Well, folks, it’s all coming together rather fast now. From Comet PAN-STARRS to ISON to another comet that might hit Mars, makes one wonder if the Creator is attempting in some fashion to alert the human race that their probation might be coming to a close!! I wonder, do you suppose it’s possible?

The one to watch right now is PAN-STARRS as it no doubt represents the rising of Lucifer, you know, Pan’s Star, the Pagan God Pan, the goat/werewolf type – right on time with Obama’s visit to Jerusalem, his backing down on Iran’s nuke program and his slow but steady betrayal of Israel. We will be able to see PAN STARRS right next to the CRESCENT MOON in the evening, right after sunset they say, in the next few days – visible to the naked eye, that is, if you’re not vision impaired because you are not watching. Seems odd that Lucifer’s Comet is right beside the Islamic Crescent moon, but that is just a coincidence I am sure – like the almost same symbolic sign in the heavens when the Branch Davidians were burned at the stake, as it were. I’m sure most of this means something, but what ain’t exactly clear yet, as the saying goes.


And then we have this comet that makes a very close approach to Mars in 2014 – it might be, just might be, what Gordon Michael Scallion was talking about – how something knocked Phoebus out of its orbit, sending it toward Earth – now that would be a sight to see, don’t you think – or would you not like to be here to watch it?

And then we have the movie IRON SKY, the Fourth Reich flying saucer attack on Earth in 2018. The movie of course was a joke, with Sarah Palin as the President of the USA then. It was a disappointment because they took a very real situation and made a mockery of it. How can I claim a real situation? Because Von Braun told Carol Rosin that Germany had operational UFO’s and anti-gravity ships back in 1944! He also told her that the LAST CARD the Military Industrial complex was going to play was the ALIEN CARD, and the implication of that was a real but very fake ALIEN INVASION. Then we had some CIA guys come out years later and claimed the same thing. Then scientist Stan Deyo released a most interesting DVD about these ships operating out of Antarctica, I believe. He ought to know, he worked for Ed Teller. But of course, all of that is just “stories”.


So IRON SKY was a disinformation movie, but the graphic were real good, and the ships all looked like the blueprints I have here for what the German High Command was working on, and remember they have had OVER 50 YEARS TO “TWEEK” THIS TECHNOLOGY. Not to say just how far they have come in “clones” and “robotics” to make things appear real that are not – and then of course we have PROJECT BLUE BEAM and holographic projection tom foolery as well. Now let’s say that the insider tales of MOON AND MARS OPERATIONS and FACILITIES are true. And let’s say that ALTERNATIVE THREE is actually real and then we add into the mix how knowledge and technology develop faster and faster and how  the WIZARD OF OZ CAN REALLY PRODUCE SOME REAL FAKE ILLUSIONS, now, can’t he? I mean, how many UFO’s and Mother Ships could one build over a span of over 50 years on the Dark Side of the Moon and Mars bases? Do you think it is possible, boys and girls, as Doofuss Dingle might say? And do you think these rulers of the Earth are capable of lying to us? You might want to consider that one!!

Project Blue Beam was an interesting project handed to us by a fellow who the elite obviously murdered. And then we have others who have all died for revealing stuff they were not supposed to reveal and ended up dead. Now why would you kill all of these fellows if there was nothing to what they were trying to warn us about? They would simply call them “nut-jobs” and that would be that – except some of these folks had information behind them – like ALTERNATIVE THREE and then there is PROJECT REDSUN.

The FALLEN ANGEL ALIENS began to set all of this up way back in Genesis, all for our benefit of course. The Lord calls it the STRONG DELUSION and warns us how “effectual” it will be in damning most of the human race who embrace the lie and mock the truth.

How close is ALIENAGEDDON? Not far off, I hate to tell you, as Comet Ison is winding its way through the Solar System and that rogue scientist James McCanney  is telling that this is a huge comet and a great danger to all of us. Is NASA telling us the truth or is McCanny? Could Ison be the long waited DESTROYER? Interesting question, no doubt, as the timing of Ison for November through December is most interesting. If this comet does what they say it will do, it will be 15 times brighter than the moon, and the tail will go from horizon to horizon – but of course, no one knows for sure. One thing is for sure – Ison is a direct warning from the SON OF GOD. “I” “Son”. Seems awful close to “I am”.  When you couple Ison with Comet LOVEJOY, no one can say that we have not been warned, now can they?

