up to the house from my studio at 11 or 12 PM or after, a voice keeps saying “not much longer”. And when I do leave, via death or rapture of the Bride, I will only weep at all of those “experts” who are full of haughty so-called “knowledge”, who are arrogant and blind, and who have isolated the truth from others, and who will not proclaim the real truth, but who insist on leading their blind followers into the ditch along with them.

The Age of Grace is almost over. The Door is all but shut. Many there will be that will stand without, screaming “open for us, open for us” and will hear the voice of the Lord “I know you not”. Why cannot you hear the real truth? You have ears but cannot hear. You have eyes, but you cannot see. You mock the truth all the while proclaiming you have it all wired down tight. Really?  “Ever learning, but never able to come to a KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH.” Did you get it? Do you understand why Paul asked such an important question, totally rejected even by most of the so-called remnant today. ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF THE MYSTERY OF GOD! Do you understand the simplicity of the Gospel? Are you able to grasp even the most elementary aspects of it while you proclaim your mastery of the Holy Book? “By their fruits”, Jesus said, “you shall know them”. What are their fruits – really? False salvation message by the thousands. Go to their websites and read it for yourself. They have fallen hook, line and sinker for the modern day Christian salvation message which is a lie.

There is not only NO acknowledgment of the MYSTERY OF GOD REVEALED TO HIS TRUE SAINTS, there is a total refusal that it is even necessary, and worse, they proclaim boldly, it is Satanic to its core,!!! And now, I hear more and more, that Paul was an imposter, a liar, a deceiver, that his teachings oppose Jesus Christ. It is the height of ignorance and actual blasphemy to make such a remark as that, because when you MEET THE LORD FACE TO FACE, and you UNDERSTAND the MYSTERY OF THE GODHEAD, then, and only then, will you UNDERSTAND THAT PAUL’S STATEMENTS are identical to the Lords!! He is not an imposter. And soon, many so-called preacher boys, evangelists, prophetic scholars and what-not are going to find out the hard way that what Paul taught, and what I have taught, is TRUE. I have never changed one iota of my testimony, because it is the truth, and the truth, in the end in unassailable.

So now what? The time is almost over, the warnings went unheeded and mocked, and when the door is shut, which is coming soon, what will you do? My suggestion is that people get their heads out of the sand and search after the real truth of the matter. Those that will, have a reward that is beyond anything they can imagine. Obedience to the primary commands of Jesus Christ to SEARCH HIM OUT, AND TO FIND HIM is true worship. The rest of it Jesus answers bluntly: “With their lips they honor me, but their hearts are far from me.” It says it all. Your so-called worship is fake, it means nothing, it is all VANITY, and you LOST.

Now I myself am a poor excuse for a Christian. I never said otherwise. I have no idea why the Lord would have come to me in the manner He did. I am not even religious, for I KNOW that Jesus did not bring another religion, but rather was a destroyer of religions, controls and power mad clergy. He brought with Him a GIFT OF DIVINE AGAPE, A LOVE EXCHANGE, YOUR SO-CALLED LOVE  FOR HIS TRUE LOVE. He came with a NEW TESTAMENT, and a way to enter in.

I find it odd that one cannot even give way the real truth today, not in Earth Changes, Not in real prophecy, not in world news and where it is heading. Indeed GROSS DARKNESS COVERS THE PEOPLE.

We are here folks, and I pray you will be in heaven one day, but I fear most will not be. Those that the world rejects, those that it mocks, those whom the human family claims are outcasts, whores and criminals, and those that “bring another Gospel and another Christ” – well, they may well see heaven while the so-called “experts” in the Bible will see hell instead. Odd how everything is reversed in these last of the last days. Be warned. I did as asked. I told the hard unvarnished and real nasty truth. I don’t really mind the mud thrown in my face, or being isolated by the so-called on-line pastors, preachers and teaches out there. I marvel at it, and I weep for them. I know what is coming upon them. I know what is going to come upon this world. It has begun and it cannot be stopped. So be it. As Paul said, I have run the race, and there is a crown laid up for me, the crown of eternal life. I do not deserve it. In my flesh I am wicked and evil. The depth of depravity of the human being will only be truly known by the those that have come to the light of DIVINE AGAPE and been judged guilty. I have been through my GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT. I deserve fully hellfire forever. Were it not for the love of Christ, for His mercy, for His compassion for the lost, not one soul would be saved. Do not mock Him that speaks to you from heaven. Obey Him, walk the walk;  stop the talk. Pick up your cross, enter in, and die that most mysterious death and sit in the pit of hell waiting for Him that bade you to the wedding. He will come. To those already in the pit, have patience. Rest in His promises. He will come to you in due time, and He will say unto you, “Friend, come up higher”, just as He did to Erin a few weeks ago. And then, you will KNOW, you will EXPERIENCE the real truth, you will be rescued for all time from the PIT WITH NO LOBE IN IT. And then joy unspeakable as the Lord pours out the EARNEST. Only the few know it, the rest mock it.

It is all true. The Bible is true from beginning to end, and only a fool will say, “There is no God”. And Jesus Christ is THE WORD, and the WORD BECAME FLESH and dwelt among us.  Mock it all you want. The truth is there for anyone who wants it bad enough to drop the things of this world, and go on a journey unlike any journey ever taken. It is called the NARROW WAY. Stop the talk, walk the walk unto eternal life OR DIE IN YOUR SINS – YOUR CHOICE.

And so I weep for this world. Yes, I laugh and make light of serious things, but if I didn’t I would not make it. I would die in total sorrow. I go to the shopping malls, or down the highways and I weep. I watch a movie and I weep. I watch TV and I weep. I know why Jeremiah was called the weeping prophet. He knew what was about to come upon his people. He knew the truth, and when you know the truth, and you know, not because you believe something, or have faith in something, but when you KNOW, because the Lord Himself has shown you, then it is very hard to keep a stiff upper lip. America is doomed, and the people within her with few exceptions are doomed. Having ears they will not hear. Having eyes, they will not see. Even so, come Lord Jesus…