The question is, could this be the Comet of Mother Shipton? Of Nostradamus? The GREAT COMET? Mother Shipton claimed that its orbit would be changed, and it would fly by the Earth a number of times, causing huge upheavals. Heralding the final ending of the human race? If we follow Israel’s timeline to its ultimate conclusion, we find that Ison’s approach in 2013 is right on time.  Just how all of this works out we do not know. As Sorcha Faal would say, “it is not to our knowing”.

There is little question that we have in fact been backward engineering so-called “alien technology” that the Fallen Angels have given to the elite of the world. Posing as “extraterrestrials”, just as the Bible said they would, they have given the world of the Rich Men unheard of perverted and hidden knowledge far beyond anything revealed to date. That all began a long time before Roswell, of course. And do not forget that the Bible tells us that these RICH MEN make their nests in the stars, say like Mars, the Moon and suchlike. How could they of they did not have that technology already? Ever thought of that?

Now you take all of this and marry it to fallen mankind’s quest for secret knowledge and ever expanding use of military weapons of total destruction to become KING OF THE HILL; you get the picture. “The kids have found the matches, and now they know how to light them”. Indeed, it is a shame the world has not figured out they are not only fallen, but will soon self-destruct.

And all of that leads to Popeageddon. It is interesting that Peter the Roman is to be the last Pope, which in and of itself, another  warning sign. It all ties together with the timelines of the nation of Israel, and the last 120 years of mankind’s probation on Earth, and the Papacy’s looking forward to the “arrival”.

Interesting that in 1897 Israel began as a concept, moved to a reality and each and every major event with Israel falls on KEY YEARS and UFO FLAPS AROUND THE WORLD. Also of interest is that in 1897 a UFO CRASH happened in Texas on the 33rd parallel. Just a coincidence, I suppose. Remember that the Fallen Ones landed on Mt. Harmon, in Israel also on the 33rd parallel. And then I suppose the Roswell crash in 1947 (The year of the UN Mandate to divide Palestine), was also on the 33rd parallel!! Could it be the Lord is telling us that the number 33.33 is a magic number that the occult loves so much? Why are all of these UFO incidences that forge a FOUNDATION FOR THE LIE always located on the 33rd parallel? One might want to think about that one for awhile.

Now getting back to the Popeageddon. According to prophecy he will lead Rome through a period of intense persecution. From whom? Could it be LUCIFER? But then, why would Lucifer attack himself, as Malachi Martin claimed there was ceremony years ago to install one nefarious Satanic BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR onto the papal chair!!  You know, like a FALSE PROPHET or something like that. Perhaps part of this destruction actually comes from the Lord Himself – as the prophecy does say many world leaders will travel to Rome and be destroyed, as Larry Taylor says, by SMART ROCKS. You know those bright shining stones that come down from the heavens. Great Balls O’fire!!

Seems odd that lightning from the heavens had to be used to name the new Pope as well, being that lightning is a sign of SATAN. Remember the Lord said He saw Satan fall from heaven as lightning. So then, was the Lord warning us that Satan is now going to be established as the WORLD RULER? Or that an arrival is close at hand? Remember also that Jesus said His return would be as LIGHTNING. Just remember one thing: If your feet are firmly planted on Earth and some dude comes along, no matter how pretty and pleasant and miracle working he may be, HE AIN’T THE LORD, HE IS AN IMPOSTER, and run as fast as you can away from him. Got it? Don’t forget it either.

And that leads us to Barack H. Obama whose name translated means LIGHTNING. How special, as Church Lady would say – I wonder if there is any connection between Rome, Obama, Israel, the arrival, Iron Sky and the time of the end? Or the Skull and Bones number 322, you know, like March 22, 2013. Is there a secret hidden away somewhere for Obama to be in Israel on 3-22-2013? Do you think something very nefarious could be going on behind the scenes? Like hidden away, not known? Do you think so, boys and girls? Is it possible? Could we have some sort of a false flag operation, say like a small nuclear attack by North Korea just to set off WWIII? Hope not, but then again, it could be.

Well, the world has already learned to love evil, and it seems the Lord will give them even more bight shiny beads so they can give themselves over to such a great love of EVIL there is no escape. It is called the STRONG DELUSION, in which there will be many an ILLUSION. Be warned now boys and girls. All of it might be true, but then again…